Memorial Book of Lask
(Łask, Poland)

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Translation of
Sefer yizkor Lask

Editor: Zev Tzurnamal

Published in Tel Aviv 1968




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This is a translation of: Sefer yizkor Lask (Memorial book of Lask),
Editor: Zev Tzurnamal, Published: Tel Aviv 1968 (H,Y,E 737 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Lask (1968)

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


From the Editor [H] Z. Tz. 7-9
In lieu of Introduction [Y] Zeev Tzurnamal 10
Congratulations to the Editor [H] Organization of Lask former residents 14
Impressions and Memories
Little about everything Alter Widovski 15
Lask landscapes Zeev Ahi-Efraim [Efraim's brother] 24
My town of birth Zeev Tzurnamal 31
Bits of memories Zeev 40
The religious life Zeev Tzurnamal 49
At twilight in the old Stiebel Eliezer Elai 75
The Mikve [the ritual bathhouse] Yechiel Neuman 79
Small fires and big fires Zeev 82
The Anti-Semitic scandal Yakov Levkowitz 86
The unsuccessful attempt Zeev 89
Memories from the Gymnastics Association Chaim Byalik 91
The town's water-carrier Yechiel Neuman 93
When the Holy Sabbath arrives Eliezer Elai 100
In a few short strokes Zeev 106
The crazy and the infirm A Lasker 114
Butchers and carriage drivers Yechiel Neuman 120
Lasker revolutionaries Zeev 124
A Jewish Mayor for one day Yechiel Neuman 129
Figures and Personalities
The Lask scholars The Editor 131
The treasure (poem) Mordechai Elai 142
The Rav R'Yakov Meislish Zeev 143
The Rav and his house [Y] Eliezer Elai
R'Itche Gerzon Zeev 162
The Rav R'Leibel Eisenberg Ben Dvora Mirl 165
R'David Eisenberg David Halachmi 174
R'Heinich Yide Moishe's Ben-Moshe 176
R'Zelig Kozhmin Ben-Moshe 182
R'Shalom Brzhezhinski Avraham Kozhmin 184
R'Moishe'le Bornstein Ahi-Efraim [Efraim's brother] 190
R'Mordechai Schiratzki Zeev 209
R'Efraim Bornstein His brother Zeev 211
R'Mates, cantor and slaughterer [Chazan-Shochet] Zeev 217
R'Berish Neuman A pupil 222
R'Kopel Zhitintzki A pupil 226
R'Shlomo and Efraim Naskowitz Zeev 229
R'Daniel Plachta Ahi-Sara [Sara's brother] 234
R'Shlomo Besserglick Ahi-Michael [Michael's brother] 238
R'Shimon and Avraham Warshaver Zeev 243
Singer the barber-surgeon [Y] Welvel Moishele's 245
R'Aba Byalik Zeev Moishele's 250
Economic Corporations
The economic face of the town [H] Sharaga Neuman 256
Charitable women Laskay 268
The Craftsmen's Association [Y] A Lasker 274
The Loan-Without-Interest Fund A Lasker 278
Parties, Movements and Society
The Zionist Organizaton Zeev Tz. 293
The JNF Chava Bornstein 316
Pioneer Youth, Hanoar Hazioni, Hashomer Hatzair & Hechalutz Avraham Kuzhmin 324
The Social life [Y] Zvi Michaeli 335
With the poet Yitzhak Katzenelson Achi Machtasha
Libraries, sports, Drama Club [Y] W. Moisheles 351
The Revisionists and BEITAR Yechiel Neuman 357
The Tarbut School [Y] Machtasha Troiba 362
The Heder Yesodei Tora A Lasker 366
The Jewish Library [Y] Shimol Simel 368
The activity of JNF Avraham Kuzhmin 373
The Holocaust
Israel's victory in 1967 The Editor 377
The poem about the Rodziner rabbi Yitzhak Katzenelson 379
Elegy on the ruins of my town (poem) Z. Tz. 381
In the murderous hands [Y] Noah Pietrkovski 384
A song for my mother [Y] Mordechai Elai
The Judenrat [Y] Yekel Levkowitz 417
Ghetto (poem) Mordechai Elai 432
Rivke'le (poem) David Lehrer 433
Life in the ghetto [Y] Rachel Grindler-Korn 435
I mourn and weep [Y] Yeshayahu Weisselson 448
Surviving all troubles, thank God [Y] Avigdor Weinberg 450
Ghetto B (poem) Mordechai Elai 464
My life experiences and survival [Y] Hinda Moses-Naskowitz 465
