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A list of families and professions and occupations

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Those who lived in Grodno Street

(New Street)

  Family Name Occupation
1. Yaakov MAREYN Family Clothing store
2. Velvl MAREYN Family Clothing store
3. Shemuel EINSHTEYN Family Tailor
4. Aryeh NORATCHKOVSKY Family Smith
5. Ben-Tsiyon SHADZUZSKY Family Children’s clothing store
6. Chain Tsevi LIPTCHAK Family Butcher
7. Eli SATURTAH Family Tavern owner
8. Chanan SATURTAH Family Grain merchant
9. Laibl CHAYET Family Flax merchant
10. Simon DUNSKY Family Carpenter
11. Laibl DUNSKY Family Agent of value papers
12. Kadish STOLARSKY Family Grocery
13. Shlomo Aizik LEVIN Family Meat deliverer to the army
14. Chaim Ber POLAK Family Grocery
15. RUBINSKY Family Shoemaker
16. Yehuda FORMANSKY Family Horse merchant
17. Aryeh DEVORSKY Family Butcher
18. Yaakov Aryeh KVIATKOVSKY Family Shoemaker
19. Yehuda YUDELEVITCH Family Candy store
20. Todres KLIBANSKY Family Sexton in synagogue, gravedigger
21. Yankl Turiyah LUZMAN Family Coachman
22. David LUZMAN Family Shoemaker
23. Meir Murcechay AEMIANSKY Family Horse merchant and lessee of gardens

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Those who lived on Synagogue Street

  Family Name Occupation
1. Reuven DOKTORSKY Family Tailor
2. Yisrael Leyb RUBINSKY Family Working house for vehicles
3. Samuel PIKOVER Family Tailor
4. VANARSKY Family Shoemaker
5. Nachum CHANAN Family Grocery
6. Yosl-Ahazon NISOVSKY Family Tailor
7. Yosl AHAZON Family Sexton
8. Yechezkiel TRAIBATCH Painter
9. ZELIKSON Family Welfarer
10. Chaykl DEMISHIVITSKY Grain merchant
11. LUZMAN Family Coachman, chimney sweep
12. LOZOVSKY Family Barber
13. Yoskeh KRAMLAT Tailor
14. INZL Family Porter (in Grodno)
15. Mendl SIDARSKY Sexton in synagogue
16. Chanah ABILEVITCH Peddler
17. Laib LIPTCHAK Butcher
24. GABAY Family Tailor
25. KLIBANSKY Family Seamstress
26. Moshe David RIDAK Family Smith
27. Leyzer LUZMAN Family Partner of the Transportation Co.
28. Avrohom Laib FURMANSKY Family Shoemaker
29. Aryeh SAMBURSKY Family Tailor
30. Fruma Itka MUZINSKY Family Grocery
31. Zalman Ice CAPLAN Family Tailor
32. The FUNK Family Tailor
33. Yaakov TSIMENULES Family Smith
34. Michael TASBAN Family Tailor
35. Laib KVAITKUVSKY Family Partner to the Transportation Co.
36. Zelig KLIBANSKY Tailor
37. Alter BIBLIOVITCH Family Grain merchant
38. Samuel VISHNEVSKY Family Farmer

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Those who lived on Vasilevitch Street

  Family Name Occupation
1. Moshe Laib PERESTUNSKY Family Grain merchant
2. Shlomo BOROVITS Family Grocery
3. Yaakov Yitschak FUNK Family Tailor
4. Mendel SCHRAYBER Family Carpenter
5. Ayzik DOKTORSKY Family Smith
6. ZEVI Family Sexton & distributor of papers
7. Avrohom Samuel IVASHKOVSKY  
8. Yehuda Hirsh DULSKY Family Carpenter
9. Shlomo FAYERMAN Family Tailor
10. Aba-Nisan DOKTORSKY Family Shoemaker
11. Zevi SHADZUNSKY Family Horses merchant
12. Benjamin MANDELBLAT Family Ritual slaughterer
13. Avrohom Moshe DULSKY Family Carpenter
14. NOTKOVSKI Family Shoemaker
15. Chain YOMTOV Family Peddler
16. Dina YOMTOV Family Peddler-woman
17. DIAMAND Family Tailor
18. VINARSKY Family Tailor
19. David KASTILIANETS Family Shoemaker
20. FIREMAN Family Tailor
21. ORLOVITCH Family Tailor
22. Natan KAMINETSKY Family Bathhouse attendant
23. Yehuda YOMTOV Family Peddler, Grocery
24. KAPELUSH Family Seamstress
25. TSEMACH Family 'Melamed' Religious teacher
26. GUTKOVSKI Family Grocery
27. Moshe GUTKOVSKI Family Butcher
28. Reuven CHEYLEM Family Tailor
29. Yisrael Yitschak KRAVETS Family Carpenter
30. Samuel BAYNSHTEYN Family Carpenter
31. Yechezkel SAMBORSKI Family Tailor
32. Velvl ALEKSANDROVITCH Family Peddler
33. Zevi KUSHNIRETSKI Family Teacher
34. Yehoshua PERESTONSKI Family Grain merchant
35. Hillel MAYSTEROVSKI Family Sells spices and oil
36. VINARSKI Family Potter

