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Names of the Rava-Ruska Martyrs (cont.)


Name of
Additional family
Remarks Page
LAMM return Breine   Married     Eliezer     424
LAMM Eliezer   Married     Breine     424
LAMM Shlomo     Eliezer Breine       424
LAMM Szymon     Eliezer Breine       424
LANGER Aron   Married     Reisel     424
LANGER Jona     Aharon Reisel       424
LANGER Rachel     Aharon Reisel       424
LANGER Reisel   Married     Aharon     424
LANGER Shamai               424
LANGER Yehuda Ezra     Aharon Reisel       424
LANGWEBER Shmuel               424
LAUTERBACH Chana Zivia WASSER             424
LAUTERBACH Keile       Chana Zivia       424
LAUTERBACH Rachel       Chana Zivia       424
LEDER Chana   Married     Izrael     425
LEDER Debora WEISS Married     Jozef     425
LEDER Hrscheli     Izrael Chana       425
LEDER Izrael   Married     Chana     425
LEDER Jozef   Married     Debora     425
LEDER Symcha Baruch     Izrael Chana       425
LEDER Yehudit     Izrael Chana       425
LEIBACH Jozef               424
LEICHTER Frieda           her family   424
LEMPERT Charlotta     Dawid Majer Jeti       425
LEMPERT Dawid Majer   Married     Jeti     425
LEMPERT Mania     Dawid Majer Jeti       425
LEMPERT Yetti KESSEL Married     Dawid Meir     425
LERNER Hinde BULZ Married     Natan     425
LERNER Lola     Natan Hinda       425
LERNER Natan   Married     Hinde     425
LERNER Sela     Natan Hinda       425
LERNER Zigi     Natan Hinda       425
LICHTER Ester   Married     Leib     424
LICHTER Leib   Married     Ester     424
LINDER Etel   Married     Itzhak     424
LINDER Itzhak   Married     Etel     424
LINDER Jakob Kopel     Itzhak Etel       425
LINDER Menachem Munish     Itzhak Etel       424
LINDER Meszulim               425
LINDER Miriam     Itzhak Etel       425
LINDER Ryfka     Itzhak Etel       425
LINDER Szulim     Itzhak Etel       425
LIPSCHITZ Jakob     Szulim Riva       425
LIPSCHITZ Nahum     Szulim Riva       425
LIPSCHITZ Riva   Married     Szulim     425
LIPSCHITZ Szulim   Married     Riva     425
LOCKMAN Chaim     Jozef Risel       424
LOCKMAN Hodie     Jozef Risel       424
LOCKMAN Itzhak Leib     Jozef Risel       424
LOCKMAN Jozef   Married     Risel     424
LOCKMAN Mali     Jozef Risel       424
LOCKMAN Risel   Married     Jozef     424
LUSBERG Jakob   Married     Klara     424
LUSBERG Klara SCHIPPER Married     Jakob     424
LUSTIFER Chaja               424
LUSTIFER Henie       Chaja       424
MALZ return Yehoshua           his family   425
MANDEL Dan               425
MANDEL Leib           his family   425
MANDEL Tzipora               425
MANDELKORN Hentsche     Jakob Itzhak Rachel       425
MANDELKORN Jakob Itzhak   Married     Rachel     425
MANDELKORN Rachel   Married     Jakob Itzhak     425
MANDELKORN Rachel               425
MANDELKORN Sara     Jakob Itzhak Rachel       425
MANES Herman               425
MANN WEINREB Moshe Mendel     Tzvi Hersch Ryfka   his family   425
MANN WEINREB Ryfka   Married     Tzvi Hersch     425
MANN WEINREB Tzvi Hersch   Married     Ryfka     425
MANN WEINREB Zolka     Tzvi Hersch Ryfka       425
MARZ Adela               425
MAUSTER Abraham   Married     Bluma     425
MAUSTER Bluma ZIMERMAN Married     Abraham     425
MAYER Chaim               425
MAYER Fradel               425
MAYER Hinde               425
MAYER Nisan               425
