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(Lysychovo, Ukraine)

48°30' 23°17'

Hungarian: Rokamezö
Ruthenian: Lisicova

Translated by Jerrold Landau

It is a village in the district of Irshava (district of Chust until 1928), about 50 kilometers north of Chust. All of its residents were Ruthenian.



Year Jews Total
1830 16 572
1880 35 ––
1910 –– 1,773
1921 –– 1,494
1930 91 1,895
1941 –– 2,218


Yosef Hirshko was the first Jew in Lisicova. He was registered in the census of the Jews from 1768. He was a single man without a family, but he apparently did well in Lisicova, for he had to pay 70 florin lease fees annually, a significant sum during those times. He earned his livelihood from liquor distilling and selling the agricultural products of the village owners. We do not know if Hershko continued to live in the village and set down roots there, or if he left the village and settled in one of the more inside areas of Hungary – which makes more sense.

A Jew named Engelman with seven family members is mentioned in the census of 1830.

We know from the names of the honorable Jews of Lisicova from the 1880s who signed the book Imre Shoham (Kolomyja, 5640 / 1880), and the book Likutei Torah and Shas on the book of Shemot (Munkacz, 5647 / 1887): Reb Yaakov Roizner, Reb Moshe Tzvi Zoldan, Reb Avraham Moshe Roizenberg, Reb Yaakov Tzvi Kahana, Reb Baruch Yoel and Rabbi Yaakov, who was apparently a great scholar and rabbinical teacher. We find a responsa from him in the Beit Haotzer Responsa Book on Orach Chayim paragraph 10 (without a date) in the following language: “The honor of my friend, the great rabbi, who excels in Torah, fear of Heaven and purity, Rabbi Yaakov, may his light shine, from Liscova. With regard to the question of the milner [the grinder, who was a gentile] doing work on the Sabbath, who is in need of millstones, and only if he himself is unable to fix it and finish the work he hires workers and the owner of the enterprise is obligated to pay the workers if it is permitted. He writes himself that he already asked this question from the rabbi and Gaon Rabbi Amram, may his light shine, the head of the rabbinical court of Ópályi, when he was the rabbi here.” This responsa hints to the business of the Jews in Liscova. Regarding the personality of the questioner Rabbi Yaakov, it is fitting to take note of the statement, “Excels in Torah, fear of Heaven and purity,” that not only describes Rabbi Yaakov, but also very many of the scholars of Maramures.

In the last generation prior to the Holocaust, we know the names of the following Jews of Liscova, who signed the book Beit Asher (Munkacz, 5687, 1927: Reb Yosef Meir Kahana, his son Reb Yehuda Kahana, Reb Alter Roizner, Reb Yisrael Eliezer Kahana, Reb Yehuda the son of Yaakov Kahana, Reb Yeshaya Roizenberg, Reb Yeshaya Stern, Reb Avraham Moshe Roizenberg, Reb Chaim Tzvi Lachmanovitch, his brother Reb Eizik, and Reb Noach Kahana.

This is all that we know about the village of Liscova and its Jews. We can surmise that they were deported to the Munkacz Ghetto, to where all the Jews of Kerecki and the district were gathered – apparently including the Jews of Liscova.



Magyar–Zaido Okleveltar, vol. XVI, Budapest, 1976, p. 104

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