Memorial Book of Stok, Near Wegrow
(Stoczek, Poland)

52°33' / 21°54'

Translation of
Pinkes Stok (bay Vengrov); matsevet netsah

Editor: I. Zudicker

Published in Buenos Aires 1974




Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
for the submission of the necrology for placement on the JewishGen web site.

This is a translation of: Pinkes Stok (bay Vengrov); matsevet netsah (Memorial book of Stok, near Wegrow),
Editor: I. Zudicker, Stok Societies in Israel, North America and Argentina, Published: Buenos Aires 1974 (H,Y 654 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Stok

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Epigraph: P–I–N–K–A–S S–T–O–K   4
Photographs of the Editorial Board   8
Photographs of the “Book–Committee”   9
Preface The Book–Committee 10
Foreword I. Tzudiker 15
Introduction S. D. Freiman 22
Diploma from JNF for “Stok Martyrs Forest”   25
Letters from the JNF   26
The Early Period of the Town Stok
The town S. D. F–––N 29
Stok in various times and forms Shlomo Freiman 33
In Memoriam – Stok in my memory I. L. 71
The Community and its activity   76
Short and long notes about Stok of long ago Aharon Feuertag 91
Memories and reminiscences from Stok Yudel Neuman 95
My home town Stok, as I remember it Betzalel Kortzarze 105
The forest Yitzhak Rosenberg 112
What I remember about Stok and about my brother Sanne Ethel Burstein 118
Torah teaching and melamdim in the town Stok David Stolowitz 124
Where the whirlwind has passed M. Seldin 130
Parties, organizations and co–operative banks S. Pinchassohn 142
A few short noted about the shtetele Stok Chana Tchopkevitzer–Goldstein 157
Memories that cannot be forgotten Chana Woloveska–Schneidman 159
Facts that caused disappointment in life Sheine Zuker–Weiner 163
My town Stok as I remember it, and what it meant for me Yerachmiel Novenstern 166
My family – as I remember it Golde Tzuknir 174
Craftsmen and regular folk, as I remember them and what became of them Israel Kiyak 192
Memories frm my youth in our shtetl Stok Chaim Zuker 208
My town Stok – people and livelihoods Yechiel Novenstern 214
The youth organization “Zukunft” [future] in town Berish Novenstern 230
Dates and notes about life and destruction in Stok Aharon Feuertag 237
Cultural life in Stok M. G––––T 241
From my town Stok, over the Russian diaspora, to the State of Israel Moshe Galant 243
Stok, the younger sister–town of Vegrov A. Silberstein 259
Stok, my ruined little town Leibtche Langleiv z”l 261
The Vegrow drama–group playing in Stok Motel Zayonetz 264
Notes about my town Stok Gitel Altshuler 271
Things that cannot be forgotten Yechiel Novenstern 274
A testimony in memory of our fathers and mothers Simcha Langleiv 278
A bundle of memories from the days of my youth Malye Malishewitz 280
Trifles, remembered from our hometown Stok Avraham Yankel Schwarzfarb 283
Negative and positive in town in general and in our Jewish Stok Dr. Moshe Kiyak 287
A letter Melech Ravitch 291
By the streams of the Vistula (poem) Melech Ravitch 292
People to Note and Remember
Leizer Zuker z”l Melech Ravitch 297
Memories from the first 20 years of my life Leizer Zuker z”l 299
Father's heritage Esther Zuker 305
Sculptor Avraham Oschego – creator of Ohel Peretz Mark Turkov 313
The Jewish “Sherif” in Stok Tzalke Wishnievski 317
Leibel Wishnievski – one of the first victims Yitzhak Rosenberg 324
Moshe Baruch Cantor – the soft–hearted Jew, who killed himself David Stolowitz 328
Mordechai Mendel Novenstern Yechiel Novenstern 332
Seen with my eyes, “through my Stok glasses” I. Rivkes 335
Crying for the death of my brother Sanne Berish Burstein 350
In memory of our murdered mothers Chaim Yeshaya Kuper 353