MAYER Tschize?               425
MERMELSTEIN Ester           her family   425
METAL Efroim Tzvi               425
METAL Eliezer Leib   Married     Rachel     425
METAL Rachel ZIMERMAN Married     Eliezer Leib     425
METZGER Beile Reisel               425
METZGER Dov   Married     Miriam     425
METZGER Eidel     Hersch         425
METZGER Eidele     Dov Miriam       425
METZGER Fischel     Dov Miriam       425
METZGER Fischel     Hersch         425
METZGER Hersch               425
METZGER Miriam   Married     Dov     425
MOIS? Chaim               425
MOIS? Reuven           his family   425
MORGENSTERN Aron               425
MORGENSTERN Berisz               425
MORGENSTERN Bontcze           his family   425
MORGENSTERN Hersz               425
MORGENSTERN Jozef               425
MORGENSTERN Sender               425
MORGENSTERN Shmuel               425
MUNDSZTOK Adela FLOFLER Married     Natan     425
MUNDSZTOK Mordechai   Married     Sara Malka     425
MUNDSZTOK Munio     Natan Adela       425
MUNDSZTOK Natan   Married     Adela     425
MUNDSZTOK Sara Malka   Married     Mordechai     425
NADEL FELDMAN return Miriam           her family   425
NEUTALER Dawid           his family   425
PASTER return Elimelech   Married           425
PASTER Gershon     Shmuel Leib Miriam       425
PASTER Jozef   Married     Malka children   425
PASTER Lea     Shmuel Leib Miriam       425
PASTER Mali               425
PASTER Malka   Married     Jozef children   425
PASTER Miriam   Married     Shmuel Leib     425
PASTER Perl     Shmuel Leib Miriam       425
PASTER Rachel     Shmuel Leib Miriam       425
PASTER Shmuel Leib   Married     Miriam     425
PASTER Zelig           his family   425
PASTER   REICHLER Married     Elimelech     425
PERLMAN Szewa           her family   426
PLAUER Bashi               426
PLAUER Chana     Tzvi Debora       426
PLAUER Debora SCHREIBER Married     Tzvi     426
PLAUER Moshe Arie               426
PLAUER Tzvi   Married     Debora     426
PRESSER Aron   Married           426
PRESSER Henie   Married       children   426
PRESSER Izthak   Married     Malka     426
PRESSER Lea           children   426
PRESSER Malka   Married     Itzhak     426
PRESSER Mechal               426
PRESSER Reisel   Married     Shaul     426
PRESSER Shaul   Married     Reisel     426
PRESSER Shlomo               426
PRESSER     Married     Aharon     426
PRESSER     Married     Henie children   426
PRIFNER Fradel   Married     Mordechai her family   426
PRIFNER Mordechai   Married     Fradel his family   426
PRIVES Elke               426
PRIVES Hersch               426
PRIVES Kopel               426
PRIVES Yehoshua               426
PROBST Abraham           his family   426
RACHAS return Chaim     Moshe Shoshana       428
RACHAS Chaja     Nechemia Chava       428
RACHAS Chava   Married     Fischel her family   428
RACHAS Chava   Married     Nechemia     428
RACHAS Feige     Moshe Shoshana       428
RACHAS Fischel   Married Moshe Shoshana Chava his family   428
RACHAS Mania     Nechemia Chava       428
RACHAS Moshe   Married     Shoshana     427
RACHAS Nechemia   Married     Chava     428
RACHAS Shmelki     Moshe Shoshana       428
RACHAS Shoshana   Married     Moshe     427
RACHAS Zelig     Nechemia Chava       428
RAPAPORT Dov Berisz               427
RATHAUS Dawid     Moshe Golde   his family   427
RATHAUS Golde   Married     Moshe     427
