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[Pages 328-332]


Transliterated by Jim Yarin

Edited by Jerrold Landau

We will remember the Jews of Krynki by family, from street to street and from house to house.


Note from Jerrold Landau: The original necrology was organized by street. The list of names on each street were likely meant to represent the order of the houses on the street. The translation is set up with all the names alphabetized in English. The streets have been included in the fourth column, however the ordering of the names per street could not be preserved. The following are the streets listed in the necrology, by page (the last street per page flows onto the following page):

Page 328: On the market, Poczta Gasse, Szmole Gesl (Wanska), Tepersze (Potters) Gasse,
Page 329: Bialystoker Gasse, Sokolker Gasse, Kavkaz.
Page 330: Zobie Gasse, Bod (Bath) Gesl, Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse, Continuation of Garbarske Gasse (from the left side of the market).
Page 331: Paretszer Gasse, Rynkowe Gasse, Gmine Gasse, Szislewice Gasse, Czerkowe Gasse.
Page 332: Mil Gasse, Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa).

The name spelling style used by the original transliterator was generally phonetic. When editing, I preserved the phonetic style, and did not render the surnames into Polish style. At times, you will find more than one entry for a specific name. This likely represents both a residential and a business location for the individual (in fact, many such cases have one of the locations listed as “on the market.” The possessive style names in some entries represent the common nicknaming style of that period, whereby a person may have been given the nickname based on a spouse or parent in the possessive form.


