The Addresses of our Townsmen here and abroad

Addresses of the People of Radomysl Wielki
after the Holocaust

BALSAM, ESTER 2727 Ocean Parkway, Apt.E., Bklyn.35, NY
BALSAM, ESTER 1504 Longfellow Ave., Bronx 60, NY
BANKER, CHAIM J. 1884 – 48th St., Bklyn., NY 11204.
BERNE, M. GUSTAVE Beech, Great Neck, NY
BERNKNOPF, ARTUR 335 Broadway, New York, NY
BERNKNOPF, NACHUM M.F.G. Furriers, 350 7th Ave., New York, NY
BETHEIL, BENJAMIN 2528 West 21 St., Bklyn.24, NY
BIRNBAUM, ANSHEL 20 – 22 Seagirt Blvd, Far Rockaway, NY 11691
BIRNBAUM, MORRIS 2205 E. 28 St. Bklyn.29, NY
BISGAIER, ABRAHAM E. 42,New York, 60, NY
BISGAIER, ABRAHAM 1591 Bruckner Blvd., Bronx, NY
BISGAIER, ABRAHAM 125 Canal St., New York, NY
BISGAIER, DAVID Hotel Lancaster 38 St., NY
BISGAIER, BERNARD 321 W. 78 St., New York, NY
BISGAIER, HOWARD 147 79 th St., New York, NY
BISGAIER, GES 277, Broadway Jwyr. New York, NY
BISGAIER, JEAN 590 West End Ave., New York, NY
BISGAIER, JESSEN C.P.A. 175 5th Ave., New York, NY
BISGAIER, GRAEF Mil. Langhin Inc., 20 Vesey St., New York
BISGAIER, PETER 175 W. 79 th St., New York, NY
BLITZ, S. 47– 56 St., Woodside L.I., NY
BLUMNER, HENRY 70 – 13 175 St. Flushing, NY 11365
BRAND, IGNATZ 71– 35 171 St., Flushing, NY 11365
BRAND, ISRAEL 1253 Mighan Ave., New York, NY
BRAND, JACK 84-50 Austin St., New Gardens, NY
BRAND, RUBIN 1568 – 53rd St., Bklyn., NY 11219
BRODER, ANNA 98 – 91 Queens Blvd. Forest Hills, NY 11375
MAYER, MORRIS (BUCKSBAUM) 640 St. Washington Ave., New York, NY 1004
DEMBITZER, LESER 420 E. 21st St., Bklyn., NY
DENN, PINKUS 235 East 31 St., Paterson, NY
DEITSH, BIKEL 912 E 14th St Bklyn., 30, NY
DIENSTAG, B. 108 – 29 67th Ave., Forest Hills. NY
DIENSTAG, MARCUS 183 – 64th Ave., Flushing, NY
DIENSTAG, MOSHE 185 – 15 73rd Ave., Flushing, NY
EISENBERG, JAKOB 234 Rodney St., Bklyn., NY 11211
EISIG, NACHMAN 1021 Montgomery St., Bklyn., N Y.
FEDER, LEIBISH 982 E 14 St., Bklyn., NY
FEDER, MOSHE 25 Legion St., Bklyn., NY
FEDER, ABRAHAM 288 Delancey St., New York. NY
FLOMENHAFT, R 1159 Brighton Beach Ave., Bklyn., NY
FREILICH 500 Grand St., New York, NY
FREILICH, ITZCHAK 31 – 33 87th St., Jackson Heights. NY
FRIED, PHILIP, SAMUEL, ISRAEL and LEON 912 East 14th St., Bklyn., 30, NY
FRIEDENREICH, PH. 95 Lenox Rd., Bklyn., 26 NY
GELDZAHLER, J. 10471 210 W 251 St., Bronx, NY
GEWIRTZ, JAKOB 61 E. 91st St., New York, NY
GOLD, NATAN 1151 Brighton Beach Ave., Bklyn., 35. N. Y
GOLDFINGER, JANKEL 149 Bailey, Hillside, NY
GLANTZMAN, REGINA 2038 Seagirt Blvd. Far Rockaway NY
GREEN, CHAIM ARON 1655 54th St., Bklyn., NY
GREEN, MICHAEL 5304 Glenwood Rd., Bklyn., NY
GREEN, M. 45 Fairfield Way, Commack, L.I., NY 11725
GREEN, NATHAN 440 Neptune Ave, Bklyn., NY
GROSS, ABRAHAM 49 Ave. D., New York, NY
HALPERN, REBECA 7 Woodryff Ave., Bklyn., NY 11226
HANFT, M. 711 New Jersey Ave., Bklyn. 7, NY
HERSCHLAG, ABISH 1570 – 52nd St., Bklyn., NY
HERSCHLAG, SHULIM 1358 47th St., Bklyn., NY
HIRSCH, LOUIS 2030 E 26 St., Bklyn., NY
HOLANDER, MINA 601 Brightwater St., Bklyn., NY
ICELAND, BEN 46 Hillcrest Blvd, Warren, NY 07060.
ICELAND, OSCAR 1127 Magnolia Rd., Teaneck, NJ
ICELAND, WILLIAM 11711 Reagan St., Los Alamitos, CA
ICELAND, MANY 517 Riverdale Ave., Yonkers NY
ISLER, HERMAN 4815 15th Ave., Bklyn., NY
KAUFMAN, CH. 2 W. 46 St., New York, NY
KATZ, B. 461 E. 41 St. Patterson NY Dens 15 N Y.
KATZ, E. 865 West End Ave., New York, NY
KATZ, LOUIS 741 East 6th St. New York, 9 NY
KLEIN, HERSHEL 302 Ave.F, Bklyn., NY
KLEIN, J. 235 W 76th St., New York, NY
KLEIN, J. 174 W 76th St. New York, NY
KLEIN, LEON 2765 W. 5th St., Brooklyn. N. Y
KLEIN, ROSE 599 E 53rd St., Bklyn., NY
KOHEN,JACK Roosevelt Blvd., Vineland NJ
KRAMER, MOTEL 1535 Ocean Parkway, Bklyn., N Y
KURTZ, DAWID 110-21-63rd Rd., Forest Hills, NY
KURTZ, PINKAS 2064 Ocean Parkway, Bklyn., NY
KURZ, DAVID 110 – 21– 63rd Rd., Forest Hills, NY
LAMPEL, ABRAHAM 97 First Ave., New York, NY
