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List of members of Mandel family killed by the Nazis


1. Jozef Mandel, and his wife Maria Vinna, born Friedlander and their children:
Frieda and
| author's parents, brothers and sisters
2. Isidor Mandel, and his wife Irene, born Spitzer
Kezmarok, and their children:
3. Hugo Mandel and his wife Charlotte Chillova,
Palin, of Trebisov, and their child Tomi, and
grandmother: F. Chillova
4. Frantisek Lerner, of Sar. Luky, and his wife
Helene Mandel, of Trebisov, their child: Eva
Isidor Mandel, of Presov, their children:
Elisabeth and Viera, their son-in-law Weissberger, J. Weisslovits
5. Jozef Lerner, of Sarisske Luky  

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6. Serena Markovic, born Friedlander
Jolana Ehrenreich, born Friedlander
Serena Lenerovic, born Friedlander,
7. Klein, Samuel, and his wife C. born
Friedlander; their children:
8. J. Palkovic-Jora, and his wife, A. Kleinova, and their five children  
9. R. Weicenova, widow, born Friedlander,
her three children:
Jolana and
10. J. Winkler, of Lona, Hungary, and his wife
born Friedlander.
(Winkler was shot dead while he and his wife resisted their arrest by Hungarian and Nazi police)
11. Mose Friedman, of Vysna Olka, and his
Rosalia Weicen, and their two children
12. J. Polster, of Kosice, and his wife Piroska,
Friedman, and their three children
13. Herman Mandel, of Lipiany and his
six children

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14. Dulu Mandel, of Poprad and his children  
15. Jakub Hirshfeld, of Trebisov, and his wife
Maria, born Mandel, and their children:
Maximilian, his wife Rezi and four children:
Imrich and
16. Netti Rieselbach, widow, born Mandel and her
Children: Sidonia
and Margaret, Kosice
17. J. Klein of Slov. Raslavice, and his wife, born
Reiselbach, of Trebisov
18. Maximilian Reiselbach, of Trebisov, and his
born Klein, of Trebisov
19. J. Brisk, of Kosice, and his wife Serena, born
Reiselbach, of Trebisov, and their three children.
20. Tibor Zelmanovic, of Trebisov and is mother
Serena, born Mandel
21. Ester Feldbrand born Friedman, Rebrin Michalovce
6 children

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22. Regina Salamon born Friedman Rebin Michalovce  
In addition, some fifty more persons, related to our family, died in Nazi gas chambers in Poland and elsewhere. As far as I could ascertain they were burned to death in Nazi concentration camps, in gas chambers, while my brother Arnold died by throwing himself on barbed-wire charged with electricity.

J. Winkler was shot dead while resisting arrest by Nazi police in Hungary, and his wife Esti died as a result of wounds received in the same fight with the Nazi Hungarian police.

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Their Memory Will Always Remain With Us


Arnold Mandel
Died at Osvietcim
Alexander Mandel
Died at Majdanek

Frieda and Helen Mandel
Tibor Zelmanovic
Died at Lublin – Majdanek

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Death Took Its Toll


From this group only two survived those terrible times – Martin and Anci

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From this group only the author of this book survived this catastrophe – first from the left

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Even These Two Innocent Victims Did Not Escape An Awful Death


Children of Izidor Mandel from Trebisovo


Nusen Klein
Died in concentration camp with his brother William Klein

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Sarah Zelmanovic
neé Mandel
William Klein
from Jovra


Beny Friedlander
Many were saved through his help

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This family lost its father and two daughters



Louis Mandel
Mrs. Sydonia Mandel


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