Telsiai Book;
Memorial Epitaph of the Holy Community
(Telšiai, Lithuania)

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Translation of
Sefer Telz (Lita); matsevet zikaron le-kehila kedosha

Editors: Yitzhak Alperovitz, Tel Aviv, Telz Society

Published in Israel, 1984



Project Coordinator

Hap Ponedel


Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
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This is a translation of: Sefer Telz (Lita); matsevet zikaron le-kehila kedosha (Telsiai Book; memorial epitaph of the Holy community),
Editors: Editors: Yitzhak Alperovitz, Tel Aviv, Telz Society in Israel, 1984 (H,Y, 505 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Telsiai

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TOC translated by Yocheved Klausner


Introduction Dr. Dov Levin 8
A Word from the Organization and the Editors   10
A Monument to the Telz Community Yitzchak Alperovitz 12
A map of Telsiai (Telz)    
Chapter One
The History of Jewish Telz
Telz   17
Telz   19
Telz   20
The History of the Jewish Settlement in Telz Shmuel Natanovitz 21
Bygone Times [Y] Berl Cohen 34
Telz Rav Efraim Oshri 51
Telz   54
Chapter Two
The Telz Yeshiva - its Rabbis and its Institutions
The Telšiai (Telz) Yeshiva Shmuel Natanovitz 57
The development of the Yeshiva Rav Avraham Shoshana 66
The Telz activities   90
My years of study at the Telz Yeshiva Rav Prof. S Asaf 94
Shreds of memories from Telsiai Shimon Kushnier 104
The Rav R'Avraham Yitzchak Bloch   112
The Telzer Yeshiva [Y] The Rav Eliyahu Meir Bloch zt”l 124
The 5th year in the Telz Yeshiva [Y] N. M. Averbuch 130
The great scholar R'Eli Meir Bloch   133
The great scholar of education [Y] Moshe Yehuda Gleicher 135
The Aguda man [Y] Rav Meir Fantel 138
Hundreds of years in the Telz Yeshiva [Y]   143
Chapter Three
Personalities and Figures
An exemplary figure of a teacher Avraham Ron 159
Dr. Rafael Halevi Etzion: A Man of Faith and Science Rivke Nave 163
A. Harzfeld - a look toward bygone days Eliezer Gordon 164
The Blechman family Dr. Malka Israeli (née Blechman) 172
Yosl Ba'al Shem (the Miracle Worker) Chasia Gering-Goldberg 178
The Rav R'Yehuda Liber Hershovitz A. Z. Hirshovitz 179
They were four brothers Levi Shalit 181
The Ravad Family Yisrael–Ya'akov ben Yerachmiel Ravad 183
“Korczak” from the Telz ghetto Chasia Gering-Goldberg 185
My family - Singer from Telz Rachel Singer-Teitz 188
R'Zelig and Eliyahu Katz-Ackerman in Telz Lea Ariel (Katz) 191
My family in Telz Yosef Eliaz (Levin) 193
Itche the blacksmith Chasia Gering-Goldberg 194
My family in Telz [Y] Tuvia Ba'al Shem 195
“The Rovner” Chasia Gering-Goldberg 198
Chapter Four
Way of life, memories and public life Dr. Malka Israeli (née Blechman) 203
A monument to Telz, my city Shoshana Holzberg (Shochat) 206
Memories of a high-school student from a small town Rivka Nave (née Katz, from Gorod) 213
In my dream Ada Goldreich-Blechman 217
My little town of Telz [Y] Avraham Barkai (Berkman) 218
Sabbath nights in our home Shoshana Holzberg (Jaffe) 221
The first martyrs of the town (1914–1918) Zev Noy (Noyik) 224
My family Esther Gvorin-Ritov 226
Memories from my childhood in Telz Tzila Weinstein 228
Sketches for Telz that was and no longer exists Malka Klein Sirot 231
Youth memories are delicate like spring butterflies Walpert Gershon 232
Shabbat at dusk Eliyahu Rudnitski 233
First impressions from my visit in Telz in 1927 Helen Kaplan–Hiller 235
Telz Rosh Chodesh Shevat 5682 (1922) Yerachmiel Ravad 237
My visit in Telz after the Holocaust Shmuel Elyashiv 239