Last Name
First Name
Occupation / Other info / Nickname
or Possessive Name
  Chaim Velvel from Wolka Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
  Efraim Leib the Shamash Poczta Gasse
  Eidel the Dybbuk Sokolker Gasse
  Elkonah the shoemaker Gmine Gasse
  Kalman of the Courtyard Szislewice Gasse
  Shlomo the Yellow Czerkowe Gasse
  Teme the woman glazier Mil Gasse
  Tzipke the market sitter (i.e. the woman tending to her stall in the market) Gmine Gasse
Aberstein Itsche   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Aberstein Chaim roofer Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Aberstein Hershel   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Abramowitz Moshe   On the market
Adin Binyamin   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Adinak Motke   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Ahon Heshel Heshel the Shamash Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Ahron Reuven   Bialystoker Gasse
Ahronowitz Bashe   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Ahronowitz Hershel Pupke's Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Ahronowitz Leibke   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Ahronowitz Sender   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Ahrontshik Chaim Yosel   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Alta   Baker lady On the market
Alta   Meirem's (Meirem's wife) On the market
Antstein (Karishl)   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Antzis Berl   Poczta Gasse
Antzis Hershel   On the market
Anushewitz Paltiel   Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Ash Yudel in-law of Dralies Bialystoker Gasse
Ash Yudel   Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Augustowski Henya Lantse's Sokolker Gasse
Ayan   family (the mill) Mil Gasse
Ayan Alter   Poczta Gasse
Ayan Chaim   Bialystoker Gasse
Ayan Niamka   Poczta Gasse
Ayan Zelig Zelig Posziak Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Aychnboim Ahron son-in-law of Tursky Bialystoker Gasse
Aylin Alter   Czerkowe Gasse
Aylin Itshka   Paretszer Gasse
Aylin Zecharya   Paretszer Gasse
Bakstein David   Kavkaz
Baraban Cheikel the Mitse's Gmine Gasse
Bardlas Leime   Rynkowe Gasse
Bas Moshe   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Bas Pinya   Sokolker Gasse
Bekelman Eliahu   Gmine Gasse
Berkowitz Chana   On the market
Bezdush Alte   Zobie Gasse
Bialystoker Ayde   Rynkowe Gasse
Biegon Feivel   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Blaustein Meyer from Syulk Mil Gasse
Bloch   shoemaker On the market
Bloch Eli   Bialystoker Gasse
Bloch Meyer Mantshe's Mil Gasse
Bloch Shmuel Hertzel Katshka's ["Ducks"] Bialystoker Gasse
Blumenthal Hershel   Gmine Gasse
Blyacher Leibe   Paretszer Gasse
Blyacher Nachum   Paretszer Gasse
Blyacher Tyba   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Blyacher Yehuda   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Bogotilski Dodel   Szislewice Gasse
Bolshon Asne   Rynkowe Gasse
Bolshon David Leib   Rynkowe Gasse
Bolshon Niome   Rynkowe Gasse
Bolshon Zeidke   Czerkowe Gasse
Borowski Gedalyahu   Rynkowe Gasse
Borowski Hershel   Rynkowe Gasse
Borowski Pinye   Rynkowe Gasse
Braverman Moshe   Kavkaz
Braverman Yehoshua   Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Brenner Boris   Bialystoker Gasse
Brenner Chaim   Bialystoker Gasse
Brewde     Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Brewde Berl   Gmine Gasse
Browde Avraham   Bialystoker Gasse
Browde     On the market
Brustin Shimon   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Buki Shimon the baker Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Bunem Yosel   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Bushnyak Shimon Tsinge's Gmine Gasse
Charu Iser   Sokolker Gasse
Charu Mikhel   Gmine Gasse
Chashkes     Gmine Gasse
Chashkes Babke Tsinge's Gmine Gasse
Chashkes Idel   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Chasid Yosel Yose Motshke's Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Chasid Shlomo   Mil Gasse
Chatskel Sarah   On the market
Chatskel Shimon Yoel   Rynkowe Gasse
Chatskel Yosel Mashelne's Kavkaz
Chirik     Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Chirik Yehoshua   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Chover Noach   Gmine Gasse
Chust   Latata's Bod (Bath) Gesl
Dande     Kavkaz
Dines   the tinsmith Gmine Gasse
Ditkowski Avraham   Mil Gasse
Dobrymisl     Mil Gasse
Draznin David   Paretszer Gasse
Dreishpil Yonah   Kruszyniany
Dreizik Chana   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Dreizik Mordecai   Zobie Gasse
Dreizik Sheika   Bialystoker Gasse
Dreizik Moshka   Sokolker Gasse
Dubinski     Gmine Gasse
Dubinski Henech   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Dubinski Miklah   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Dubinski Nachum   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Dubinski Yisroel   Bod (Bath) Gesl