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Those who lived on Boleslav Chrobry Street

(Assotchiniki Street)

  Family Name Occupation
1. Sholon LUBITCH Family Locksmith
2. Avrohom DEMISHEVITSKI Family Tavern
3. Zalmon FARBER Family Grocery
4. Leyzer Velvl ROZENSHTAT Family Clothing store
5. Rozka ROZENSHTAT Family Grocery
6. Yaakov LANSKI Family Baker
7. Yaakov FINKELSTEIN Family Workshop for vehicles
8. Samuel VOLINSKI Family Grocery
9. Moshe Leyb LIPTCHAK Family Butcher
10. Yehuda LIPTCHAK Family Butcher
11. Avrohom Yitschok BORNSHTEYN Family Smith
12. Moshe Dovid FREEDKOVSKI Family Sells oil and spices
13. Yehuda STAYKOVSKI Family Farmer
14. Todl FARBER Family Watchmaker
15. Asher RUBIN Family Workshop for fixing sheepskins
16. Ephrain RUBIN Family Workshop for fixing sheepskins
17. Leyzlr Hirsh DOKTORSKI Fisherman
18. Frida Lipkah STAROZINSKI Family Seamstress
19. Chaim Aba DOKTORSKI Family Tailor
20. Chaim Hirsh YELIN Family Teacher
21. Shlomo LANSKI Family Partner to mooring company
22. Sara LOTERKORT Family Partner to transportation company
23. Yerachmiel FORMANSKI Family Lady who sells fish
24. Samuel DOKTORSKI Family Fisherman
25. Yitschak Nachum KVIATKOVSKI Family Shoemaker

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26. Zev GARBER Family Bookbinder
27. Mendl FILIPINSKI Family Wood engraver
28. Yitschak TSIRULNIK Family Tailor
29. David KLIBANSKI Family Tailor
30. Sliezer KVIATKOVSKI Family Shoemaker
31. Meir YAGLOVSKI Family Merchant of fruits, coachman
32. Yaakov YAGLOVSKI Family Coachman
33. David Eli BOROVSKI Family Horse merchant
34. Dov ZIMIANSKI Family Horse merchant
35. BINSHTEYN Family (Melamed) Religious teacher
36. Simeon DUNSKI Family Tailor-fixer
37. Reuven ZIMIANSKI Family Horse merchant
38. Topl DULSKI Family Grocery, grain merchant
39. Peyshe DULSKI Family Baker
40. Moshe SOCHOVOLSKI Family Synagogue sexton
41. Nachum PIKOVER Family Tailor-fixer
42. Moshe ALBLINGER Miller
43. SHADZUNSKI Family Tailor
44. STAROZINSKI Family Peddler
45. Yisroel YORNTOV Family Tailor

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Those who lived on Teolin Street

(Bathhouse Street)

  Family Name Occupation
1. Yaakov GURSKI Family Tavern
2. Batia Reyzl GURSKI Profit from rented apartment
3. The family of the son-in-law of Shayeh the Fisherman Grocery
4. Yechezkiel FUFETSKI Family Grocery, bakery
5. Rabbi Menachem Mendl RABINOVITCH Family The town's Rabbi
6. Benjamin BRANDVAYN Family Hat maker, shop of men's clothing
7. Zevi KUCHNER Family Dyer's shop
8. Samuel GRUSHKOVSKI Family Smith
9. Avrohom Hirsh FARBSHTEYN Family Grain merchant
10. Rachel LOTERKORT Family Candy store
11. Dov LANSKI Family Partner to mooring company
12. Shmerl LIPTCHAK Family Butcher and cattle merchant
13. Chatskl VINITSKI Family Coachman
14. Yaakov PROSOVSKI Family Shoemaker
15. Lipman PROSOVSKI Family Shoemaker
16. Zeydl SHKALNITSKI Family Shoemaker
17. Shraga STAYKOVSKI Family Shop to build vehicles
18. ALEKSANDZOVITS Family Peddler, coachman
19. Yechezkiel TRAYBATCH Family Painter
20. Meiz KRAVETS Family Shoemaker
21. Yehoshua FUNK Family Coachman, bathhouse attendant
22. The brothers KVIATKOVSKI Family Coachmen, horse merchants
23. Velvl ALEKSANDROVITCH Family Coachman
24. Gavriel RIDAK Family Smith
25. ALEKSANDROVITCH Family Coachman

