Parysow; a Memorial to the
Jewish community of Parysow, Poland
(Parysów, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer Porisov

Editor: Y. Granatstein

Published in Tel Aviv 1971




This is a translation of: Sefer Porisov (Parysow; a memorial to the Jewish community of Parysow, Poland),
Editor: Y. Granatstein, Former Residents of Parysow in Israel, Published: Tel Aviv 1971 (H,Y 625 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Parysow

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


A historic photograph 1
In a few lines [H] Editor 3
In a few lines [Y] Editor 4
Historical sources on Parysow [H] 5
Historical sources on Parysow [Y] 6
Foreword [H] Zvi Kapota 9
Foreword [Y] Zvi Kapota 11
History of the Town, its Rabbis and ADMORs
Short notes about the Jewish settlement in Parysow [H] Itche Ledereich 17
Short notes about the Jewish settlement in Parysow [Y] 18
The first Jews in Parysow [Y] Meir Feinsin z”l 20
ADMORs and Rabbis in Parysow [H] Shlomo Ashkenazi 22
Two stories about R'Yakov-Zvi z”l, Parysow's rabbi [H] Yitzhak Alfasi 29
More details about the Parysow dynasty of ADMORs [H] Aharon Siegelman 30
Rebbes and Hasidim [Y] Yidel Handstock 31
The Rabbi and his religious court [Y] Avraham Osip 33
The death of the Parysow Rav, R'Yehoshua Asherl z”l [Y] * * * 35
My home [H] Arie Rabinowitz 37
R'Israel Yeshayahu Pirowitz z”l, religious leader in the community Aharon Siegelman 40
Social and Economic life, Organizations and Institutions, Events
My town Parysow [H] Aharon Siegelman 43
From the past [H] Shlomo Ashkenazi 58
The Mizrahi movement in Parysow Avraham Osip 60
Agudat Israel and Beit Yaakov in Parysow [H] Aharon Siegelman 62
The Bund organization in Parysow * * 66
The life of Chantche-Beile Halstock Yosl Bratstein 67
Livelihoods of the Parysow Jews Meir Feinsin (z”l) 83
Parysow poverty Arie Kuperboim 89
Parysow - as I have seen it Zvi Kapota 90
A day of life in town Shlomo Goldstein 98
The melamdim (Talmud Tora teachers) in town [H] Aharon Siegelman 100
The Chevra Kadisha [burial society] in the past Arie Kuperboim 108
After the First World War Meir Feinsin (z”l) 109
In the past (a bundle of memories) Aharon Siegelman 116
My grandfather R'Yosef rebels against the Czar… [H] Meir Mokovski 133
Christians murdered the Jewish owners of the local tavern Yosef Pascalinski 134
A “burial of mercy” [met mitzva] Yechiel Reichman 137
German soldiers shot Yosl Wyetrachnik's son Arie Kuperboim 138
In independent Poland [H] Aharon Siegelman 139
Religious and philantropic institutions Meir Feinsin (z”l) 145
Memories from a vanished world Avraham Osip 147
My Torah teachers (melamdim) Arie Kuperboim 150
A wedding in town Melech Pascalinski 152
The first foot-ball match in town Shlomo Borowski 154
Fish for the Sabbath meal * * * 155
My Sabbath days Shlomo Goldstein 157
The High-Holidays in our town Arie Kuperboim 159
Sukkot and Simchat-Torah Holidays Meir Feinsin (z”l) 161
The beadle of the synagogue is lighting the Chanuka Candles * * * 164
Our Synagogue Zvi Kapota 166
How I learned… Chaia Shidlovski-Borowski 168
My Shtetele Parysow Henia Karash-Shlivka 169
The “Koze” [jail] in Parysow Meir Feinsin (z”l) 171
Yakov (Betzalel) Stodolski - A Jewish poet from Parysow 171
A wedding in town Aharon Siegelman 178
Parysow - the spring of my life Yankel Byalobroda 180
Generations and Families, Personalities and Figures
R'Yitzhak Mendel Goldman - the landowner from Pshonke Aharon Landau 185
R'Avraham Shmuel Reichman - the cantor Zvi Kapota 195
Three generations of Jewish millers Meir Mokovotzki 197
Personalities and their activity [H] Aharon Siegelman 204
Families and homes Zvi Kapota 213
“Aharon's Children” - a family of many branches Naftali Beker 221
