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Kittever Pictures Section

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This is Rabbi Chaim Gelernter, the former 10th Rav (Rabbi) upon the Rabbinic Throne of Kittev


This is the former Kittever Rebbe Zvi Yehuda Grossman, known as a Tzaddik and wonder worker. He stems from the hereditary line of the Baal Shem Tov, from the Angel son of the Maggid (preacher) of Mezritch. He was the Kittever Rebbe from the year 1906-1918. His oldest son, R. Shimon Menachem was ordained as the Rebbe and filled his position.

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First row, standing: Hershel Zeiger. Sitting: Max Mandel, Itzik Poiker, Benjamin Orenstein, Abba Shnitzer, Abraham Hutterer and Moshe Geyer.
Second row, standing: Mendel Pfui. Sitting: Moshe Neiman, Eisig Husen, Mechel Liebergall, Abraham Buller, Yossel Hirsh, the then president, Hillel Gaster, Alter Buller, Samuel Zorger, Moshe Gaster, Joshua Nachman, Pinchas Shoiman. Standing: Moshe Klinger, Zanye Tillinger.
Third row, standing: Moshe Goldshmid, Mendel Grebler, Yossel Uhrheber, Isaac Shmerz, Moshe Zuckerman, Mendel Druckman, Notte Shechter, Mordecai Kasvan, Tunye Glassberg, Moshe Shatner, Berel Bergman, David Shnapf, Feivel Bergman.
Fourth row, standing: M. Reizer, Hershel Vashkavitzer, Anshel Mandel, Moshe Foigel, Jacob Shatner, Leib Bergman, Zanye Kremer, Berke Eisenberg, Yossel Orenstein.
The survivors are: Husen, Hutterer, Moshe Gaster, Nachman, Shoiman, Klinger, Kremer, Benjamin Orenstein, Mendel Druckman, Mordecai Kasvan and Berel Shmerz.

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Kittever Women's Organization -” WIZO”

First row, standing: Mrs. Larish, the youngest daughter of Moshe Neiman; the youngest daughter of Jacob Popper. Sitting: Danya Shizell, Lartsia Klar, Feigel Uhrheber, Ch. Schechter, Peppi Orenstein, Hannah'le Abbash, Gottlieb, Lotti Hutterer, Shrenzel (the child is unknown).
Second row: Leiter, Danya Pfui, Shev Ettinger, Victoria Mandel, Rivkah Grebler, Rivkah Grebler's little sister, her mother, Mrs. Falkenflig, Breintshe Klinger, Hersh Grebler's youngest daughter, Freide Steinkahl, Frimtshe Locker.
Third row: Jacob Popper, Ethel Pfui, Moshe Neiman's wife, R. Sherman, R. Freid, Peppi Engle, Foigel, H. Shechter, Eidel Kletterer, Vitel Kletterer, Unknown, Mrs. Grebler, Krumholz.
Fourth row: Moshe Shatner's wife, Jacob Popper's wife, unidentified man, Narka Weiner, Esther Zuckerman, Freide Krumholz, Baumgarten, Elka Orenstein, Shliemeh Feiner, Feigele Sucher, Rivkah Vashkavitzer Grebler, Rosa Buller, Rivkah Glozberg, Rachel Hutterer, Fiena Fleisher.
The survivors: Hannah'le Abbash, Shrenzel, Mandel, Rivkah Grebler, Mrs. Falkenlieg, Narka Weiner, Feige'le Sucher, Rivkah Vashkavitzer Grebler.

