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Chapter XVII

List of Jews in Krosno prior
and during WWII

Compiled by William Leibner



B Business directory
G Gmilat Hessed fund for needy Jews in Krosno
J Judenrat list established by the Judenrat in 1941 in Krosno
L Association of former residents of Krosno in Israel
P Private letters, documents & interviews
R Elzbieta Raczy, historian, author of essays on Krosno
S Jewish Self Help Committee during the war
Y Yad Vashem files
YI Yizkor list provided by survivors


Gender Name of
Sources Disposition
(names of cities place where the party was killed,
names of countries place where party spent war years)
ABRAHAM Rosa 1914 Stickerin embroider [female] F [J]
ABRAHAM Sara 1891 F [J], [G]
ABRAHAM Moses 1921 Arbeiter worker M [J]
ABRAHAMSOHN Berisch 1888 Beamter clerk M [J]
ABRAHAMSOHN Feige Leie 1886 F [J]
ABRAHAMSOHN Chaim 1923 Glaser glazier M [J]
ABRAHAMSOHN Salomon 1908 Kürschner furrier M [J]
ABRAHAMSOHN Chane 1909 F [J]
ABRAHAMSOHN Wella 1935 F [J]
ACKERMAN Riwka F [R] survived
ADAM Ita Jakob F [Y] Belzec
ADER Jakob 1877 Friseur barber M [J], [G]
ADER Ester 1880 Hebamme midwife F [J]
ADER Benjamin 1906 Friseur barber M [J]
ADER Hene 1917 F [J]
ADER Sara 1939 F [J]
ADER Pene 1910 F [J]
ADER Lola 1915 F [J]
ADER Sara 1917 F [J]
AFTERGUT Salomon 1893 Kaufmann merchant M [J]
AFTERGUT Sala 1892 F [J]
AFTERGUT David 1923 Elektrotechniker electrician M [J]
AHENBERG Pinkas M [L] survived
AICHTON Zisie M [R] survived
ALENBERG Leora F [L] survived
ALTBACH Sender 1873 M [J]
ALTBACH Helene 1877 Shimon F [J],[Y] Majdanek
ALTBACH Aharon M [Y]
ALTBACH Shimon 1900 M [Y] Auschwitz
ALTBACH Ester 1914 F [J]
ALTER Jakob 1881 Arbeiter worker Shimon M [J], [Y], [S], [G] perished
ALTER Fishel 1918 Jakob M [J], [Y] perished
ALTER Sime 1920 Jakob F [J], [Y] perished
ALTER Hiel Jakob M [J], [Y] Russia
ALTER Osias 1923 Arbeiter worker M [J]
ALTER Yehoshua M [L] survived
ALTHOLZ Isaac 1879 M [P] survived
ALTHOLZ Moses 1899 Uhrmacher watchmaker M [J]
ALTHOLZ Debora 1902 F [J]
ALTHOLZ David 1928 Arbeiter worker M [J]
ALTHOLZ Zila 1931 F [J]
ALTHOLZ Ch. Student student M [R]
ALTHOLZ Shmulik M [P] survived
ALTMANN Leib 1878 Klempner plumber M [J], [Y] perished
ALTMANN Sara 1886 Meyer F Leib [J], [Y] perished
ALTMANN Tzvi 1906 M [J], [Y] perished
ALTMANN Moses 1907 Bäcker baker Leib Sara M [J], [Y] perished
ALTMANN Osias 1908 Klempner plumber Leib Sara M [J], [Y] perished
ALTMANN Hirsch 1909 Leib Sara M [J], [Y] perished
ALTMANN Mania 1911 Leib Sara F [J], [Y] perished
ALTMANN Itzhak 1912 Leib Sara M [J], [Y] perished
ALTMANN Chune 1917 Monteur fitter Leib Sara M [J], [Y] perished
ALTMANN Poje 1919 Leib Sara F [J], [Y] perished
ALTMANN Ciwia 1917 Shlomo F [J], [Y] perished
ALTMANN Sala 1900 Lehrerin teacher [female] F [J]
ALTMANN Shyja Leichenbestatter undertaker F [R]
ALTMANN L Klempner plumber M [R]
ALTMANN Leopold Drechsler lathe turner M [R]
ALZOHAR STEIN F [P] survived
AMIDROR Tzila F [L] survived
AMIR Israel SPITZ M [L] survived
AMSTER Dawid 1900 Israel M [Y] Majdanek
AMSTER Dewora 1908 Mordechai F [Y] Auschwitz
AMSTERDAM Chaim 1889 Kaufmann merchant M [J], [G]
AMSTERDAM Regina 1889 F [J]
AMSTERDAM Gerson 1911 Arbeiter worker M [J]
AMSTERDAM Ester 1913 F [J]
AMSTERDAM Naftali 1923 Schäftemacher upper shoe maker M [J]
ANTENER Chaim 1898 Ben M [Y] Treblinka
ANTENER Khinia 1933 Chaim M [Y] Treblinka
APELSTEIN Sala 1911 F [J]
APFEL Guetl 1896 F [J]
APFEL Menashe 1908 Dawid M [Y], [G] Belzec
APFEL Toba 1912 Moshe F [Y] perished
APFEL Renia Shimon F [Y] perished
APFELBAUM-BEER Mendel 1898 Friseur barber M [J]
APFELBAUM-BEER Frieda 1908 F [J]
APFELBAUM-BEER Samson 1934 M [J]
APFELBAUM-BEER Schmaje 1939 M [J]
APRIL Samuel M [R]
APRIL Sara 1864 F Samuel [J], [G]
APRIL Chaim Samuel Sara M [R]
APRIL Israel Samuel Sara M [R]
APRIL Ryfka Samuel Sara F [R]
APRIL Estera Samuel Sara F [R]
APT A. Uhrmacher watchmaker [R]
ARGAND Uhrmacher watchmaker [P]
ARON Ite 1865 F [J]
ARONOWICZ David 1908 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S] perished
ARZENBERG Gershon M [R] survived
ASHKENAZI Chana 1895 Shmuel F [Y] perished
ASHKENAZI Lea 1926 Mendel F [Y]
ATLAS Aron M [L] survived
ATLAS Salomon 1864 M [J]
AUSSENBERG Menasche 1911 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
AUSSENBERG Regina 1913 F [J]
AUZNER Bela 1906 Mordechai F [Y] perished
AWNER Chana F [S]
AKSELRAD Schulim M [P]
AKSELRAD Bendet 1886 Schulim M [YI] perished
AKSELRAD Zile FREIFELD 1880 Leib F Bendet [J], [Y] perished
AKSELRAD Shmuel 1909 Bendet Zile M [Y] perished
AKSELRAD Klara ROSENBERG F Shmuel [P] perished
AKSELRAD Erenka 1935 Shmuel Klara F [Y] perished
AKSELRAD Shalom 1911 Beamter clerk Bendet Zile M [J]
AKSELRAD Awraham 1922 Bendet Zile M [P] survived
AKSELRAD Yehuda 1924 Bendet Zile M [P]
AKSELRAD Lewi 1930 Bendet Zile M [J], [Y] perished
AKSELRAD Bertha 1932 Bendet Zile F [P] survived
AKSELRAD Rivka 1938 Munio F [Y] perished
AKSELRAD F Shmuel [Y] perished
AKSELRAD Rivka 1935 Shmuel F [Y] perished
AKSELRAD Meshulam 1911 Bendet Zile M [Y] perished
AKSELRAD Shimshon Schulim M [Y] perished
AKSELRAD Helene 1900 Shimshon F [J] perished
AKSELRAD Beile 1932 F [J]
AKSELRAD Moses 1928 M [J]
AKSELRAD Chaim 1927 Arbeiter worker M [J]
AKSELRAD Luser Lipe 1907 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S], [G]
AKSELRAD David 1934 M [J]
AKSELRAD Chaim 1935 M [J]
AKSELRAD Jochwet 1937 F [J]
AKSELRAD Chawe 1884 F [J]
AKSELRAD Leie 1919 F [J]
AKSELRAD Ester 1923 F [J]
AKSELRAD Fradel 1926 F [J]
AKSELRAD Jsaak 1930 M [J]
AKSELRAD Tobias 1890 Kaufmann merchant M [J], [S]
AKSELRAD Hadassa 1903 F [J]
AKSELRAD Feiga 1901 Alexander F [Y] Treblinka
AKSELRAD Yaacov M [L] survived
AKSELRAD Yossef Bend M [L] survived
AKSELRAD Chana F Yossef Bend
AKSELRAD Rochel Yossef Bend Chana F
AKSELRAD Wolf M [R] survived
FESSEL Rachel F Lipe [P]
FESSEL Alexander M [P]
FESSEL Rachel F Lipe [P]
FESSEL Alexander M [P]
AKSELRAD Hinde Git AKSELRAD Lipe Rachel F Alexander [P]
AKSELRAD Hershel Lipe Rachel M [P]
AKSELRAD Ciwia Lea KALB F Hershel [P]
AKSELRAD Ides Lipe Rachel F [P]
AKSELRAD Yossef Bendet 0.1888 Lipe Rachel M [P]
AKSELRAD Chana HAUSNER 1890 F Yossef Bendet [P]
AKSELRAD Lipe 1908 Yossef Bendet Chana M [P]
SHEINOWITZ Malka 1910 Yossef Bendet Chana F [P]
SHEINOWITZ Rachel AKSELRAD 1911 Yossef Bendet Chana F [P]
AKSELRAD Mechel Yossef Bendet Chana M [P]
AKSELRAD Moshe Liebe Yossef Bendet Chana M [P]
AKSELRAD Dora Yossef Bendet Chana F [P]
AKSELRAD Sara Reila Yossef Bendet Chana F [P]
AKSELRAD Esther Lea Yossef Bendet Chana F [P]
BALABAN Ch Zimmermann carpenter R [P]
BALSAM Jachet F [R]
BALSER Rozka 1917 Meir F [Y] perished
BARD Dawid 1907 Avraham M [Y] perished
BAREL F. Student student R
BART Genia OLING F [L] survived
BART Yaacov M [L] survived
BARTH Faiga 1907 Haim F [Y] perished
BARTH Josef 1860 M [J]
BARUCH Perl 1883 F [J], [S]
BAUMANN Markus M [G]
BAUMANN Berta 1910 Köchin cook [female] F [J]
BAUMANN Kalman Wolf M [P]
BAUMRING Anna 1904 F Jakob [J]
BAUMRING Theodor 1934 Jakob Anna M [J]
BAUMRING Gina 1939 Jakob Anna F [J]
BAUMRING Jakob 1895 Arzt doctor, town council M [J], [G] perished
BECK Chaim M [R]
BECK Mania FLAPAN F [L] survived
BEER Moses 1902 Kutscher coachman M [J]
BEER Zila F Moses [P]
BEER Nechemia Moses Zila M [P], [G]
BEER Bella KATZ F Nechemia [P] perished
BEER Zila Nechemia Bella [P] survived
BEER Sara 1906 F [J]
BEER Henoch 1933 M [J]
BEER Hinde 1936 F [J]
BEER Marjem 1939 F [J]
BEER Izrael M [G]
BEER Mendel M [G]
BEER Hersz Schneiderin tailoress M [R]
BEER Solomon 1862 M [P] USA
BEER Solomon Schuhmacher shoemaker M [B]
BEER Jacob Holzarbeiter woodworker M [B]
BEIGEL Salomon 1893 Arbeiter worker M [J], [Y] perished
BEIGEL Chaje 1884 F Salomon [J], [Y] perished
BEIGEL Moses 1923 Arbeiter worker Salomon Chaje M [J], [Y] perished
BEIGEL Naftali 1924 Arbeiter worker Salomon Chaje M [J], [Y] perished
BEIGEL Ester 1927 Salomon Chaje F [J], [Y] perished
BEIL Avraham M [L] survived
BEIL Benzion 1892 M [J], [S]
BEIL Abisch 1930 M [J]
BEIL Mendel 1925 M [J]
BEIL Rachel 1923 F [J]
BEIL Nathan M [S]
BEILES Henoch 1889 Arbeiter worker M [J]
BEILES Minna 1886 Schneiderin tailoress F [J], [G]
BEIM Moses Jakob 1920 Angestellter employee M [S]
BEIM Josef 1893 Arbeiter worker M [J]
BEIM Perl 1893 F [J]
BEIM Rachel 1920 F [J]
BEIM Mendel 1925 Arbeiter worker M [J]
BEIM Golde 1927 F [J]
BEIM Berta 1895 F [J]
BEIM Ester 1922 F [J]
BEIM Feige 1925 F [J]
BEIM Suessmann 1928 Elektrotechniker electrician M [J]
BEIM Salomon 1898 Klempner plumber Suessmann Toni M [J]
BEIM Samuel Zalman M [P]
BEIM Henoch Samuel M [P]
BEIM Aron Samuel M [P]
BEIM Moshe Samuel M [P]
BEIM Henia Samuel F [P]
BEIM Rysia Samuel F [P]
BEIM Shlomo Zalman M [P]
BEIM Siuna Shlomo F [P]
BEIM Rysia Shlomo F [P]
BEIM Moshe Shlomo M [P]
BEIM Meilech Zalman M [P]
BEIM Berish Zalman M [P]
BEIM Dobka Berish F [P]
BEIM Zalman Berish M [P]
BEIM Riwke Zalman F [P]
BEIM Chane 1924 F [J]
BEIM Salomon 1927 Arbeiter worker M [J]
BEIM Jsrael 1870 M [J], [G]
BEIM Tziwia F Jsrael [P]
BEIM Zishe 1893 Jsrael Tziwia M [P]
BEIM Toni-Tova WALLACE 1894 Yechiel Hannah F Zishe [P]
