Memorial Book of the Community of Racionz
(Raciąż, Poland)

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Translation of
Galed le-kehilat Raciaz

Editor: E. Tsoref

Tel Aviv 1965

Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
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This is a translation of: Galed le-kehilat Raciaz (Memorial book of the community of Racionz),
Published by Former Residents of Raciaz, Tel Aviv 1965 (H,Y, E 493 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Raciaz

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Hebrew Section
Introduction 2
The history of the Jews of Raciaz (1736–1888) Shlomo Grinspan 17
How the zealots fought the “Haskalah” in Raciaz Ish Chail 19
The Zvolin [Zwoleń] Hasidut R' Zvi Zemach 22
Raciaz my town Elazar Mor 24
The beginnings of Raciaz Avraham Yosef Kleiner 38
In the old Bet Hamidrash Shraga Yosef Ostro 45
The Bet Hamidrash fire Esther Gutman 48
The old Bet Hamidrash fire Efraim Goldberg 50
The cultural activity in town Michael Avukay 58
Raciaz during the First World War Esther Shrenski 67
My town Galila Arkevitch 72
The youth in our town Miriam Buch 75
The Jewish children in the Polish school Chana Orzhan 81
The “Hatzfira” newspaper at the Zionist meetings 84
The Raciaz of old Moshe Moskovitch 86
My family and my teachers Yechezkel Bet-Halachmi 91
Yechezkel Rachel Bet-Halachmi 103
With my dear father Esther Yitzhar 107
My grandfather Tirtza 110
The first among the first Efraim Tzoref 112
This is the history of the “community goat” Yosef Chaim Lask 114
The Association of Raciaz Former Residents Michael Avukay 122
R'Yeshayahu Kamin z”l Chana Kamin 124
My father R'Yeshayahu Kamin Moshe Avni 127
My father z”l Shraga Yosef Ostro 131
The Balfour Declaration in Raciaz Mordechai Porat 133
Organizations in Raciaz Shmuel Dubinski 138
The false charge Yitzhak Buch 143
The Hebrew School Miriam Buch 145
My uncle R'Hirsh Gedalia Kolmirezh Efraim Z. 146
The Poalei Zion Orchestra Zvi Kenster 149
A monument to the martyrs, my relatives Efraim Zoref 150
R'Yitzhak Mordechai Zlotnik z”l A. Y. Altus 160
Mordechai Goldberg Zev Weinstock 161
My grandfather Rabbi Dan Yosef Kirstein 169
Rabbi Dan the Melamed [teacher] Yosef Aharoni 171
My father the community helper and my mother the generous Sara Weinstock 172
My father z”l Rachel Kopolis 173
My origins Esther Gutman 177
The Hiller Home Gedalia Moscowitz & Yitzhak Hiller 180
My father Gedalia Lask Esther Pochodny 182
My Father z”l Zvi Lask 186
Our Home Esther Broida (Lampkovitz) 187
My Parents Efraim Goldberg 191
R'Mendel Granat Yosef Ramon 193
Yechiel Eliezer Burstein z”l Nathan Ben Menachem 196
His song Yosef Ramon 197
Reuven Tzinamon z”l Ahuva Tenenboim 199
The tragic death of my grandfather and grandmother A. Y. Altus 200
Memories S. Zhelinevski 202
Moshe Oved-Gur Efraim Z. 203
The Horrors of the Holocaust
The Nazi invasion of Raciaz A. Y. Altus 213
The life in Raciaz was silenced Chaim Fogel 219
The Nazi invasion of Raciaz Golda & Pesach Moscovitch 240
In the Ponyhovsk camp Pages about Plonsk from the Ringelblum Archives 242
On the verge of ruin Chaim Fogel 245
After the deportation Breina Kenster 249
In our desolate and orphaned home Zvi Kenster 256
Folklore in Raciaz
My grandfather R'Yosef Hirsch S. Weinstock 263
The Litwak cantor Elchanan Rachum 264
The great dispute Avraham Yosef Kleiner 265
Supplement to the above story S. Y. Ostro 266
The maxims of R'Mendel Grant A. Y. Kleiner 268
Wolf the fool Chana Klopman 274
The Sanctifiers of God's Name and of the Homeland
My son Amnon Michael Avukay 277
My brother Edna Solel (Avukay) 281
His life's song came to a sudden end Ch. Lamdan 282
Purity and completeness Ben Artzi 283
Amos Tzoref z”l Efraim Avi-Amos 285
A commander-educator Yechezkel Kaspi 290
Praise to sorrow Efraim Tzoref 292
Yiddish Section
Foreword 299
The years before Auschwitz Yakov Grinspan 303
In the town that I was born Elazar Mor 319
In my parents' home Rachel Kopolis 327
My mother's generosity Sara Weinstock 333
The fire in the Bet Hamidrash Ester Gutman 337
Anti-Semitism in Raciaz Esther Shrenski 339
The Balfour declaration in Raciaz Mordechai Porat 341
The false charge Yitzhak Buch 334
The Nazi invasion in Raciaz A. Y. Altus 347
My friend Leibl Grinspan Moshe Schulman 354
In the death-camp Auschwitz Chana Rachionska 359
Those who were saved in Pawiak Y. Shmulevitch 364
The Association of Raciaz Former Residents in Israel Michael Avukay 379
* * *
They shall shine with the briliance of Heaven..... 385
Isser Tzemach z”l Efraim Tzoref 387
At home Chana Klopman Karsch 389
Yehoshua Bet-Halachmi z”l Esther 390
Michael-Chaim Kenster z”l Moshe Kenster 391
The Rosenstein family z”l 393
Zvi Pocodny z”l Esther Pochodny 394
The Narzhemsky family 395
Avraham-Moshe Navra 396
Sara Feige Navra and her children 397
Chana Moscovitch-Pedro 398
Zisa and Henia Vogel z”l 399
The Shmulevich family 400
Mendel Kahana and his family 401
Neche Tzemach Kravetzki z”l; Yitzhak Altus and his wife 402
Bella and Yehudit Eibschitz; Shaye Birnboim and his wife 403
The Lassman family 404
Meir Birenboim; Hersch Wolf Ratzonski 405
Luzer Finkelstein; Dr. Avraham Klopman z”l 406
Shmuel Eliya Margoles and his wife 407
Asher Byalostotzki 408
The David and Rivka Goldstein family 410
Shaul Korbe and his wife 411
Miriam Dvora Schwarz and her son; Moshe Halberstat 412
R'Moshe Mordechai Byalostotzki and his wife 413
Yechezkel Dovroshklenko z”l; Naftali Weinstock z”l 414
Leib Zelig Zhebitzki and his wife 415
R'Yosef Leib and Rivka Pochodny z”l Michael Avukay 416
R'Yosef Zvi and Tzipora Klopman z”l 418
R'Yitzhak and Meche'le Kashtchenovski z”l 419
Dov ben R'Dan Kirstein z”l 421
Zvi Boda and his mother Chaia 422
List of Raciąż Jews Killed in the Holocaust 423
English Section
Gal-ed: Selected chapters
Introduction 3
The town where I was born E. Mor 7
Pilgrimage to the graves of my fathers Rachel Beth-Zion Lask-Abrahams 17
The Balfour Declaration M. Porat 25
The Bet Hamidrash fire Esther Guttman 26
Tha false charge Y. Buch 29
My parents' household R. Kopolis (Zemelman) 31
The Nazi invasion A.Y. Altus 35
M. Avukay (Pochodny) 43
The Racionz Society in Israel 52


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