RATHAUS Moshe   Married     Golde     427
RATSHIMOR? Yehuda Tzvi               427
REDLICH Chaim Jozef     Shlomo Fradel       427
REDLICH Fradel   Married     Shlomo     427
REDLICH Leib           his family   427
REDLICH Mordechai     Shlomo Fradel       427
REDLICH Peisach           his family   427
REDLICH Reuven           his family   427
REDLICH Shlomo   Married     Fradel     427
REGENSTREIF             her family   427
REICHLER Berisz               427
REICHLER Chaim   Married     Chana     427
REICHLER Chana   Married     Chaim     427
REICHLER Scheindel     Chana Chaim       427
REINDEL Feiga     Yekutiel Ryfka       427
REINDEL Ryfka   Married     Yekutiel     427
REINDEL Yehoshua     Yekutiel Ryfka       427
REINDEL Yekutiel   Married     Ryfka     427
REINERT Abraham           his family   427
REINERT Elazar               427
REISER Ester   Married Eliyahu   Jozef     427
REISER Jozef   Married Chaim   Ester   HaCohen - from the priestly class 427
  Jozef       Rikel     maiden name REISER 427
  Rikel REISER   Jozef Ester       427
REISLER Itzhak Shlomo   Married Naftali Hersz Ruchama Reize     427
REISLER Naftali   Married     Ruchama     427
REISLER Reize BABAD Married     Itzhak Shlomo     427
REISLER Ruchama   Married     Naftali Hersz     427
REISS Abraham Aharon     Moshe Ryfka       427
REISS Hinde     Moshe Ryfka       427
REISS Jakob     Moshe Ryfka       427
REISS Mordechai     Moshe Ryfka       427
REISS Moshe   Married     Ryfka     427
REISS Ryfka   Married     Moshe     427
REISS Tova     Moshe Ryfka       427
REISS Ziske     Moshe Ryfka       427
REITZFELD Beile GRAF Married     Todres     427
REITZFELD Jakob     Todres Beile       427
REITZFELD Reisel     Todres Beile       427
REITZFELD Tudros?   Married     Beile     427
RENDLER             her family   428
ROM Moshe               427
ROSENBERG Berl               427
ROSENBERG Izak   Married     Lea     427
ROSENBERG Lea   Married     Eyzik     427
ROSENBERG Naftali               427
ROSENBERG Pnina               427
ROSENBERG Rachel               427
  Abraham   Married     Miriam   wife's maiden name - ROSENBERG 427
  Miriam ROSENBERG Married     Abraham     427
ROSENFELD Abraham           his family   427
ROSENFELD Breine               427
ROSENFELD Chava     Jakob Shlomo Ita       427
ROSENFELD Hersch           his family   427
ROSENFELD Ita   Married     Jakob Shlomo     427
ROSENFELD Jakob Shlomo   Married     Ita     427
ROSENFELD Moshe Benzis           his family   427
ROSENFELD Pesia   Married     Yehoshua     427
ROSENFELD Tova               427
ROSENFELD Wolf           his family   427
ROSENFELD Yehoshua   Married Jakob Shlomo Ita Pesia     427
ROSENTAL Malia           her family   427
ROTHENDLER Chana       Freide Kresal       427
ROTHENDLER Freide Kresal               427
RUBIN Izrael           his family   427
RUBIN Jozef           his family   427
RUBIN Kresale       Pesha       427
RUBIN Pescha               427
RUBIN Rechtale   Married       children   427
RUBIN     Married     Rechtale children   427
RUBIN BULZ Breina               427
RUBIN BULZ Etel   Married     Jakob     427
RUBIN BULZ Jakob   Married     Etel     427
RUBIN BULZ Ryfka               427
RUCKER Gitel   Married     Shimon     427
RUCKER Szymon   Married     Gitel     427
  Rachel RUCKER   Shimon Gitel   child   427
RUMELT Arje Leib   Married       5 children   427
