Ludvipol (Wolyn);
In Memory of the Jewish community
(Sosnove, Ukraine)

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Translation of
Sefer zikaron le-kehilat Ludvipol (Slisht Gadol)

Edited by: N. Ayalon

Published in Tel Aviv, 1965



Project Coordinator

Jana Marcus


This is a translation from: Sefer zikaron le-kehilat Ludvipol (Slisht Gadol) (Ludvipol (Wolyn); in memory of the Jewish community),
Editors: N. Ayalon, Ludvipol Relief Society of Israel in Tel Aviv, 1965 (H, Y 335 pages).

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Ludwipol

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

History of the Community
Foreword Nachum Feldman 3
The Town Asher Gurfinkel 5
The Sights of Ludvipol Yona Blostein (Raver) 8
Memories from the Beginning of the Century Efraim Kozyol 10
The Development of the Community Mordechai Wellman 11
The Secnery of our Youth Shlomo Gurfinkel 13
The Jews of the village Bistritz (Bistrice) Shlomo Handelman 15
Life in the Community
Memories from the way-of-life in the Community
Stories told by grandfather Yitzhak Gurfinkel 19
My Shtetl Ludwipol Devora Gorin (Weissman) 21
In memory of little schoolchildren Chaia Zamir (Semmelmacher) 25
Figures Shlomo Gurfinkel 27
Zionism and immigration to Israel Efraim Kozyol 28
Economy and culture in Ludvipol in 1910-1920 Shlomo Gurfinkel 30
Education and Zionism
Jewish education in Ludwipol Nachum Feldman 33
Teachers and Communal Workers Shlomo Gurfinkel 47
In R`Zeidel`s Cheder Shlomo Gurfinkel 49
R' Akiva Harshan's Cheder Metukan Nachum Feldman 50
Beit HaMidrash, R'Pinchas Shlomo the slaughterer
and R'Yehoshua the slaughterer
Shlomo Gurfinkel 52
The first kindergarten in Ludwipol Nachum Feldman 53
Childhood memories Yakov Elrahnd (Gurfinkel) 55
Youth Movements in Ludwipol
Memories from the way of life of the Zionist
and pioneering youth in Ludwipol
S. Z. Smoller 57
The beginning of the Haskalah Movement
and the growth of the youth movements in Ludwipol
Nachum Feldman 58
The Segal Couple Nachum Feldman 59
Hashomer Hatzair Nachum Feldman 60
"Hashomer Hatzair" in the underground S. Z. Smoller 66
"Gordonia" Devora Weissman (Goren) 67
"Gordonia" and the kibbutz near Ludwipol Nachum Feldman 68
"HeHalutz" Yehudah Rever 71
"Beitar" Nachum Feldman 73
The Holocaust
Lech Lecha [Go forth]   78
Days of murder Baruch Gutman 79
Leibele Kek-Trotsky   86
Life in the ghetto - and its destruction Mordechai Wolman 87
Under the fist of the oppressor Lea Weinberg 93
The failed uprising Israel Mendelowitz 94
In the Valley of Death Yehuda Raver 98
The beginning of the end 109
Day of the massacre Lea Weinberg 111
War Refugees and their hardships
On the crossroads 115
Flight from the Shtetl Nachum Feldman 116
On the way to the forest Yossef Shemesh 118
Pesach Kleinman relates 125
Avraham Werner relates 127
Life in the forest after the liquidation of our community Yehuda Raver 129
The golden night Israel Mendelowitz 152
Last Honors for the Dead 154-5
Map of Ludwipol. The Ghetto and the Army Barracks 156-7
Yiddish Section
History and Memories
Memories from my Town of Birth Ludvipol Mordechai Ostrovski 163
Fires in the Shtetl – Memories Zindel Wasserman 165
There Once Was a Shtetl Ludvipol… Batia Hakman 167
Holocaust and Survivors
In the ghetto and in the forests Pesach Kechtcher 177
Wandering through the heart of Asia to Israel Moshe-Yitzhak Jaffe 184
My experiences Yakov Kleinman 186
In the Valley of Tears Malka Eichberg 191
Memories of a survivor Rose Ostrowski 194
My experiences I. Gitterman z”l 196
Life in the forest after the liquidation 216
They Are Bound in the Bond of the Living
A Memorial 253
Articles and photographs 257-310
A memorial to the defenders 311-319
Memorial Service prayer 320
List of Ludwipol martyrs (Necrology) 321-335
Family memorial days 336


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