Nadworna, Stanislav District; Memorial and Records
(Nadvirna, Ukraine)

48°38' / 24°34'

Translation of Nadworna; sefer edut ve-zikaron

Edited by: Israel Carmi (Otto Kramer)

Published by: the Landsmanshaft of Nadworna in Israel and America, Tel Aviv, 1975


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Nadworna; sefer edut ve-zikaron (Nadworna, Stanislav district; memorial and records),
Editor: Israel Carmi (Otto Kramer), Tel Aviv, Nadworna Societies in Israel and the U.S., 1975 (H, Y, E, 348 pages).

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  Cover Page  
  3 Introduction Rabbi Samuel Hubner
  6 Preface Israel Carmi
  8 "Road to my Suffering" ("Mein Leidensweg") Schaje Schmerler
16 Forced Delivery of a Beard Schaje Schmerler
18 Two Neighbours with a common Well and two Water Lifters Schaje Schmerler
21 A Hand Which Stuck Out of the Mass Grave Schaje Schmerler
22 Typhoid and Dysentery -- The Hospital in Ghetto "A" Schaje Schmerler
24 The Jail in Ghetto "A" -- The First "Criminal" brought in -- "Pardoned" by the "General" of O.D. Schaje Schmerler
26 In devout Memory of our Dearest and most Beloved who lost their Lives "Al Kidusch Haschem", in Nadworna, on October 6, 1941 Schaje Schmerler
27 A Touching Meeting with my two Friends from Nadworna, Itcie Knoll and Schaje Ratsprecher, at the Munkaczer-Ruw-Schul in Budapest Schaje Schmerler
31 With a Jew-Transport to Auschwitz -- the Jump from the running Freight Train -- Mannah from Heaven -- 32 Days of Hunger Schaje Schmerler
41 From Holocaust to Rebirth (excerpts) Elie Wiesel
42 Memories from Nadworna Rella Knoll (Kahana)
48 The New Town in Nadworna Gershon Jurman
50 The Hebrew School "Tarbut" of Nadworna Giza Petranker
52 How I Remember my Beloved Town of Nadworna Raphael Abosch
54 Once Upon a Time... The Jewish Cemetery Dr. I. Schmerler
55 The Old Synagogue "Die groisse Schul" Dr. Josef Schmerler
56 Benjamin Yitzhak Harz 1878-1942 Dr. Mosheh Harz
60 The Nadworners in America Schaje Schmerler
66 Epilogue
  Memorial List  
  1932 Taxpayers List from Nadvorna  

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