RUMELT Daniel   Married       4 children   427
RUMELT Feiga   Married     Shmuel 6 children   427
RUMELT Feige   Married     Joel     427
RUMELT Joel   Married     Feige     427
RUMELT Lea     Joel Feige       427
RUMELT Mordechai     Joel Feige       427
RUMELT Shmuel   Married     Feiga 6 children   427
RUMELT Sima     Joel Feige       427
RUMELT     Married     Arje Leib 5 children   427
RUMELT     Married     Daniel 4 children   427
SAMBOL return Chaja   Married     Shlomo     425
SAMBOL Frumit     Shlomo Chaja       425
SAMBOL Jakob     Shlomo Chaja       425
SAMBOL Shamai     Shlomo Chaja       425
SAMBOL Shlomo   Married     Chaja     425
SAUERTEIG Chana               423
SCHAFEL Beile Hinde               428
SCHAFEL Feiwel     Shmuel Yehuda Pesche       428
SCHAFEL Pescha   Married   Beile Hinde Shmuel Yehuda     428
SCHAFEL Ryfka     Shmuel Yehuda Pesche       428
SCHAFEL SAUERBRUN Shmuel Yehuda   Married     Pesche     428
SCHATZKER Eliezer   Married     Tzipora     428
SCHATZKER Itzhak     Eliezer Tzipora       428
SCHATZKER Mania     Eliezer Tzipora       428
SCHATZKER Tzipora   Married     Eliezer     428
SCHEIN Chana           her parents   428
SCHELLES Ester               428
SCHELLES Jozef               428
SCHELLES Moshe               428
SCHINDLER Chaim           his family   428
SCHIPPER Henia BERGER         child   428
SCHIPPER Itzhak   Married     Motel     428
SCHIPPER Motel   Married     Itzhak     428
SCHLAGER Feigele     Itzhak Nina       428
SCHLAGER Itzhak   Married     Nina     428
SCHLAGER Nina KESSEL Married     Itzhak     428
SCHREIBER Arje   Married     Tzipa     428
SCHREIBER Tzipa   Married     Arje     428
SCHREIBER Yehezkel     Arje Tzipa       428
SCHWEBEL Abraham               428
SCHWEBEL Lea               428
SEGAL Henie FELDMAN Married     Zelig     425
SEGAL Zelig   Married     Henia     425
SEGAL       Zelig Henie       425
SEIF Jakob   Married Menachem Mendel Sima Sara     423
SEIF Jozef     Menachem Mendel Sima       423
SEIF Menachem Mendel   Married     Sima     423
SEIF Sara   Married     Jakob     423
SEIF Sima   Married     Menachem Mendel     423
SIEBZENNER Arje Leib   Married     Frieda     423
SIEBZENNER Frieda   Married     Arje Leib     423
SIEBZENNER Jakob   Married Arje Leib Frieda Perl     423
SIEBZENNER Perl   Married     Jakob     423
SILBER Bashe               424
SILBER Berisz               424
SILBER Debora           her family   423
SILBER Mote               423
SILBER Perl               424
SILBER Tzira           her family   423
SILBER Wolf               424
SILBER Zlote               424
SIMKHOVICH Mina GOTTLIEB Married     Shmuel     425
SIMKHOVICH Shmuel   Married     Mina     425
SOBEL Fradel               425
SPATZ             his family   428
SPATZER Benjamin   Married Jakob   Perl     428
SPATZER Chaitsze               428
SPATZER Hersch           his family brother of Perl Itzhak 428
SPATZER Hersch           his family   428
SPATZER Hodel Lea Hadasa               428
SPATZER Itzhak           his family brother of Perl Hersch 428
SPATZER Jakob       Hodel Lea Hadasa       428
SPATZER Joel     Jakob     his family   428
SPATZER Jozef           his family   428
SPATZER Leibish           his family   428
SPATZER Perl   Married Chaim   Benjamin     428
SPATZER Tzivia           her family   428
SPATZNER Beintsze               428