BEIM David 1920 Kutscher coachman Zishe Toni M [J] perished
BEIM Jakob 1921 Arbeiter worker Zishe Toni M [J] survived
BEIM Adele F Jakob [P]
BEIM Helen Zishe Toni F survived
BEIM Josef 1920 Arbeiter worker Zishe Toni M [J]
BEIM Hinde FREUND 1923 F Josef [J] survived
BEIM Sal Zishe Toni M
BEIM Zalman Jsrael Tziwia [P]
BEIM Salke 1923 Schäftemacher upper shoe maker Zalman M [J] survived
BEIM Zishe 1928 Zalman M [J] survived
BEIM Regina 1905 F [J]
BEIM Nathan 1890 Klempner plumber M [J]
BEIM Sala 1908 F [J]
BEIM Samuel 1925 Arbeiter worker M [J]
BEIM Siegmund 1926 Arbeiter worker M [J]
BEIM Rachel 1929 F [J]
BEIM Benzion M [G]
BEIZ Riwe F [R]
BELLER Henoch M [L] survived
BELZER Nathan M [L] survived
BELZES Gite STESSEL F [L] survived
BELZYCKI Pinkas 1890 Uhrmacher watchmaker M [J]
BELZYCKI Feige Leie 1890 F [J]
BELZYCKI Jsaak 1912 Elektrotechniker electrician M [J]
BEN MENACHEM Itzhak GROSS M [L] survived
BENDER Jakub Friseur barber M [R]
BENDER Pinhas M [R] survived
BENKENDORF Rosa-Rosalia 1907 Koch cook F [J], [S]
BER Avraham M [L] survived
BER Mendel M [G]
BERG El. MONTAG M [L] survived
BERGER Jakob 1872 Schneider tailor M [J] perished
BERGER Miriam 1876 F Jakob [P]
BERGER Helene 1897 Jakob Miriam F [P]
BERGER Francis 1900 Jakob Miriam F [P]
BERGER Berta 1902 Jakob Miriam F [P] survived
BERGER Eleanor 1904 Jakob Miriam F [P] USA
BERGER Rose 1906 Jakob Miriam F [P] USA
BERGER Yaacov M [P] perished
BERGER Reisel RIEGER 1893 Lazar Pearl F Jakob [J], [Y] Belzec
BERGER Moses 1912 Schneider tailor Jakob Reisel M [J], [Y] perished
BERGER Osias 1915 Schneider tailor Jakob Reisel M [J], [Y] perished
BERGER Mechel 1921 Schneider tailor Jakob Reisel M [J], [Y] survived
BERGER Shlomo 1919 Jakob Reisel M [P] survived
BERGER Berta Jakob Reisel F [P] survived
BERGER Benyamin M [L], [G] survived
BERGER Malka 1921 F [L] survived
BERGLAS Baruch 1900 M [R] Auschwitz
BERGMAN Jos Bäcker baker M [R], [B]
BERGMAN Josef Schmied blacksmith M [B]
BERGNER Samuel 1909 M [P]
BERGNER Sabina F Samuel [P]
BERKOWICZ Hirsch Beer M [S]
BERLINSKI Sara 1916 Angestellte employee F [J]
BERLINSKI Dine 1906 F [J]
BERMANN Lisa 1917 Hausmädchen housemaid F [J]
BERTENFELD O. Klempner plumber M [R]
BERTENFELD L. Klempner plumber M [R]
BIALYWLOS Mendel 1891 Glaser glazier Avraham M [Y] Auschwitz
BIALYWLOS Leie PLATNER 1896 Chaim F [J], [Y] perished
BIALYWLOS Mirjam-Mania 1922 Angestellte employee Mendel Leie F [J], [Y] perished
BIALYWLOS Alexander-Send 1923 Glaser glazier Mendel Leie M [J] survived
BIALYWLOS Salomon-Shlomo 1925 Glaser glazier Mendel Leie M [J], [Y] perished
BIALYWLOS Chaim-Heniek 1931 Mendel Leie M [J], [Y] Auschwitz
BIEDER Adolph Schuhhändler shoe dealer M [Y] perished
BIEDER F [Y] perished
BIEDER Zigfried 1901 Adolph M [Y] perished
BIEDER Wilhelm 1902 Adolph M [Y] perished
BIEDER Admund 1917 Adolph M [Y] perished
BIEDERMANN Liepe 1886 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
BIEDERMANN Malke 1886 F [J]
BIEDERMANN Zile 1914 Verkäuferin saleswoman F [J]
BIEDERMANN Poje 1915 F [J]
BIEDERMANN Sara 1920 Modistin dressmaker [female] F [J]
BIEDERMANN Hirsch 1925 Arbeiter worker M [J]
BIEDNAR Adolf goods merchant M [R]
BIGAJER Chaim 1915 Schneider tailor M [J]
BIGAJER Reisel 1916 Moshe F [J], [Y] perished
BIGAJER Aron 1941 M [J]
BILBERG Yaacov M [L] survived
BILET Chana F [R]
BILET Chana F [R]
BINDER Meir Wolf M [Y] perished
BINDER Rivka 1924 Meir F [Y] perished
BIRAN Chiel M [P] survived
BIRAN Esther F Chiel [P] survived
BIRAN Blime F [P] survived
BIRNER Iroslav Leib M [Y] perished
BIRNER Leopold Itzhak M [Y] perished
BIRNKRAUT Sabine 1903 F [J]
BIRNKRAUT Efraim 1912 Bäcker baker M [J]
BIRNKRAUT Ester 1939 F [J]
BIRNKRAUT Rachel 1907 Verkäuferin saleswoman F [J]
BIRON Marcus Schneider tailor M [B]
BLADY Samuel 1913 Monteur fitter M [J]
BLASER Eliasz Kürschner furrier M [R]
BLAU Moses 1904 Schirmmacher umbrella maker M [J]
BLAU Rosa 1897 Dan F [J]
BLAU Adele 1938 F [J]
BLECHNER Moshe 1893 M [P] USA
BLEICHFELD Hermann 1879 Bauer farmer M [J], [S]
BLICHFELD M [L] survived
BLUM Oscar M [R]
BLUM Lola HELLER F Oscar [R]
BLUM Ryszard Oscar Lola M [R]
BLUMENFELD Berisch 1894 Kaufmann merchang M [J]
BLUMENFELD Berta 1898 Yossef F [J] perished
BLUMENFELD Salomon 1920 Arbeiter worker Dov M [J] perished
BLUMENFELD Abraham 1922 Angestellter employee Dov M [J] perished
BLUMENFELD Naftali 1927 Arbeiter worker M [J]
BOBKER Yehezkel M [L] survived
BOBKER Miriam F Yehezkel [P] perished
BOBKER Ester 1903 Yehezkel Miriam F [J] perished
BOBKER Mendel 1928 Yehezkel Miriam M [J] survived
BOBKER Dobcze Yehezkel Miriam F [P] perished
BOBKER Frieda Yehezkel Miriam F [P] perished
BOBKER Hersh M [L] survived
BOBKER Markus 1901 Handelsgehilfe clerk M [J], [G]
BOBKER Moses M [G]
BOBKER Mordechai M [P]
BOCIAN Pinkus 1903 Schneider tailor M [J], [S]
BOCIAN Chaje 1907 F Pinkus [J]
BOCIAN Jente 1932 Pinkus Chaje F [J]
BOCIAN Hirsch 1933 Pinkus Chaje M [J]
BODNARA J Friseur barber M [R]
BODNER Chaskel 1877 Jakob M [J]
BODNER Abraham 1878 M [J]
BODNER Blime 1877 F [J]
BODNER Suessl 1915 F [J]
BODNER Chaje 1940 F [J]
BODNER Blueme 1917 Friseuse coiffeuse F [J]
BODNER Regina 1914 F [J]
BODNER Chaim M [G]
BODNER Menashe vegetables M [R]
BODNER-LECH Benjamin 1912 Schneider tailor M [J]
BODNER-LECH Scheindel 1912 F [J]
BODNER-LECH Marjem 1937 F [J]
BOGEN Kalmen 1885 Buchbinder bookbinder M [J], [G]
BOGEN Nuchim 1909 Buchbinder bookbinder M [J], [G]
BOGEN Ascher 1915 Arbeiter worker M [P] shot in 1942
BOGEN Chaje Eidel 1880 F [J], [S]
BOGEN Eidel 1880 F [J]
BOGEN Chaim 1907 Schuster shoemaker M [J]
BOGEN Hirsch 1910 Musiker musician M [J]
BOGEN Schlama 1923 Arbeiter worker M [J]
BOGEN Ben Zion M [P]
BORENSTEIN Arie M [L] survived
BORGENICHT Simon 1922 Schuster shoemaker M [J]
BORKOWSKI Jsaak 1894 Schuster shoemaker M [J]
BORKOWSKI Feige 1900 F [J]
BORKOWSKI Chane 1920 F [J]
BORKOWSKI Dine 1923 F [J]
BORKOWSKI Abraham 1927 Schuster shoemaker M [J]
BRAND Ester 1888 F [J]
BRAND Mordche 1931 M [J]
BRAND Hermann M [L] survived
BRAND Tzvi M [L] survived
BRAND Mania F [L] survived
BRAND Menachem M [L] survived
BRANDER Yossef M [P]
BRANDER Mindel 1900 Shmuel F [Y] perished
BRANDSTATTER Wolf clothing merchant M
BRAUS Sonia 1912 Avraham F [J], [Y] perished
BRAUS Stephan 1937 Leon M [J], [Y] perished
BREITOWICZ Mechel Fleischer butcher M [B]
BREITOWICZ Moshe Mechel Freidel M [P] perished
BREITOWICZ Shprintse F Moshe [P] died 1915
BREITOWICZ Isidor ISRAEL 1899 Moshe Shprintse M survived in USA
BREITOWICZ Jenny F Isidor survived in the USA
BREITOWICZ Sam 1902 Moshe Shprintse M survived in USA
BREITOWICZ Fanny Sam survived
BREITOWICZ Abraham 1904 Fleischer butcher Moshe Shprintse M [J] killed
BREITOWICZ Helen THALER 1908 F Abraham [P] perished
BREITOWICZ Hirsch 1935 Abraham Helen M [P] perished
BREITOWICZ Ester 1937 Abraham Helen F [P] perished
BREITOWICZ Janka 1939 Abraham Helen F [P] perished
BREITOWICZ Jsaak 1905 Fleischer butcher Moshe Shprintse M [P] Belzec
BREITOWICZ Esther STRAUBING 1906 F Jsaak [P] Belzec
BREITOWICZ Abraham 1938 Jsaak Esther M [P] Belzec
BREITOWICZ Rachel 1940 Jsaak Esther F [P] Belzec
BREITOWICZ Jana 1941 Jsaak Esther F [P] Belzec
BREITOWICZ Jacob 1910 Moshe Shprintse M [P] USA
BREITOWICZ Jeannette LUKS 1915 F Jacob [P] USA
BREITOWICZ Herb 1936 Jacob Jeannette M [P] USA
BREITOWICZ Celia 1911 Moshe Shprintse F [P] deceased
BREITOWICZ Ete 1913 Moshe Shprintse F [P] survived
BREITOWICZ Lena 1889 F Moshe [P] 2nd wife, Belzec
BREITOWICZ Aron 1914 Fleischer butcher Moshe Lena M [P] Belzec
BREITOWICZ Bronka KORB 1915 F Aron [P] Belzec
BREITOWICZ Stella 1940 Aron Bronka [P] Belzec
BREITOWICZ Chaim 1916 Moshe Lena M [P] deceased
BREITOWICZ David 1918 Moshe Lena M [P] survived
BREITOWICZ Fradel 1923 Buchhalterin bookkeeper [female] Moshe Lena F [P] Belzec
BREITOWICZ Kreindel 1925 Schneiderin tailoress Moshe Lena F [P] Belzec
BREITOWICZ Gitel 1927 Moshe Lena F [P] Belzec
BREITOWICZ Hanka 1929 Moshe Lena
BREITOWICZ Israel Bäcker baker Dawid M [Y], [G] Belzec
BREITOWICZ Moses 1906 Bäcker baker Israel M [J], [Y] Treblinka
BREITOWICZ Adka 1912 Israel F [Y] Treblinka
BREITOWICZ Chane 1927 Israel F [J], [S]
BREITOWICZ Pepi 1910 Baruch F [J]
BREITOWICZ Ete 1912 Baruch F [J]
BREITOWICZ Hene 1918 F [J]
BREITOWICZ Chane 1867 F [J]
BREITOWICZ Leib 1900 Fleischer butcher M [J], [G]
BREITOWICZ Rachel 1905 F [J]
BREITOWICZ Naftali 1936 M [J]
BREITOWICZ Rosa 1938 F [J]
BREITOWICZ Ester 1903 F [J]
BREITOWICZ Schifre 1931 F [J]
BREITOWICZ Rosa 1934 F [J]
BREITOWICZ Chaje 1906 F [J]
BREITOWICZ Mendel 1892 M [P] survived
BRIESS David 1909 Arbeiter worker M [J]
BRINGS Lola 1886 Nehemia F [J]
BRUCK Mendel Getreidehändler grain dealer M [B]
BRUDER Benyamin 1872 Kiwe M [Y] perished
BRUDER Pinhas M [L] survived
BRUDER Dawid Schankwirt innkeeper M [B]
BRZEZINSKI Sische 1892 Arbeiter worker M [J]
BRZEZINSKI Ryfke 1889 F [J]
BRZEZINSKI Josef 1923 Arbeiter worker M [J]
BRZEZINSKI Abraham 1924 Arbeiter worker M [J]
BRZEZINSKI Aron 1930 M [J]
BUCH Levy David 1902 Schneider tailor M [J]
BUCH Ester 1903 Schneiderin tailoress Zissel F [J], [Y]
BUCHOLTZ A Arzt doctor M [B]
BUCHSBAUM Sara-Sala 1903 F [J], [S]
BUCHSBAUM Freide 1927 F [J]
BUCHSBAUM Ete 1929 F [J]