LAUBER, LILIAN 435 Neptune Ave., Bklyn., NY 11224
LAUFER, SIMON [1] 7138 171st St., Flushing, NY 11365
LEVINE, MARTHA 491 Riverdale Ave., Yonkers, NY
LEVIS, ESTHER 213 4th Ave., Bradley Beach, NJ
LEWY, BENJAMIN 1580 First Ave., New York, 28, NY
LIFSCHUTZ, REGINA 185 West 66th St. New York, NY
MECHLOWITZ, D. 77 Ridge St., Bklyn., NY
MECHLOWITZ, IRWING 125 East 168th St. Bronx 51, NY
MILLER, ABE 1502 42 St., Bklyn., 19 NY
MILLER, J. 763 Parkway. Bklyn., NY 11230
MELNIK, B. 213 4th Ave., Bradley Beach, NJ
NUSSEN, LESER 301 E. 23rd St., Bklyn., NY
PINTER LEO 83 – 40 Austin St., Kew Gardens, NY
PISTRONG, J. 3917 3rd Ave., Bronx, NY
PISTRONG, HARRY 1742 Drexel Ave., Miami Beach,FL
REICHMAN, CHAIM 1435 52nd St. Bklyn., NY 11219.
REICHMAN, MEILICH 1603 56th St., Bklyn., 11210, NY
REINER, RABBI 10 Keefe Ave., Holyoke, Mass.
RICK, A. Hester St. New York, 2 NY
RIMLER, (SINGER) SALA 327 Alpine Ave., Chula Vista, San Diego, CA
SALZ, DAVID 3053 Brighton 14th St., Bklyn., NY
SALTZ, ESTHER 568 Grand St., New York, NY
SALZ, SAM Art. Dealer 7 – E. 76th St., New York NY
SILBERMAN, BERL 229 W. 109th St., New York, N Y.
SINGER, 0. 150 Bentan St., New York, NY
SCHLANGER, BEN 1460 College Ave., Bronx, NY
SCHWARZ, ARON 179 Grove St., North Plainfield, NJ
STANLEY,EDUARD M. 987 5th Ave., NY
SCHWARTZ, HERSHEL 54 – 49 Ellwell Crescent, Rego Park 74, NY
SCHWARZ, JACK 559 Churchill Rd. Teaneck, NY
SUSSKIND, NATHAN 500 Brightwater St. Bklyn., NY
SPATZ, PHILIP 706 Lefferts Ave, Bklyn., NY
SREIM, MAJER Select Cap. Corp, 736 Broadway, New York, NY 10003.
TAFFIT, (BIRNBAUM) PINKAS 635 W. 174th St., New York, NY
TORN, MAX Hester St., 46, Delancey, New York, NY
TROMPETER, MAX 334 Washington Ave., Pulaski, VA
VOGELFANG, ABRAHAM 2727 Ocean Parkway Apt. E17, Bklyn., 53, NY
WASSERMAN MOSHE 384 S 5th St., Bklyn., NY 11211.
WASSERMAN C.P.A. 551 5th Ave., New York, NY
WASSERMAN 8200 Hudson Blvd. North Bergen, NY
WASSERSTROM, J. 630 Fifth Ave., New York 20, NY
FLUHR, S. Ecuador 906 P – 3 Dep 8, Buenos Aires
GRUN, E. Tamborini 3099, Buenos Aires
GRUNZWEIG, BILLING Hurst 664, Buenos Aires
LAUFBAHN, J. Ave. Honorio Puyrre Don 1805,9 Buenos Aires
PADAVER, LEIBISH Buenos Aires, Gral O'HIggins 1776 F. N. G. R REL
REINDEL, MOSHE Avenida Pueyrre Don 854, Buenos Aires
TAFEL, JOCHANAN Caaguazy 1343, Lanus, Argentina
BALSAM, NATAN Rua da Graca 206, Sau Paulo
MAUER, H. Rua Francisco Torres 119, Curtiba Parana
STERNSCHUS, S. Rua Jose Pulino 524
HIRCHMAN – GROSS J. Quientin Molsyler ley 32, Anvers
LANGSAM, P. Van Lerius St. 19 Anvers
LEISER, MIRIAM 69 Belgielei Anvers
SCHMIDT EFRAIM 17 Rue Belgielei, Anvers
DENNEIR, J. Rue du Temple Salvi Mour, Paris
EISLAND, CHARLES 17 Rue Des Amandiers, Paris 20e
EISLAND, SABINA 125 Rue de France, Nice, France
GBABARZ, R. 98 Rue Montrieul Paris XI
GRUNBAUM, DAWID 43 Rue Romain Rolland Les Lilas (Seine) Paris
GROSS, J. 6 Rue Kronstadt, Nice A. M.
KELLER, C. 20 Rue Paul Bert Paris XI, C. 5
LEWY, CHAJA 15 Rue Lakanal, Paris 15e, France
RUBIN, ELLA 46 Bd Richard Lenoir, Paris XI
RICK, SALI 33 bis. Rue De Paris, Lille, Nord
SCHACHTER, BENJAMIN 9 Rue Euzne Varlin Paris X
SPANGELET, ROMAN 43 R. R. Rolland, 93 Les Lilas, France
TUGENDHAFT, WILLY MALI 21, Ave.e General Estienne, 06 – NICE, France
WEINTRAUB, S. 15, Rue Conservatoire, Paris IX
SILBERMAN, PINKAS 17 Rue des Fontaines du Temple, Paris 3
DEMBITZER M. Bayernstr., 31, Saarbrücken, 66
KLEIN, M. Milano, Via Saldini 4
FOGEL, G. 5150 Prince of Wales, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
GOLEFINGER,CHASKEL and RIFKA 21 Christine Cr. Willowdale, Toronto, Ont. ,Canada
GOLDMANN, SARAH 530 Dorais St., St Laurent, Quebec, Canada
MALTZ, LOUIS 2109 Bonin St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada
SUSS, MARCUS 5809 DAvies Ave, Cote St. Luc, Montreal, Canada
SUSS, HERSCHEL 2255 Lafortune St., St. Laurent, Montreal Canada