Dule Max Feldsher/field barber-surgeon Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Eframzon Moshe   On the market
Efron Rochel   Zobie Gasse
Efron Tsirl   Zobie Gasse
Eizen Michel the Shochet / ritual slaughterer Bialystoker Gasse
Eizenshmidt Yankel Shmuel   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Eizenshmidt Yudel   Czerkowe Gasse
Ekstein Chaim the carpenter Kavkaz
Epstein     Zobie Gasse
Epstein (Mantifuzl) Mendel   Sokolker Gasse
Fal Eli Eli the tinsmith Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Falk Dina   Bialystoker Gasse
Farber   Moshe Hershel Mil Gasse
Farber Alter   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Farber Beirach   Kavkaz
Farber Dvorah from the rickshaws Poczta Gasse
Farber Chilke the bath attendant Bod (Bath) Gesl
Farber Mordecai Chabad Mil Gasse
Farber Yekutiel   Bod (Bath) Gesl
Feidler Ester Ester Arye's Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Feinberg Tsile   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Filipski Zeidel   Gmine Gasse
Fink   of Halickie Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Fink Gershon   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Fink Meyer Leib   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Fink Yaakov Meir Teibe's Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Fridman Leizer from Gabyut Mil Gasse
Fridman Avrahamel   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Furman Avrahamel   Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Furman Elke   Kavkaz
Furman Leizer Yankel Shwester = sister Kavkaz
Furman Motke   Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Furman Simcha   Gmine Gasse
Furye Abrahamel   On the market
Furye Wichna   Poczta Gasse
Gabay Moshe   Bialystoker Gasse
Gabay Hershel Gabaytshek Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Gabay Moshel   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Gabay Yisroel The melamed – teacher of children Gmine Gasse
Gabay Yoske   Poczta Gasse
Galinski     On the market
Garborwski Avrahamel   Paretszer Gasse
Garber Batshe   On the market
Garber Moshe   Bod (Bath) Gesl
Garber Moshe   Mil Gasse
Garber Moshke   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Garber Yankel Matise's Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Gel   family Mil Gasse
Geler Chaim Sheime Maznik Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Gendler     Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Gendler Chana   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Gendler Todel   Sokolker Gasse
Gendler Pini Feigel Yeshiya's Mil Gasse
Gendler Yosel Fante's Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Gertskes     Gmine Gasse
Gilule Leizer   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Gipsman Tehila the seamstress Gmine Gasse
Glazer Mordecai Eli   Szislewice Gasse
Glazer Sheye   Szislewice Gasse
Gobinski   Ahrtshik Bialystoker Gasse
Gobinski Ezra the carpenter Bialystoker Gasse
Gobinski Zidka   Poczta Gasse
Goland Gotlieb   On the market
Goland Gotlieb   Bod (Bath) Gesl
Goldin Itshke   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Goldschmid Shalom Tolya Bialystoker Gasse
Golinski     Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Goltz     Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Goltz Nachke   Zobie Gasse
Goltz Yosel   On the market
Golub Chaim   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Golub Mashke Asher Shaya's Czerkowe Gasse
Golub Shimon   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Golub Tevel   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Gordon   Margatkas Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Goz Shmuel Iser   Poczta Gasse
Gozshanski Dovka Moshe Kreina's Bialystoker Gasse
Gozshanski Mordecai Sholom   Rynkowe Gasse
Gozshanski Yankel   Rynkowe Gasse
Greenblatt Leibel   Bialystoker Gasse
Grodski Mordecai Shimon   Bialystoker Gasse
Grodzitski Shemaya   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Grossman     Mil Gasse
Grossman Hershel   Gmine Gasse
Grossman Yankel   Gmine Gasse
Gurewits Itshke   Mil Gasse
Gurewits Noteh   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Harkavi Alter the locksmith Kavkaz
Harkavi Gedliahu the tailor Sokolker Gasse
Hendritsicha     Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Herbarem Gedliahu   Bialystoker Gasse
Herbarem Avraham   Szislewice Gasse
Jocawitzki     On the market
Kagan Moshe  Pinchase's Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Kagan Moshe   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Kagan Pinchas   Bod (Bath) Gesl
Kagan Tuvyah   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Kagan Yosef   Paretszer Gasse
Kaganowitz Avrahamel   Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Kaganowitz Daniel   Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Kaganowitz Daniel   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Kaganowitz Yosel   Gmine Gasse