BUCHSBAUM Aron 1930 M [J]
BUCHSBAUM Feiwel 1931 M [J]
BUCHSBAUM Rachel ZELLER F [L] survived
BUCHSBAUM Shia M [L] survived
BURSTANOWICZ Hirsch 1898 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
BURSTANOWICZ Rachel 1902 F [J]
BURSTANOWICZ Rosa 1924 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
BURSTANOWICZ Jakob 1926 Arbeiter worker M [J]
BURSTANOWICZ Sische 1931 M [J]
BUTNER Benyamin M [L] survived
CAARES Sabina F [G]
CHAJES Mendel 1909 Schäftemacher upper shoe maker M [J]
CHAJES Berta 1909 F [J]
CHAJES Schlama 1941 M [J]
CHEMERYS Schmied locksmith M [R]
CHOROWICZ B Student student M [R]
CISER Selig Bäcker baker M [B]
CITRONENBAUM Shmaryahu Jaslo Leib Liba M [P]
CITRONENBAUM Sara 1910 Shmaryahu F [Y] perished
DAN Idel M [L] survived
DAWID Wolf M [P]
DAWID Sprinze 1880 F Wolf [J], [S] perished
DAWID Rosa 1903 Wolf Sprinze F [J] perished
DAWID Freide 1915 Lehrerin teacher [female] Wolf Sprinze F [J] perished
DAWID Rachel 1909 Schneiderin tailoress Wolf Sprinze F [J] perished
DAWID Markus 1920 Tischler carpenter Wolf Sprinze M [J] perished
DAWID Israel Wolf Sprinze M [P] perished
DAWID Avraham Wolf Sprinze M [P] perished
DAWID Lea 1922 Angestellte employee Wolf Sprinze F [J] perished
DAWID Mechel 1863 Metallarbeiter metalworker M [J], [G]
DAWID Sabine 1861 F [J]
DAWID Hinde 1905 F [J]
DAWID Luser 1932 M [J]
DAWID Sala 1913 F [J]
DAWID Pinkas 1897 M [P], [G]
DAWID Sara 1896 F [J]
DAWID Jochewet 1925 F [J]
DAWID Neche 1927 F [J]
DAWID Chane 1930 F [J]
DAWID Ester 1936 F [J]
DAWID Berel 1901 Metallarbeiter metalworker M [J]
DAWID Suessl 1930 M [J]
DAWID Anita 1935 F [J]
DAWIDOWICZ Mendel 1898 Glaser glazier M [J]
DAWIDOWICZ Marjem 1911 F [J]
DAWIDOWICZ Brandel 1935 F [J]
DAWIDOWICZ Chane 1941 F [J]
DENN Meilech Kohlenarbeiter coal miner M [R] deceased
DENN Shrincza KLEINER F Meilech deceased
DENN Chaja Pearl 1905 Meilech Shrincza F deceased
DENN Abraham 1906 Handelsgehilfe clerk M [J]
DENN Selde 1905 F [J]
DENN Leib 1935 M [J]
DENN Pinkas 1936 M [J]
DENN Wolf 1893 Arbeiter worker M [J], [G]
DENN Leie 1891 F [J]
DENN Jsaak 1925 Arbeiter worker M [J]
DENN Sprinze 1869 F [J]
DENN Berel 1901 M [J]
DENN Zelman M deceased
DENN Cywie F Zelman deceased
DENN Meilech Zelman Cywie M died 1925
DENN Mendel M [P]
DEUTSCH Dawid 1920 Alim M [Y] perished
DEUTSCH Frida 1900 Moshe F [Y] perished
DIAMANT Kalmen 1887 Kaufmann merchant M [J], [G]
DIAMANT Pessel 1886 F [J]
DIAMANT Chaje 1916 F [J]
DIAMANT Sime 1922 F [J]
DIAMANT Rachel 1924 F [J]
DIAMANT Mindel 1926 F [J]
DIAMANT Sara 1929 F [J]
DIAMANT Leib 1931 M [J]
DIAMANT S Schneider tailor M [R]
DIAMANT Mechel M [P]
DICK Beile 1879 M [J], [Y] perished
DICK Marie 1909 Dawid F [J], [Y] perished
DILLER Josef 1907 Bademeister bath attendant Simha Freidel M [J]
DILLER Chaje 1900 F [J]
DILLER Feige 1924 F [J]
DILLER Jsaak 1926 Arbeiter worker M [J]
DILLER Uri 1929 M [J]
DILLER Pessel 1935 M [J]
DILLER Saul 1909 Angestellter employee M [J]
DOM Bashe F [P]
DOM Jehudith F [P]
DOMINITZ Moses fabrics M [B]
DOMINITZ Perla 1891 Moshe F [Y] Auschwitz
DOMINITZ Lea F [L] survived
DOMINITZ Sonia F [R] survived
DORF Menashe M [Y] perished
DORF F Menashe [Y] perished
DORF Hirsh 1925 Menashe M [Y] perished
DORF Yaacov 1927 Menashe M [Y] perished
DORF Ben Zion 1930 Menashe M [Y] perished
DORF Ester 1935 Menashe F [Y] perished
DORF Chaja 1899 Ben Zion F [Y] perished
DORF Mendel M [G]
DORF Dawid 1921 Mendel M [Y], [L] survived
DERSCHEWITZ Chaje 1890 F [J]
DERSCHEWITZ Naftali 1920 Sattler saddler M [J]
DRENGER Hava F [L] survived
DUNKEL Majer 1865 goods M [J], [G], [R]
DUNKEL Luser 1911 Arbeiter worker M [J]
DUNKEL Eisig 1916 Arbeiter worker M [J]
DWIDNER Helena 1912 Moshe F [Y]
DYM Avraham Stadtrat town council M [R]
DYM Anna 1880 Moshe F [Y] perished
DYM Chaim Stadtrat town council M [R]
DYM Berish 1892 Kaufmann merchant Chaim M [Y] Auschwitz
DYM Shimon 1888 Chaim M [Y] Belzec
DYM Leib 1889 Fleischer butcher Chaim M [Y] perished
DYM Yaacov 1909 Pinhas M [Y] perished
DYM Moses 1910 Pinhas M [Y] Belzec
DYM Leopold Arzt town council, doctor M [R]
DYM Leja spirits F [R]
DYM Rebeca spirits F [R]
DYM Szyja spirits M [R]
DYM Nushek M [P] perished
DYM Szyfra Krämer grocer F [B]
DYM Arzt doctor [P] deceased
DYM Zofia [P]
EDELHEIT Blueme 1916 F [J]
EDELHEIT Moses 1937 M [J]
EDELHEIT Hirsch 1887 Bürstenmacher brush maker M [J]
EDELHEIT Golde 1894 F [J]
EDELHEIT Beile 1925 F [J]
EDELHEIT Berel 1930 M [J]
EDELHEIT Menahem Reuben M [Y] perished
EHRENBERG Hadassa 1902 F [J]
EHRENBERG Majer 1935 M [J]
EHRENPREIS Jakob 1898 M [J], [S]
EHRENREICH Ester 1912 F [J]
EHRENREICH Leib M [L] survived
EHRENREICH Yehezkel M [L] survived
EHRLICH Chaskel 1934 M [J]
EHRLICH Alter 1888 Eierpacker egg-packer M [J]
EHRLICH Scheindel 1886 F [J]
EHRLICH Sara 1916 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
EHRLICH Rachel 1920 F [J]
EHRLICH Chane 1923 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
EHRLICH Leib 1924 Darmputzer cleaner M [J]
EHRLICH Leie 1929 F [J]
EHRLICH Elhanan M [P]
EICHHORN Regine 1922 Angestellte employee F [J]
EICHHORN Netti 1920 Angestellte employee F [J]
EICHHORN Zishe M [L] survived
EINHORN Feiwel 1907 Arbeiter worker M [J]
EINHORN Ester 1909 F [J]
EINHORN Hinde 1939 F [J]
EINHORN Rubin 1904 Arbeiter worker M [J]
EINHORN Ester 1902 F [J]
EINHORN Rische 1931 M [J]
EINHORN Hudes 1932 F [J]
EINHORN Hirsch 1935 M [J]
EINLEGER Jhuda 1887 Angestellter employee M [J]
EINLEGER Leie 1898 F [J]
EINLEGER Rita 1932 F [J]
EINREDER Mottel 1880 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
EINREDER Leie 1888 F [J]
EISEN Jhuda 1922 Bäcker baker M [J]
EISEN Yaacov M [L] survived
EISENBERG Itzhak Yaacov M [P] USA
EISENBERG Leibish 1901 Itzhak Yaacov M [P] USA
EISENBERG Gershon Itzhak Yaacov M [P] USA
EISENBERG Rivka Itzhak Yaacov F [P] USA
EISENBERG MIndel Itzhak Yaacov F [P] USA
EISENBERG Saul 1887 Perückenmacher wigmaker M [J]
EISENBERG Liebe 1890 F [J]
EISENBERG Menachem 1928 M [J]
EISENBERG Benjamin 1920 Avraham M [J], [Y] perished
EISENBERG Ben Zion 1922 Avraham M [J], [Y] perished
EISENBERG Yossef 1924 Avraham M [J], [Y] perished
EISENBERG Gershon M [L] survived
EISENBERG Simcha Baumeister builder M [R]
EISENBERG Izaac Früchteverkäufer fruit seller M [R]
ELENBERG Rosa 1925 F [J]
ELLOWICZ Saul 1879 Itzhak M [J], [Y], [G] perished
ELLOWICZ Chaim 1890 Itzhak M [Y] perished
ELLOWICZ Luser 1907 Arbeiter worker M [J] survived
ELLOWICZ Esther F [L] survived
ELLOWICZ Elieazar M [L] survived
ELLOWICZ Itzhak fabrics M [B]
ELLOWICZ Majer 1872 fabrics Itzhak M [J], [Y], [G] Belzec
ELLOWICZ Simche 1871 M [J]
EMER Machcia KROSNO Yunes F [Y] Belzec
EMER Jacob M [P] survived
ENGEL Jhuda 1896 [J] [J] Chaim M [Y] Belzec
ENGEL Mirjam 1899 F [J]
ENGEL Jhudith 1926 F [J]
ENGEL Helene 1901 F [J]
ENGEL Dawid M [S]
ENGEL Yehoshua M [L] survived
ENGEL Hannah PALANT F [L] survived
ENGELHARDT Moses 1916 Handtaschenmacher handbags maker Tzwi M [J], [Y]
ENGELHARDT Sabine 1863 F [J]
ENGELHARDT Jsaak 1909 M [J], [G]
ENGELHARDT Chaje 1912 F [J]
ENGELHARDT Chane 1936 F [J]
ENGELHARDT Chawe 1937 F [J]
ENGELHARDT Mendel 1879 M [J], [G]
ENGELHARDT Marjem 1878 F [J]
ENGELHARDT Benzion 1901 Kaufmann merchant M [J]
ENGELHARDT Chaje 1901 F [J]
ENGELHARDT Rachel 1922 F [J]
ENGELHARDT Ester 1924 F [J]
ENGELHARDT Leib 1930 M [J]
ENGELHARDT Ryfke 1888 F [J]
ENGELHARDT Yossef M [L] survived
ENGELHARDT Shlomo M [L], [G] survived
ENGELHARDT Haim 1875 M [P]
ENGLAENDER Eber Ratsmitglied councilor M [R]
ENGLAENDER Hirsch 1895 Kellermeister cellarer M [J]
ENGLAENDER Malke 1890 F [J]
ENTNER Abraham 1907 Bäcker baker M [J]
ENTNER Regina 1898 F [J]
ENTNER Ch Bäcker baker M [R]
ENTNER Malke 1932 F [J]
ENTNER Hene 1934 F [J]
ENTNER Simon 1937 M [J]
ENTNER Leie 1902 F [J]
ENTNER Hene 1930 F [J]
ENTNER Berisch 1931 M [J], [G]
ENZWEIG Sische 1903 Arbeiterin worker [female] M [J], [S]
ENZWEIG Chaim Aron 1933 M [J]
EPSTEIN Berisch 1891 Arbeiter worker M [J]
EPSTEIN Rachel 1888 F [J]
EPSTEIN Chume 1916 M [J]
EPSTEIN Guetl 1918 F [J]
EPSTEIN Israel 1921 Schäftemacher upper shoe maker M [J]
EPSTEIN Ida 1923 F [J]
EPSTEIN Zile 1925 F [J]
EPSTEIN Nuchim 1927 Arbeiter worker M [J]
EPSTEIN Benjamin 1930 M [J]
ERLBAUM Josef 1883 Angestellter employee M [J]
ERLBAUM Suessl 1884 F [J]
ERLBAUM Tonka 1913 Näherin seamstress M [J]
ERLBAUM Yehoshua M [R] survived
ERREICH Jsaak 1928 Schneider tailor M [J]
ERRENREICH Leib M [R] survived
ERRENREICH Lea WOLF F [L] survived
ERRENREICH Yehiel M [L] survived
ERTEL Abisch 1907 Arbeiter worker M [J]
ERTEL Hene 1903 F [J]
ERTEL Rosa 1907 F [J]
ERTEL Shprintze F [P]
ETTINGER Moses 1893 Handelsgehilfe clerk M [J], [G] Krosno
ETTINGER Malke 1896 F Moses [J], [Y] Krosno
ETTINGER Scheindel 1924 F [J]
ETTINGER Debora 1928 F [J]
FABER Feiga Moshe F [Y] perished
FABER Hadassah 1929 Meir F [Y] perished
FABER Rachel 1929 Meir F [Y] perished
FABER Arie M [R] survived
FABIAN Samuel M [P]
FABIAN Pearl F Samuel [P]
FABIAN Jacob Samuel Pearl M [P]
FABIAN Marian Samuel Pearl M [P]
FABIAN Morey Samuel Pearl M [P]
FALLMANN Hirsch 1876 M [J]
FARBER David M [L] survived
FASS Bluma 1892 F [P]
FASS Israel M [P]
FAST Mechel Schokoladenhersteller chocolate manufacturer M [P]