The Shtetl during the Holocaust
The memorial tablets in The Chamber of the Holocaust [martef hashoah]
in Jerusalem and the memorial plaques in the Stok Landsmanshaft in Argentina
A word about the exhumation Yoel 359
Stok without Jews – something about their annihilation Feige Zhielenietz–Reiter 361
We exhume the Stok martyrs in 1948 Itche Toscher 369
Kadish (in Hebrew and Yiddish)   373–375
For these things we weep [after Lamentations 1:16] Mordechai Hersh Fried 377
This is the way it began Yoel Lande 379
The day when out shtetl Stok burned Esther Herzberg 383
My last day in Stok Esther Fried Passesorski 386
My ruined shtetele Stok Hinde Shlaska–Shraga 389
Yizkor candles for my family and for Stok Rachel Schwarzberg–Malishewitz 393
Words dedicated to my large family, murdered by the Nazis Pearl Schneidman–Langleiv 398
The war–years 1939–1945 in Stok Vardi Chasia 402
The history of our homelessness and wanderings Yoel Lande 412
My life during the war and in the A96concentration camps Maly Malishewitz–Troine 416
From Stok to Treblinka – and the welcomed liberation Chaim Tchechanowietzki 423
A red spot on the sun (poem) Max 428
Between Stok and Treblinka Shmuel Goldberg 429
The Nazi times in Stok during the war Eli Yankel Teitelboim 435
Some of my experiences during the war and after liberation Esther–Breindl Visnye–Goldberg 440
Wanderings of a Jewish boy through Stok and other places From Yad Vashem testimony 447
The destruction of Ostrowek – and how I survived Devora M. 449
How I saved myself from some of the “Aktzia”s Maly Malishewitz–Troine 457
Rachel Oscziega's story about Maidanek, Auschwitz and her liberation I. Tzudiker 462
A Chanuka evening with Hashomer Hatzair and Hechalutz, 40 years ago I. L–––E 471
My friend Dvoshe Rivka Gladstein–Goldfarb 474
Roize Burstein–Blumenkranz, as I remember her Aharon Zisek 479
My father R'Moshe the Sofer [scribe] and our poor family Israel Kiyak 481
Our destroyed shtetl and the first organizations Freida Rachel Possesorski–Pagoda 483
Memories from my ruined old home town Zelik Tchapkiewitz 487
Memories from my ruined shtetele Stok Ethel Possesorski–Ellman 489
Stoker People over the World
Short opening words about this section Editor 493
60 years of the Stok Landsmanshaft Society in New York Aharon Zissek 494
Stoker Landsleit in Israel Yechiel N–––n 502
Former Stok residents in Israel [H] Shlomo Ben Yaakov 510
Stoker Landsleit in Montreal, Canada Yitzhak Rosenberg 512
Stoker Landsleit in Argentina S. B. L. B. 518
The first memorial for the Stok Martyrs Feige Zhielenietz–Reiter 542
With Stok Landsleit in Israel Bezalel Kortzash 545
Photos of survivors, death camps, forests and bunkers   547
Yizkor and Necrology
Yizkor Zvi Ben Moshe z”l 551
The bloody list of the perished Stoker Jews   554
The destroyed localities in the neighborhood of Stok   571
Leibl Hochberg z”l, the dedicated pioneer   572
We remember – Chana and Yoel Lande   573
Mordechai Possesorski, the Bund activist, who worked in Lomze Chone Mendelsohn 574
Shlomo Laufer, the young martyr from Batzk–Lopianke   575
Members of various political parties who perished in the Holocaust   576–577
An eternal remembrance, for the Pantheon of our history   578
Yizkor for the heroes of Israel   579
Memorial Section   580
Stoker who Died in Various Countries
Stoker who found their eternel rest in Argentina Golde Burstein–Zuker 624
Yudel (Yehuda) Tosher z”l , pioneer of the Stoker Society in America   639
Beltche Nagelklop–Lande and her mother Goldele Nagelklop z”l Yakov Tzudiker 640
Chaia Tova Freiman nee Langleiv   644
Our father Shmuel Yosef Kronfeld z”l [H] The sons: Avraham, Moshe and Zev 647


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