Przedborz Memorial Book:
33 Years Since the
Destruction of the Jewish Community

(Przedborz, Poland)

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Translation of
Przedborz – 33 shanim le-hurbana

Edited by: Shimon Kanc

Published in Tel Aviv, 1977



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Our sincere appreciation to Genia Hollander
for typing up the English text to facilitate its addition to this project.

Michael J. Meshenberg


This is a translation from: Przedborz – 33 shanim le-hurbana;
Przedborz Memorial Book: 33 Years Since the Destruction of the Jewish Community;
Editor: Shimon Kanc, Tel Aviv, 1977, Przedborz Societies in Israel and America, 632 pages, H, Y, E.

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Przedborz (1977)

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

“And you shall relate to your son” The Book Committee 6
Map of the town M. Tzachi 8-9
On the threshold Shimon Kanz 16
The History of the Town
The History of the Town Shimon Kanz 27
Louder than the sound of the archers (Judges 5:11) Feder, Tuvia Guttman 39
The beginning A. M. Maher 41
Admorim, Rabbis and Hasidim
Majestic personalities Shimon Kanz 51
R'Efraim'l Moshe Tzachi 72
R'Efraim'l the miracle worker Menashe Ungar 83
R'Yeshaye'le Przedborzer Y. Opatoshu 89
Our Town, at the Height of its Glory
The superb synagogue Nechemia Deutchman 95
Cantors, Kidush Hashem, rabbinic dynasties, the song of my town [Y] Nechemia Deutchman 106
The Rabbi's house Chaim Opatowski 117
The shtibel [hasidic synagogue] of the Alexander Hasidim Chaim Opatowski 119
The shtiblech of the Radomsk, Gur and Breslav Hasidim Moshe Tzachi 126
In the shadow of the generations Aba Manilewitz 129
The home of my father-in-law; R'Pinchas the genius; The sunken world Moshe Tzachi 137
Burning embers Shimon Tarnowski 150
Parties and Organizations
The Zionist movement and its institutions Avraham Greenblatt 157
“The Young Mizrahi” Chaim Opatowski & Avraham Greenblatt 161
The first entrepeneurs Meir Gentzerski 167
Po'alei Agudat Israel Menashe Hornstein 173
Measuring up to great ideals [Y] Israel Yakobowitz 175
Sparks Yechezkel Weinman 188
The first sprouts [Y] Sam Lefkowitz 195
Life and Figures
The days of the First World War Moshe Deutchman 201
The market place and the desolated house Meir Gentzerski 206
My home Avraham Gruenblatt 209
Przedborz my homeland Hilel Penski 214
Between the two World Wars [Y] Mordechai Orenstein 218
On the roads of yesterday [Y] Tzirke Orenstein 237
A wedding in Przedborz [Y] Sarah Hammer-Jackeline 245
Avraham Weinman [H & Y] Israel Yakobowitz 253
Sabbath days and Holidays [Y] Malka Alfischer-Wishinski 269
Hospitality Mordechai Orenstein 303
The family [Y] Rachel Stern-Hershlikowitz 308
The family [Y] Chaia Kshentowski 310
This was the way they lived [Y[ Avraham Kolberg 312
Love of the Jewish people Aharon Katz 316
The Community Council and its activity Nechemia Deutschman 318
My pupils at the Bet Ya'akov School Sarah Wieser-Baum 324
The Hasidic actresses [Y] Elisheva Tzachi-Zuker 327
Hilel “little beard” - a king for one day M. Tzachi 334
Yiddishkeit [Judaism, Jewish life] Chaia Liesband-Katz 344
Memories from long ago [Y] Yechezkel Weinman 346
My Jewish home [Y] Hadassa Kopel 351
Our town [Y] Sal Rishpan 357
My home [Y] Brania Dawner Kesselman 359
Przedborzer Jews [Y] Mendel Gershonowitz 361
From Przedborz to Jerusalem [Y] Yechezkel Ef'al 377
Itche Wagman K. Shimoni 380
My home Avraham Rubin 382
My parents' house went up in flames Yechezkel Zuker 384
Przedborz, a town near the lake and forest [Y] Fala Posen 386
My mother's picture [Y] Jack Kaufman 390
Przedborz Ania Dikman, Fala & Zenek Alexandrowitz 394
An oath of generations [Y] Fala Posen 398
Longing [Y] Yakov-Kopel Kaufman 399
Destruction and extinction
Under the bloody rule Aba Manilewitz 407
The first horrible days [Y] Mordechai Ohrstein 409
Struggling for life [Y] Israel Yakobowitz 412
We should not foeget [Y] Baruch Goldberg 429
In the first concentration camp [Y] Chaim Gershonowitz 435
Beny (poem) [Y] Chaim Gershonowitz 445
During the dark years [Y] Chaia Dickman-Yakobowitz 446
The end [Y] Tzerke Ohrstein 452
The Saga of Heroism
From Przedborz to Benei Berak [Y] Chaim Opatovski 457
The battle on the Dnieper [Y] Mordechai Ohrstein 466
The attack [Y] Yitzhak Silbershatz 473
In the fire [Y] Leibish Luft 475
In the battle - toward Berlin [Y] Yechezkel Ef'al 478
Fallen in the battle [Y] Mordechai Ohrstein 484
Our heroes [Y] Gershon Fesselsohn 490
Back to the ruined home [Y] Yitzhak Silbershatz 491
Af the end of it all [Y] Chaia Dikerman 493
After the storm [Y] Tzerke Ohrstein 495
On the parents' grave in Treblinka [Y] Simcha Kolberg 496
The earth soaked in Jewish blood [Y] Leibish Luft 498
The vanished Jewish life [Y] Mordechai Ohrstein 500
Farewell [Y] Gershon Fesselsohn 505
In Przedborz today [Y] Y. Stelka 509
The last rabbi in Widoma Imanuel Ber 513
From enslavement to deliverance M. Tzachi 515
List of Martyrs (Necrology)   519
Przedborz Encyclopaedia Judaica 3
The Synagogue and the Shtibels   4
The Rabbis of Przedborz   11
Rabbi Efroim'l – Miracle Man of Przedborg Menashe Unger 20
The Jews of Przedborz Mendl Gershonovitz 25
My Jewish Home Hadassa Kopel 39
My Home Bronia Davner-Kesselman 45
A King for One Day Moshe Tsahi 47
Memories Malke Fridman-Mashlak 53
My Home Gussie Emansky 59
The Parting Gershon Pesslson 61
In the first concentration camp on Polish soil Haim Gershonovitz 65
The Youth of Przedborz Ya'acov-Kopel Kaufmann 74
Przedborz (Poem) Sol Ryshpan 78
Our Unforgettable Town Sol Ryshpan 79
My Shtetl Przedborz Esther Zilbermentz-Rudnicky 81
The history of the first Przedborzer Benevolent Association in America   83


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