FEBER Eric M [L] survived
FEILHARDT Anna 1894 F [J]
FEILHARDT Rosa 1922 F [J]
FEILHARDT Lola 1923 F [J]
FEILHARDT Ete 1927 M [J]
FEILHARDT Jozek 1918 Elieazar M [Y] Plaszow
FEIN Jakob 1899 Sockenstricker sock knitter M [J]
FEIN Liebe 1898 M [J]
FEIN Chawe 1925 F [J]
FEIN Wolf 1929 M [J]
FEIN Ester 1934 F [J]
FEIT Leib 1921 Schneider tailor M [J]
FEITELBAUM Chaim Gerber skinner M [R]
FELBAUM M. Schmied locksmith M [R]
FELCZER Mordche-Markus 1888 Kantor cantor M [J], [S]
FELCZER Czarne 1884 F [J]
FELCZER Ite 1931 F [J]
FELCZER Chane 1923 F [J]
FELCZER Mindel 1924 F [J]
FELCZER Chiel 1925 Arbeiter worker M [J]
FELDER Samuel 1900 Dawid M [Y] Belzec
FELDER Samuel 1900 Zeev M [Y] perished
FELDMAN Ester 1902 Yaacov F [Y] Belzec
FELIK Dina Yirmi F [Y] perished
FELIK Rachel 1921 Moshe F [Y] perished
FELNER Machle 1886 F [J]
FENIG Chawa F [G]
FENIK Golde 1897 F [J]
FENIK Feige 1928 F [J]
FENIK Simon 1930 M [J]
FENIK Chaim 1932 M [J]
FENIK Wele 1934 F [J]
FENSTER Salomon 1906 Schneider tailor M [J]
FENSTER Debora 1907 F [J]
FENSTER Moses 1936 M [J]
FERNHAL Ella DIM F [L] survived
FESSEL Zile 1915 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
FESSEL Chane 1920 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
FESSEL Jhuda 1907 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
FESSEL Rosa 1907 F [J]
FESSEL Wolf 1933 M [J]
FESSEL Hinde 1876 F [J]
FESSEL Wolf 1927 Arbeiter worker M [J]
FESSEL Sara 1932 F [J]
FESSEL Liepe M [S]
FESSEL Isac Alexander M [Y] perished
FESSEL Yaacov Itzha M [L] survived
FESSEL Khune spirits M [R]
FESSEL Sender Fleischer butcher M [R]
FESSEL Itzhak Kürschner furrier Sender M [P] Russia
FESSEL Feige[ Felicia] F Itzhak [P] survived
FESSEL Wolf/William 1927 Itzhak Feige M [P] survived
FESSEL Dina [Daniela] 1932 Itzhak Feige F [P] survived
FESSEL Shmuel Sender M [P] Russia
FESSEL Moshe Sender M [L] Russia
FESSEL Yeshiahu Sender M [L] Russia
FESSEL Elimelech Sender M [L] Russia
FESSEL Feige 1906 Sender F [J]
FESSEL Rachel 1915 Verkäuferin saleswoman Sender F [J] perished
FESSLER Peretz M [G]
FEUERLICHT Anna 1898 F [J]
FEUERLICHT Feige 1921 Verkäuferin saleswoman F [J]
FEUERLICHT Marjem 1925 F [J]
FEUERLICHT Hinde 1926 F [J]
FEUERLICHT Jakob 1875 Eierpacker egg-packer M [J]
FEUERLICHT Sprinze 1878 F [J]
FEUERLICHT Zipora 1914 F [J]
FINDLING Selig Bäcker baker M [R]
FINDLING Jdes 1905 F [J]
FINDLING Jakob Usher M [Y] Auschwitz
FINK Leon M [P]
FINK Klara 1879 F Leon [J], [G] perished
FINK Israel Leon Klara M [Y], [G] perished
FINK Helene 1915 Leon Klara F Joseph [J]
FINK Jossef Leon Klara M [L] survived
FINK Miriam BLUM F Jossef [P] survived
FINK Menek Leon Klara M [P] perished
FINK Michael 1910 M [Y] perished
FINK Chana 1917 Shmerl F Israel [Y] perished
FINK Israel 1920 Student student Israel Chana [P]
FINK Esther F [L] survived
FINMAN Ojzer 1887 Arbeiter worker Lemel M [J]
FIRESS Malke 1887 Leizer F [J], [Y] Belzec
FIRESS Josef 1915 Zuschneider cutter M [J], [Y] perished
FIRESS Ester 1917 F [J]
FIRESS David 1914 Schäftemacher upper shoe maker M [J]
FIRESS Nathan 1930 Shmuel M [Y] perished
FIREST Sarah 1928 Shmuel F [Y] perished
FIRST Toni 1913 Israel M [Y] perished
FIRSZT Genia 1903 F [J], [S]
FISCHBEIN Bronislowa F [P] survived
FISCHBEIN Dora 1936 F [P] survived
FISCHBEIN Eva F [P] perished
FISCHBEIN Franca F [P] perished
FISCHBEIN Fishek M [P] perished
FISCHBEIN Leib 1934 M [J]
FISCHBEIN Isaak 1937 M [J]
FISCHBEIN Marjem 1940 F [J]
FISCHBEIN Jetti 1895 F [J]
FISCHBEIN Adolph 1905 Avraham M [Y]
FISCHBEIN Alte F [P] survived
FISCHBEIN Regina Schreiner carpenter F [R]
FISCHBEIN Dawid Schneider tailor F [R]
FISCHBEIN A.R. Schneider tailor M [R]
FISCHBER Shimon M [L] survived
FISCHER Lea Sara 1905 Chaim Sary F [R] Auschwitz
FISCHER Rosalia 1920 F [P] Auschwitz
FISCHLER Josef 1930 M [J]
FISHLICH Awraham M [P]
FITTER Jozef Klempner plumber M
FLAM Luser 1867 Musiker musician M [J], [G] Married 1904
FLAPPAN Rachel KALB 1884 F Luser [J], [Y] Married 1904
FLAPPAN Chaja Riwka 1909 Luser Rachel F deceased
FLAPPAN Frania 1910 Luser Rachel F [J]
FLAPPAN Malka 1911 Luser Rachel F deceased
FLAPPAN Hella 1912 F [J]
FLAPPAN Feige 1914 F [J]
FLAPPAN Avraham Haim M [Y] Rzeszow
FLICK Feiga F [S]
FLICK Chaja 1923 Moshe F [Y] perished
FLICK Nachman M [L] perished
FOGEL Tziporah F Nachman [P] perished
FOGEL Avraham Nachman Tziporah M [P] perished
FOGEL Bella F Avraham [P] perished
FOGEL Nachman Avraham Bella M [P] perished
FOGEL Feige Avraham Bella F [P] perished
FOGEL Mina Avraham Bella F [P] perished
FOGEL Michal Avraham Bella F [P] perished
FOGEL Yossef Avraham Bella M [P] perished
FOGEL Haim Avraham Bella M [P] perished
FOGEL Josef 1878 M [J]
FOGEL Chaje 1883 F [J]
FOGEL Freide 1923 Näherin seamstress F [J]
FOGEL Shlomo M [L] survived
FOGEL Edi store M [R]
FOGEL Rivka F [L] survived
FRANK Josef M [G]
FRANK Frieda F [P] survived
FRENKEL Sender M [P]
FRENKEL Itzhak M [P]
FRENKEL Jsaak 1917 Schäftemacher upper shoe maker M [J]
FRAUWIRTH Ryfke 1916 F [J]
FRAUWIRTH Ite 1912 F [J]
FRAUWIRTH Beile 1911 F [J]
FRAUWIRTH Chaskel 1899 Angestellter employee M [J]
FREIFELD Marjem 1932 Chaskel F [J]
FREIFELD Renia Chaskel F [Y] Korczyna
FREIFELD Rosa 1903 Yaacov F [J]
FREIFELD Lajbek Yaacov M [Y] Korczyna
FREIFELD Siolek Yaacov M [Y] Korczyna
FREIFELD Chaim 1883 Arbeiter worker M [J]
FREIREICH Feige 1892 F [J]
FREIREICH Rachel 1872 Menashe F [J], [Y]
FRENKEL Bela 1904 Aron F [Y]
FRENKEL Berel 1897 Arbeiter worker Moshe M [J], [Y] Belzec
FREUND Elimelech 1877 Moshe M [Y] Belzec
FREUND Naphtali M [L] survived
FREUND Shmuel M [L], [G] survived
FREUND Chane 1920 Shmuel F [J], [Y] Auschwitz
FREUND Majer 1877 M [J]
FREUND Debora 1873 F [J]
FREUND Yochewed F [R] survived
FREUND Adele 1914 F [J]
FREUND Beile 1906 F [J]
FREUND Hava F [L] survived
FREUND Betzalel Bar 1859 M [J], [S]
FREUND Miriam TAUB F Betzalel [P]
FREUND Moses Gerber skinner Betzalel B Miriam M [G], [B]
FREUND Miriam FRIEDMAN F Moses [L] survived
FREUND Hinda HINDZIA Moses Miriam F [P] survived
FREUND Ryfka Betzalel B Miriam [P]
FREUND Zissel Betzalel B Miriam [P]
FREUND Ben Tzion Betzalel B Miriam M [P]
FREUND F Ben Tzion [P]
FREUND Roselle Ben Zion F [P]
FREUND Ruth Ben Zion F [P]
FREUND Moshe M [P]
FREUND Risha F Moshe [P]
FREUND Meir Moshe Risha M [P]
FREUND Esther Meir F [P]
FREUND Eidel Meir F [P]
FREUND Salomon 1911 Arbeiter worker Meir M [J], [L], [G]
FREUND Yaakow Moshe Risha M [P]
FREUND Pesha Yaakow F [P]
FREUND Ita Yaakow F [P]
FREUND Henia Yaakow F [P]
FREUND Rivka Yaakow F [P]
FREUND Mania Yaakow F [P]
FREUND Leib Yaakow M [P]
FREUND Chana 1898 Yossef F [Y] perished
FRIDLER Jakob 1870 M [J], [S]
FRIED Ziwie 1884 F [J]
FRIED Elieazar M [G]
FRIED B Apotheker druggist M [B]
FRIEDMANN Manes 1890 Uhrmacher watchmaker Pinhas M [J], [Y], [G] Belzec
FRIEDMANN Leie 1895 F [J]
FRIEDMANN Pinkas 1923 Arbeiter worker M [J]
FRIEDMANN Abraham 1924 Arbeiter worker M [J], [L] survived
FRIEDMANN Chiel 1926 Arbeiter worker Menahem M [J], [Y]
FRIEDMANN Naftali 1929 Arbeiter worker M [J]
FRIEDMANN Chaskel 1931 Menahem M [J], [Y]
FRIEDMANN Hinde 1933 Menahem F [J], [Y]
FRIEDMANN Luser 1905 Arbeiter worker M [J]
FRIEDMANN Mendel 1906 Angestellter employee M [J], [G]
FRIEDMANN Brandel 1901 F [J]
FRIEDMANN Samuel 1903 Schuster shoemaker M [J]
FRIEDMANN Eva 1899 F [J]
FRIEDMANN Freide 1930 F [J]
FRIEDMANN Leah 1900 Chaim F [Y]
FRIEDRICH Tille 1892 F [J]
FRIESS Ester 1917 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
FRIESS Rosa 1920 F [J]
FRIESS Jsrael 1923 Schuster shoemaker [J]
FRIESS Adele 1936 F [J]
FRIESS Dora 1934 F [J]
FRIESS Regina 1914 F [J]
FRIESS Menachem M [R] survived
FRIESS Ch. Student student F [R]
FRIESS Feige 1899 F [J]
FRISCH Rachel 1920 Näherin seamstress F [J]
FRISCH Chaje 1921 F [J]
FRISCH Dine 1925 F [J]
FRISCH Eti KERN F [L] survived
FRISHTIK Leib wood merchant M [B]
FROSS Chaim 1880 Kaufmann merchant M [J] perished
FRUHMANN Sara 1884 Chaim Sara F Chaim [J], [G] perished
FRUHMANN Hena Chaim Sara F survived
FRUHMANN Ceena Chaim Sara M
FRUHMANN Itzik Chaim Sara F
FRUHMANN Malka 1910 Chaim Sara F [P] shot
FRUHMANN Dawid 1912 Schmied locksmith Chaim Sara M [Y] Auschwitz
FRUHMANN SPINDLER F Dawid [P] perished
FRUHMANN Michael Dawid M [P] Auschwitz
FRUHMANN Joseph Schmied locksmith Chaim Sara M [P] survived
FRUHMANN Sara 1917 Chaim Sara F [Y] Auschwitz
FRUHMANN Hanka Chaim Sara F [P] survived
FRUHMANN Moshe-Moniek Chaim Sara M [P] survived
FRUHMANN Mark Chaim Sara M [P] survived
FRUHMANN Israel 1913 Friseur barber M [J]
FUCHS Osias 1919 Angestellter employee M [J]
FUERST Samuel 1896 Kaufmann merchant M [J], [Y] perished
FUERST Chaje 1890 F Samuel [J], [Y] perished
FUERST Abraham 1920 Arbeiter worker Shmuel Chaje M [J], [Y] perished
FUERST Meilech 1921 Arbeiter worker Shmuel Chaje M [J], [Y] Auschwitz
FUERST Shija-Osias 1923 Arbeiter worker Shmuel Chaje M [J], [Y] Auschwitz
FUERST Hannah 1925 Shmuel Chaje M [J] perished
FUERST Sara 1926 Shmuel Chaje F [J] perished
FUERST Yonathan Shmuel Chaje M [P] perished
FUERST Nissen 1928 M [J]
FUERST Henoch 1930 M [J]
FUERST Israel-Jacub M [G]
FUERST Aron Leib 1902 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