It has been 25 years… [Y] David Lehrer 473
A letter from the Future World [Y] Chaim Byalik 477
The lament of the hangman (poem) Avraham Fokatch 480
The design of Destruction Avraham Fokatch 482
Through all the Gates of Hell [Y] Rivtche Weinberg-Griner 483
In the gas-chamber (poem) [Y] Chaim Lehrer (America) 496
From the Lodz ghetto to Israel [Y] Esther Karmiol-Zendel 498
The torn coat [Y] David Lehrer 506
False hopes (poem) Mordechai Elai 511
The last of a generation [Y] Golda Kiebel-Katz 512
The hill (poem) Mordechai Elai 522
A wave of pain [Y] Hinde Goldhammer-Rechtman 523
Through labor camps to Israel [Y] David Lehrer 538
The little sidur (prayerbook) [Y] Golda Kiebel-Katz 541
Ma Nishtana (from the Passover Hagada) David Lehrer 544
Over masses of graves [Y] Machtasha Troiba 546
Father mine, Mother (poems) David Lehrer 554
In the last minute [Y] Shmuel Friedman 557
Alive out of the blood bath [Y] Zvi Michaeli 582
A look back [Y] David Lehrer 589
To the Nations (poem) Mordechai Elai 594
He wanted to see his father [Y] David Lehrer 595
Dramatic curiosities [Y] Sharaga Neuman 598
The concentration camp (poem) Mordechai Elai 617
From slavery to freedom Yithak Troiba 618
I am looking for flowers (poem) [Y] Chaim Lehrer (America) 621
My liberation [Y] Yaffa Neuman-Korn 622
Beloved places (poem) Mordechai Elai 628
My worries and doubts Zeev Ahi-Zvi [Zvi's brother] 629
Remember and never forget [Y] David Lehrer 635
The “boss” [Y] Zeev Tzurnamal 637
To our neighbors (poem) Mordechai Elai 640
Hans Bibov, the murderer From the press 641
Hans Bibov to the gallows Aliza Neuman 649
The survivors Ben Dvora Mirl 654
With the Holocaust survivors Avraham Kuzhmin 657
Tidings of Peace (poem) Mordechai Elai 670
Recognition and thanks for Jews-savers Zeev Ahi-Yissachar [Yissachar's brother] 671
Organization of Laskers in Israel Ahi-Sarah [Sarah's brother] 676
The rush to America [Y] Ahi-Zvi [Zvi's brother] 683
Lasker Association in America [Y] Yakov Reichbart 686
Lasker Association in England, France & Germany [Y] Ahi Machtasha [Machtasha's brother] 690
Glowing embers Moshe Meir's brother-in-law 695
Monuments in the Chamber of the Holocaust and the Martyrs' Forest Ahi-Chaia [Chaia's brother] 697
Two monuments in America, dedicated to Lask martyrs
YIZKOR [Hebrew and English] The Editor 701
List of martyrs (Necrology) Collected by the Neuman brothers 705
The twenty [Y] Editorial Board 722
A Mass Grave Editorial Board 723
On the grave of our fathers Editorial Board 724
Heroes in the War of Independence Editorial Board 725
Died or were brought to burial in Israel 728
R'Moshe Chaim Pshychatzki Yekl Levkowitz 729
Heinich the blind Zeev 731
Lask, My Home Town Zeev Tsurnamal 1
Rabbi Yaacov Meizlech Zeev Tsurnamal 11
Rabbi Leibel Eisenberg Zeev Tzurnamal 18
Rabbi Mordechai Shiratzky Zeev Tzurnamal 32
The Zionist Movement in Lask Zeev Tzurnamal 35
A person from Lask 58
“Youth that was and is no more” David Lerer 65
The Judenrat in Lask Yekel Levkovitz 73
Life in thr ghetto Rachel Grindler-Korn 90
Walking on mass graves Machtasha Troiba 102
Wanted to see his father David Lerer 110
The Sidur'l Golde Katz-Kibel 113
A well of pain Hinda Rechtman 116
Respect for Jew-savers Z. Ben-Moshe
The survivors Ben-Dvora Mirl 129
Encounter with survivors from our home-town Abraham Kozymyn 134
Organization of Lask immigrants abroad Zeev Tzurnamal 149
The rush to America Jacob Reichart, N. Y. 158
Lask Association in Paris Velvel Moshele's 162
Lask Committee in London Velvel Moshele's 164
Lask Association in Germany Velvel Moshele's 165

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