The Book of Serock
(Serock, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer Serotsk

Edited by: M. Gelbart

Published in Tel Aviv, 1971



Project Coordinator

Howard B. Orenstein


Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
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This is a translation from: Sefer Serotsk (The book of Serock),
Editors: M. Gelbart, Tel Aviv, Former residents of Serock in Israel, 1971 (H, Y, 736 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Serock

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“Sefer Serock” (“Sefer Serotsk”) [1] [2] [3]

Translated by Howard Orenstein

Our Old Home
First pages
History of the Town
Jews in ancient Serock Dr. Yakov Goldberg 21
Jews in Old-Time Serock Dr. Yakov Goldberg 30
Jewish Serock (H) Khanokh Vardi 43
Jews in Serock from the End of the 19th Century Until the Outbreak of WWII Khanokh Vardi 65
Religious Life
The Serocker Rabbi Yosef Lewinstein, ZT”L Reb[4] Yakov Henekh Cymerman, Z”L[5] 99
The Serocker Magid Rabbi Aharon Katzenelenbogen, ZT”L Reb Yakov Henekh Cymerman, Z”L 105
Community Life
Community Life Khaim Kopec/Kopetch 123
The Economy Life (Work and rest in the Shtetl) Moishe Konorek 139
Serock city of my youth (H) Aharon Czesner/Tz'esner 146
Memories of our childhood-years Sh. Rozental 150
The Shtetl until WW II Yakov Brukhanski 157
Serocker Jews Yehudah Mendzelewski 159
Military conscription in Poland between the Two World Wars Yehudah Mendzelewski 162
Our former hometown Elimelekh Hershfinger 165
My Town (Shtetl) Yisroel Markewicz 168

[Page 733]

Figures from my childhood Kalman Koligowski/Kuligowski 170
The Serock Self-Education League And Her Activities Shmuel Brukhanski 172
The Beginning of the Modern Cultural-Social Activity Yosef Feynboim 175
Jewish Serock Zwi Apelboim 177
Serock - A Long Time Ago Refoel Fridman 178
The first buds of Hebrew education in Serock (H) Shlomo Rabinowicz/Rabinowitz 184
The Modern Kheder (Jewish School) Melekh Mendzelewski 187
Our Town … Yosel Grosbard, Z”L 191
The Destruction of Serock Moishe Gudes/Godes 197
In years of terror (H) Khava Konkl-Kanarek 231
Help Under All Conditions (H) Itkah Miedownik 236
The inquisition in shul Tzvi Kleinman, Z”L *247
From Jablonna to Treblinka Shlomo Sterdiner 252
The destruction of Serock Hillel Friedman 266
Wandering (H) Miriam Krikah-Kanarek 274
Experiences During the Second World War Abraham Spilka, Z”L 282
War experiences Rivkah Mendzelewski 304
At the time of destruction (H) Arieh Jagoda/Yagoda 313
In the First Days… Alter Grinboim 319
In the Sway of Destruction (H) Feiga Kanarek–Magid 327
The Destruction of Serock Yehudah Mendzelewski 338
Escape from Death Nekhemiah Grinboim 340
Escaped from Nazi hell Abraham Khaim Pzykorski/Pshikorski 342
German Inquisition Brokheh Hadas Pzykorski/Pshikorski 349
My childhood years Arieh Mendzelewski 352
From the Holocaust- to Israel Pinkhas Kaluszki/Kaluski 360
From Nazielsk to Biala-Podlask Tzvi Kleinman 366
The Road of Pain Yehoshua Bobek/Babek 372
The Evacuation of Serock   375

[Page 734]

Prisoner of Auschwitz No. 24667 (H) Rakhel Brandt 380
From Auschwitz Prisoner # 24667 Rakhel Brandt 391
War experiences Leah Komelgorn-Blumberg 406
Yekhiel Rosenberg, may his blood be avenged Shlomo Sterdyner 411
Serock After The Holocaust
I ask for my brother (H) Khanokh Vardi 417
I Am Looking for My Brothers and Sisters Khanokh Vardi 449
The Jewish Serock Sh. L. Shnayderman 500
Characters and images from the town
Reb Yaakov Khenokh Cymerman/Tzymerman, Z”L Rabbi Yosef Katzenelenbogen 513
Reb Menakhem Brukhanski Shmuel B. 516
Our neighbor Reb Mendel Frenkl, A”H Yakov Brukhanski 519
Mendl Bobek/Babek, Z”L Melekh Hershfinger 523
My brother- the poet Yosel Grosbard Yehoshua Grosbard 526
A greeting to you Berglson from Shtetl Yosel Grosbard 531
My brother Shepsl Brukhanski, HY”D Yakov Brukhanski 533
Yakov (Yantche) Kuzhinksi, Z”L Yosef Fajnboim 535
Neta Grabiya, Z”L (H) Hanna Brauda 538
Khannuka in the Big Shul Yakov Mendzelewski 554
Serocker Landsmanschafts in Israel and in the World
Organization of the emigrants from Serock in the State of Israel (H) Khanokh Vardi 559
Aliyah from Serock to Israel Khanokh Vardi 566

[Page 735]

Serocker Countrymen in America Nakhman Feinboim 577
Serocker Countrymen in Argentina Shlomo Ashenmill 586
Liberated by fire
Yehudah Ben Zev, Z”L (H)   597
Tzvika Rosenberg, of blessed memory (H) Hanoch Vardi 604
In Memory (H) A. Turban 607
List of Martyrs
In memory of the missing ones
Calendar of events (H) Khanokh Vardi 725
I am Leaving You, Serock, my Town (H) Yechiel Meir Vardimon 730

*see page 372 Back

[Page 736]

1 Many thanks to Frida Grapa Cielak (Mexico City, Mexico) for her help with the Yiddish translations and transliterations. Back
2 Among the Jews of Serock, the name of their 'shtetl' was written in Yiddish as: “Serotsk,” but the contemporary spelling is used here. Back
3 Most of the articles were written in Yiddish, but for those written in Hebrew, an (H) is added. Back
4 Reb = Mr. Back
5 Abbreviations: Back
  Z”L = Zikhroyne Levrokhe = his/her memory shall be blessed
  ZT”L = Zeykher Tsadik Levrokhe = may the memory of the righteous be blessed
  HY”D = Hashem Yinkom Damo = May Hashem avenge his/her blood
  A”H = Alav Hashalom = may peace be upon him/her

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