FUHRER Beile 1901 F [J], [S]
FUHRER Abraham 1928 M [J]
FUHRER Jsaak 1931 M [J]
FUHRER Mirel 1934 F [J]
FUHRER Gitla F [J], [S]
FUHRER Samuel JORALKA 1875 Rabbi rabbi Zelig M [Y] shot in 1942
FUHRER Sara 1869 F Samuel [P] perished
FUHRER Salomon Samuel Sara M [P] perished
FUHRER Ruchel Samuel Sara F [P] perished
FUHRER Ben Zion M [L] survived
FUHRER Malke 1912 F [J]
FUSS Leie 1937 F [J]
FUSS Berisch 1878 Hirsh M [J], [Y]
FUSS Feige 1878 F [J]
FUSS Pessel 1913 F [J]
FUSS Brandel 1914 F [J]
FUSS Sender F
FUSS Abraham M [G]
FUTTER Marjem 1906 F [J]
GABLINGER Dine 1924 Hausmädchen housemaid F [J], [S]
GABRYLEWICZ Leie 1900 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
GAERTNER Feige 1902 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
GAERTNER Sara 1906 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
GAERTNER Chana Kaufmann merchant F [R]
GAERTNER Frimet 1907 Näherin seamstress F [J]
GALON Liebe 1933 F [J]
GALON Ite 1934 F [J]
GALON M Maler painter M [R]
GARFUNKEL Salomon Krämer grocer M [B]
GARTNER Moishe 1870 Schneider tailor Simcha M [Y] perished
GEBEL Chaja 1897 Yaacov F [Y] perished
GEBEL Michael 1910 Moishe M [Y] perished
GEBEL Mechel 1920 Moishe M [Y] perished
GEBEL Moses 1874 Schneider tailor M [J]
GEBEL Mehel M [R]
GEBEL Rosy KUREF F Mehel [R]
GEBEL Beile Mehel Rosy F [J], [G] Auschwitz
GEBEL Fischel 1915 Schneider tailor M [J]
GEBEL Tzvi M [L] survived
GELANDER Osias 1894 Angestellter employee M [J]
GELB Pessel 1896 F [J]
GELB Dora 1922 F [J]
GELB Aron 1924 Arbeiter worker M [J]
GELB Salomon 1876 Krankenschwester nurse M [J], [S]
GELB Debora 1894 F [J]
GELB Josef M [P]
GELB Brandl 1886 F [P]
GELB Chaim M [G]
GELB Sara 1912 F [J]
GELBART M Schneider tailor M [R]
GELD Feiwel M [S], [G]
GELLER Dawid 1890 Henoch M [Y] Buchenwald
GERBER Pinkas 1884 Kaufmann merchant M [J]
GERLICH Brandel 1882 F [J]
GERLICH Sara 1911 Verkäuferin saleswoman Pinhas F [J], [Y] perished
GERLICH Osias 1881 Kaufmann merchant M [J], [G], [R]
GERLICH Hinde 1881 F [J]
GERLICH Mathias 1910 Arbeiter worker M [J]
GERLICH Chaje 1911 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
GERLICH Brandel 1913 Verkäuferin saleswoman F [J]
GERLICH Pinkas 1918 Angestellter employee M [J]
GERLICH Moritza M [L] survived
GERTNER Zalman M [L] survived
GERTNER M [L] survived
GINT-LEWINSKI Benjamin 1905 [R] shot
GIRCH Jacob clothing merhant M [B]
GISER Ben Zion 1896 Avraham M [Y] perished
GISINGER Golda 1906 Ben Zion F [Y] perished
GITLER Lina 1887 Meier F [Y] perished
GLASNER Abraham 1886 Kaufmann merchant Mendel M [J] perished
GLEICHER Beile 1885 F Abraham [J]
GLEICHER Ete 1914 Angestellte Avraham Beile F [J]
GLEICHER Jehuda 1911 Avraham Beile M [Y] perished
GLOWINSKI Taube 1899 F [J]
GLOWINSKI Chaje 1919 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
GLOWINSKI Max 1903 Privatbeamter government official M [J]
GLUECK Regina 1910 Avraham F [J], [Y] perished
GLUECK Baruch 1934 Manek M [J], [Y] perished
GLUECK Markus 1907 Arbeiter worker M [J]
GLUECK Guetl 1907 F [J]
GLUECK Regina 1935 F [J]
GLUECK Markus 1907 [R] shot
GLUTZ Samuel 1910 Arbeiter worker M [J]
GOETZ Sara 1903 F [J]
GOETZ Chane 1936 F [J]
GOETZ Meschulim 1940 M [J]
GOETZ Leib Fischkonservierer fish preserver [J]
GOETZLER Payssach [R]
GOLDBARD Joseph 1907 Schneider tailor Payssach Malka M [R]
GOLDBARD Peisech M [J]
GOLDBERG Eugene 1924 Nathan M [Y] perished
GOLDBERG Herman 1878 Itzhak M [Y] perished
GOLDBERG Israel 1875 Itzhak M [Y], [G] perished
GOLDBERG Israel 1878 Schaja M [Y] perished
GOLDBERG Sarah 1888 Yunes F [Y] perished
GOLDBERG Sheindel 1885 Yunes F [Y]
GOLDBERG Itzhak M [L] survived
GOLDBERG Merom Student student M [L] survived
GOLDBERG Chiel 1903 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
GOLDFARB Reisel 1904 F [J]
GOLDFARB Moses 1929 M [J]
GOLDFARB Ester 1938 F [J]
GOLDFARB Abraham 1940 M [J]
GOLDFARB Moses 1873 M [J], [S]
GOLDFINGER Rosa 1880 F [J], [G]
GOLDFINGER Chaje 1920 F [J]
GOLDFINGER Simon 1916 Goldschmied goldsmith M [J]
GOLDFINGER Jetti 1910 F [J]
GOLDFINGER Zile 1916 F [J]
GOLDFINGER Dawid Moses M [Y] perished
GOLDFINGER Genia 1914 Moses F [J], [Y] perished
GOLDFINGER Anne F [L] survived
GOLDHERZ Moses 1898 Chauffeur driver M [J], [S]
GOLDMANN Selde 1902 F [J]
GOLDMANN Leie 1921 F [J]
GOLDMANN Zlate 1929 F [J]
GOLDMANN Sara 1884 F [J]
GOLDMANN Ester 1887 F [J]
GOLDSTEIN Anna 1904 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
GOLDSTEIN Mechel 1905 Kaufmann merchant M [J]
GOLDSTEIN Leie 1904 F [J]
GOLDSTEIN Naftali 1930 M [J]
GOLDSTEIN Abraham 1933 M [J]
GOLDSTEIN Yehiel 1905 Yom M [Y] perished
GOLDSTEIN Samuel Schneider tailor M [P], [R]
GOLDSTEIN Mayer Samuel M [P] perished
GOLDSTEIN Reisel 1914 Arbeiterin worker [female] Samuel F [J] perished
GOLDSTEIN Debora 1917 Stickerin embroiderer [female] Samuel F [J] perished
GOLDSTEIN Matel 1923 Stickerin embroiderer [female] Samuel F [J] perished
GOLDSTEIN Mathilde F [P]
GOLDSTEIN David M [L] survived
GOLOSCHITZ Sara 1874 F [J], [S]
GORA Malka WEISSMAN F [L] survived
GORDON Isaak Schankwirt innkeeper M [B]
GORKIEL Benjamin 1892 Arbeiter worker M [J], [G]
GOTTLIEB Eva 1895 Alter F [J]
GOTTLIEB Schifre 1924 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
GOTTLIEB David 1895 M [J]
GRAEBER Feige 1895 F [J]
GRAEBER Zierl 1926 F [J]
GRAEBER Moses 1935 M [J]
GRAEBER Salomon 1892 Angestellter employee M [J]
GRAJOWER Feige 1898 F [J]
GRAJOWER Sara 1922 F [J]
GRAJOWER Jakob 1928 M [J]
GRAJOWER Mechel 1932 M [J]
GRAJOWER Chane 1939 F [J]
GRAJOWER Sonia F [P] survived
GRAU Yaacov M [L] survived
GRIN Hanoch F [L] survived
GRIN Henka ZUCKERMAN F [L] survived
GRINBAUM Kalman M [L] survived
GRINSHPAN Dawid M [P] survived
GRIFFEL Sali F Dawid [P] survived
GRIFFEL Max Dawid Sali M [P] survived
GRIFFEL Igo Dawid Sali M [P] survived
GRIFFEL Miron Dawid Sali M [P] survived
GRIFFEL Josef Arzt doctor M [R]
GROSS Wilhelm M [J]
GROSS Ryfke 1939 F [J]
GROSS Chaim 1889 Bäcker baker M [J], [G]
GROSS Ite 1898 F [J]
GROSS Sala 1919 F [J]
GROSS Pepe 1921 F [J]
GROSS Chaim 1923 Arbeiter worker M [J], [L] survived
GROSS Leib 1927 Arbeiter worker M [J]
GROSS Malke 1929 F [J]
GROSS Jsaak 1931 M [J]
GROSS Neche 1934 F [J]
GROSS Feige 1936 F [J]
GROSS Ryfke 1939 Lehrer teacher F [J]
GROSS Sime 1917 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
GROSS Oscar M [P] survived
GROSS Josef 1920 Schneider tailor M [J]
GROSS Freide 1932 Yossef F [J], [Y]
GRUEN Marjem 1938 F [J]
GRUEN Guetl 1868 F Aron [J] perished
GRUEN Wolf 1903 Angestellter employee Aron Guetl M [J] perished
GRUEN Sala 1903 Aron Guetl F [J] perished
GRUEN Aron 1872 Motel M [J], [Y] Sobibor
GRUEN/Grin Haja 1877 Mendel M [Y] perished
GRUEN/Grin Moses 1878 M [J], [S]
GRINSHPAN Ryfke 1878 F [J]
GRINSHPAN Feiwel 1916 Schneider tailor M [J]
GRINSHPAN Jakob 1864 Fleischer butcher M [J], [G]
GRINSHPAN Guetl 1868 F [J]
GRINSHPAN Kalman 1903 Jacob M [Y] Auschwitz
GRINSHPAN Getzel 1910 Arbeiter worker M [J]
GRINSHPAN Joel 1909 Angestellter employee M [J], [S]
GRINSHPAN Jente 1912 F [J]
GRINSHPAN Meilech 1937 M [J]
GRINSHPAN Gene 1922 F [J]
GRINSHPAN Hanah 1877 F [P] USA
GRINSHPAN Jozef Metallarbeiter metal worker M [R]
GRINSHPAN Mendel Arbeiter worker M [J]
GRUESS Suessl F [J]
GRUESS Chune M [J]
GRUESS Mortko Schankwirt innkeeper M [B]
GRUN Chawa F [G]
GRUN Mirla Schankwirt innkeeper F [B]
GRUNSPAN Max fashions M [B]
GRUNSPAN Flora 1898 F [J]
GUETER Chaje 1925 F [J]
GUETER Sara 1923 F [J]
GUETER Regina 1903 F [J]
GURKE Henoch 1929 M [J]
GURKE J Schneider tailor M [R]
GUTLER Chaja 1905 Zelig F [Y] Belzec
GUTMAN Cirel Yehuda F [Y] Korczyna
GUTWEIN Nissan Yehuda M [Y] Korczyna
GUTWEIN Meir M [L] survived
GUTWEIN Moses 1876 M [J], [G]
GUZIK Debora 1879 F [J]
GUZIK Esther 1913 Zinwel F [Y] Belzec
GUZIK Jakob 1910 Arbeiter worker M [J]
GUZIK Feige 1912 Näherin seamstress F [J]
GUZIK Markus 1901 Arbeiter worker M [J]
GUZIK Regina 1897 F [J]
GUZIK Shaya M [Y] perished
GUZIK Rachel 1924 Arbeiter worker Shaya F [J], [Y] perished
GUZIK Simon 1925 Shaya M [J], [Y] perished
GUZIK Poje 1927 Shaya F [J], [Y] perished
GUZIK Doba 1930 Shaya F [J], [Y] perished
GUZIK Faya Shaya F [J], [Y] perished
GUZIK Jakob 1933 Shaya M [J]
GUZIK Josef 1886 Arbeiter worker M [J], [G]
HABER Rachela 1886 F [J]
HABER Malke 1920 Strickerin tricotatrice Yehezkel F [J]
HABER Gela 1902 Itzhak F [J], [Y] perished
HABER Elieazar 1925 M [Y] Auschwitz
HABER Yossef
HACK Wolf Beer 1870 M [J]
HACK Adele 1888 F [J]
HACK Moses 1911 Arbeiter worker M [J], [L] survived
HACK David 1924 Arbeiter worker M [J]
HACK Ester 1924 F [J]
HACK Shlomo M [R] survived
HACK Sara Taube 1909 F [J]
HAENDLER Eduard 1940 M [J]
HAENDLER Jsrael 1877 Avraham M [J], [Y] perished
HAFERLING Leib 1908 Angestellter employee M [J]
HAFERLING Sime 1922 F [J]
HAFERLING Baruch 1920 Arbeiter worker M [J]
HAFERLING Sara 1933 F [J]
HAFERLING Moses 1902 Schuster shoemaker M [J]
HAFERLING Blueme 1902 F [J], [S]
HAFERLING Hinde 1932 F [J]
HAFERLING Jsrael 1883 Drucker printer M [J]
HAFTEL David 1895 Kaufmann merchant M [J]
HALBERSTAMM Rachel 1899 Yossef F [J], [Y] perished
HALBERSTAMM Beile 1929 F [J]
HALBERSTAMM Osias 1936 M [J]
HALBERSTAMM Naftali 1938 M [J]
