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Members of 'Poalei Zion', 'Haoved' and 'Dror'

Members of “Poalei Zion”, “Haoved” and “Dror”

Conference of Yiddish Socialist Workers Parties -- Poalei Zion, Orheyev, 1926
Upper Row from right to left: 1. Yaakov Kulik 2. 3. Arye Balan 4. Likodrietz 5. Sima Fudman 6. Avraham Portnoy 7. Shteynshlager 8. Filarsky 9. S. Chananis 10. Buka Bozinyan
2nd Row: 1. 2. Leah Meizler 3. 4. 5. Yehoshua Zamochovsky 6. D. Kopelyuk 7. Avraham Finkelshteyn 8. Chaya Shaposhnik 9. Aharon Meizler 10. Zila Gondelman 11. Moshe Levinson
3rd Row: 1. Yitzchak Sofer 2. Miryam Portnoy 3. Yitzchak Kupertzansky 4. Yisrael Vaysman 5. Baruch Lemberg 6. David Munder 7. Sima Bozinyan 8. Chaya Portnoy 9.
4th Row: 1. Yehudit Portnoy 2. Rach 3. Shteynshlager 4. Mania Bozinyan 5. Gondelman 6. Shlomo Lechtman 7. Dushker

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Youth group, 'Poalei Zion'

Youth group, “Poalei Zion”

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Poalei Zion

Poalei Zion

Standing from right to left: 1. Sander Filarsky 2. Pinchas Erlikh 3. Chava Polinkovsky 4. Chaya Shaposhnik (Finkelshteyn) 5. Yaakov Vaynshteyn 6. Avraham Finkelshteyn 7. Moshe Fisher 8. 9. Shaike Kantor 10. Y. Yochist 11.
2nd Row: 1. Avraham Portnoy 2. 3. Sima Bozinyan 4. 5. Rachel Legerman 6. 7. Nachman Shaposhnik 8.
3rd Row: 1. Ester Filarsky 2. Aharon Filarsky 3. Gershon Shaposhnik 4. Yehudit Portnoy 5. Zecharya Olitsky 6. Rivka Kisilov 7. Tuviya Bozinyan

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