Kalinowitsh Yisroel   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Kalmanowitz Betzalel   Sokolker Gasse
Kalmanowitz Tzolke  (JL note: Tzolke is a diminutive of Betzalel) Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Kaminski Zeidke   Zobie Gasse
Kantor     Poczta Gasse
Kantor Avrahamel   Mil Gasse
Kapeloshnik Nechemya   Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Kaplan   Kapitsa Paretszer Gasse
Kaplan Alter   On the market
Kaplan Alter Meir Abba's Sokolker Gasse
Kaplan Binyamin Yankel   Mil Gasse
Kaplan Chaim Zelig   Mil Gasse
Kaplan Eber   Sokolker Gasse
Kaplan Eli Kirbes = pumpkin Sokolker Gasse
Kaplan Malkah the glazier lady Sokolker Gasse
Kaplan Meyer Feiga Mara Sokolker Gasse
Kaplan Nioma Froida's Sokolker Gasse
Kaplan Reuben Froida's Sokolker Gasse
Kaplan Yisroel Berl   Zobie Gasse
Kaplan Yoel Hershel   On the market
Katz   Futke's Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Katz Zalman the tinsmith Bialystoker Gasse
Kirpitsh Avrahamke from Pyetrashevich Mil Gasse
Kirpitsh Henech   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Kirpitsh Moshe   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Kirpitsh Zawel   Rynkowe Gasse
Kirzshner   Alter Hershke's Gmine Gasse
Kirzshner Alter Zshuzshe's Kavkaz
Kirzshner David Shlomo   Sokolker Gasse
Kirzshner Yeshayahu   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Kirzshner Zeidke of Wólka Rynkowe Gasse
Klas     Rynkowe Gasse
Klas Meyer   Paretszer Gasse
Klas Moshke Shimshke's Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Kleinbort     Gmine Gasse
Knishinski Yoske Nachum Anshel's Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Kobrinski Yosel Holinkerke's Paretszer Gasse
Kolodner Abrahamshik   On the market
Kolodner Yisrael   On the market
Konchewiski     Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Konchewiski Tevel   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Kopel Chaim Gedalia   Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Kopel Chaim Gedalia   Sokolker Gasse
Kopel Meyer Yeshiye   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Kopel Velvel from Ozierany Gmine Gasse
Kopel Yankel (Mottel Avrahamchik) Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Kopiche Meyer   Paretszer Gasse
Kopiche Yankel   Gmine Gasse
Korngold Berl   Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Kotlyer Betzalel   Rynkowe Gasse
Kotlyer Hershel   Rynkowe Gasse
Kotlyer Yosel   Rynkowe Gasse
Kotlyer Zalman   Rynkowe Gasse
Kozlowski   From Lopinice Gmine Gasse
Kozoltshik Baruch Milb Kavkaz
Kozoltshik   Milbe's Zobie Gasse
Kozoltshik Yisrael Tutsh Kavkaz
Krawtshik   Kadelak Paretszer Gasse
Kreingel Mendel The artisan's Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Kreingel Shlomo the artisan Bod (Bath) Gesl
Krinski* Betzalel the melamed / teacher Bialystoker Gasse
Krinski Tzolke the melamed / teacher (JL note, Tzolke is a nickname for Betzalel) Kavkaz
Kruglyak Shmuel   Paretszer Gasse
Krutshewski Hershel Lipa's Bialystoker Gasse
Krutshewski David   Paretszer Gasse
Krutshewski Shmayke   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Krutshewski Teibe   Paretszer Gasse
Kugel Alter   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Kugel Leizer   Rynkowe Gasse
Kushner Iser the butcher Gmine Gasse
Kushner Lishka   Bialystoker Gasse
Kushner Shepsel   Gmine Gasse
Lapata     Szislewice Gasse
Lapata Meirim   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Lapata Nysel  Droles Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Lapata Sheina The Dralie's Bialystoker Gasse
Lapata Yitzchak   Bialystoker Gasse
Lash Velvel   Gmine Gasse
Lasher Yakov   Bod (Bath) Gesl
Lawler Chaim Mordecai   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Lawler Shmayke   Mil Gasse
Leibowitz Artshik   Paretszer Gasse
Levin Chaim Moshe Zamilok / zamler=collector Bialystoker Gasse
Levin Eli The Zoeler Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Levin Feivel   Szislewice Gasse
Levin Mikhel Mikhel Munya's Sokolker Gasse
Levin Mordecai Harbolshik the tailor Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Levin Moshe Ber   Mil Gasse
Levin Nachum Nachum Captain Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Levin Nachum from Skidel Mil Gasse
Levin Welly Masha   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Lew   lady baker Szislewice Gasse
Lew   the Lyalke = doll Mil Gasse
Lew Henya   Kruszyniany
Lew Hershel Yachsan = person of privilege Bod (Bath) Gesl
Lew Mordecai from Kruszyniany Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Lew   the Hassidic rabbinical teacher Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Lew Sheime   Kruszyniany
Lew Yankel Bertshikowe's Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Lew Yonah the smith Mil Gasse