HALBERSTAMM Jakob 1868 M [J], [G]
HALPERN Dora 1898 F [J]
HALPERN Gene 1923 F [J]
HALPERN Freidel F [Y] Korczyna
HALPERN Mendel 1910 F [Y] Korczyna
HALPERN Sheinwitz F [L] survived
HALPERN Chane 1908 F [J]
HAMMER Ruth 1931 F [J]
HAMMER Luise 1908 F [J]
HAMMER Nathan M [P] survived
HAMMERMANN Izaac H. Gerber skinner M [R]
HARES Liebe 1912 Arbeiter worker F [J]
HASENFELD Rosa 1915 Arbeiter worker F [J]
HASHNIK A Schneider tailor M [R]
HAUBER Sara 1873 Arbeiter worker F [J]
HAUSNER Jakob 1903 M [J]
HAUSNER Moses 1912 Arbeiter worker M [J]
HAUSNER Yehuda-Idel M
HAUSNER Beile nee+B2032 PLATNER 1906 Verkäuferin saleswoman Mordechai F Yehuda [J], [Y] perished
HAUSNER Heinrich Moshe M [Y] perished
HAUSNER Chane 1925 Schneiderin tailoress Moshe F [J], [Y] perished
HAUSNER Zile 1877 F [J]
HAUSNER Rosa 1903 F [J]
HAUSNER Moses 1939 M [J]
HAUSNER Wolf 1882 M [J], [S]
HAUSNER Meilech 1915 Arbeiter worker M [J]
HAUSNER Chaim 1920 Arbeiter worker M [J]
HAUSNER Yudel M [YI] perished
HAUSNER Beile F Yudel [YI] perished
HAUSNER Izrael Gerber skinner M [R]
HEFERLING Atara F [L] survived
HEFFNER Isid Konditor confectioner M [B]
HEGGEN-BERGER Isidor Krämer grocer M [B]
HEILER Samuel 1870 [R] shot
HEIN Reisel 1879 F [J]
HEINBERG-KARP Moritz 1904 Arbeiter worker M [J]
HEINBERG-KARP Martin 1921 Arbeiter worker M [J]
HEINBERG-KARP Zishe M [L] survived
HEITLER Zoshe DORN F [L] survived
HEITLER Zofia DYM [P] survived
HEITLER Erwin Zofia [P] survived
HEITLER Moses 1906 Glaser glazier Avraham M [J], [Y] perished
HELLER Rachel KLAGSBAD 1914 Jakob F Moses [J], [Y] perished
HELLER Guetl 1940 Moses Rachel F [J] perished
HELLER Ryfke 1940 Moses Rachel F [J] perished
HELLER Baruch M [R]
HELLER Dora F Baruch [R]
HELLER Zygmunt Baruch Dora M [R]
HELLER Hersz vegetables M [R]
HELLER Ozjasz community leader M [P]
HELLER Zeev M [L] survived
HELFER Esther KATZ F Zeev [P]
HELFER Israel Zeev Esther [P]
HELFER Tziporah Zeev Esther [P]
HELFER Akiba 1895 Beamter official M [J]
HEMERLING Ryfke 1894 F Akiba [J]
HEMERLING Feige Akiba Ryfke F [P] perished
HEMERLING Hirsch 1922 Arbeiter worker Akiba Ryfke M [J]
HEMERLING Leie 1927 Akiba Ryfke F [J]
HEMERLING Taube 1930 Akiba Ryfke F [J]
HEMERLING Pessel 1933 Akiba Ryfke F [J]
HEMERLING Elieazar M [L] survived
HERBLOCK Leib 1887 Menashe M [Y] Buchenwald
HERBSTMANN Betzalel 1905 Moshe M [Y] Russia
HERBSTMANN Feige 1904 F [J]
HERBSTMANN Rachel 1929 F [J]
HERBSTMANN Dora 1934 F [J]
HERBSTMANN Abraham 1937 M [J]
HERBSTMANN Malke 1907 F [J]
HERBSTMANN Feige 1936 F [J]
HERBSTMANN Leie 1878 store F [J], [G], [R]
HERBSTMANN Shlomo M [L] survived
HERBSTMANN Yaacov M [L] survived
HERBSTMANN Chana 1920 Mordechai F [Y] perished
HERCKO Dawid Yehiel M [Y] Auschwitz
HERCKO Shlomo Yehiel M [Y] Auschwitz
HERCKO Chaim Yehiel M [Y] Auschwitz
HERCKO Rivka 1876 Moshe F [Y]
HERMAN Judith 1912 Israel F [Y] Plaszow
HERMAN Israel Ber M
HERSON Dora Moshe Baili F [R] Auschwitz
HERSON Jakob 1892 Arbeiter worker Avraham M [J], [Y] Belzec
HERSON Dora HERSOHN 1898 Moses F Jakob [J], [Y], [R] Auschwitz
HERSON Sara 1925 Schneiderin tailoress Jakob Dora F [J], [Y], [R] Auschwitz
HERSON Helene Jakob F [Y] perished
HERSON Abraham 1924 Schneider tailor M [J]
HERSON Chaje 1927 F [J]
HERSON Yossef M [P]
HERTZLICH Henoch 1864 M [J]
HERZFELD Hersh M [P] shot in 1942
HERZFELD Chaja Ruchel Hersh Sima Beile F [P]
HERZFELD Wolf Hersh Sima Beile M [P]
HERZFELD Chawa 1890 Hersh Sima Beile F [Y] perished
HERZFELD Sura Hersh Sima Beile F [P]
HERZFELD Reisel Hersh Sima Beile F [P]
HERZFELD Yeheskel Hersh Sima Beile M [P]
HERZFELD Riva F Yeheskel [P]
HERZFELD Chana Hersh Sima Beile F [P]
HERZFELD Peshe Hersh Sima Beile F [P]
HERZFELD Leah Hersh Sima Beile F [P]
HERZFELD Moses Weinhändler vintner M [B]
HERZIG Isaac spirits M [R]
HERZIG Osias 1871 Mützenmacher capper M [J]
HERZIG Rachel 1877 F Osias [J]
HERZIG Blima Yehoshua F [Y] perished
HERZIG Sender 1901 Arbeiter worker Yehoshua M [J], [Y] perished
HERZIG Chane 1906 Mordechai F Sender [J], [Y] perished
HERZIG Neche 1936 Sender Chane F [J]
HERZIG Chaskel 1907 Mützenmacher capper Yehoshua M [J], [Y]
HERZIG Rosa 1919 F [J]
HERZIG Hella 1939 F [J]
HERZIG Sabine 1883 F [J]
HERZIG Dora 1913 F [J]
HERZIG Hersh M [P] survived
HERZIG F [P] perished
HERZIG Leib Hersh M [P] survived
HERZIG Reuven Hersh M [P] survived
HERZIG Yehuda M [P]
HERTZOG Ozjasz M [R]
HERTZOG Henry M [P] survived
HILLER Malke 1899 F [J]
HIRSCH Mechel Eierverkäufer egg merchant M [B]
HIRSCHFELD Isaac 1889 Isaac M [J], [Y] perished
HIRSCHFELD Leib 1905 Bäcker baker M [Y] Belzec
HIRSCHFELD Shmuel M [L] survived
HIRSCHFELD Mojzesz Tischler carpenter M [R], [B]
HIRSCHFELD Buki M [L] survived
HIRSCHFELD Wilhelm- Wolf Arzt doctor M [R]
HIRSCHFELD Leon M [L] survived
HIRSCHPRINGER Simon Krämer grocer M [B]
HIRSCHPRUNG Simche religious M [R]
HOCHEISER Yaakow M [P] survived
HOCHSTEIN Bernard M [P] survived
HOCHSTEIN Sarah Simche F [P]
HODNER Jakob 1875 Fleischer butcher M [J]
HODYS Jda 1881 F [J]
HOFFMANN Mendel 1932 M [J]
HOFSTAEDTER Avraham youth activities M [R]
HOFSTAEDTER Chane 1915 F [J]
HOLLAENDER Joseph 1888 Hersh M [J], [Y] perished
HOLLOSCHUETZ Feige 1920 Josef F [Y] Belzec
HOLLOSCHUETZ Jidys 1922 Josef F [Y] perished
HOLLOSCHUETZ Debora 1931 Josef F [Y] perished
HOLLOSCHUETZ Shmuel 1880 Hersh M [J], [Y] perished
HOLLOSCHUETZ Taube 1892 F Shmuel [Y] Belzec
HOLLOSCHUETZ Etel 1895 Shmuel Taube F [Y] perished
HOLLOSCHUETZ Iser 1906 Shmuel Taube M [Y] perished
HOLLOSCHUETZ Ezra Shmuel Taube M [P] perished
HOLLOSCHUETZ Bila Shmuel Taube F [P] perished
HOLLOSCHUETZ Moshe Shmuel Taube M [P] perished
HOLLOSCHUETZ Chaskel 1937 M [J]
HOLLOSCHUETZ Berta 1888 F [J], [S]
HOLLOSCHUETZ Yochewed F [L] survived
HOLLOSCHUETZ Dawid M [L] survived
HOLLOSCHUETZ Menachem M [L] survived
HOLLOSCHUETZ Michael M [L] survived
HOLLOSCHUETZ Gitel F [L] survived
HOLTZER Itzhak M [P]
HOLTZER Rivka FREUND Betzalel B Miriam F Itzhak [P]
HOLTZER Mira 1907 F [J]
HONIGSTOCK Alice 1929 F [J]
HONIGSTOCK Kalmen 1887 Fleischer butcher Abraham M [J], [Y], [G] perished
HORNIK Beile 1922 Photograph photographer Kalman F [J], [Y] perished
HORNIK Mirel 1929 Kalman F [J], [Y] perished
HORNIK Feige 1893 Samuel F [J], [Y] perished
HORNIK Abraham 1924 Arbeiter worker M [J]
HORNIK Moshe 1892 Yossef M [J], [Y] perished
HOROWITZ Chaje 1900 Yossef F [J], [Y] perished
HOROWITZ Moshe 1904 Yossef M [Y] perished
HOROWITZ Ben Zion 1890 Angestellter employee M [J] perished
HOROWITZ Sarah 1892 F Benno [Y], [G] perished
HOROWITZ Moses 1924 Arbeiter worker Ben Zion Sarah M [J] perished
HOROWITZ Benno 1878 Angestellter employee M [J]
HOROWITZ Avraham 1925 Moshe M [Y] perished
HOROWITZ Rafael 1916 Angestellter employee M [J]
HOROWITZ Norbert 1922 Konditor confectioner M [J]
HOROWITZ Eva 1912 Schneiderin tailoress Tzvi F [J], [Y] perished
HOROWITZ Golde 1907 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
HOROWITZ Hirsch M [J], [S]
HOROWITZ Netti 1912 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
HOROWITZ Moses 1915 Tapezierer paperhanger M [J]
HOROWITZ Shmuel Asher M [Y] Korczyna
HOROWITZ Michael M [L]
HOROWITZ Josef fashions M [B]
HOROWITZ Eliasz food M [R]
HOROWITZ Fishel 1895 Zeev M [Y] perished
HOSK Chaim 1891 Mützenmacher capper M [J]
HUDES Ester 1890 F [J]
HUDES Abraham 1919 Arbeiter worker M [J]
HUDES Aron 1921 Mützenmacher capper M [J]
HUDES Berisch 1926 Arbeiter worker M [J]
HUDES Reisel-Renia 1912 F [J], [S]
HUTTNER Leib 1936 M [J]
HUTTNER M restaurant M [R]
IDER Miriam F [L] survived
IKONIT Elias 1886 Fleischer butcher M [J], [S]
INFELD Hinde 1887 F [J]
INFELD Pinkas 1921 Metzger butcher M [J]
INFELD Josef 1923 Schneiderin tailoress M [J]
INFELD Josef M [R]
JADAS Brandel 1907 F [J]
JAKUBOWICZ Salomon 1901 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
JAKUBOWICZ Sala 1924 F [J]
JAKUBOWICZ Beile 1925 F [J]
JAKUBOWICZ Rafael 1904 Klempner plumber M [J]
JAKUBOWICZ Beile 1902 Jakob F [J], [Y] Belzec
JAKUBOWICZ Sala 1930 Raphael F [J], [Y] perished
JAKUBOWICZ Marjem 1937 Raphael F [J], [Y] Belzec
JAKUBOWICZ Miriam F [L] survived
JAKUBOWICZ Zila 1917 Raphael F [J] perished
JAKUBOWICZ Jozef 1920 Tischler carpenter M [R] Auschwitz
JAKUBOWICZ Mendel 1895 Arbeiter worker Avraham M [J], [Y], [G] perished
JAMEL Chane KROSNO 1897 Berish F [J], [Y] perished
JAMEL Ryfke 1920 Verkäuferin saleswoman F [J]
JAMEL Leie 1923 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
JAMEL Leib 1925 Monteur fitter M [J]
JAMEL Markus 1928 M [J]
JAMEL Chaim 1931 M [J]
JAMEL Rosa 1933 F [J]
JAMEL H Friseur barber M [R]
JANAS Feiwel 1895 Lehrer teacher M [J]
JERUCHIM Leie 1894 F [J]
JERUCHIM Simon 1921 Arbeiter worker M [J]
JERUCHIM Aron 1923 Arbeiter worker M [J]
JERUCHIM Chawe 1928 F [J]
JERUCHIM Malke 1929 F [J]
JERUCHIM Shragai Zew M [P]
JERUCHIM Shimon Shragai Zew Leah M [P]
JERUCHIM Aaron Shragai Zew Leah M [P]
JERUCHIM Sarah Shragai Zew Leah F [P]
JERUCHIM Chawa Shragai Zew Leah F [P]
JERUCHIM Mala Shragai Zew Leah F [P]
JERUCHIM Osias 1906 Bauer farmer M [J]
JOSEFOWICZ Toni 1916 M [J]
JOSEFOWICZ Leib 1938 M [J]
JUDA Hene 1910 F [J]
JUDENHERZ Jocheweth 1915 F [J]
JUDENHERZ Chania Tankstellenwart gas station keeper F [R]
