The Jewish Community of Szrensk and the Vicinity;
a Memorial Volume
(Szreńsk, Poland)

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Translation of
Kehilat Szransk ve-ha-seviva; sefer zikaron

Editor: Y. Rimon (Granat)

Published in Jerusalem 1960

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This is a translation of: Kehilat Szransk ve-ha-seviva; sefer zikaron
(The Jewish community of Szrensk and the vicinity; a memorial volume),
Editor: Y. Rimon (Granat), Former Residents of Szrensk in Israel, Published: Jerusalem 1960 (H,Y,E 588 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Szrensk

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


Foreword Yosef Rimon (Granat) VI
In Everlasting Memory (poem) A. Kirschenbaum XIV
Out of distress I called You… [after Ps. 118:5] M. Nivorski XV
The Chairman of the Organization – on publishing this book S. Rosenbaum XVI
Chapter One
The beginnings of the Jewish Community in Szrensk N. Korn 5
From 1863 to 1900 Y. Rimon (Granat) 7
The years of storm 1901 - 1905 I. L. Pepper z”l 9
Memories 1906 - 1914 I. M. Zieman 17
First World War 1914 - end of 1918 Y. Rimon (Granat) 30
The Hechalutz Organization Y. Rimon (Granat) 34
The Zionist Library - and an unnecessary fear I. L. Pepper z”l 36
Szrensk from 1918 to destruction - 1 September 1939 [Y] Moshe Nivorski, Y. Rimon 75
The town where we were born Yosef Rimon (Granat) 82
The Zionist movement in Szrensk Yosef Rimon (Granat) 90
Chapter Two
A dynasty of prodigies in Szrensk Rav I. L. Avida (Zlotnik) 100
The Holy Rabbi Rav Zelig from Szrensk Printed in Hamodi'a newspaper 104
Rav R'Issachar Berish Grubert z”l S.G. - Encyclopedia of Religious Zionism 106
Prof. David Grubert z”l A.L. Schwartz (transl. from German N. Dobroshklenka) 110
Prof. David Grubert z”l Nachum Sokolov S.G. - Encycl. of Religious Zionism 113
Rav R'Mendel Grubert z”l Yosef Rimon (Granat) 117
Rabbis in Szrensk Yosef Rimon (Granat) 134
Chapter Three
Anti-Semitism in Szrensk Ada Waldman-Lifshitz 138
My little town Chitzya Landau Eisenberg 140
Memories L. Meged (Reichgut) 142
Market day and Fair time in Szrensk S. Soldaner 144
The Bikur Holim [caring for (lit. visiting) the sick] Society S. Rosenbaum 146
The Polish Elementary School - memories of a pupil P. Shapira-Weiss 150
My memories from Szrensk [Y] Nathan Ben Menachem 173
Memories and facts from childhood years [Y] Jack Roberts (I. Grubert) 176
To Parents, Brothers, Sisters [Y] Zusha Granat z”l 177
The Szrensk communication [Y] Yitzhak Meir Grinboim 178
On the eve of Yom Kippur in Szrensk [Y] Yitzhak Meir Grinboim 182
The Tchechanover Tzadik, my father and I [Y] Ch. I. Marinowitz 187
My service in the Red Army [Y] Moshe Nivorski 195
Miriam Tzifra says farewell to her youngest son [Y] Moshe Nivorski 197
Elisheva Zieman and Hashomer Hatzair movement [Y] Moshe Nivorski 198
Memories from childhood years [Y] Zvi Leib Noach 200
Notes [Y] Yosef Rimon (Granat) 202
Szrensk - the uniqueness of its people [Y] A. Kirschenbaum 206
Chapter Four
My uncle R'Moshe Granat Y. Z. Rimon 212
In honor of my father Naftali Hirtzka Rachel-Dvora Zalmans-Granat 214
The brothers Yitzhak-Meir and Mendel Granat Y. Rimon (Granat) 216
R'Moshe Zvi Grinboim z”l Yosef Rimon (Granat)  
R'Mendel Zieman z”l Yosef Rimon (Granat)  
The Holy matryr, the woman Yuta Zieman, nee Koreltchik Yosef Rimon (Granat) 220
Why grandfather R'M. David z”l has not made Aliya? Arie Rachum 222
Sara Ita and Efraim Itzkowitz Zelig Pepper  
David Yom Tov and the Modern Heder Zelig Pepper 224
R'Shalom Liep (the cantor in Szrensk) Yosef Rimon (Granat)  
(Avraham Z. Nivorski, may God avenge his blood)    
The Torah Reader Yosef Rimon (Granat)  
The brothers Gedalia and Isser Nivorski Yosef Rimon (Granat)  
R'Yosef Leib Pepper z”l Yosef Rimon (Granat) 230
