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Enhanced map from page 24

By Martin Small A/K/A Mordechai Shmulevicz

Prepared for Myrna and Shael Siegel's Trip to Maytchet 2004


  1. Fire Department - Head of Fire Dept. Martin's cousin Yossel Shmulewicz
  2. Area of Three Synagogues (Shulhof) –
    2a. Bet Midrash,
    2b. Shteibl
    2c. Main Synagogue named “Kalte Schul” Large brick bldg., high ceiling painted biblical scenes, men's section 15-20 steps down and women sat in balcony, no heat and was used for holidays, Shtiebel for Chassidim and Beit Midrash smaller synagogue
  3. Rabbi's House and Cantor's House
  4. Novomiski Liquor business (Martin's Uncle)
  5. Gilerowicz House
  6. Korn's House
  7. Line of Stores
  8. Alter Rubiezewski (Rubio) House on top of Stores facing Bet Midrash
  9. Lakhovitzki Pharmacy
  10. House of Martin's Grandparents Abraham and Shifra Schmulewicz
  11. Apteka---The Dvorjetski's Pharmacy
  12. Chaim Meir Gorski's Shoe Store – they lived on street behind the store
  13. House of Beryl Schmulewicz, the Mohel, brother of Martin's grandfather
  14. Hardware Store of Michel Schmulewicz, Martin's Uncle
  15. Rabinovitch Dry Goods Store (Uncle of Nachum Rabinovitch)
  16. Israel Rabinovitch House (Nachum's father)
  17. House of Vikna Belski
  18. Bakery (Sora Henie was sales lady)
  19. Freidl Margolin's store/cafe
  20. Romanovski's House
  21. The Water Pump
  22. Volinski's Soda Factory and Store
  23. Belitski Dry Good Store
  24. Road to Slonim
  25. Elke and Koppel Gorski's General Store on Street to Slonim and 2 doors from Church.
  26. The White Church “Prowaslaw” (Greek Orthodox) Street behind was Catholic Church.
  27. Martin's Uncle Michel Schmulewicz House Rented house and storage rented to Rabinovitch for storage of wheat and grains he sold in market
  28. Martin's House parents Schlomo and Esther Schmulewicz, children Mordechai Leib (Martin Small), Pesha and Elka – behind house was Uncle Zimel's House – wife was Chaika Bilitski Address was 17 Handlova
  29. Uncle Michel Schmulewicz family residence wife Leah and sons Chonia & Moishe. Behind the house was a stable for cows.
  30. Gilerowicz House
  31. House of Priest from “Pravosiaw” White Church
  32. Jewish Doctor's house, Dr. Shapiro---next to this was a small gentile cemetery
  33. Chaim Meir Gorski the Shoe Maker's House; children Sachne, Yankel and Minya
  34. Ozeransky (or possibly Orzechovsky House – son Bome lives in Russia and was in the Russian army
  35. Gentile Doctor Feisher's house
  36. Catholic Church and Living Quarters
  37. Gentile Cemetery
  38. The Health Forest (mostly Pine trees)
  39. Water Mill
  40. Mina Gorsky's House---the carpenter
  41. Viloikhinski the shoemaker
  42. Liberman's house and business – Wealthy man; had a telephone
  43. House of Yosel Bielous (Brother of Martin's mother)
  44. Houses of Moshe Aaron Boretcky and houses of sons and their families Shmuel, Noach and Ben Zion Boretcky
  45. Moshe Aaron Boretcky's Flour Mill
  46. Uncle Mikal Schmulewicz SMOLARNIA business (would bring roots from trees and burn for weeks to make tar to be used on roofs
  47. Novomiski houses (on far right)
  48. All Jewish houses
  49. Martin's cousin Yudel Schmulewicz motel for guests who came for the summer to the health forest. Would tie hammocks between trees to use as beds
  50. Weekly Market held on Wednesdays on right of map

Not numbered on map:
Police Station across the street from Yudel Schmulewicz's motel
Train Station built 1938 near the mass grave. The station used before that was in Mickiewicz 4 km. from Maytchet on the way to Baranovichi
Slonimskaya Street was way to Slonim, Yurzdyka St.
On road to Dvorets was another flour mill

Table of Contents

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