Lew Yisrael shoemaker Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Lew Yonah the smith Mil Gasse
Lewski Shmuel tenor Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Lichtenstein   Dr. Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Lider Chaya Sara   Czerkowe Gasse
Lider Abrahamel   On the market
Lider Efraim   Sokolker Gasse
Lider Mordechai   Sokolker Gasse
Lider Motel   Mil Gasse
Lider Shaya   On the market
Lipshits David Kasriel's Bialystoker Gasse
Lipshits Hershel Kasriel's Bod (Bath) Gesl
Lipshitz Sheike   Szislewice Gasse
Lipunski Motel   Mil Gasse
Listokin Aizik Leib   Gmine Gasse
Listokin Chaim   Poczta Gasse
Listokin Fishka   Bialystoker Gasse
Listokin Zidke of Wolka Zobie Gasse
Lobendik Avrahamke The Farchrenter (arrogant one) Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Lobendik Hershel   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Lobendik Yerucham   Sokolker Gasse
Loginski     On the market
Losh Velvel   On the market
Losh Zalman   On the market
Lozowski Chaim the shoemaker Bialystoker Gasse
Lozowski Michel   On the market
Lozowski Michael   Mil Gasse
Lublinski     Szislewice Gasse
Lupamsh Feivel   Gmine Gasse
Manicher   Mandelech Kavkaz
Marantz Freidel   On the market
Margolis     On the market
Margolis Hershel   Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Margolis Velvel Moshele's Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Meister Shepe   Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Mendelewitz Lishka   Bialystoker Gasse
Mendelewitz Yosel   Bialystoker Gasse
Meyerowitz Zelig Wentsel Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Mikhlis Betzalel   Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Miller Benyamin lZyama der Beder (bathhouse manager) Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Miller Cheikel   Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Mirowski   Dental technician Bialystoker Gasse
Mishkowsky Avraham   Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Monachas Yisrael   Poczta Gasse
Mordchilewitz     Poczta Gasse
Mordchilewitz     Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Mordchilewitz Avraham   On the market
Morein Ahron of the Hores Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Morein Moshe   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Morein Moshe   Mil Gasse
Morein Moshel   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Morgenstern Chaim the shochet: ritual slaughterer Bialystoker Gasse
Mostowlianski Yosel   On the market
Mostowlianski Yosel   Bialystoker Gasse
Musaf Berl   Kavkaz
Nakdimon Berl   Gmine Gasse
Nakdimon Yisrael   Gmine Gasse
Neiman     Mil Gasse
Neiman Eizik   Mil Gasse
Neiman Meir Abba   Gmine Gasse
Neiman Mikhel Lontse's Kavkaz
Neiman Mosheheke Lontse's Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Neiman Nyanka Lontse's Sokolker Gasse
Niewyazshski Pinye   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Nisht   family Bialystoker Gasse
Nisht Henech   Poczta Gasse
Nishe Shlomo Feivel   Poczta Gasse
Noliber Shmuel Shmuel Katshka's Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Noliber Leibke   Szislewice Gasse
Noliber Velvel Katshka's Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Notes Yosel   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Notowits Meyer Yonah   Gmine Gasse
Nowik     Sokolker Gasse
Nowik Avrahame the dark Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Nowik Beile confectionary On the market
Nowik Yankel   Poczta Gasse
Ogushewitz Paltiel   Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Okun Shmuel Shmutke's Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Olean Cheikel restauranteur On the market
Olean Cheikel   Sokolker Gasse
Olean Meyer   On the market
Olken Shmuel   Bialystoker Gasse
Orinak Sheika   Sokolker Gasse
Ostrinski Eizik   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Ostrinski Shimon   Bod (Bath) Gesl
Ostrinski Tevel   Bialystoker Gasse
Ostrinski Yechiel   Szislewice Gasse
Ostrinski Zalman   Paretszer Gasse
Oynustawski Henia Lantse's Sokolker Gasse
Pat Ahron Smatnik Zobie Gasse
Pat Moshe   Zobie Gasse
Peteritser Chana Rishke   Gmine Gasse
Piper David   Sokolker Gasse
Pohulyanker Fishel   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Pohulyanker Zlatke   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Polanski     Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Potshabutski     Poczta Gasse
Potshabutski     Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Potshabutski Anshel   Bod (Bath) Gesl
Pruzanski Chaim Asher   Sokolker Gasse
Pruzanski Chaim Gershon   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Pruzanski Feivel   Szislewice Gasse
Pruzanski Eizik (Jack)   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Pruzanski Mishke  Chaim Asher Paretszer Gasse
