Whenever I Remember:
Memorial Book of the Jewish Community
in Tzoyzmir (Sandomierz)
(Sandomierz, Poland)

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Translation of
Et ezkerah: sefer kehilat Tsoyzmir (Sandomierz)

Editor: Eva Feldenkreiz-Grinbal

Published in Tel Aviv 1993

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This is a translation of: Et ezkerah: sefer kehilat Tsoyzmir (Sandomierz)
(Whenever I remember: Memorial book of the Jewish Community in Tzoyzmir (Sandomierz)),
Editor: Eva Feldenkreiz-Grinbal, Association of Tzoyzmir Jews, Published: Tel Aviv 1993 (H,Y, E 589 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Sandomierz

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TOC translated by Sara Mages


A. P. Preface 9
Pages of History
Eva Feldenkreiz–Grinbal The History of the City and the Jewish Community 17
  The beginning of the Jewish settlement. The communities, the “Galilot,” Council of Four Lands. The community of Tsoyzmir and the “Tsoyzmir–Kraka Galil.” Community leaders. Jews and urbanites. The pogrom. Blood libels. The community in the 18th and 19 th centuries. The synagogue. The Jewish street. The cemetery. Rabbis. Photos from an exhibition. Y. L. Peretz in Sandomierz.  
  Bibliography 71
Before the Destruction
The First World War 75
Etka Wolman Shema Yisrael 75
Yehiel Zinamon Three stories: A) Zadravstbutya Gospdin Zinamon. B) R' Nathan–David saves my father. C) The chalk that betrayed the Cossack. 76
In Independent Poland 79
Yehiel Zinamon Jewish livelihoods Merchants. Craftsmen. Porters and water carriers 79
Etka Wolman Berel the cart owner 83
Czeslaw Latawitz Market day 84
Nisek Friedman The city where we were born and raised Parties and youth movements. The yearning for general education 85
Simcha Rothnstein From hakhshara to hakhshara to immigration 91
Yehiel Zinmon, Nathan Kleiman Intuitions and organizations 92
Yitzhak Gorzyczanski Melamdim and teachers 103
Yehiel Zinamon Hebrew courses 103
Yehiel Zinamon Hasidic Shtiblekh 105
Outstanding Individuals 108
Yehiel Zinamon HaRav Menachem Mendel Nay 108
Chaya Shalit, Avraham Rubinstein R' Yankel “Matzeva–Kritzer 111
Yehusua Tzederboim, Chaya Kolisch, Nachman Blitz Keindel Spiro 113
Yehusua Rotenberg Freidel Fishman 115
Bronka Azaria, Yocheved Erlich Yoel Konius 116
Fragments 118
Yehusua Rotenberg Told by my elders Go tell them. There is livelihood. Fully conscious 118
Nathan Kleiman A whistle that caused imprisonment 119
Yehiel Zinamon Facing the authorities “Aufzitsn.” The renovation of the church 120
Yehusua Rotenberg Shiye the healer 120
Yitzchak Anafi Nisel “Zumbol” the porter 121
In the Days of the Holocaust
The Beginning of the Occupation 125
Cesia Schneider At the outbreak of the war 125
Yitzhak Gorzyczanski The march to Zochcin 126
Cesia Schneider September 1939 128
Yehiel Zinamon Hakafot day 129
The Judenrat 130
Yitzhak Gorzyczanski Forced self–rule The “Presidium” and the departments. The first contribution. Decrees and forced labor. Absorption of refugees. Welfare Department. The boots decree. 130
Eva Feldenkreiz In the Open Ghetto The years 1940–1941 Hostages and theft of property. Forced labor camps. The Jewish Quarter. The furs decree. Russian prisoners of war. 147