In the days of the Soviets Lea Silberman-Varias 240
At the outbreak of the War Eliyahu Rodnizki 241
The first Aliya from Telz Shmuel Auerbuch 243
My home in the village Shmuel Natanovitz 246
My teachers and my friends in Telz Tuvia Ba'al Shem 253
Telz our town Bat-Sheva Sasson (Ben-Gouri) 259
A wedding in Telz Tuvia Ba'al Shem 261
My home in Telz Bat-Sheva Schwartz 263
The image of Telz Shifra Tatz (Abramovitz) 266
Telz Bat-Sheva Sasson (Ben-Gouri) 268
The fight against the Nazis Klotz Hillel Ben-Moshe 269
The training kibbutz of Hechalutz in Telz Yechezkl Fleischer 272
Hashomer Hatza'ir in Telz Chana Leibovitz-Brodman 275
The parties in our town Zev Noy (Noyik) 277
The Beitar movement in Telz Meir Yoselevitz 278
Telz that is no more Tuvia Ba'al Shem 280
Telz, we remember you forever! Tzvi Brik 283
The Schiff family Reizl Schochat (Schiff) 286
Yizkor for the Telz community Tuvia Ba'al Shem 289
Memories from Telz [Y] Sara Feier Shlomovitz 291
In Telz girls are sent to Gymnasium High–School and boys to the Yeshiva [Y]   293
Episodes from bygone times [Y] Pera Levinson-Soifer 294
The deportation to Siberia [Y] Grisha Wolpert z”l 296
A chapter of memories [Y] Zalman Levi 298
Telz that once was [Y] Ya'akov Zlotnik 301
Telz Tzvi Brik 302
Yizkor Tzvi Brik 303
In the Beit Hachinuch School in Telz [Y] Nechemia Endlin z”l 303
Figures in Telz that are kept in our memory [Y] Reizl Schochat (Schiff) 307
An eternal monument Tzvi Brik 314
Chapter Five
The Holocaust
Our town is burning Mordechai Gebirtig 320
Telz   321
The last journey of the Telz martyrs Chaia Bloch-Osband 326
From Holocaust to revival Mina Girsh 330
The days of the Holocaust Yocheved Holler (Varias) 338
From the diary of Sara Elitzur-Ritov   346
A diary from a Lithuania Ghetto Hanny née Bloch 350
The ghetto that saved me Sara Klass-Abelski 353
A poem Sara Elitzur-Ritov 354
“It is good that I have been afflicted, that I might learn Your Laws” - (Psalms 119:71) Bat Ami 355
Contempt to you, Nations! Sara Elitzur-Ritov 362
Telz during the Holocaust Rachel (Rashela) Singer Teitz 363
Wanderings and struggle against the Nazis Moshe Rosenbaum 367
Years of suffering in the face of death Bat-Sheva Schwartz 369
Memories from the days of the Holocaust Mina Kirsht (Yudelevitz) z”l 379
Stories from the Holocaust Shraga (Feibush) Kushnir 385
Dear God [Y] Tzvi Brik 388
Remember [Y] Tzvi Brik 388
The ruin of Telz   389
In hiding [Y] Chaia Klein 390
Memories from fateful times [Y] Sara Zeyenz (Shogam) 392
Pain, suffering and rescue [Y] Sara Shevel 393
Echo (a poem) Tzvi Brik 398
Poems [Y] Sara Elitzur-Ritov 399
The destruction of Telz Miriam Kleiner (Bloch) 400
The tragic fate of the Telz Jews [Y]   408
Memories from the ghetto and the forest [Y] Masha Endlin 414
The fate of the Telz Jews [Y] S. Kagan 420
Years of pain and suffering [Y] Rachel Fulda, Chana Jack 423
Tragic reminiscences from the era of ruin [Y] Chaim-Leib (Arie) Shavel 440
Yitzchak (Iza) Bloch's last words [Y]   447
Telz and the Holocaust [Y] Ya'akov Rabinovitz 448
A bundle of memories from Telz [Y] Lipman Schiff 461
Years of suffering before the Holocaust [Y] Tzvi Brik 464
Telz Jews who fell in the wars for the liberty of the nation and homeland   471
Yizkor   474
Telz Jews who passed away after World War Two   480
List of Telz Jews who fought in the Lithuanian Division of the Red Army   481
List of Telz Jews who fell in battle in the war against the Nazis   481
Memorials   482


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