A Tale of One City:
Piotrkow Trybunalski


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Edited by Ben Giladi

Published in New York, 1991



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A Tale of One City, ed. Ben Giladi, Shengold Publishers, in cooperation with
the Piotrkow Trybunalski Relief, Association, New York, 1991 (E; 494 pages)

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Front cover

Cover Design by Ben Giladi
From the creations of Abraham Tarko-Tarkowski
(the center of the synagogue ceiling)
and the late Abraham Naparstek (the gate) — two artists of Piotrkow.

Table of Contents

[Publisher's Introduction Front dust jacket]
[About Ben Giladi Back dust jacket]
[Invocations from Lamentations and Dickens 5]
[Over the Roofs of Piotrkow 6]
Acknowledgements Ben Giladi 10
Introduction Ben Giladi 11
Preface Naphtali Lau-Lavie 13
When a City is Destroyed The Editorial Board 14
Once There Was A Town Elazar Prashker 21
Chronology of Events in History of the Jews of Piotrkow [Yizkor Book] 30
The Golden Thread   51
Introductory Words Rabbi Israel Meir Lau 53
The Last Chapter Jacob Birnbaum 54
The Martyrdom of M. Calahora New Bulletin 61
Notable Personalities Compiled by Lorraine Justman-Wisnicki 63
    The Sages
Rabbinical Portraits [Yizkor Book] 66
Rabbi Menachem David Temkin [Yizkor Book] 70
    The Great Teachers
Rabbi Yehuda Meir Shapira [Yizkor Book] 73
Rabbi Moshe Hayim Lau [Yizkor Book] 76
Moshe Feinkind [Yizkor Book] 79
Pinchas Bar-On [Yizkor Book] 82
Yakov Berliner [Yizkor Book] 87
Abraham Reuven Pinkusewicz Ben Giladi (New Bulletin) 89
    Houses of Worship
The Great Synagogue [Yizkor Book] 92
The Various Chassidic Synagogues Yakov Maltz, Shimshon Maimon [Yizkor Book] 98
Organizations and Movements [Yizkor Book] 106
The Hebrew High School Yakov Maltz [Yizkor Book] 115
The Vocational School ORT [Yizkor Book] 120
Literary-Artistic Activity Motl Mordecai Lenchintzky, Shmuel Eliyahu Zygelman [Yizkor Book] 123
Jewish Publishing Establishments Yeshayahu Podlowski [Yizkor Book] 129
    “Fun der Alter Heim”
A Stroll Through Our Piotrkow Elazar Prashker (Heidim) 134
Conjunctions In the Past Tense Ben Giladi (New Bulletin) 146
Peretz Street* Maria Migus [Yizkor Book] 149
City Stereotypes Yakov Leber (New Bulletin) 151
A Letter from Ben-Gurion Elazar Prashker (Heidim) 153
Leopold Lewin Leopold Lewin 156
The Track of the Storm   159
The Seven Fires of Hell Naphtali Lau-Lavie 161
The Beginning Ben Giladi (New Bulletin) 197
First Victims Rina Irmay (Renia Zaks) [Yizkor Book] 200
The First Transport to the Labor Camps David Perach (Blum) [Yizkor Book] 202
The Unforgotten Ben Giladi (New Bulletin) 204
Piotrkower Chalutzim During the War Jerry Weglishewski-Bengall (New Bulletin) 208
The Last Stage Meyer Zar (Zarnowiecki) [Yizkor Book] 211
The Cheerful Baker [Yizkor Book] 214
The Bunker of Farna Roman Mogilanski 218
From the Bunker to the Synagogue Meir Horowitz [Yizkor Book] 221
Massacre of Children Dr. Shulamit Morgenstern [Yizkor Book] 222
Vicinity-Deportation from Gorzkowice Lorraine Justman-Wisnicki 223
What I Saw in Treblinka Dudek Lewkowicz [Yizkor Book] 227
The Purim Massacre in Piotrkow Dr. Michael Lubliner (New Bulletin) 237
My Parents Irving Cymberknopf 241
The Topic of Resistance Ben Giladi 246
The Radoshitzer Rebbe Yechiel Granatstein [Yizkor Book] 251
The Long Day Ben Giladi 257
Piotrkow in Holocaust Literature Excerpt by Rabbi Shimon Huberband (New Bulletin) 260
Legacy for Grandson Leopold Lewin 266
Recalled to Life   267
Piotrkow-Ir Waeim B’Israel M. I. Bar-On [Yizkor Book] 269
Piotrkow After the War Chaim Henig 271
The Remnants Unite Chaim Samelson [Yizkor Book] 275
A Survivor’s Happiness Jerry Wenglishewski 278
In the Jewish Brigade Aryeh Sandowski (Leibek) [Yizkor Book] 284
The Past Revisited Ben Giladi 287
In Memory of Jacob Maltz Ben Giladi 289
I Believe Rabbi Israel Meir Lau (Heidim) 292
Remembrance of Things Past Ben Giladi (New Bulletin) 296
Yidele Ben Giladi (New Bulletin) 300
Straight from the Heart Ben Giladi (New Bulletin) 305
The Gathering – 1983 Alex Rosenbaum (New Bulletin) 308
The Unsung Heroes Ben Giladi (New Bulletin) 311
Report From Israel Moshe Ish-Horowitz (New Bulletin) 314
Roman Mogilanski Dr. Michael Lubliner (New Bulletin) 316
Megilat Piotrkow Shayek Pudlowski (Heidim) 319
Notes from Piotrkow Jakub Rener (New Bulletin) 321
The Destruction of the Jewish Community of Piotrkow Dr. Joseph Kermish 323
The Beginning   354
The Piotrkow Trybunalski Relief Association – A Centennial Compiled by Ben Giladi 357
The Second Generation Compiled by Ben Giladi 367
Our People in the Land of Israel Elazar Prashker 369
Across the Continents Compiled by Ben Giladi 380
From Piotrkow to London Ben Helfgott 389
New York’s Society of Piotrkow and Vicinity   394
The Jewish Nazi Victims Organization of America   395
The Last of the Coachmen Elazar Prashker (Heidim) 397
Chess – The Jewish Game in Piotrkow Elazar Prashker (Heidim) 403
The Monument   406
In the Hall of Names Shayek Pudlwoski 408
NECROLOGY (in some editions) 409-494
[Replica of the Great Synagogue (1990) Back Cover]
List of Pictures  

[Yikor Book] –  Material from the original [Yizkor Book], “Piotrkow Trybunalski ve-ha-seviva” (Piotrkow Trybunalski and vicinity),
Editors: Y. Meltz, N. (Lavy) Lau, Tel Aviv, Former Residents of Piotrkow Tryb. in Israel, 1965
(H, Y, E, 1192 cols pages).

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