Pruzanski Moshe Vevke   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Pruzanski Yisroel Chaim Asher's Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Rabinowitz Feivel   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Rachkin Shmuel Yitzchak   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Rosyanski Yankel David   Paretszer Gasse
Rotbort Monia   Poczta Gasse
Rubenstein   sisters Poczta Gasse
Rubenstein Abrahamel   Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Rubenstein David   Sokolker Gasse
Rubenstein Leibel   Sokolker Gasse
Rubenstein Malka   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Rubenstein Yasha cabinet maker / carpenter Sokolker Gasse
Rubenstein Yechiel Karmiz Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Rudi Avraham Shmuel   Bod (Bath) Gesl
Rudi Efraim Eli   Czerkowe Gasse
Sapir Yisroel   Kruszyniany
Sapirstein Merke   On the market
Sapirstein Moshel   On the market
Sapirstein Yekutiel   On the market
Sapirstein Yekutiel   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Segal Leibke   Szislewice Gasse
Segalowitz Moshe Ahron   On the market
Shachnes   Noach Keila's Zobie Gasse
Shafir Hinde Alyote's Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Shafir Sender   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Shapiro Abba   Sokolker Gasse
Shein Asher   Rynkowe Gasse
Shein Mashke   Szislewice Gasse
Shein Noske the lathe turner Mil Gasse
Sheinberg David   Szislewice Gasse
Sheinberg Efraim   On the market
Sheinberg Miriam Efroytshik's: (i.e. Efraim's wife) On the market
Sheinman Feivel Bobitse's Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Shimer   from Grajewo Gmine Gasse
Shinder Arka   Sokolker Gasse
Shinder Chaim Eli   Czerkowe Gasse
Shinder Sender   Sokolker Gasse
Shinder Yankel   Gmine Gasse
Shishlitsan     Gmine Gasse
Shishlitsan Alter   Zobie Gasse
Shishlitsan Eli   Sokolker Gasse
Shmidt Berl Komiteitser Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Shmidt Ozer   Sokolker Gasse
Shmulewitz Kalman   On the market
Shmulewitz     Czerkowe Gasse
Shneider   Family Zshuzshe's Zobie Gasse
Shneider   Podrip Paretszer Gasse
Shneider Shaya   Kavkaz
Shneider Tsale   Kavkaz
Shneider Yudke wagon driver Kavkaz
Shogom Alter   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Sholochowitz     On the market
Sholochowitz     Mil Gasse
Sholochowitz Ozer   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Shoshanski Pinie the Chochom's (son of the wise man) Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Shturmak   Gimzshe's Gmine Gasse
Shturmak   the lathe turner Szislewice Gasse
Shturmak Alter   Czerkowe Gasse
Shturmak Alter   Mil Gasse
Shturmak Avrahamel   Paretszer Gasse
Shturmak Beile Feigel   Czerkowe Gasse
Shturmak Motel   Paretszer Gasse
Shulruf Shmaryahu Shmerl from Kotly Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Shushan Berl   Kavkaz
Shuster Abke   Bod (Bath) Gesl
Shuster Peretz   Poczta Gasse
Shuster Gedliahu   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Shuster Itzik   Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Shuster Moshe   Gmine Gasse
Shuster Moshel   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Shuster Tevel   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Shuster Yankel Abke's Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Shuster Yisroel   Gmine Gasse
Shuster Yisroel Volove Mil Gasse
Shweitzer Berl   Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Shweitzer Chaim Ahron   Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Shweitzer Shlomo Chona   Sokolker Gasse
Shweitzer Shmuel Chona   Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Sikorski     Mil Gasse
Sirota Avrahamel   Kavkaz
Sirota Yisroel Elisha's Kavkaz
Skowronek Moshe Africaners Paretszer Gasse
Skowronek Moshe the Africaner: from Africa Gmine Gasse
Slapak Beilke   Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Slapak Moshe   Gmine Gasse
Slapak Moshke   Kavkaz
Slapak Yitzchak   Sokolker Gasse
Slowr Leibka   Sokolker Gasse
Slowr Sholmo   Sokolker Gasse
Sofer David Dyodia the baker Sokolker Gasse
Sofer Sender   On the market
Sofer Sender   Czerkowe Gasse
Sofer Yisrael   Sokolker Gasse
Sofer/Safer Yisroel   Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Stamblier Nonie   Gmine Gasse
Stein Eliezer   Bialystoker Gasse
Steinsaper Henech   Poczta Gasse
Steinsaper Motke   Bialystoker Gasse
Stolarski Baruch   Mil Gasse
Stolarski Binyamin Ozshorske's Paretszer Gasse
Stolarski Efraim   Kavkaz
Stolarski Itsel   Czerkowe Gasse
Stolarski Zelig Ozshorske's Kavkaz
Stolarski Zelig Yosel   Czerkowe Gasse
Stotski Karpel   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Stotski Yakov Yeshiye   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Suraski Baruch   Bod (Bath) Gesl
Suruk A   Poczta Gasse
Talkowski Velvel of Plante Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Tarlowski Abba   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Tarlowski Baruch   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Tarlowski Dobe Chana   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Tarlowski Motel   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Temkin Yankel   Kavkaz