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Histadrut Hashomer Hatzair of Kittev

First row from right to left: A. Birnberg, S. Aufzeher, M. Soicher, Reizer, S. Bergman, M. Landwehr and B. Kremer.
Second row: B. Landwehr, Sh. Leivand, Feldhammer, Kasner, Nadler, Bergrin, Sh. Haitt, Hutterer, M. Rieber, N. Shtetner and Joseph Leivand.
Third row: M. Aron, A. Greenblatt, A. Shatner, Z. Meltzer, N. Tillinger, Sh. Freilich, N. Hallem, A. Bergman and Bergrin.
Fourth row: Ch. Shoiman, B. Foigel, Buchner, Freid, M. Freid, J. Hitzig, Ch. Foigel, F. Korn, G. Hozenfratz, R. Hallem, J. Korn, N. Meltzer, P. Steigman, T. Fleiss and A. Geyer.
Fifth row: M. Derchsler, A. Feldhammer, J.H. Habbel, D. Orenstein, H. Drechler, M. Hozenfratz, Sh. Drechsler, M. Tannentsapf and J. Grebler.
The following survived: B. Landvehr, Sh. Leivand, Sh. Haitt, N. Shtetner, Joseph Leivand, M. Aron, M. Krumholz, A. Greenblatt, A. Shatner, Z. Meltzer, N. Tillinger, A. Bergman, M. Freid, F. Korn; J. Korn, N. Meltzer, M. Drechsler, A. Feldhammer, H. Drechsler, Sh. Drechsler and J. Grebler.

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The Family of Shmuel Liebergall

Seated: Shmuel Liebergall holding his oldest grandchild, Banyu Blecher, his wife Faige Liebergall holding her niece, Sarah'le Rappoport, Bertha Kimmel and B. Feiger.
Standing: Their oldest son Mechel, a Warsaw Beth Jacob teacher (female), their niece Sh. Liebergall from Kolomei, their son-in-law Eisig Husen, his wife Rivkah, their youngest daughter, their middle daughter Hudye, their youngest son Moshe'le, their oldest daughter Reizel and her husband Zaidel Blecher.

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Hersh Mandel's son and daughter with their wives and husbands:

From left to right, standing: Zaide Mandel, Dr. Menashe Mandel, Dr. Baron, Gershon Klinger, Eliahu Steinkahl.
Seated: the wife of Zaide Mandel and her child, Roize Mandel, the wife of Dr. Baron, Victoria Mandel, wife of Dr. Menashe Mandel (the name of the older daughter is not known), Breinze Mandel, wife of Gershon Klinger and Freide Mandel, wife of Eliahu Steinkahl. … their children.
The men perished as well as the women except for Victoria Mandel and her daughter Lucia who are in Israel.

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The wedding picture of Shprinze Meltzer, daughter of Ethel Meltzer

Front row: the two children Bubi Meltzer and Yente Abash.
First row, standing: Menie Meltzer and his wife seated: Batia Bergman, Baruch Goldreich, his bride Shprinze Meltzer, Sarah Bergman, Mrs. Kramer and Esther Meltzer.
Second row: Abraham Shapiro below his wife Hudye Abash, B. Kimmel, Hudye Liebergal, Sh. Milbauer, Nechama Meltzer, Yetti Gaster, Leah Kremer, Reizel Liebergal, B. Shechter and Rivkah Liebergal.
(not clear what the word “below” means here).
Third row: Milbauer, Sender, Moshe'le Liebergal, Menachem Rappoport, Meshulam Abash, Malkah Bergman, Hannah'le Abash, Joseph Meltzer, Mechel Liebergal and Zaidel Blecher.
Surviving: Nechama Meltzer, Rivkah Liebergal, Milbauer, Hannah'le Abash.

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The family of Joseph Rappoport

Seated: Joseph Rappoport, his wife Dinah.
Standing: Their oldest son Menachem, their second son Leibele and their youngest son Moshe'le.
In front stands their little daughter Sarah'le. Sarah Rappoport is the only one remaining of the whole Rappoport family.


This is Mendel Shtetner with his wife and their son Natus. (The little girl is Geltsia Shibber). Aside from Natus Shtetner who is in Israel, they all perished.

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Dr. Menashe ben Zvi Mandel, beloved leader of the last generation of Kittever Jews, who perished for the Sanctification of God's Name (Kiddush Hashem) and his wife Victoria Mandel who is in Israel.