My family and my home [H] Aharon Siegelman 231
The home where I grew up Rachel Lea Mletchkowitz 236
R' Pinchas SHU"V [ritual slaughterer] Zukerman Yosl Bratstein 245
A respected Parysow family Avraham Ben Yakov Kuperboim 255
R'Nachum Blecher, the Gabay [treasurer] of two institutions Yechiel Lehrman 264
Three Parysow water carriers 269
Types and figures Zvi Kapota 273
The shamashim [beadles] in town and their families [H] Aharon Siegelman 279
My father - a revolutionary Shlomo Borowski 284
The Mangot family Yehuda Arie Mangot 285
Fathers and children Arie Kuperboim 287
Yakov Yosef Guttman and his children Aharon Siegelman 293
From Parysow to Brazil Chava Guttman-Levinson 296
My grandmother Sarah “the kozak Chaia Shidlovski-Borovski 298
Memories from the distant past Sara Gitel Kuperboim 299
Our home Tobe Silberstein 301
David Latovitzki Meir Feinsin (z”l) 302
The grim fate of a family Rachel Gladstein-Walfish 303
My family Alter Kleiman 305
A family of “Amcha” [ordinary folk] Meir Shlomo Bornstein 306
The house and the family Welvel Vampan 308
A shtetl of doctors Meir Feinsin (z”l) 309
Memories from home Esther Gutreiman-Koenig 311
My ruined home Tcharne Eichner 313
Our parents and our home Perl and Tzipora Gutfreind 314
R'Moshe Kleitman - “Moshe the tailor” Chana Kleitman-Vardi 315
The hard life of Parysow young widows Arie Kuperboim 316
My grandfather the Cantonist and our home Yitzhak Steinblat 318
A Parysow grandson on a visit to Israel Rachel Lea Mletchkowitz 320
Two figures * * * 322
I had three brothers [H] Tzipora Siegelman 323
The Holocaust: The Jewish Community Destroyed
Parysow under the bloody German rule Meir Latovitzki, Tuvia Miller 330
My mother said to me: “You shall survive, only be strong” Moshe Kleiman 344
The struggle for life Meir Latovitzki 354
My father's tears Rachel Gutreiman-Stetfeld 358
All that I went through… Devora Lukas-Gutreiman 359
Between life and death Bluma Rubinstein-Katz 362
In the burned-down Parysow Rachel Lea Mletchkowitz 365
Years of war and wandering Arie Kuperboim 368
Parysow under the bloody German rule Meir Latovitzki, Tuvia Miller 379
Over fields and forests Avraham David ben Yedidya Katz 401
From the train to Treblinka until liberation Moshe Kleiman 417
Shlomo Silberstein's tombstone 436
Simon Tzalka 439
Between life and death Bluma Katz-Rubinstein 440
My father's tears Rachel Gutreiman-Stetfeld 446
Stories and memories Aharon Landau z”l 448
The struggle for life Meir Latovitzki 455
Life hanging by a thread Avraham Gutreiman 461
Between Heaven and Earth Dvora Lukas-Gutreiman 469
My goal was: do not surrender! Glike Bornstein-Tzita 474
“And your life shall hang in doubt before you” (Deut. 28:66) Aharon Landau z”l 482
Bitter experiences during the years of war Malka Pshonkiewitz-Baski 494
Days of war Chaia Lederman 496
From Parysow to Siberia Avigdor Gutterman 497
Days of hardship Reizl Shedletzki 498
In the burned-down Parysow Rachel Lea Mletchkowitz 499
Years of war and wandering Arie Kuperboim 504
A monument for my murdered family Yosef Poskalinski 521
What happened to me during the years of war [H] Moshe Sokol 523
Back to the Jewish people Reizl Gutmorgen-Luster 524
Upon the Altar of the Homeland
Israel Gutmorgen 531
Aharon Kuperboim from Kfar Haroeh 533
In Memoriam
Moshe Kalushinski z”l 537
Meir ben Sane Feinsin z”l 538
The organization of former Parysow residents in Israel 540
The Jewish Partisans' anthem [H] 550
The Jewish Partisans' anthem [Y] 551
Names of the martyrs (Necrology) 553
Died in Israel and abroad 572
People and pictures from a world that exists no more 573
Who can forget? 598
Epilogue [H] 609
Epilogue [Y] 612
Rabbi Avreime'le from Parysow 617

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