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Next to the mass grave

Translated by Sara Mages

Stone of Remembrance next to the road leading to the mass grave in New Rafalovak

“Stop comrade! In 1942, 2,500 Soviet citizens were exterminated here by the Germans - the fascists and the bourgeois Ukrainian - the nationalists.”

“2,500 Soviet citizens were exterminated here…”

It is not mentioned that these were Jews from Rafalovka and the surrounding area.

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Next to the Stone of Remembrance : Grisha Shirman, Pima Leshetz, Grisha Leshetz, Sonya Bril, Dora Schneider, Shmuel Motznik, Leibel Schneider, Moshe Schneider, Valia Bril, Yehudit Motznik, the two daughters of Moshe Schneider, 1989.

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The dirt road to the mass grave


On the dirt road to the mass grave. The first, Rivka Avira née Grober, 1990

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One of the pits in the mass grave

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Kaddish - Leibel Schneider and Grisha Shirman


Candles and flowers on the mass grave, 1990

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Candles and flowers on the mass grave - Ada Seidelman, 1990


Candles and flowers on the mass grave, 1990

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She lit candles in memory of the murdered - Penina Shavit, 1992


Next to the fence of the mass grave - Tmira Pinczuk, 1990

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Next to the mass grave - Rachel Fliegelman, Chaya Meshulam, Leah Pinczuk, Avraham Aronson


Kaddish - Yoske Weismann says Kaddish. Next to him his wife and Hannah Wigderowitsch, 1990

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Next to the mass grave - the people of Rafalovka, 1990


Candles and flowers on the mass grave - Arye Pinczuk, Leah Pinczuk, Malka Lederman, Tmira Pinczuk. Some distance away - Rivka Avira (Grober), 1990

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Stone of Remembrance
for the Jews of Czartorysk,
next to the mass grave in Czartorysk

“Here were buried 360 Soviet citizens,
who were shot by the fascists in 1942.”

The 360 murdered - are Jews from Czartorysk Ghetto
And among them 60 Jews from Rafalovka Ghetto, who worked on the
construction of the bridge over the Styr River near the Polonov River.


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