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To the Eternal and Sacred Memory
of Our Beloved

Irving Mora

Who had been organization's president
for many years and was also dedicated
to all Szydlowtzer Landsleit all over the world.

Honored by the Members of
Our Szydlowtzer Benevolent
Ass'n in New York

Abe Rosenbaum, Chairman
Isaac Bawnik, co-Chairman
Jacob Silberman, recording Secretary
Yitzhok Milstein, Fin. Secretary
Jack Rubinfeld, Trustee

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Rabbi Chaim-Usher Finkler from Radoshitz
Rabbi Israel-Josef Finkler from Radoshitz
and son: Rabbi Kalman Finkler

Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Finkler and Family,
Toronto, Canada

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Eternal memory of my dear family
Who perished in the Nazi Holocaust
al Kidush Hashem

Parents: Rabbi Israel-Yosef Finkler
Mother: Rebetsn Chava Finkler
Brother: Rabbi Kalman-Yitzhok Finkler, and
Sister: Mindel
Our beloved daughter: Marilyn
She was taken away so early in life
My previous wife:
Esther-Rivka Chelmer (Finkler) and
Our son: Yitzhok-Shmuel Finkler
My cousin:Rabbi Aibeshitz

We will cherish and honor their memory forever

The only survivors:
Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Finkler,
Toronto, Canada

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In loving memory of our beloved mother
who survived the Holocaust and was taken
away so early in life

Bela Dembinski-Mora
Children: Michel and Suzan Mora,
Brooklyn, NY

My dearest parents:
Abraham-Mordechai and Sarah-Dinah Mora
Sister: Feiga-Hodes and Laibish Nudelman
Children: Chaya-Hinda, Yitzhok, Yankl and Hanah
Sister: Rachel-Leah and Laibish Modziewiecki
Son: Nachmi
Brother: Moshe-Ber
Wife: Chava and son: Mordechai-Mora
Brother: Menachem-Pinchas Mora
Feiga-Tobi and Diana Mora

Irving Mora and Family, Brooklyn, NY

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In loving memory of our dear Parents:
Abraham David and Chaya Goldberg
Daughter: Rivka and Mendel Majerfeld
Grandchildren: Hanah, Malka, Helen and Abraham
Daughter: Bela and Simon Fuks and son Abraham

Faiga Goldberg
Bina, Sztark and Family
George Goldberg and Family
Leon Goldberg and Family
Theresa Elstein and Family
Morris Goldberg and Family
The Silberman Family, Brooklyn

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Dedicated in loving memory of our beloved and
unforgettable who survived the Holocaust and were
taken away from us so early in life Elka Silberman
Also her brother and our brother-in-law
Efroim and sister-in-law Faiga Goldberg. They
will never be forgotten.

Their devoted Jacob Silberman and Sons:
Simon, Henry and Families: Brooklyn
Fayga Goldberg and children: George, Leon, Theresia,
Morris and Families, Paris
Bina Sztark, Emilia Perez and Family, Paris

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Never will we forget
Our beloved Parents:
Samuel Hirsh and Chaja Esther Silberman
Sister: Hanah
Husband: Getzl Rosenbaum and children
Sister: Leon Goldner
Uncle: Abraham and Miriam Zalcman
Children: Riva, Moshe, Jacob Joseph
and Bella
Uncle: Nachman, wife: Riva
Children: Naftali, Perl, Leon
Uncle: Joseph and David Buk and children,
and more members of our family

They lost their lives in the gas chambers of Treblinka
by the murderers on 23rd September, 1942

Jacob Silberman and Family, Brooklyn, NY
Malka Rosencweig and Family, Paris
Leon Silberman and Family, Paris

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I will remember forever my dear Parents
Mendl and Esther Goldwasser
Sister: Pese, Beile and her husband
Jude Borenstein
and their child brother, Yeshaya
and more 4 brothers and sisters
Grandfather and Grandmother
Nehemia and Chaya Goldberg
and the whole family

Sarah Goldwasser-Zeller, Toronto


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