In honor of my father R'Yosef Leib Pepper z”l Tzviya 234
Letters of recommendation    
R'Leib Fleischer (the Mitnaged) Yosef Rimon (Granat) 235
Thirty years - time of a generation Nachman Korn 241
R'Wolf Koreltzik z”l Yosef Rimon (Granat)  
R'Mendel Krok and his wife Gitel Yosef Rimon (Granat)  
Three “Kantonists” Yosef Rimon (Granat)  
R'Mendel Rosenboim z”l Yosef Rimon (Granat)  
R'Avraham Meir and his wife Pearl Yosef Rimon (Granat) 249
Grandfather R'Avraham Meir Aharon Meged 250
A Memorial on the grave of my mother Pearl z”l Lea Meged (Reichgut) 251
My father R'Moshe and my brother Hirtzka Naftali z”l Yosef Rimon (Granat) 259
Bunem Viroski (the treasure) may God avenge his blood Yosef Rimon (Granat) 261
In memory of my father Avraham Zalman may God avenge his blood Moshe Nivorski 263
R'Mendel Sarnover, my grandfather, may he rest in peace A. Kirschenboim  
Two poems: Yahrzeit, A fresh grave [Y] A. Kirschenboim 270
Moshe Rosenberg, composer and Communist activist Yosef Rimon (Granat) 271
Dr. Binyamin Grubert z”l Nachman Korn 274
The tough road of our lives [Y] Y. Tz. Osman 277
How I survived [Y] N. Altos 279
Memories of a survivor Scherfski - Gourion 280
How my family was saved from the Nazis Nathan Ben Menachem (Dobroshklanka) 282
Our Martyrs' Road [Y] Yitzhak Grinboim 288
The road of affliction [Y] S. Glassman - Achs 290
How I survived [Y] Moshe Nivorski 293
Reuven Soldaner's way to freedom [Y] Related by Moshe Nivorski 297
Four heroes from Szrensk Yosef Rimon (Granat) 304
Chapter Five
One of the Szrensk prodigies Nachum Sokolov 309
Szrensk, a town of Hassidism and prodigies Rav Y. K. Avida (Zlotnik) 313
The prodigy of Szrensk Y. Opatoshu z”l 317
The first Hassidim and the later Hassidim Yosef Rimon (Granat) 322
The Lady Merchant from Szrensk [Y] Yosef Opatoshu  
The Szrensk Rebbitzin [Y] Yosef Opatoshu 330
Moishe'le the only son [Y] A. Kirschenboim 333
Szrensk folklore and wise sayings [Y] Collected by Yosef Rimon (Granat) 338
The Holocaust
YIZKOR   341
It is our duty to write [Y] Nathan Ben Menachem (Dobroshklanka) 342
The Names of the Martyrs Moshe Nivorski 343
The Szrensk Community that was destroyed Avraham Staviski 353
The beginning of the destruction Moshe Nivorski 362
Survivors tell their stories [Y] Nachum Altos, R. Soldaner, Z. Osman 379
Testimonies of four that have miraculously syrvived Y. Rimon (Granat) 383
Memories from my home Miriam Lichtig Seidman 385
Eulogies for the martyrs (letters Aleph to Nun) Yosef Rimon (Granat) 432
A candle for Reshie and Matityahu Tzviya 434
My Mother Chaia Hodes [Y] Moshe Nivorski 436
Eulogies (letters Nun to Samech) Y. Rimon (Granat) 438
My home and my Father of blessed memory Avraham Staviski 440
Eulogies (letters Samech to Kof) Y. Rimon (Granat) 450
My little daughter Meira Korn, may God avenge her blood N. Korn 454
Eulogies (letter Shin) Y. Rimon (Granat) 466
A candle for the memory of my parents Yosef Shapira 469
The victims of the Polish Diaspora Yosef Rimon (Granat) 476
Dreamers and fighters who died in Eretz Israel Yosef Rimon (Granat) 480
In memory of my dear sister Ada Waldman-Lifschitz 482
Dreamers and fighters Y. Rimon (Granat) 488
List of martyrs (necrology) M. Nivorski 491
My little town [Y] Sam Mittgang 498
The town Radzwanov A. Parshani (Preshnitzki) 502
R'Mordechai Yosef Kovashla z”l Yosef Rimon (Granat) 504
Kodzburg Yosef Rimon (Granat) 505
The Szrensker Society [Y] Chairman of Relief Society Eli Chaim Kronrnblatt 507
Organization of former residents of Szrensk in Israel Y. Rimon (Granat) 508
Kol Nidrei in USSR [Y] Moshe Nivvorski 510
An exchange of letters N. Korn and B. Grubert z”l 514
Two letters devoted to the events of 1935] Dobreshklanka - Grinboim 515
106 Photographs    
The Szrensk Martyrs   3


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