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The Families from Ropczyce
who were Exterminated in the Holocaust

Translated by Aryeh Wanderman

Note by the translator: This listing of names is a faithful translation from the Hebrew and is presented in the same format as it is in the book. It consists of family names, followed by the first names or a description of the relationship. Note that the authors introduce the listing by stating that it is based on their memory.

These are the names of the families who were exterminated in the terrible Shoah, as we remember them.  If any name has been left out, it is because of the weakness of human memory, but these names are known and revealed before the 'Heavenly Throne', among all the sanctified names of our People.

Blessed be their memories.

ALTERGolda, her son Shaya, her daughter-in-law and grandchildren
ANTORFENWolf, his wife and family
BAIGELYaakov, daughter Elka and her husband Anshel HERSHLAG and son
BAYTCHER(mother), and Rachel her daughter
BELMUTAvraham Naftali, wife Bila, and chidren Efraim, Sarah, Gondil
BELZAMAharon, wife Hadassah, and children Chaim, Sarah, Binyamin, Esther
BELZAMChaim, his wife and child
BERGERBerl, wife Chana, and brother
BERGERChaim, wife and daughter
BERGERChana, and daughter Priva
BERGERFishel, his wife Ittel; son, wife and children
BERGERFishel, wife and daughter Fayga, and another daughter
BERGERFishel, wife, daughter, and son Chaim
BERGERLeib, wife and children Yitzchak, Leah, Itta, Devora, Zelta and husband and children
BERGERShmuel and wife
BERGERShmuel and wife
BERNBOMRafael and wife Gittel
BETTELHEIMChaim, Fishel, Michael, Kila, Leah
BILFELDMoshe, his wife Chana, and children Esther, Gittel and Gedalyahu
BIRANNaftali, his wife Yenta, daughter Fayga and another son and daughter
BIRNBAUMShmuel, his wife and eight daughters
BIRNBOIMTama, her husband and children
BLUTYaakov, wife Esther, son Yehoshua and daughters
BORERSarah, and her children Yehoshua and Yechiel
BRONHEIMAmaliah, son Moshe and his wife and children
CHASIDAharon, his wife Tsipora and their children
COHENYehoshua and his wife Sarna
DESSERPesach, his wife and children
DORFShimon the Shochet, his wife, son Nachum, and two daughters
EISENhis wife, their daughter Shayndel, her husband and their children
EISENShmaya, his wife and three children
EISENYissacher, his two daughters and grandchildren
FAMSTEINLeib, his wife Anje, their children Eliezer and his wife, Esther and her husband and children Azriel and Natan.
FAUSTNoach, his wife and sons
FAUSTRaphael, his wife Gittel and their children Moshe, Azriel, Ytzchak and Mordechai
FEDERBOMwoman and son
FEIGENBAUMMoshe, his wife and their children
FEIGENBAUMYisrael, his wife Freidel and their children
FRANZBLAUhis wife Sarah, their daughter Keila and her husband and children
FRANZBLAURaphael, his wife and children
FREHMANSarah and her children Sheindel, Shmuel and Avraham
FRIEDREICHPinchas, his wife, their children Shalom and his wife and children Tuvia, Sheindele
GERBERSHRIFTYaakov, his wife Sarah, and children Sheindel, Mordechai, Beinke and Rivka
GOLDAvraham, his wife, his daughter Sheindel, and another daughter
GOLDDavid, his wife Gittel, daughter Rachel and another daughter
GOLDFishel, his wife Gittel, and children Yehudit, Naftali, Esther, David, Yosef, and Hindele
GOLDBERGChaim, his wife Bilhah, and children Rivka, Issacher and Yosef
GOLDBERGItta and her daughter Freindel
GOLDFARBZalman, his wife Ziviah, son and daughter
GOLDMANMatityahu and wife Ratze
GOLDMANPinchas, his wife Sirl and daughter
GOLDMANYitzchak, his wife Freindel and children Yaakov, Finkel, Miriam and Hadassah
GOLDNERAsher, his son Yaakov, his wife and two sons
GOLDNEREliezer, wife Esther and two sons
GRANTEfraim, his wife Tova, their children Shmuel, Mendel and his wife and children