Terkel Avrahamel   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Terkel Motke   Poczta Gasse
Tewel Berl   Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Tewel Yankel   Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Toltshes Lozer Golye's Mil Gasse
Trashtshon Moshe   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Trashtshon Tevel   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Tseshler     Gmine Gasse
Tseshler Yankel   On the market
Tsifer Beirach Naser Arbeiter = worker of wet objects (a type of textile work) Bod (Bath) Gesl
Tsigel Eli Chaim  the painter Gmine Gasse
Tsimerman     Gmine Gasse
Tsemachowski Chaim  from Nowy Dwór Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Tultses Golya   Mil Gasse
Turski     On the market
Turski     Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Wein Fishel   Poczta Gasse
Wein Sender   Poczta Gasse
Wein Shmuel   Poczta Gasse
Weiner Dudi Yididka's Kavkaz
Weiner Eizik   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Weiner Eli Meir Fishel's Gmine Gasse
Weiner Moshel   Poczta Gasse
Weiner Moshehke Amerikaner Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Weiner Motye   Rynkowe Gasse
Weiner Velvel   Paretszer Gasse
Weiner Yankel   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Weiner Yankel Chozsheike's Bod (Bath) Gesl
Weiner Yishayahu Yididka's Kavkaz
Weiner Yudel Zshidak Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Weinrach Shye   Mil Gasse
Weinstein     On the market
Weirach Meyer Tsygele = goat Zobie Gasse
Wrirach Yehosha rope maker Bialystoker Gasse
Wilenski Shlomo of Bytyñ Paretszer Gasse
Wilenski Yehuda   Mil Gasse
Wilenski Zelig   On the market
Wilenski Zelig   Bialystoker Gasse
Winograd Berl the geler: blond one Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Wisok David the blind baker Mil Gasse
Wolf Abke   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Wolf Ahron Ahron Montishke's Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Wolf Ahron   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Wolf Muntshik   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Wolf Yankel Spodwiler Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Wolf Zalman Nisel   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Wolfowitz   Moshe Kreine's Kavkaz
Wolinski Yitzchak Ozieranyer Bialystoker Gasse
Wolkow Itshe Gronem Kavkaz
Wollman David David Lokyar Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Wordbeiytshik Tsharne   Zobie Gasse
Worobeiytshik Shlomo   Garbarske (Tanners) Gasse
Wosilski Yeshayahu   Sokolker Gasse
Yaglom Henech   Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Yaglom   From the mill Bialystoker Gasse
Yarida Moshe Mendel   Poczta Gasse
Yarushewski Yisroel   Szislewice Gasse
Yasem/Yosem   pharmacist On the market
Yasem/Osem Itschke   Paretszer Gasse
Yasem Leizer Malach hamavet (angel of death) Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Yasem Moshe From Olekshits Gmine Gasse
Yatwetski     Szislewice Gasse
Yellin Berl shoemaker Tepersze (Potters) Gasse
Yisroel David   Rynkowe Gasse
Yoches Fishka   Kavkaz
Yoches Meir Fishka Kavkaz
Yudzik Yudel   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Yozelewitz Chatzkel   Bod (Bath) Gesl
Zak    family Mil Gasse
Zakheim Berl   Gmine Gasse
Zaleski Moshe   Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Zaleski Zeidel   Hassidim or Paltiel's Gasse (Grochowa)
Zalkin Moshe   Sokolker Gasse
Zalkind Melech   Bod (Bath) Gesl
Zaltsberg     Kavkaz
Zalutski Chaim   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Zalutski Yisroel   Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Zazdra     On the market
Zditowiski Baruch Mordechai   Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Zditowiski Pesach from Osnar Mil Gasse
Zelikowits     Szislewice Gasse
Zevin Chatzkel   Gmine Gasse
Zevin Moshe-Ahron   Szislewice Gasse
Zevin Yitzchak Moshe Ahron's Continuation of Garbarske Gasse
Ziskind     Sokolker Gasse
Zubatz Itsha   Szmole Gesl (Wanska)
Zubowski   the Tkoczes Bialystoker Gasse
Zubowski Shabtai   Szislewice Gasse

* Note from Yoni Roter: These are names that weren't included in Pinkas Krynki:

Gitel Roter (born Ottenstein) family in Krynki:

Parents of Gitel:
Avraham Yitzhak, Ottenstein- The Father
Khaia Feigel (Tzipora), Ottenstein (born Krinsky)- The Mother

Grandparents of Gitel from the mother's side- Khaia:
Betzalel Krinsky
Leah Krinsky (not sure about the family name she was born with)

Grandparents of Gitel from the father's side- Avraham:
Yeshayahu, Ottenstein

Hersh Tzvi, Ottenstein
Khaim, Ottenstein
Ester, Ottenstein
Miriam, Ottenstein
Shaia, Ottenstein
Hadasa, Ottenstein
Dobra, Ottenstein Return


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