SPATZNER Bluma               428
SPATZNER Feiga   Married     Moshe     428
SPATZNER Gitel               428
SPATZNER Izak               428
SPATZNER Jozef               428
SPATZNER Malka               428
SPATZNER Matilda   Married     Nachman children   428
SPATZNER Mordechai Leiser               428
SPATZNER Moshe   Married     Feiga     428
SPATZNER Moshe               428
SPATZNER Moshe               428
SPATZNER Nachman   Married     Matilda children   428
SPATZNER Roizali               428
SPATZNER Scheintsze               428
SPATZNER Yeshayahu               428
SPERBER Chaja   Married     Jakob     428
SPERBER Jakob   Married     Chaja     428
SPERBER Ozer     Jakob Chaja       428
SPRITZER Eliyahu   Married     Nesze     428
SPRITZER Kalman               428
SPRITZER Mali PRIVES Married     Symcha     428
SPRITZER Malka GR?N Married     Moshe Majer     428
SPRITZER Moshe Meir   Married     Malka     428
SPRITZER Nesze   Married     Eliyahu     428
SPRITZER Shlomo Wolf           his family   428
SPRITZER Symcha   Married     Mali     428
STACHEL Beile               428
STACHEL Debora               428
STACHEL Gimpel               428
STACHEL Gimpel               428
STACHEL Itzhak     Gimpel         428
STACHEL Kreindel               428
STACHEL Reisel               428
STACHEL Ryfka               428
STACHEL Zalman               428
STACHEL Zev               428
STAHLHAMER Cheitsze   Married     Hersch     428
STAHLHAMER Hersz   Married     Cheitsze     428
STAHLHAMER Leib     Hersch Cheitsze       428
STERN Arje           his family   428
STERN Chaja     Izrael Malka       428
STERN Genia     Izrael Malka       428
STERN Izrael   Married     Malka     428
STERN Malka GUZIK Married     Izrael     428
STOCKHAMMER Aba           his family   428
STOCKHAMMER Herschel           his family   428
STOCKHAMMER Perl   Married     Reuven     428
STOCKHAMMER Rachel               428
STOCKHAMMER Reuven   Married     Perl     428
STORCH Asher     Baruch Chaja       428
STORCH Baruch   Married     Chaja     428
STORCH Chaja HERZBERG Married     Baruch     428
STORCH Chava     Baruch Chaja       428
STORCH Dawid   Married       4 children   428
STORCH Izrael   Married       3 children   428
STORCH Moshe               428
STORCH Tzipora     Baruch Chaja       428
STORCH     Married     Dawid 4 children   428
STORCH     Married     Izrael 3 children   428
STORCK Rachel SCHATZKER Married     Zev     428
STORCK Zev   Married     Rachel     428
SZIDKOWSKI Rosa               428
TALER return Debora               424
TALER Jakob               424
TALER Leib   Married     Malka     424
TALER Leib               424
TALER Malka TEICHMAN Married     Leib     424
TALER Mendel               424
TALER Shamai               424
TALER Sosche               424
TANENBAUM Bashi LEICHTER Married     Moshe     424
TANENBAUM Moshe   Married     Bashi     424
TANENBAUM Rachel     Moshe Bashi       424
TANENBAUM Sali     Moshe Bashi       424
TAUBER Ester           her family   424
TAUBER Feige   Married     Leib     424
TAUBER Jakob           his family   424
TAUBER Leib   Married     Feige     424
TAUBER Pinhas               424
TAUBER Ryfka               424
TAUBER Sara Blima               424
TENER Ester               424
TIEGER Itzhak               424
TIEGER Lea     Itzhak         424
TIEGER Mali     Itzhak         424
TIEGER Mechal Chaim     Itzhak         424
