Testimony on the Murder
of the Jews of Shkud, Lithuania
(Skuodas, Lithuania)

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Translation of
Ha-Edut al ha-retsah Yehude Shekod shebi-Lita

Editor: Hana Brener, Haifa 2001


Project Coordinator

Rachel Mines


Our sincere appreciation to Hana Brener, Israel,
for permission to put this material on the JewishGen web site.

We wish to thank Aviva Tirosh for coordinating this project at its beginning
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This is a translation of: Ha-Edut al ha-retsah Yehude Shekod shebi-Lita
(Testimony on the murder of the Jews of Shkud, Lithuania),
Collated, translated & edited: Hana Brener, Haifa 2001

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Testimony on the murder of the Jews of Shkud, Lithuania 1
Events in Shkud during the week before the start of the war 8
With the Eruption of the War 9
The Driving Out of the Women and Children 11
Dimitravas and Alka Hill 12
Words of the Certificates 14
The Funeral of the Bones in Shkud 15
The Destruction of the Jewish Cemetery of Shkud, Z”L 17
This is a holy memorial to those who fell on the Russian Front among the partisans 18
An addition to eyewitness accounts of the Holocaust of the Jews of Shkud 19
Witnesses who are alive, accusing the murderers (from the newspaper “Tiesa”) 21
The Road of Torment 23
Names of the killing places of the murdered 26
Witnesses in the Klaipeda trial 29
About a False Witness 31
Names and Details of Jewish Shkud Citizens Killed 1941-1945 32
News articles
    Gathering for Commemoration of Victims of Fascism “Musu Zodis,” 22 June 1963 106
    Gathering to Commemorate Victims of Fascism Name, date, author unknown 107
    No One Is Forgotten: Where A Silent Forest Sighs “Musu Zodis,” Nov 17,1966 108
    Trial Process of Fascist Murderers in Klaipeda Name, date, author unknown 109
    Article by V. Miniotas and S. Laurinaitis Name of publication, title of article, date unknown 109

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