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26. Chatskl Mendl RIDAK Family Smith
27. Ozer Yankl DOKTORSKI Family Fisherman
28. Yehuda DOKTORSKI Family Fisherman
29. Yisrael REYZNER Family Miller
30. PROXOVSKI Family Shoemaker
31. LIPTCHAK Family Roofer
32. Eli KLIBANSKI Family Tailor
33. Beyla TARLOVSKI Family Grocery
34. Berl PLASKOVSKI Family Shop for making vehicles
35. Peyshe PLASKOVSKI Family Miller
36. Michael SIDRANSKI Family Peddler
37. Zelig PRASTONSKI Family Grain merchant
38. ULOLSKI Family Watchmaker
39. Meir Moshe FIREMAN Family Dyer's shop
40. Mordechay STAYKOVSKI Family Shop to make vehicles
41. Lipa STAYKOVSKI Family Shop for making vehicles
42. Feygl TREYBATCH Family Tailor

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Those who lived on the 3rd of May Street

(Yurezoliki Street)

  Family Name Occupation
1. Noach VINITSKI Family Tailor
2. Eliyahu Yitschok VALKOV Family Shoemaker
3. Meir MINSKI Family Grocery
4. Moske ZIMIANSKI Family Horse merchant
5. Aharon Tsadok DEMISHEVITSKI Family Tailor
6. Moshe GEZES Family Sausage factory
7. Yerachmiel PLASKOVSKI Family Butcher
8. Yitschak BOROVSKI Family Shop to make ropes
9. KAMINETSKI Family Shoemaker
10. Yaakov Leyb SHKOLINK Family Vegetable and fruit merchant
11. Yitschok Leyb RATCHKOVSKI Family Tailor
12. Aba SHADZUNSKI Family Smith
13. Eliezer (Leyze) SHADZUNSKI Family Barber, Grocery
14. Tsivya ABILEYVITCH Family Being supported
15. Velvl DEMISHEVITSKI Family Sells spices and oil
16. Samuel NIMTCHINSKI Family Peddler
17. YOCHEVED Family  

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Those who lived in the Market Place

  Family Name Occupation
1. Hershl NISELKOVSKI Family Paraphernalia
2. Samuel NISELKOVSKI Family Bakery
3. Moshe NISELKOVSKI Family Bakery
4. Samuel ZELKIV Family Pharmacy
5. Yitschak ZAK Family Grain merchant
6. Yechiel HUBERMAN Family Shoe store
7. Lipa KAPLAN Family Barber
8. Meir BRANDVAYN Family Hat maker
9. Yoseph ZIMIANSKI Family Horse merchant
10. Ephraim TCHERMAN Family Shoe store
11. Esther DVORSKI Family Bakery
12. Greyns DVORSKI Family Bakery
13. Meir DVORSKI Family Butcher
14. Enoch DVORSKI Family Bakery
15. Fayvl PISHTCHANSKI Family Shop for making vehicles
16. Fayvl LIPSKI Family Grocery
17. PLASKOVSKI Family Clerk
18. Samuel WISHNEVSKI Family Farmer
19. Alter BIBLIGOVITCH Family Grain merchant
20. Zelig LIPTCHAK Family Grocery, butcher
21. David GUTKOVSKI Family Grocery, grain merchant
22. Mordechay RIDAK Family (Shocket) Religious slaughterer
23. Sara LIPTCHAK Grocery
24. Yisrael ZELIKSON Family Grain merchant
25. Fayvl MASHKOTS Family Hat maker
26. CHAIM Family Shoemaker
27. Memka ZELKIN Family Income from rental apartment

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28. Chalavna CHALAVOVSKI Family Tailor
29. SHMUKLER Family Unlicensed physician
30. Fishl ZEMIANSKI Family Horse merchant
31. Avrohom GRUSHKOVSKI Engraver
32. Chaim Ozer PORAT Family Photography, painter, grocery
33. Yehoshua DOKTORSKI Family Fisherman
34. Moshe Eliezer DOKTORSKI Fisherman
35. BOROVSKI Family Iron store, tools
36. SHADZUNSKI Family Tavern, grocery
37. Avrohom LEV Family Milk store
38. Anoch PROSOVSKI Family Clothing store
39. Mordechay LIPTCHAK Family Milk store
40. Eliyahu SHADZUNSKI Grocery
41. Aba SHADZUNSKI Family Engraver
42. Yehuda BERKOVSKI Family Photographer
43. LAPIN Family Hotel
44. Yaakov DUMISHEVITSKI Family Clothing store
45. Yaakov KREYDER Family Iron store, tools
46. Moshe Chaim RATS Family Grocery
47. Yehuda Leyb EDINSKI Family Tavern
48. Avrohom VILKOVSKI Family Bakery
49. Yitschak EDINSKI Family Bakery
50. Chatskl SOLUITSKI Family Chimney cleaner
51. Ayzik PLASKOVSKI Family Grain merchant
52. Chaim LIPTCHAK Family Grain merchant
53. Chonon Yitschak ROZENSHTAT Family Dyer's shop
54. Mendl ROZENSHTAT Family Grocery
55. Chaykl MAREYN Family Clothing store
56. Eliezer KLEYBURT Family Grocery

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