TIERERS Lea               424
TIERERS Rosa               424
TRIEBER Debora       Ryfka       424
TRIEBER Eliezer       Ryfka       424
TRIEBER Ester       Ryfka       424
TRIEBER Gitel       Ryfka       424
TRIEBER Hersch       Ryfka       424
TRIEBER Jakob       Ryfka       424
TRIEBER Jozef       Ryfka       424
TRIEBER Ryfka               424
WACHSMAN return Aleksander Sender   Married     Chana     423
WACHSMAN Bracha     Izrael Ryfka       423
WACHSMAN Chana   Married     Aleksander Sender     423
WACHSMAN Chana DACHS Married     Shmuel Jakob     423
WACHSMAN Izrael   Married Aleksander Sender Chana Ryfka     423
WACHSMAN Jozef     Izrael Ryfka       423
WACHSMAN Menachem Mendel     Izrael Ryfka       423
WACHSMAN Ryfka BIRNBAUM Married     Izrael     423
WACHSMAN Scheindel     Aleksander Sender Chana   her family   423
WACHSMAN Shmuel Jakob   Married     Chana     423
WALDMAN Leib   Married     Sara 5 children   423
WALDMAN Sara   Married     Leib 5 children   423
WASSER Aron     Shamai Yisroel Freida       423
WASSER Beintsze KESSLER Married     Dawid     423
WASSER Chana     Dawid Brontsche       423
WASSER Dawid   Married Zev   Brontsche     423
WASSER Ester   Married     Jozef     423
WASSER Ester     Dawid Brontsche       423
WASSER Freida   Married     Shamai Yisroel     423
WASSER Jozef   Married Zev   Ester     423
WASSER Leib     Dawid Brontsche       423
WASSER Scheindel     Dawid Brontsche       423
WASSER Shamai Izrael   Married     Freide     423
WASSER Zeev               423
WEBER Arje Leib   Married     Chaja     423
WEBER Beile   Married     Jozef     423
WEBER Chaja BILLIG Married     Arje Leib     423
WEBER Jozef   Married     Beile     423
WEBER Tehila     Arje Leib Chaja       423
WEIDHORN Asher               423
WEIDHORN Frieda MUNDSZTOK Married     Eyzik     423
WEIDHORN Genia     Izak Frieda       423
WEIDHORN Itzhak     Izak Frieda       423
WEIDHORN Izak   Married     Frieda     423
WEIDHORN Jakob           his family   423
WEIDHORN Reizele               423
WEIDHORN Tzipa               423
WEINBERGER Arje   Married     Chana     423
WEINBERGER Benjamin     Arje Chana       423
WEINBERGER Chaim     Arje Chana       423
WEINBERGER Chana   Married     Arje     423
WEINGEST Beiltszi STOCKHAMMER Married     Mendel     423
WEINGEST Mendel   Married     Beiltszi     423
WEISS Abraham   Married     Chaja Sara     423
WEISS Beintsze               423
WEISS Chaim Shmuel               423
WEISS Chaja Sara   Married     Abraham     423
WEISS Elimelech               423
WEISS Henie               423
WEISS Henoch               423
WEISS Leib               423
WEISS Pepi               423
WEISS Shlomo               423
WEISSBLUTH Chaja Ester SIEBZENNER Married     Jakob     423
WEISSBLUTH Freide           her family   423
WEISSBLUTH Jakob   Married     Chaja Ester     423
WENIGER Hersch               423
WENIGER Hinda               423
WENIGER Moshe               423
WENIGER Sara               423
WIRT Pinhas               423
WOLF Arje   Married     Gitel     423
WOLF Aron   Married     Ryfka     423
WOLF Aron Leib   Married     Ryfka Feige     423
WOLF Chaja     Aharon Ryfka       423
WOLF Elka   Married     Moshe     423
WOLF Gitel SAUERBRUN Married     Arje     423
WOLF Golde     Aharon Ryfka       423
WOLF Hersch               423
WOLF Majer     Moshe Elka       423
WOLF Malia     Aharon Ryfka       423