ALTMAN, A. 856 Oriental Ave., Mamaronek 10543, NY
AMSTERDAM, R. 315 Ave. F, Bklyn., 18, NY
APRIL, A. 1982 Walton Ave., Bklyn., NY
BAYER, HELEN Gan - Hil 100 Aarover Pl., Bronx, 60 NY
BEREL, MORRIS 36 E. 56 St., Bronx, NY
BERGER, HELEN 8221 Crespi Blvd., Miami Beach, FL
BISGAIER, ABE 10 West 47th St., New York, NY
BLUM, M. 630 Clay Ave., Scranton, Pa.
DERSCH, IRVING 68 Georgia Ave., Long Beach, L.I., NY
DERSCHOVITZ, P. 2928 W. 5th St., Apt 2, Bklyn., NY
DERSCHOVITZ, AL. 2118 E. 21 St., Bklyn., NY
FALIK, I. 1534 Selvyn Ave., Bklyn., NY
FENICHEL, MIRIAM 679 Montgomery St., Bklyn., 13, NY
FEUER, LEO 2520 Beach Channel Dr Far Rockaway, NY
FELER, SOL 416 Ocean Ave., Bklyn., 26 N Y
MESSING, SAM 117 – 27 231th St. Cambria Hts., L.I. NY
SCHACHNER, ROSA 1574 56th St., Bklyn., 19 NY
SCHIFFENBAUER, BERDIE 384 Kingston Ave., Bklyn., 25 NY
SCHRAUB, BENO 2650 Park Ave., Detroit, MI 48201
SCHRAUB, DAVID 353 Atkins Ave., Detroit, MI
SCHRAUB, ISRAEL 2301 Ocean Ave., Bklyn, 29 NY
WADLER, NATHAN c/o Wadler Hotel,och Scheldrake, NY
WEG, EDITH 84 E. 39th St., Bklyn., 3 NY L
BAYER, M. 20 bis Rue Voltaire Lille, France
DERSOT, U. 21– 23 Rue Leon Frot, Paris XI
GRUN, NATALIO Sadurni 9, Barcelona, Spain
MENDELSOHN, EVA Conseto de Ciento 245 bis 2 Barcelona

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Footnote :

  1. Mr. Laufer is not from Radomishle, but he is a neighbor of Mr. J. Brand who donated in favor our "Yizkor Book". Return

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