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Translated by Pamela Russ

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For those, the ones who perished
in Treblinka, who
left behind a memory – their
pictures in ashes, and found by me.

Yakov Domb

Yitzkhok Meyer, the little son of Yakov and Czipe Domb   Malka Galinski, the daughter of Asher, with her child
In memory

Of our family

Efraim Shafranker with his wife, maiden name Kronenberg
and their children, killed by the Hitler murderers in October 1942.
We will never forget them and never forgive the killers.

Soroh and Izzy

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For the holy memory
of my dear family, the holy martyrs

My father Zachariah,
and mother Reizel Karczowycz.
My sisters
Mindel, Feige, Golde, Laytche,
Yokheved, Esther, and Khana.
We will never forget you.
Your son and brother

Gershon Karczowycz, Tel Aviv

My sister, Esther Karczowycz
killed by the Nazis in her blossoming years
  My wife Dina Karczowycz (Grundwag),
and my two children Aliza and Yosef,
whose lives were cut off in their youth,
by the German executioners
Your brother
Gershon Karczowycz

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As an eternal memory

Of all the members of our family who were murdered by the Nazis
Our parents: Sender son of Leybel and Dube Papjer
Our brothers: Dovid, his wife Soroh, and their daughter Dvoire
Mendel Papjer, his wife Naomi, and their children Khaim and Esther
Matis, Moishe, and Zishe Papjer.
Our sisters: Adela Papjer, her husband Yitzkhok Arbstein, and their daughter Bronka
Malka Papjer, her husband Dovid, and their son Moishe.

Penina (Papjer) Grynspan-Frimer, Tel Aviv

In honor of our deceased families
in Nowy Dwor, Warsaw, and Nasielsk

Sima Borenstein
Petaluma, California

We will never forget our
Father Matis, mother Esther, and brother Kalman,
Who were killed by the Nazi murderers.

Pesach and Avrohom Papjer, Kholon

Our families, killed
by the Nazi murderers in Nowy Dwor, Warsaw,
Nasielsk, Plock, and France

Yitte Borenstein (Zilberberg from Plock)
Selig Borenstein (from Nowy Dwor)
Petaluma, California

In memory
Of our not-forgotten family,
Killed by the Nazi murderers

Our father Yakov Menachem Grinwarzel
Brothers: Yosef and Ben-Tzion
Sister Soroh and her husband
Refoel Goldbrokh and their beloved child.

Shimon, Shmuel, and Feivel Grinwarzel.

In memory
Of our murdered family

Avromtche Wildenberg and his wife Yokheved and five children
Menashe Kokhalski and his wife Sheindel and little daughter
Sheindel Kokhalski (Malarska) and two children*
Esther Blank (Kokhalska)

The families: Shmuel, Yisroel, and Aryeh Kokhalski


* Note from the Project Coordinator: Sheindel Malarska was married to Moishe Aaron Michlewicz and survived the war.
Her sister's name was Hendel Malarska Kokhalska and had two children. The three of them perished. Her husband survived.

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With pain, I remember

My wife Hela
and our young son Mendel
Murdered in their most beautiful
Years by the Nazi beasts.

In eternal sorrow,
Aharon Blank


With the deepest pain, we remember our murdered family

Our father Meyer Shrut
Brothers: Hersh Leyb and his wife Malka and two daughters Esther and Baile.
Avrohom Khaim and his wife Dobe
Shloime and his wife Hela and their four children
Berish and his wife Khana and their two children
Sister: Henne and her husband Yitzkhok Wallakh and their children Moishe and Esther

Yitzkhok and Feige (Shrut) Alterman, Boston

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For an eternal memory

My father Reb Yisroel Khaim First
My mother Miriam Soroh (Holczberg) First,
Who died in the Warsaw ghetto, depleted and tortured.

My unforgettable wife Brokho Nekhama (Bronye) First (Orzhekh),
who was gassed in the Treblinka ovens.

My eldest brother Mendel First and his wife,
Who died in Auschwitz

My dear niece and nephew: Meyer Noakh (Marek) and Laya (Lola) First,
who died in the fighting of the Warsaw ghetto.

My brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law Shimon and Perele Orzhakh,
Shot as they were herded to the assembly place in Warsaw

My brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law:
Avromtche and Sorkele Orzhakh (Rosental) and their children Miriam and Shloime
Sevek and Pela Grundland (Orzhakh) and their only little son
Laytche Grycz-Melszpeiz (Orzhakh) with her husband and children
Rokhele Prives (Orzhakh) and her young son Akiva
Sorole Orzhakh

All died in and on the roads to the camps

Berish First, Tel-Aviv

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In memory
Of my unforgettable life partner from
After World War II until 1962

Laya (Lilke) First (Liberman)
Died in Israel, 14.2.1962 – tenth of Adar, 5722
After the years of suffering and pain
under the Nazi regime

Berish First, Tel Aviv

As an eternal memory

My uncle and aunt Eliyahu and Hindele Zilberberg (Holczberg)
And their children Hela and Henyek Baranowycz and their only daughter
Mikhal Zilberberg and his wife and only daughter
Ruzhke and Herman Bajrakh and their only daughter
Noson Zilberberg

My cousins:
Hela Wakholder (Warcki) with her husband and daughter
Tapcze Yoel (Warcki) with her husband and children
My uncle Moishe and aunt Reitze Holczberg with their daughter Yakhet, husband and children
Grandmother Genendel Holczberg and her children
My aunt Zisel-Zoshe (Holczberg) with her husband Dr. Zygmunt Nakhtman
And Uncle Mumek-Artur Holczberg
All killed by the Nazi executioners.