WOLF Moshe   Married     Elka     423
WOLF Rachel     Aharon Ryfka       423
WOLF Ryfka   Married     Aharon     423
WOLF Ryfka Feige ALTSCHULER Married     Aharon Leib     423
WOLLER Izrael     Leib Scheindel       423
WOLLER Leib   Married     Scheindel     423
WOLLER Scheindel HALPERN Married     Leib     423
WOLLER Symcha     Leib Scheindel       423
ZIEGLER return Chaim Nute           his family   426
ZIEGLER Eidel       Toive       426
ZIEGLER Eliezer               426
ZIEGLER Leiser Szulim       Malka       426
ZIEGLER Malka               426
ZIEGLER Rachel       Toive       426
ZIEGLER Toive               426
ZIEGLER Tzirel       Malka       426
ZIMERMAN Abraham   Married     Tzivia     426
ZIMERMAN Abraham           his family   426
ZIMERMAN Akiva   Married     Scheindel     426
ZIMERMAN Akiva               426
ZIMERMAN Chaim   Married       children   426
ZIMERMAN Chaja   Married       child   426
ZIMERMAN Chantsche               426
ZIMERMAN Edmond     Herman Roize       426
ZIMERMAN Efroim Hersz   Married     Sara Etil     426
ZIMERMAN Eliyahu     Abraham Tzivia       426
ZIMERMAN Eliyahu           his family   426
ZIMERMAN Ester Sara     Herman Roize       426
ZIMERMAN Feiwel     Efroim Hersz Sara Etil       426
ZIMERMAN Gitel               426
ZIMERMAN Herman   Married     Roize     426
ZIMERMAN Hersch           his family   426
ZIMERMAN Itzhak     Herman Roize       426
ZIMERMAN Jakob             brother of Pesha 426
ZIMERMAN Kuba     Herman Roize       426
ZIMERMAN Majer     Akiva Scheindel       426
ZIMERMAN Mania   Married     Mendel     426
ZIMERMAN Mendel   Married     Mania     426
ZIMERMAN Mindel               426
ZIMERMAN Moshe   Married       children   426
ZIMERMAN Moshe Itzhak     Efroim Hersz Sara Etil       426
ZIMERMAN Pesha             sister of Jakob 426
ZIMERMAN Reisel               426
ZIMERMAN Roize   Married     Herman     426
ZIMERMAN Sara Etil   Married     Efroim Hersch     426
ZIMERMAN Scheindel   Married     Akiva     426
ZIMERMAN Sosche               426
ZIMERMAN Tzivia   Married     Abraham     426
ZIMERMAN Zeinwel     Efroim Hersz Sara Etil       426
ZIMERMAN     Married     Chaim children   426
ZIMERMAN     Married     Chaja child   426
ZIMERMAN     Married     Moshe children   426
  Mechael   Married     Feige   wife's maiden name - ZIMERMAN 426
  Feige ZIMERMAN Married Herman Roize Mechal     426
ZUCKER Dawid   Married     Ryfka his grandaughter   426
ZUCKER Ryfka FELDMAN Married     Dawid her grandaughter   426
ZUCKER       Dawid Ryfka       426
ZUCKER       Dawid Ryfka       426


Some additional names that don't appear in this Yizkor Book - kindly provided by Dina Klausner

Name of
JAVROVER Rachel GREIDINGER Yakov Chana Akiva  
JAVROVER         Aharon was murdered with her 3 daughters
REDLICH Ethel GREIDINGER Yakov Chana Asher Zvi Hirsh  
REDLICH Asher Zvi Hirsh   Yakov Lipa Roza Reizl Ethel  
REDLICH Moshe   Asher Zvi Hirsh Ethel    
REDLICH Sara   Asher Zvi Hirsh Ethel    
REDLICH     Asher Zvi Hirsh Ethel   first name unknown
REDLICH Yakov Lipa   Sender Perl Roza Reizl  
REDLICH Reizl   Menachem Meir Gitl Yakov Lipa  
REDLICH Yehudit REDLICH Yakov Lipa Roza Reizl   with 2 children
REDLICH Chaia   Yakov Lipa Roza Reizl    
REDLICH Perl   Yakov Lipa Roza Reizl    
REDLICH Yehoshua   Yakov Lipa Roza Reizl    


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