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In Memoriam – Necrology


Translated by Judy Petersen


Surname Given name Where deported Status
BERGER Karoline Minsk  
BLUMENFELD Alexander Hungary murdered in a labor camp
BLUMENFELD Edith Auschwitz  
BLUMENFELD Ernst Hungary murdered in a labor camp
BLUMENFELD Ludwig Russia murdered in a labor camp
BÜCHLER Jakob Kielce  
BÜCHLER Josefine Kielce  
DANIEL Rosa Minsk  
DRECHSLER Ignaz Theresienstadt  
FELDMANN Hans Minsk  
FINGER Josef Buchenwald  
FISCH Chaja Litzmannstadt  
FISCH David Litzmannstadt  
FISCH Joel Minsk  
FISCH Maria Minsk  
FISCH Rosa Litzmannstadt  
FISCH Samuel Auschwitz  
FISCH Siegmund   missing
FÜRST Gisela   murdered in a concentration camp
FRANKL Flora Theresienstadt  
FRANKL Karl Auschwitz  
GARFUNKEL Johanna Litzmannstadt  
GERSTL Elisabeth   missing
GERSTL Elsa Maly-Trostinec  
GERSTL Helene Litzmannstadt  
GERSTL Karoline Wien suicide by hanging
GERSTL Karoline Riga  
GERSTL Max Theresienstadt  
GERSTL Moritz Lodz  
GERSTL Oskar Riga  
GLASS Johanna Theresienstadt  
GOLDSTEIN     murdered in a concentration camp
GRÜNFELD Otto Erich Theresienstadt  
GRÜNWALD Antonie Theresienstadt  
GRÜNWALD Siegfried Dr. Theresienstadt  
HACKER Max Theresienstadt  
HACKER Regine Kielce  
HOLZER Cäzilia Theresienstadt  
HOLZER Leopold Theresienstadt  
JAUL Heinrich Izbica  
JAUL Johanna Riga  
JAUL Josefine Izbica  
JUSTH Serafine Izbica  
KARPFEN Adelheid Minsk  
KOCH Josefine Maly Trostinec  
KOCH Osias Maly Trostinec  
KOHN Emma Theresienstadt  
KOHN Katherina   murdered in a concentration camp
KOHN Max Minsk  
KOHN Rosa Minsk  
KOHN Isidor Theresienstadt  
KOPPEL Heinrich Modlyborzyce  
LICHTBLAU Isidor Litzmannstadt  
LICHTBLAU Theresia Ravensbrück  
LÖBL Charlotte Theresienstadt  
LÖBL Helene Wlodowa  
LÖBL Hermine Theresienstadt  
LÖBL Irma Riga  
LÖBL Moritz Theresienstadt  
LÖWY David Dachau  
LÖWY Pauline Theresienstadt  
LÖWY Simon Wien died
LÖWY Stella Izbica  
MAIER Hermine Lodz  
MAIER Julius Izbica  
MAIER Max Riga  
MOSES Hilda Minsk  
MOSES Rosa Minsk  
NEUMANN Camilla Auschwitz  
NEUMANN Hedwig Minsk  
PAM Max Ing. Dachau  
PINCUS Siegbert Dr. Minsk  
POLLAK Emil Dr. Riga  
POLLAK Malvine Riga  
POLLATSCHEK Eduard Theresienstadt  
POLLATSCHEK Herta Theresienstadt  
PREIS Bernhard Theresienstadt  
PREIS Gisela Kladovotransport*  
PREIS Siegmund Neunkirchen, BH. hanged
REICHNER Emanuel Riga  
REICHNER Johanna Riga  
REININGER Helene Izbica  
REININGER Ignaz Izbica  
REININGER Martha Kladovotransport*  
RIEGLER Julie Sabac  
RIEGLER Julius Sabac  
ROSENBERGER Helene Litzmannstadt  
ROSENBERGER Lazar Auschwitz  
SCHISCHA Adolf Auschwitz  
SCHLESINGER Aurelie Lodz  
SCHLESINGER Max Litzmannstadt  
SINGER Josef Dachau  
SPIEGEL Alice Theresienstadt  
SPIEGEL Elsa Theresienstadt  
SPIEGEL Gerta Theresienstadt  
SPIEGEL Michael Theresienstadt  
STEINBERG Rosa Litzmannstadt  
STEINER Isidor Nytra  
WAHLE Rosa Minsk  
WEISS Bertha Minsk  
WEISS Ignaz Auschwitz medical experiments/sterilization

* Over 1,200 Jews from Vienna, Berlin, Danzig and former Czechoslovakia, escaping the Nazis, tried in 1939 to reach Palestine via the Danube. Their trip ended in the Serbian Danube-port of Kladovo due to organizational difficulties. From here the refugees were relocated in Sabac, from where they expected to continue their journey, but their hope for rescue was diminished after the Nazi invasion to Yugoslavia in April 1941.

As “atonement” for a partisan attack, all Jewish men from the Kladovo transport were murdered in Sabac by units of the Nazi army on October 12-13, 1941. The remaining Jewish women and children were taken to the newly erected concentration camp of Sajmiste, a suburb of Belgrade, where they where murdered by the SS. Commander of the camp was the Austrian SS-Untersturmführer Herbert Andorfer who was responsible for the murder in gas vans of approximately 7,500 Jewish prisoners, mostly women, up to May 1942.


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