The Book of Strzemieszyce

(Strzemieszyce Wielkie, Poland)

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Translation of  Sefer Strzemieszyce

Edited by: Jechiel Sztern

Published in Tel-Aviv, 1967



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Lance Ackerfeld


Our sincere appreciation to Avraham Green, Chairman, World Zagłębie Organization
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This is a translation from:
Sefer Strzemieszyce (The Book of Strzemieszyce),
Editors: Jechiel Sztern, and the Strzemieszyce landsmanshaft in Israel with the help of Strzemieszycers all over the world
(Y, H - 140 pages).

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Translated by Bill Leibner

Introduction Sztern 1
A poem Chaim Monowicz 3
Glancing at Jewsless Strzemieszyce Jechiel Sztern 5
Historical review of Strzemieszyce   8
Reb Nachum Englard   14
The Jewish Strzemieszyce Jecheskel Sonder 18
The Bet Hamidrash and the Holy Duties that it fulfilled Yakov Klapper 20
The Bet Hamidrash Jews in our Town Strzemieszyce Yakov Klapper 21
In Rav Shlomo David Sonder's Stiebel Yakov Klapper 22
The other area, the Viennese Yakov Klapper 23
Our street Yakov Klapper 24
Strzemieszycer Jews in the study hall Rotsztajn 25
A few words regarding our shtetl [hamlet] Sz. Fajtman 26
The Hechalutz and the Hechalutz Hatzair Jechiel Sztern 29
The Hashomer Hadati movement A. Szpigelman 31
The Mizrachi movement A. Szpigelman 33
The theater in Strzemieszyce Jechiel Sztern 34
Memories from my shtetl Chaim Monowicz 36
Memories of Sabbath eve Jechiel Sztern 38
On the eve of Passover Jechiel Sztern 40
The eve of Rosh Hashanah Jechiel Sztern 42
Sukkoth and Simchat Torah Jechiel Sztern 44
A wedding in the shtetl Jechiel Sztern 46
A holy type of person in the shtetl Wiktor Kupfer 48
Belief Wiktor Kupfer 49
Family Wiktor Kupfer 50
Culture Wiktor Kupfer 52
“Menschlichkeit” (humanity) Wiktor Kupfer 54
Interesting character in the shtetl Jechiel Sztern 56
Reb Berisz Jimmy Feder 57
Martyrdom Jimmy Feder 63
The Shoah diary Jona Grin 67
The translated Shoah diary Jechiel Sztern ---
Szajndl Merc Jechiel Sztern 89
A tragic documentary letter Getke Merc 92
The undertaking to bring back the bones Jechiel Sztern 95
My visit to Auschwitz Jechiel Sztern 98
The sanctified bones Yakov Klapper 99
The Zagłębie people are shedding tears Josele Fridman 100
The Rajnsztajn family Sz. Rajnsztajn 105
The Monowicz family Jechiel Sztern 108
The memories of a difficult period Sala Wajnberg 110
The long journey Gitla Rotmensch 112
From Strzemieszyce to Israel Bela Feldman 118
We were seven Gitl Gliksztajn 121
I shall never forget Dora Bart 122
From the diary of the late Fela Szeps   123
From the diary of Bronka Pański   125
The painful journey to Israel Bluma Szajnerman 127
Strzemieszyce, a graveyard Shimon Geshuri 130
The Strzemieszycer committee in Israel Jechiel Sztern 131
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