Until Horror 159
Yitzhak Gorzyczanski The news of the extermination 159
Eva Feldenkreiz Spring–summer 1942 The action against the “Communists.” “It will not happen here.” Work as rescue from death. 160
Yitzhak Gorzyczanski The murder of Chairman Goldberg 161
Amnon Eisenstadt The Gendarme Schuman fulfilled the “mitzvah 163
Cesia Schneider Murders at every turn 164
Eva Feldenkreiz The labor camp Skarzysko 164
Eva Feldenkreiz The Jews of the area are brought to Sandomierz Ghetto 165
Yitzhak Gorzyczanski The last days of the ghetto 166
Amnon Eisenstadt Henla's faith 167
The First “Aktzia 168
Yitzhak Gorzyczanski The deportation 168
Wlodzimiez Orlowski I was an eyewitness 169
Yitzhak Gorzyczanski After the “Aktzia 171
Yehiel Zinamon In the cellar of the Wilchek house 173
Wladyslaw Skobel, Kazimiez Czhechovic On the Cathedral roof 174
Yehiel Lass On Krotka Street 175
Benyek Tzeylon The murderers' pleasure 175
The “Judenstadt” – its Establishment and Liquidation 176
Eva Feldenkreiz No way out 176
Benyek Tzeylon In distress 178
Avraham Strekman Like mice in a trap 179
Yehiel Zinamon The murder of the Ostrowiec Rabbi 180
Eva Feldenkreiz The second “Aktzia 180
Cesia Schneider Fates 185
In the Third Ghetto 187
Eva Feldenkreiz The last The clearing unit. The new ghetto. Failure of the escape plan. The Polish murderers. The work unit in “Metan” factory. The final liquidation of the ghetto. 187
Labor Camps 195
Yitzhak Gorzyczanski “Metan” – a camp for rich Jews 195
Tanhum Kuperblum Daily life and way of life in “Metan” 198
Cesia Schneider Mokoszyn camp 199
Benyek Tzeylon The farmer and his land 203
Eva Feldenkreiz “Lyceum” camp 203
A. P.
A Person and his Destiny – Testimonies
  Eisenberg Yadzia 217
  Enderstein Zipora 223
  Blitz (Rosenberg) Nachman 226
  Michalewska Eugenia 238
  Gorzyczanski Yitzhak (Izio) 247
  Gorzyczanski Yadzia 255
  Schessler–Gorzyczanski Sara 261
  Goren (Gorzyczanski) Haim 268
  Tenenboym Alter–Asher 280
  Teper Cesia 282
  Minzberg Shiele 288
  Nusbaum Zvi 296
  Feldenkreiz Eva 302
  Penchina Pesla 324
  Z. Sara (Sarenka) 331
  Zukerblum Haim 337
  Tzeylon Benyek 342
  Zinamom Yehiel 345
  Czernikowski Tova 352
  Kolish Chaya 359
  Kuperblum Tanhum 365
  Kleinman Nathan (Nuska) 380
  Rosenblum Sabina 388
  Numberg Malka (Malzia) 399
  Reiss Itka 404
  Reiss Peretz 407
  Schleifstein Yisrael 410
  Schneider Cesia 415
  About Ingatz Gotesman 433
  About Yanek Spiro 435
  About Nehemiah Kleinman 436
Our Property was Turned Over to Strangers 439
Eva Feldenkreiz Returning to Sandomierz 439
Amnon Eisenstadt Ascension to the ancestral grave 445
Tanhum Kuperblum The Jewish Committee Redemption of children. Torah scrolls. Bishop Jan Lorek. Tugerman's trial. 446
Leaving Europe 460
Eva Feldenkreiz In Germany 460
Sabina Rosenblum, Haim Goren (Gorzyczanski) In Israel 464
In Memoriam
Yehiel Zinamon Every person has a name 472
  Tsoyzmir Jews who perished in the Holocaust 473
  Former residents of Tsoyzmir who passed away in Israel and the Diaspora 480
  The Life and Annihilation of the Tzoyzmir Jews [Yiddish] 485
  The Life and Annihilation Of the Tzoyzmir Jews [English] 586


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