JUST David 1896 Angestellter employee Chaim M [J], [Y]
JUST Guetl 1897 F [J]
JUST Sabine 1922 Strickerin tricotatrice F [J]
JUST Amalie 1925 F [J]
JUST Naftali 1928 Öllieferant oil supplier M [J]
JUST Perl 1899 F [J]
JUST Dobe 1934 F [J]
JUST Chaje Ete 1929 F [J]
JUST Jakob 1898 Angestellter employee M [J]
JUST Sala 1904 F [J]
JUST Debora 1929 F [J]
JUST Naftali 1932 M [J]
JUST Hirsch 1881 Öllieferant oil supplier Naftali M [J], [Y]
JUST Feige 1885 F [J]
JUST Tille 1916 F [J]
JUST Abraham 1913 Arbeiter worker M [J]
JUST Don 1894 Kaufmann merchant Naphtali M [J], [Y] perished
JUST Ryfke 1895 F [J]
JUST Chaje 1921 Verkäuferin saleswoman F [J]
JUST Rische 1925 F [J]
JUST Rachela 1876 Yaacov F [J], [Y]
JUST Baruch 1911 Arbeiter worker M [J]
JUST Leib 1910 Arbeiter worker M [J]
JUST Osias 1882 Kaufmann merchant M [J]
JUST Kreindel 1893 F [J]
JUST Malke 1916 F [J]
JUST Chaim Lehrer teacher M [R]
JUST Moses 1902 Schuster shoemaker M [J]
KACHAN Ester 1902 F [J]
KACHAN Rosa 1923 F [J]
KACHAN Jakob 1925 Arbeiter worker M [J]
KACHAN Sara Ryfke 1928 F [J]
KACHAN Frimet 1930 F [J]
KACHAN Jsaak 1939 M [J]
KACHAN Moses 1874 M [J]
KALB betzlel
KALB Adele 1890 F [P]
KALB Leie 1870 F [J]
KALB Ascher 1878 M [J] died 1942
KALB Chaje 1881 F [J]
KALB Rachel 1904 F [J]
KALB Schulim 1905 Arbeiter worker Ascher M [J], [Y] died 1922
KALB Baruch 1918 Ascher M [Y]
KALB Samuel Bee Josef Feige M died 1922
KALB Chaya Rivka F Samuel B. deceased
KALB Leibish 1900 Samuel B. Chaya R. M deceased
KALB Samuel 1910 Schuster shoemaker M [J]
KALB Sarah 1899 M [P]
KALB Zishe M [P]
KALB Lipa M [P]
KALMENSOHN Freide 1912 F [J]
KAMPEL Aron 1904 Bäcker baker Avigdor M [J], [Y] perished
KANAREK Chaje 1907 F [J]
KANAREK Viktor 1936 M [J]
KANAREK Ester 1931 F [J]
KANAREK Sara 1864 F [J], [S]
KANNER Chawe 1908 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
KANNER Meilech 1895 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
KANNER Leie 1895 F [J]
KANNER Sali 1926 Arbeiter worker F [J]
KANNER Chaje 1929 F [J]
KANNER Leib 1900 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
KANNER Rosa 1908 F [J]
KANNER Fischel 1933 M [J]
KANNER Fradel 1870 F [J], [S]
KANNER Ewa 1916 Moshe F [Y] perished
KANNER Simcha 1914 Aron M [Y] perished
KANNER Meir M [L] survived
KANNER Mordechai M [L] survived
KANNER Yehuda M [L], [G] survived
KANNER Chaskel M [G]
KANNER Avraham Itzhak M [Y] perished
KARFIOL Itzhak M [L] survived
KARMI Golde 1895 F [J], [S]
KARSCH Chaim Wolf 1885 Angestellter employee M [J]
KATZ Zile 1893 F [J]
KATZ Mates 1908 Chaim M [Y] Russia
KATZ Chane 1910 Chaim F [J], [Y] perished
KATZ Sala 1907 F [J]
KATZ Hene 1914 F [J]
KATZ Suessmann 1875 M [J]
KATZ Zishe M [P] perished
KATZ Chaje 1882 F Zishe [J] perished
KATZ Bella Zishe Chaje F [P] perished
KATZ Klara 1892 F [J]
KATZ Mathias 1912 Arbeiter worker M [J]
KATZ Osias 1910 Angestellter employee M [J]
KATZ Sara 1908 F [J]
KATZ Zwi 1936 M [J]
KATZ Sime 1940 F [J]
KATZ Ettel 1865 F [J]
KATZ Leie 1894 Angestellter employee F [J]
KATZ Neche 1900 F [J]
KATZ Feige 1925 F [J]
KATZ Guetl 1929 F [J]
KATZ Naphtali M [L] survived
KATZ Nissan M [L] survived
KATZ Jossef M [L] survived
KATZ Raphael M [G]
KATZ Israel Dow M [P]
KATZ-HERMANN Ryfke FREUND 1881 F Israel Dow [J] Name is crossed out on list
KATZ-HERMANN Nahum Israel Dow Ryfke M [P] survived
KATZ Lea JUST F Nahum [P]
KATZ Shshana Nahum Lea F [P]
KATZ Nathan Israel Dow Ryfke M [P] survived
KATZ-HERMANN Yehoshua Israel Dow Ryfke M [P] survived
KATZ Bracha ZUCKERMAN F Yehoshua [P]
KATZ Shmuel Yehoshua Bracha M [P]
KATZ Shulamit Yehoshua Bracha F [P]
KATZ Esther Israel Dow Ryfke F [P] survived
KATZ-HERMANN Miriam Israel Dow Ryfke F [P] survived
KATZ-HERMANN Ita Israel Dow Ryfke F [P] perished
KATZ-HERMANN Shendele Israel Dow Ryfke F [P] perished
KATZ-HERMANN Hirsch Leib 1917 Uhrmacher watchmaker [J] perished, name is crossed out in list
KATZ-HERMANN Josef 1918 Avraham M [Y], [R] Auschwitz
KAUFMAN Shmuel M [L] survived
KAUFMAN Ruben Peretz Kantor cantor M [G], [R]
KAUFMAN Ruben Peretz M [P]
KAUFMAN Paula Ruben Peretz F [P] survived
KAUFMAN Leib M [R] survived
KEIL Branla F Haim [R]
KEIL Anna 1901 F [J], [S]
KEIL Feige 1931 F [J]
KEIL Neche 1929 F [J]
KEIL Leie 1926 F [J]
KEIL Abraham 1924 Friseurgehilfe barber assistent M [J]
KEIL Symche 1914 Aron M [Y] perished
KENNER Tzipora 1911 Dawid F [Y] perished
KEREN Yona 1913 Dawid M [Y] perished
KEREN Robert Öllieferant oil supplier M [B]
KERN Leie 1871 F [J]
KERN Baruch 1912 Arbeiter worker M [J]
KERN Mala 1909 Verkäuferin saleswoman F [J]
KERN Taube 1926 F [J]
KERN Anna 1892 F [J]
KERN Awraham M [P]
KERN Mozes 1915 Yona M [Y] Tarnow
KERNER Tonia 1912 Yona F [Y] Tarnow
KERNER Machla 1888 F [J]
KERNKRAUT Fischel 1925 Arbeiter worker M [J]
KERNKRAUT Yehoshua M [P]
KERNKRAUT Moshe 1892 Yehoshua M [Y] perished
KIESELSTEIN Sala 1891 F [J], [S]
KIESELSTEIN Chaje 1923 F [J]
KIESELSTEIN Chiel 1922 Arbeiter worker Elieazar M [J], [Y] perished
KIESELSTEIN Moses 1892 Spediteur shipper Yehoshua M [J], [Y], [G] perished
KIESELSTEIN Samuel 1916 Arbeiter worker Moshe M [J], [Y] Rzeszow
KIESELSTEIN Chane 1923 Schneiderin tailoress Moshe F [J], [Y] perished
KIESELSTEIN Mendel 1925 Arbeiter worker M [J]
KIESELSTEIN Zile 1926 Moshe F [J], [Y]
KIESELSTEIN Menachem M [L] survived
KIESELSTEIN Emalia JOHANS Jaslo F Chaim Zeew [P]
KIESELSTEIN Taube 1937 F [J]
KIJOWSKI Avraham M [L] survived
KIMEL Itzhak Wolf M [G]
KIMEL Zierl 1865 Yonas F [J], [Y] Belzec
KINDERMANN Perl 1909 Angestellte employee F [J]
KINDERMANN Menachem M [L] survived
KINDERMANN Aron M [L] survived
KINDERMANN Izaac Eisenhändler ironmonger M [R]
KINDERMANN N. Student student M [R]
KINDERMANN Mendel linen M Hanah [B] Krosno
KINDERMANN Margula Mendel Hanah F [P]
KINDERMANN Hersz Öllieferant oil supplier Mendel Hanah F Fradel [R]
KINDERMANN Fradel F Hersz [P]
KINDERMANN Srul Hersz Fradel M [P] Jaslo
KINDERMANN Hanah Hersz Fradel F [P] Russia
KINDERMANN Awraham Mendel Hanah M Sala [P] Russia
KINDERMANN Yaakow 1894 Mendel Hanah M [P] perished
KINDERMANN Ida ATLAS 1892 F [P] perished
KINDERMANN Rechel 1922 Yaakow Ida F [P] perished
KINDERMANN Ita Mendel Hanah
KINDERMANN Dawid Mendel Hanah Lea [P] Russia
KINDERMANN Lea Dawid [P] Russia
KINDERMANN Moses 1899 Friseur barber M [J]
KIRES Ester 1904 F [J]
KIRES Ida 1900 F [J]
KIRSCHNER Georg 1925 Schäftemacher upper shoes maker M [J]
KIRSCHNER Mirel 1929 F [J]
KIRSCHNER Avraham 1899 M [R] Auschwitz
KIRSCHNER Lazar 1893 M [R] Auschwitz
KIRSCHNER Eber 1902 Mohel mohel Yaacob M [J], [S], [Y], [G], R perished
KLAGSBALD Yehezkel M [L] survived
KLAGSBALD Amalie 1902 F Yehezkel [J]
KLAGSBALD Freide 1925 Yehezkel Amalie F [J], [Y] perished
KLAGSBALD Debora 1927 Yehezkel Amalie F [J], [Y] perished
KLAGSBALD Rachel 1929 Yehezkel Amalie F [J]
KLAGSBALD Guetl 1935 Yehezkel Amalie F [J]
KLAGSBALD Moshe M [L] survived
KLAGSBALD Samuel goods M [R]
KLEIN Jakob M [R] survived
KLEIN Jakob 1878 M [J]
KLEINBERGER Berta 1878 F [J]
KLEINBERGER Bronislaw Ratsmitglied town councilor M [R]
KLEINER Mayer Getreidehändler grain dealer M [B]
KLEINER Mendel 1885 Arbeiter worker M [J]
KLEINER Malke 1897 F [J]
KLEINER Leie 1926 F [J]
KLEINER Pauline 1930 F [J]
KLEINER Moses 1893 Angestellter employee M [J]
KLEINER Ella 1898 F [J]
KLEINER Samuel 1923 Uhrmacher watchmaker M [J]
KLEINER Feige 1926 speech F [J]
KLEINER Jakob m M. 1863 farm products M [J], [G]
KLEINER Jhuda 1901 M [J]
KLEINER Mariano 1918 Bronislaw M [Y] Lemberg
KLEINER Tynia 1903 Henoch M [Y] Lemberg
KLEINER Salomon 1909 Arbeiter worker M [J]
KLEINMANN Adele 1908 Lipa F [J], [Y] perished
KLEINMANN Leie 1913 Schneiderin tailoress Lipa F [J], [Y] perished
KLEINMANN Sara 1918 Schneiderin tailoress Lipa F [J], [Y] perished
KLEINMANN Blueme 1937 F [J]
KLEINMANN Chane 1938 Shlomo F [J], [Y] perished
KLEINMANN Pepi 1911 Arbeiterin worker [female] Itzhak F [J]
KLEINMANN Ester 1901 Moshe F [J], [Y] perished
KLEINMANN Mendel 1935 M [J], [Y] perished
KLEINMANN Henia 1912 Itzhak F [Y], [G] perished
KLEINMANN Tzvi M [L] survived
KLEINMANN Yaacov M [L] survived
KLEINMANN Josef M [R] survived
KLEINMANN M Student student M [R]
KLEINMANN Sara 1880 F [J]
KLOTZ Itzhak M [P]
KLOTZ Rachel 1854 F [J]
KLUCZKOWSKI Abraham 1886 M [J]
KLUCZKOWSKI Chaje 1886 F [J]
KLUCZKOWSKI Brandel 1926 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
KNOBEL Chaim David 1913 Arbeiter worker M [J]
KNOBLOCH Reisel 1909 Moshe F [J], [Y] Jaslo
KNOBLOCH Jsaak 1899 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S], [G]
KNOPF Chaje 1904 F [J]
KNOPF Naftali 1932 M [J]
KNOPF Debora 1934 F [J]
KNOPF Haim Konditor confectioner M
KOENIG Leie 1880 F Haim [J]
KOENIG Jsaak 1904 Konditor confectioner Chaim Leie M [J], [Y] perished
KOENIG Hella 1906 Chaim Leie F [J], [Y] perished
KOENIG Moses 1908 Konditor confectioner Chaim Leie M [J], [Y] perished
KOENIG Chaje 1910 Chaim Leie F [J] perished
KOENIG Ruth 1937 Chaim Leie F [J] survived
KOENIG Rivka FREUND F [L] survived
KOLANDER Berel 1893 Arbeiter worker M [J]
KOLBER Basche 1898 F [J]
KOLBER Baruch 1933 M [J]
KOLBER Ester 1936 F [J]
KOLBER B Mützenmacher capper M [R]
KONDES A Mützenmacher capper M [R]
KONDES Samuel 1892 Arbeiter worker M [J]