Berish First, Tel-Aviv

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In memory of my unforgettable sisters:

Sonja Waksman (Hirshbein)
And her young daughter Halina
Rukhtche Szurek (Hirshbein) and her husband
And young son Sevek. Bluma Hirshbein
Killed by the Nazi murderers

Tzile Muszkowycz (Hirshbein)

In memory

Of my parents Leybish and Khava Sushinsky
And my five brothers: Yosef, Yakov, Dovid, Dov, Noson, of blessed memory
Who fell in the Warsaw ghetto by the hands of the Nazi soldiers.
May their souls be bound up in the bond of everlasting life.

Soroh Szimkowycz (Sushinsky)

In memory

Shmuel Dobski, Golde Gutcze
Dobski (Dancziger), Ita Dobski
Died in the Nowy Dwor ghetto

Khaim Yosef Dobski and family
Kibbutz Givat Khayim

In memory
Of my family, murdered by the Nazis

Parents: Mordekhai and Laya Lipstein
Brothers: Yitzkhok, Efraim
Sister: Roiza

Zelda Lipstein (Turkeltaub)

Those who demonstrated refined character in
the hardest days, and took me into their home

Moishe, Hinde, Freide, and Leybel Kirsztein.
For their names – light of memories and gratitude

Yakov Evanson, Montevideo

In honor of my family
Killed by the dirty Nazis

Olszinka – Yitzkhok, Tzirel, Yakov Moishe,
Khantche, Hersh Yosef
Baile and her three children Olszinka – Yisroel
Elke, Laya, Gittel, Avrohom, Hersh Yitzkhok,
Roiza, and Borukh Mitlepunkt.

Family Mitelpunkt, Tel Aviv

In holy memory

Of my father Eliezer Yazriel
Sister: Laya Yazriel

Killed by the Hitler murderers
On the pages of the Yizkor Book – a tombstone

Your daughter, Miriam Karczowycz (Yazriel) Kholon

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In eternal memory
Of our deceased parents

Eliyahu and Perl Pitulski
The brothers
Henokh and Sholom,
The sister Freide
And Andzha Pitulski

Kalman and Sheindel Pitulski

Not to forget, always to remember
My family
Killed by Hitler's torturers and murderers

My father Yakov Szaike
My mother Liptche Szaike
Brothers Moishe and Hershel
Sisters Feige and Rivka
Remaining in sorrow, your son and brother

Shmuel Yehosuha Szaike, Tel Aviv.

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In holy memorial

Of our sister
Sheindel (Maroko) Rozenbaum
And her two children
Jacqueline (age 13) and Viktor (age 12),
Deported from Paris by the Nazis
July 14, 1942, and murdered.

Those remaining in sorrow:
Husband and father Yakov Rozenbaum, Paris
Brother and sister
and their families:
Moishe and Fanny Maroko,
Rokhel and Binyomin Klajnbard,
Los Angeles

Perl and Khaim Kronenberg
Etta and Binyomin Mosok – New York
Batya and Rena Linhart – Paris

Sheindel, Viktor, Jaqueline, Rozenbaum

In memory
With great pain and anguish, we remember our family,
The untimely deaths by the Nazi murderers:

Our mother Esther Rivka,
Our Uncle Zalman, our Aunt Khana and their children,
Perl with her husband and their children Esther and Hinde,
Our oldest brother Avrohom and his wife Baile
And their two shining children Yisroel Leizer and Simele Borenstein,
Our brother Yisroel Borenstein and his wife Perl
And their beloved children Mashele and Simkhale,
Our brother Feivish, his wife Khana and their dear children,
Our Uncle Moishe and Aunt Baile Jarzhombek
And their children Abba and Rivka. And Chana Dobe
Aunt Yokheved Lotrowski and her children
Uncle Khaim Borukh Holcz and Aunt Ette and their children

Khana Soroh Goldberg, Menakhem Borenstein, Sam Borenstein,
Zelig Borenstein, Shloime Borenstein

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In holy memory

Of my father Moishe Henokh Gertner
My mother and the entire family
Who were murdered by the Nazi executioners.

In eternal memory
Of my dear husband and devoted father

Hyman Rozental

Fanny Rozental and children, New York


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