Memorial Book of Pruszkow, Nadzin and Vicinity
(Pruszków, Poland)

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Translation of Sefer Pruszkow, Nadzin ve-ha-seviva

Edited by: David Brodsky

Published in Tel Aviv, 1967

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This is a translation from: Sefer Pruszkow, Nadzin ve-ha-seviva (Memorial book of Pruszkow, Nadzin and vicinity),
Editors: David Brodsky Tel Aviv, Former Residents of Pruszkow in Israel, 1967 (Hebrew, Yiddish, 334 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Pruszkow

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Hebrew translated by Sara Mages

Yiddish translated by Yocheved Klausner


Foreword David Brodeski 13
A. The First Days
Pages of history [Y] Menasche Opozdower 17
Pages from the history of the community Menasche Opozdower 57
The first ones Israel Avni 64
The first days David Friedman 66
Memories from Pruszkow Mordechai Machtei 69
B. Between the two World Wars
The craftsmen's organization Mordechai Silberberg 77
The craftsmen's organization Shmuel Frucht 79
The drama club Reuven Postolski 81
Jewish sports in our town Yakov Silberberg 88
The “Betar” organization in Pruszkow Eliezer Lina 92
Memories and Life Experiences [Y] Ben-Zion Scharfmesser 94
In the “Hakhshara”[1] in Pruszkow Dvora Lipkind-Fuss 98
Memories Mordechai Silberberg 99
Memories from my parents' home Elhanan Jeremias 105
My father the Rabbi Yosef Levenberg 108
From my father's home Menasche Opozdower 114
A bundle of memories Ester Jeremias 119
In place of a photo Yehiel Gelberd 120
Boleslava Prusa St. No. 3 Elhanan Jeremias 121
The image of the teacher Fishel Silberberg 125
The Teacher and Friend [Y] Hershel Feldman 127
From the teacher's letters Avraham Kozebrocki 131
The picture that disappeared Yehiel Gelberd 140
The “Days of Awe” [Rosh Hashana and Yom Kipur] [Y] Menasche Opozdower 142
The synagogues neighborhood [lit. “The synagogues Yard”] [Y] Reuven Postolski 146
Lag Baomer in Pruszkow [Y] Shaul Karczewer 155
The Butchers of Pruszkow [Y] Shaul Karczewer 159
In Surken's Milk Booth [Y] Shaul Karczewer 171
Yakov Wilner [Y] Reuven Postolski 175
Avraham “Chiliak” [Y] Reuven Postolski 177
Berel Dochnitzer [Y] Reuven Postolski 181
Yosef Weiss “The Truth-seeker” [Y] Reuven Postolski 186
My Little Town Nadazhin [Y] Yosef Jeremias 191
On the road to the homeland Moshe Silberberg 194
In “Aliya Bet”[2] Yafa and Zalman Gafni 197
C. During the days of Destruction and Holocaust
The deportation of Pruszkow [Y] The Ringelblum_Archives 201
The Flames of the Ghetto [Y] Frucht - Zucker 206
From the diary of a Halutza [a pioneer woman] Chana Gelberd 213
About three heroes Meir Aharoni 223
The meeting of Pruszkow's former residents Tzvia Lubatkin 225
Zechariah Artstein   226
Lunka (Leah) Kozebrocka   228
The communication and the activities of the liaison women Tzvia Lubatkin 231
Shlomek (Shlomo] Shuster   234
Orphanhood in Foreign Lands Meir Reichert 235
Memories from the days of occupation Leib Tug 240
The will to live Avraham Zucker 246
During the days of destruction Moshe Liach 250
Memories from the days of the Holocaust Hela Shuster 252
From the Holocaust period Feige Liach 255
During the days of war Rachel Birnbaum-Jas 256
During the days of the Holocaust Moshe Jas 258
From the memories of a man from Nadzin Moshe Zichelinski 259
In the Time of Destruction [Y] Shlomo Roizman 262
During the days of the Holocaust in France Regina Kifkovich 265
At home and in foreign lands Regina Shubzak 267
A soldier returns to town Shaul Kretchber 269
With the “Brigade” in Europe Sara Artstein 272
From Shalom's letters Shalom Freidson 273
A letter from the Diaspora Sara Finkelstein 276
A House on “Kotchushki” [Y] Reuven Postolski 277
To my friends from Pruszkow [Y] Reuven Postolski 279
In memory of the three Fishel Silberberg 280
The changing of the guards Moshe Avni 282
In memory of the young men who acted and fell Elhanan Jeremias 284
Shlomo Zichlinski – In his memory   286
A Protest [Y] Shaul Ben Moshe 287
D. In their memory   289
Necrology   321
E. Supplements   329
Jewish farmers M. Aharoni 331
Memories Yitzchak Greenshpon 332
The “mother” of Pruszkow's immigrants A.Y. 333

  1. Hakhshara - preparation in Hebrew, refers to agricultural kibbutzim where Zionist youth would learn technical skills necessary for their immigration to Israel. Return
  2. Aliya Bet is the Hebrew term that refers to the clandestine immigration of Jews to Palestine between 1920 and 1948, when Great Britain controlled the area. Return


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