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Translated by Renee Miller

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Caption   Page
The Marketplace with the Town Hall 17
The River Kamienica 22
The Royal Castle 33
Privilege 44
The Old Town Hall 88
List of Parneysim [elected heads of a Jewish community] 94
Drawing of the Royal Castle   136
The Sandzer Shul [Synagogue]   162
A Fragment of the Sandzer Shul   163
Military-Duty List   194
Panorama of Sandz, Drawing   197
List of Jewish Taxpayers, 1866   212
President Ignacy Moszcicki in Sandz   232
The House of the Kehile [Organized Jewish Community]   234
Yortsayt [Anniversary of Death] of “Divrei Chaim” [Name For Rabbi Cahim Halberstam of Sandz] on the Cemetery, Lithograph   333
The Gravestone of “Divrei Chaim”   334
From “Sandzer Tsaytung” [ Newspaper]   344
List of the Subscribers for a Seyfer [Religious Book]   348
From the Brochure “The School” - Goldberg   351
School to Teach Hebrew “Safa Berura” [Pure Language] 363
From “Sandzer Tsaytung”   370
Poalei-Zion [LaborZionism], To Friend Snicer's Release   396
From “Sandzer Tsaytung”   408
“Yugnt” [Youth] - Leftist Poalei-Zion with Zerubavel [Name of a Secret Group of Poalei-Zion]   420
Dr. Shachna Holcer   444
Union of Jewish Juvenile Workers and Commercial Employees “Yugnt” 448
Poalei-Zion of Young People With E. Ringlblum   450
A Group “Yugnt” With Leftist Poalei-Zion   452
Identification Papers of “Yugend Organization”   462
Children's Group From Leftist Poalei-Zion Youth   463
Poalei-Zion in 1919   464
The Library Committee for Leftist Poalei-Zion   465
Kopelyansky's Hebrew Course   469
Committee for Keren Kayemuth [Land Acquisition Organ of World Zionist Organization]   472
Thirty-Year Anniversary of the Zionist Organization   474
Notice From The Kehile About An Appeal for Contributions For the Kehile Against the Butchers' Strike   475
A Group of “Ha-shomer Ha-tsair” [“The Young Guard”]   480
A Team From Cell of “Ha-shomer Ha-tsair”   481
“Hashomer Hatsair” in Sandz, 1933   481
“Hashomer Hatsair” on a Trip   482
The “Gordonia” [Labor Zionist youth] Movement in Sandz   485
Cover and Title Page from the First Number of “Atoneyu” [The Press] - Hanoar Hazioni: [Zionist Youth]   487
“Young Zionists”   489
A Group of “HaChalutz” [Zionist Pioneers], 1927   493
A Group of “HaChalutz”, 1928   494
Kibutz HaKoshra [Training] of “Dror” [“Liberty”-Youth Movement Founded 1926]   494
A Group of “HaChalutz”, 1924   495
A Group Poalei-Zion - Z.S.[“Poalei Zion” “ZS” [Workers of Zion,Socialist Zionists]   495
Kibutz HaKoshra “HaPoel HaMizrachi” [Orthodox Zionist Worker]   498
The “Yavneh” School of the Mizrachi [Orthodox Zionists]   499
A Group from the Torah and Work Movement   500
Young Agudat Israel [Orthodox Jewish (Anti-Zionist) political movement]   502
Leaflets from 9 Records for the Elections to the Kehile Administration   503
A Group of Handball Players, “Maccabi” [Jewish Sports Organization]   515
Group K. M. K.   515
Theater Group “Vitak” in “Tevye der Milkhiker” [Dairyman]   524
Dr. Bernard Zilberman   567
A Group from the Zionist movement with Dr.Hersh Sirop   573
Shaul Amsterdam   582
A Letter from “Divrei Chaim” [Rabbi Chaim of Sanz (1793-1876)] to Leyzer Amsterdam   590
Khenukh Shprey   593
Szmuel and Mina Maszler   595
Menachem Eliezer Mahler   602
A Letter From Eretz Isroel From Horav Chaim Khuki - Madoni To Menachem Eliezer Mahler   605
Dr. Yermihu Frenkel   613
From “Sandzer Tsaytung” [“Sandzer Newspaper”]   620
Baruch Szupnik   629
Mendl Neugreshel with a Group of “Herut” [“Liberty”, “Freedom”; a Zionist Pioneering Group]   635
Dr. Emanuel Ringelblum   644
Dr. Emanuel Ringelblum with a group of “Herut”   647
Poalei-Zion “Yugnt” with Ringelblum   648
Batja Mahler   670
The Marketplace in Sandz   678
From “Sandzer Tsaytung”   707
The “Locked Ghetto” and the Labor Ghetto   720
The Judenrat [Jewish council created by the Germans, in charge of internal matters in the ghetto]   733
Rayzl (Ratske) Goldberg and Hene Torum   780
Inscription on the Collective Matseyve [tombstone]   783
On the Mass Grave of 360 Jews in Gribow [Grzybowo]   788
The Jewish Hospital   801
The Monumental Tombstone   843
Tombstone on the Mass Grave for 400 Who Were Shot to Death in an Action Against the Leftist Poalei-Zion   844
The Besoylem [Cemetery] and Several Refurbished Tombstones   844
Frontpiece of the Personal Testimony of Rena Anisfeld   850
Personal Testimony of Hersz Beldegrin   862
The Judgement on Heinrich Haman and His Accomplices   876
A Group of Sandzers in San Paolo   881
Committee of Countrymen from Nowy Sacz In Israel   882
Berisz, Natan and Regina Neugreshel   885

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