From right to left:
Sitting: Berel Bergman and Mordecai Kasvan.
Standing: Joseph Meltzer, Mendel Pfui and Notte Shechter.

Aside from Mordecai Kasvan who is in Israel, they all perished.

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From right to left: Beile (pronounced Bay-le) Feige (Fay-ge) Kaswan, Koppel Korn, Shaike (pronounced Shy-ke) Shtetner and Dinah Sperber (wife of Koppel Korn).
Seated: Bobbele Shparber, Yitzchak Feiner, husband of Beile Feige Kaswan, a Kaswan from Kolomei, Minnie Kaswan.
The children are: Yitzchak and Beile Feige Feiner's and Koppel and Dinah Korn's. Shaike was the only one who was saved.


This is Itzik Shibber with his wife Salli and their daughter Neltzia. They all perished.

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This is a picture of Mottel Feigenbaum (a son of Berish the baker) with his wife Surke Haitt and their child. They all perished.
Sheindel Shechter (wife of Meir the shochet). Their three daughters, the oldest Dvora, the middle one Gittele and the youngest Sarah. The entire family perished.

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This is a picture of the author of this book, Eisig Husen and his family
(from the year 1937)

From left to right: Eisig Husen and wife Rivka (Rebecca), his mother Sheindel, may she rest in peace, his nephew Chaim Druckman in Israel and sister Malka Druckman in Israel and his brother-in-law, Abraham Druckman, may he rest in peace.


Kittever Association in New York
Mr & Mrs Morris Haitt greet in the name of the Association, Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Gottlieb and present, as a symbol of recognition and thanks for their relief work, an electric boiler as a gift. This picture was taken in the year 1953.

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Kittever Association in New York. Officers

First row: Mrs. Goldopper, Mr. Goldopper, Mrs. Husen, Mrs. Soifer, Mrs. Rae Haitt, President of the Ladies Auxiliary, Mrs. Elsa Neiman, secretary, Mrs. Shechter, Vice-President.
Second row: Mr. Eisig Husen, secretary, Mr. Nathan Gottlieb, Chairman of the Relief, Mr. Willie Soifer, President, Mr. A. Gottlieb, Mr. Morris Haitt, Vice-President, Mr. Joseph Snapf, recording secretary.

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Kittever Ladies Auxiliary
(This picture is from the year 1953)

From right to left: Mrs. Goldopper, Mrs. L. Haitt, Mrs. Peltz, Mrs. G. Haitt, the late Mrs. Hager, Mrs. F. Hallem, Mrs. R. Haitt, Mrs. Goldhagen, the late Mrs. Dora Gottlieb, Mrs. Siderer, Mrs. B. Shnapf and Mrs. Elsa Neiman.

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Kittever Association in New York

Seated from right to left: Mr. B. Birnberg, Mr. Fr. Birnberg, Mr. Leon Zwiebel, Mr. J. Zwiebel, Mr. A. Sander, Mr. A. Gottlieb and children.
Standing: Mr. Shatner, Mr. Grosbard, Mr. J. Shnapf, Mr. K. Shnapf, Mr. Antshelovitz, Mr. Reiser, Mr. Wallach, Mr. M. Shnapf, Mr. Dornstein, Mr. M. Haitt, Mr. Ch. Haitt, Mr. Grill, Mr. N. Gottlieb, Mr. A. Husen, mr. Goldopper, Mr. Willie Soifer, Mr. A. Gottlieb, Mr. Hager and Mr. Weiss.

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Kittever Ladies Auxiliary

Standing from right to left: Mrs. Goldopper, Mrs. Reiser, Mrs. Husen, Mrs. Gottlieb, Mrs. Ball, Mrs. Hager, Mrs. Zwiebel, Mrs. Sucher, Mrs. Neiman, Mrs. Richter, Mrs. Birnberg, Mrs. Weiss, Mrs. Held, Mrs. Siderer, Mrs. Grosbard, Mrs. Shechter and Mrs. Gottlieb.
(the names of the ladies who are seated are missing from the caption)


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