GREENYosef, his wife and children, and mother Faiga Leah
GROSSFishel, his wife and children
HESSELAharon and wife
HEZNEKOPFPinchas, his wife Reisel and children Issachar and Naftali
HILLERYosef, his wife, and children Naftali, Zissel, Fayga and Sheindel
HIRSCHAharon, wife Leah and son
HIRSCHChaim, his wife Bilha and two children
HIRSCHEsther Gittel and daughters Freda, Reisel, Rachel, Leah, Sarah
HIRSCHFeivel and his wife
HIRSCHMoshe Yitzchak, his wife Bluma and children Malkah and Tova
ISSLERShimon, his wife Zissel, and their children Yehoshua and Issar
KATZAharon, his wife and children
KATZYehoshua and his wife Sarna
KIRSHChaya Golda and her children David, Sheindel, Esther and Sarah
KIRSHZusha, his wife Bina and their children Yitzchak, Chava and Yaakov
KLAUSNERShmuel, his wife, son Zvi and daughter Tzila
KLEINPinchas, his wife and children Moshe and Malka
KOOPERChaim, his wife, father and daughters
KURTZYeshaya and his wife
LASTNaftali and his wife
LAUFERZanwel, his wife Golda and their children
LAZERLeb and his wife
LEIMANwife and children
LEIMANBen Zion, and family
LEIMANChaim, his wife Esther, two daughters and a son
LEIMANHanina, his mother and sister
LEIMANHirsch, his wife and two daughters
LEIMANMichal, his wife and sons Avraham, Shmuel and families
LEIMANMordechai, his wife Zinbal and sons Moshe, Baruch and Yaakov
LEIMANYosef and his wife
LENDERNaftali, his wife Rachel and son Shmuel
LEVand three daughters
LEVItta and her daughter Bluma
LEVRoza and her daughter Berta
LEVYYishayahu, his wife Malka and daughter Rivka
LIEBERMANChaim, his wife Sarka and children Sarah and Yaakov
MARILESRabbi, daughter Devora, and daughter Leah, husband and children, daughter Idel, husband and children, son Melech, wife Chaya and children
MARKELYaakov, his wife and children
MEIRChaim, his wife, sons Baruch, Yechiel, Alter, and a daughter
POLINSKIAryeh and his wife
REGANYosef, his wife Shifra, their son Chaim and two other sons
REICHOzer, and children Moshe, Yechezkel, and Chava
REISS(mother), her daughter and husband and children
REIVITZEliyahu and his children Keila, Beila, Tsirla, Ephraim Chaim
ROKYehoshua, his wife and two daughters
ROSENChaim, his wife Bakreshel, and their children Yechezkel, Yitzchak Hirsh, Chava, Sril.
ROSENYitzchak, his wife Sarah and their children
ROSNERChanina, his wife and six daughters
ROSNERYehuda, his wife Serel, and their children Rony, Moshe, Sonia, Saul
RUBINAlta and her children Shmuel and Aharon
RUBINRabbi Yitzchak, his wife Beila, and children
RUBINYitzchak, his wife and children Eliyahu, Yitzchak and Mayer
SANDHAUSfamily husband, wife and children
SHAPIRAAharon Shmuel, Asher and daughter
SHECHTERAvraham Mendel, his wife and children Mordechai and Wolf
SHECHTERBen Zion, his wife Tzirel, their son Mayer, another son and two daughters
SHECHTERChaim and his wife Tzivia
SHECHTERFeivel, his wife and children
SHNAPShusband and wife
SHNEIDERZisha, his wife Yehudit and their children
SHNORAvraham Shmuel, his wife Faiga, and children Wolf, Mendel, Chaim and Mayer.
SHNORKalman Wolf, his wife, and children Yerucham, Simcha and Shifra
SHPIELMANNeta, his wife and children Sheindel, Keila, Rachel and Mendel
SHUSSHEIMhis wife and family
SHVEBELChaim, his wife, their daughter Tsila and her husband and children
SINAISima and her daughter Matel
TOFENBROMAvraham, wife Luba and children Esther, Ita, Chana, Moshe, Naftali, Chaim and Baruch
TOPELYaakov, his wife and children
WARHAFTShmuel, his wife and children
WEITZAvraham, his wife their children Naftali, Hersch, Hillel and other children
WEITZYaakov ben Shraga Feivel, his wife Miriam Gittel, and children Binyamin,
WINIGERBracha, her son Shimon and family
WURZELhis wife and son
YORMOWITZhis wife, son Yoel, and a daughter
ZEIDENbrothers Mendel, Moshe, Gittel

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