KONINSKI Helene 1897 F [J]
KONINSKI Siegmund 1920 Drucker printer M [J]
KONINSKI Ignaz 1923 Arbeiter worker M [J]
KONINSKI Helene F [Y] survived
KONRAD Fishel M [S]
KOPFZUCKER Sala 1910 F [J]
KOPITO Hirsch 1889 Klempner plumber M [J]
KORB Leie 1889 F [J]
KORB Brandel 1921 F [J]
KORB Stella 1940 F [J]
KORB Abraham 1897 Klempner plumber M [J], [S]
KORB Reisel 1905 F [J]
KORB Berta 1932 F [J]
KORB Malke 1864 F [J]
KORB Brandel 1905 Angestellte employee F [J]
KORB Tamara 1937 F [J]
KORB Chaim Klempner plumber M [R]
KORBA Josef Bestatter undertaker [R]
KORBA Guetl 1878 F [J]
KORNITZER Regina 1893 F [J]
KORNREICH Anna 1914 F [J]
KORNREICH Sabine 1895 Näherin seamstress F [J]
KORNREICH Zeisel FREUND Betzalel B Miriam F [P]
KORNREICH Seinwel 1923 Schäftemacher upper shoes maker Zeisel F [J]
KORNREICH Feige 1925 Zeisel F [J]
KORNREICH Sara 1926 Zeisel F [J]
KORNREICH Feige 1873 F [J]
KRANZ Berel 1897 Schuster shoemaker M [J]
KRANZ Eva 1896 F [J]
KRANZ Hinde 1928 F [J]
KRANZ Jsaak 1932 M [J]
KRANZ Basche 1936 F [J]
KRANZ Josef M [G]
KRANZ Hene 1910 F [J]
KREISBERG Naftali 1908 Lehrer teacher M [J]
KRESCH Ete 1910 F [J]
KRESCH Ziwie 1939 F [J]
KRESCH Feiwel 1941 M [J]
KRESCH B Bäcker baker M [R]
KRIEGEL J Bäcker baker M [R]
KRIEGEL Baruch 1881 Bäcker baker M [YI] Krosno
KRIEGER Sara 1890 Naphtali F Baruch [YI], [Y] Krosno
KRIEGER Brandel 1907 Baruch Sara F [J] Krosno
KRIEGER Meilech 1918 Angestellter employee Baruch Sara M [YI] Krosno
KRIEGER Hirsch 1929 Baruch Sara M [YI] Krosno
KRIEGER Shifra Baruch Sara F [YI] Krosno
KRIEGER Jakob 1936 Baruch Sara M [YI] Krosno
KRIEGER Jsaak 1936 M [J]
KRIEGER Charles 1905 Bäcker baker Mordechai M [J], [Y] perished
KRIEGER Marjem 1940 F [J]
KRIEGER Rosa 1913 F [J]
KRIEGER Suessl 1931 F [J]
KRIEGER Markus 1934 M [J]
KRIEGER Anna 1938 F [J]
KRIEGER Josef 1903 Tischler carpenter M [J]
KRIEGER Rosa 1904 F [J]
KRIEGER Jsrael 1939 M [J]
KRIEGER Michael M [L] survived
KRIEGER Yehoshua Bäcker baker Yehuda M [J], [Y] perished
KRILL Lea BILBERG F [L] survived
KRILL L Student student F [R]
KRILL Yanka F [L]
KRILL Shlomo M [L]
KRILL Reisel F [P]
KRILL Simche 1914 Weißbinder house painter M [J]
KUDLER Markus 1921 Arbeiter worker M [J]
KUDLER Irene 1920 Verkäuferin saleswoman F [J]
KUDLER Feige 1929 F [J]
KUDLER Frieda 1896 F [J]
KUDLER Guetl 1921 Kontoristin book keeper [female] F [J]
KUDLER Jakob 1907 Zuschneider cutter M [J]
KUCZIBORSKI Moniek M [P] survived
KUENSTLINGER Leib 1883 Kaufmann merchant M [J], [Y] survived
KUFLIK Ester 1880 F [J]
KUFLIK Leie 1919 F [J]
KUFLIK Arieh M [L] survived
KUFLIK Ryfke 1898 F [J]
KUPPERMANN Etsche 1927 F [J]
KUPPERMANN L Klempner plumber M [R]
KUPPERMANN Fryda 1891 Aron F [Y] Belzec
KURZ 1870 Shimshon F [Y] Auschwitz
KURZ Tischler carpenter M [B]
KURZ Henryke 1864 F [J]
KURZER Siegmund 1904 Uhrmacher watchmaker M [J]
KURZMANN Rosa 1912 F [J]
KURZMANN Shie Fleischer butcher M [R]
KWILL Ester 1919 F [J]
LACHNER Feige 1882 Arbeiterin worker [female] F [J]
LAMBERG Ides 1917 F [J]
LAMBERG Elieazar M [YI] Korczyna
LAMBIG Dawid M [YI] Korczyna
LAMBIG Lea F [YI] Korczyna
LAMBIG Haim M [YI] Korczyna
LAMBIG Herzke 1886 Arbeiter worker M [J]
LAMBIK Ryfke 1886 F [J]
LAMBIK Samuel 1923 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
LAMBIK Mordche 1921 Arbeiter worker M [J]
LAMBIK Rosa 1904 F [J]
LAMBIK Brandel 1923 F [J]
LAMBIK Simon 1925 Klempner plumber M [J]
LAMBIK Israel 1932 M [J]
LAMBIK Samuel 1897 Arbeiter worker M [J]
LAMBIK Yehiel M [P]
LAMM Yehiel
LAMM Hinda 1885 Chaim F [Y] perished
LAMM Menachem 1880 Chaim M [Y] perished
LAMM Shia 1896 Berl M [Y] perished
LAMM Pearl F [G]
LAMM Chaim M [G]
LAMM Samuel 1901 Fleischer butcher M [J]
LAMM Fanni 1906 F [J]
LAMM Osias 1933 M [J]
LAMM Rafael 1937 M [J]
LAMM Gershon 1939 M [J]
LAMM Berel 1872 M [J]
LAMM Malke 1874 F [J]
LAMM Josef 1904 Arbeiter worker M [J]
LAMM Chaim M [P]
LAMM Tile 1883 F [J]
LANDAU Dine 1878 F [J]
LANDAU Sindel 1882 Kaufmann merchant F [J]
LANDAU Schifre 1909 Meir F [J], [Y] perished
LANDAU Osias 1913 Verkäufer salesman M [J]
LANDAU Chane 1917 F [J]
LANDAU Mechel 1920 Arbeiter worker M [J]
LANDAU Samuel 1907 Arbeiter worker M [J]
LANDAU Feige 1907 F [J]
LANDAU Sara 1935 F [J]
LANDAU Moses 1938 M [J]
LANDAU Chaim 1940 M [J]
LANDAU Ryfke 1911 Hilfslehrerin supply teacher [female] Itahak F [J], [S], [Y] Rzeszow
LANDAU Leiser 1918 Meir M [Y] Belzec
LANDAU Tzvi 1910 Sender M [Y] perished
LANDAU Yaacov LANDAU M [L] survived
LANDAU Feivel Krämer grocer M [G]
LANDAU Feige 1906 Näherin seamstress F [J]
LANDSTEIN Chaim clothing M [P] Russia
LANG Feiga reisel F Chaim [P] Russia
LANG Avraham Chaim Feiga Reisel M [Y] survived
LANG Seril Chaim Feiga Reisel F [P]
LANG Shimon 1908 Chaim Feiga Reisel M [Y] perished
LANG Henia [P] perished
LANG Shimshon Chaim Feiga Reisel M [P] Israel
LANG Sime 1912 Chaim Feiga Reisel F [J] perished
LANG Josef 1916 Angestellter employee Chaim Feiga Reisel M [J] survived
LANG Shprincze 1918 Chaim Feiga Reisel F [P] survived
LANG Moses 1870 M [J], [S]
LANGBAUM Chane 1871 F [J]
LANGBAUM Josaphat Wirt innkeeper M [B]
LASKOWSKI Frida F [L] survived
LAUFER Berta 1889 F [J]
LAUTMANN Leiser 1900 Tischler carpenter M [J], [S]
LEHRER Leie 1905 F [J]
LEHRER Feige 1934 F [J]
LEHRER Helene 1936 F [J]
LEHRER Chaim 1937 M [J]
LEHRER Aron 1941 M [J]
LEHRER Majer 1913 Arbeiter worker M [J]
LEHRMANN Ziwie 1939 F [J]
LEHRMANN D Uhrmacher watchmaker M [R]
LEIB E Bäcker baker M [R]
LEIB David 1892 Schneider tailor M [J], [S]
LEIBEL Rosa 1900 F [J]
LEIBEL Levy 1932 M [J]
LEIBEL Ete 1937 F [J]
LEIBEL Josef 1911 Aron M [Y] Bergen Belsen
LEIBEL Wolf 1880 M [J]
LEIBEL Jakob 1906 Ephraim Shprincze M [P] survived
LEIBNER Seril 1905 Chaim Feiga F Jakob [P] survived
LEIBNER William 1936 Jakob Seril M [P] survived
LEIBNER Yehuda 1938 Jakob Seril M [P] survived
LEIBNER Anschel Wirt innkeeper M [B]
LEICHT Tischler carpenter M [B]
LEICHTBERG Jhuda 1882 M [J], [S], [G]
LEICHTBERG Regina 1892 Yaacov F [Y] Lemberg
LEICHTBERG Chaim 1912 M [J]
LEICHTBERG Baruch 1916 Avraham M [Y] perished
LEIDNER Dawid 1912 Avraham M [Y] perished
LEIDNER Naphtali M [P]
LEHRER Regina 1876 F [J]
LEINER Arthur 1912 Kürschner furrier M [J]
LEINER Rosa 1916 Pelznäherin fur seamstress F [J]
LEINER Chaim 1901 Kaufmann merchant M [J]
LEINER Luise 1902 F [J]
LEINER Aron 1898 Kaufmann merchant M [J]
LEISER Sala 1896 F [J]
LEISER Ides 1927 F [J]
LEISER Chaim 1930 M [J]
LEISER Yechiel M [L] survived
LEISER Jona M [R] survived
LEISER W Schneider tailor M [R]
LEITER Rachel 1891 Arbeiterin worker [female] F [J]
LEMBERG Marjem 1896 Arbeiterin worker [female] F [J]
LEMBERG Arzt doctor M [L] survived
LEMPEL Wolf Beer 1885 Lehrer teacher M [J]
LERNER Reisel 1890 F [J]
LERNER Golde 1913 Friseuse coiffeuse F [J]
LERNER Hirsch 1914 Taschenmacher bag maker M [J]
LERNER Moses 1916 Arbeiter worker M [J]
LERNER Schaje 1917 Arbeiter worker M [J]
LERNER Chaje 1923 F [J]
LERNER Jakob 1925 clothes M [J], [B]
LERNER Meilech 1927 Arbeiter worker M [J]
LERNER Simon 1930 M [J]
LERNER Shlomo M [P]
LERNER Malka KATZ F Shlomo [P]
LERNER Miriam Shlomo Malka F [P]
LERNER Ruth Shlomo Malka F [P]
LERNER Nathan 1921 Elektromonteur electrician M [J]
LESSIG Zeev M [L] survived
LEVANINI Jacob Leib M [Y] Korczyna
LEWAJ Regina Dawid F Jacob [Y] Majdanek
LEWAJ Chaje 1924 F [J]
LICHOLAT Ryfke 1896 F [J]
LIEBER Moses 1925 Arbeiter worker M [J]
LIEBER Feige 1929 F [J]
LIEBER Samuel 1922 Angestellter employee M [J]
LIEBER Hinde 1886 F [J]
LIEBER Chaje 1925 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
LIEBER Jakob 1888 Lehrer teacher M [J], [S]
LIEBER Aron M [L] survived
LIEBER Izrael 1892 M [R] Auschwitz
LIEBER Berish M [P]
LIEBER Hirsch 1906 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
LIEBERMANN Ilona-Rosa 1906 F [J], [S]
LIEBERMANN Jsrael 1929 M [J]
LIEBERMANN Ascher 1933 M [J]
LIEBERMANN Maximilian M [L] survived
LIEBERMANN Alois Öllieferant oil supplier M [P] died 1932
LIEBERMANN Fredericke F Alois [P] perished
LIEBERMANN Otto Öllieferant oil supplier Alois Fredericke M [P] survived
LIEBERMANN Stella SCHACHER F Otto [P] survived
LIEBERMANN Eva EUGENIA 1931 Otto Stella F Rosner [P] survived
LIEBERMANN Luiza BROOK Otto Stella F Brook [P] survived
LIEBESKIND Luba 1916 Avraham F [Y] perished
LILING Abraham 1904 Schneider tailor Emanuel M [Y] perished
LINDENBERG Beila F Mendel [R]
LINDENBERG A Klempner plumber M [R]
LINDENBERG Giza elieazar F [Y] perished
LION Ludwig Yossef M [Y] perished
LION Feige 1875 F [J]
LIPINER Pepi 1912 F [J]
LIPINER Rosa 1914 F [J]
LIPINER Siegmund 1913 Arbeiter worker Naphtali M [J], [Y] perished
LIPINER Ester 1918 Koch cook F [J]
LIPMERA Josefine 1896 F [J]
LIPPNER Ferdinand 1885 Beamter official M [J], [S]
LIPPNER Olga-Feiga 1898 F [J]
LIPPNER Yochewed FREUND F [Y] survived
LITTMAN Israel M [P]
LITTMAN Basche 1903 F [J], [S]
LITWOK Chaim 1895 Arbeiter worker M [J]
LITWOK Samuel 1932 M [J]
LITWOK Feiwel 1902 Sockenstricker socks maker M [J]
LIZEWSKI Leie 1903 F [J]
LIZEWSKI Chaim 1928 M [J]
LIZEWSKI Chane 1931 F [J]
LIZEWSKI A Uhrmacher watchmaker M [R]
LOBE A Schneider tailor M [R]
LOBE Ite 1915 F [J]
LOEBEL Sabine 1919 Modistin milliner [female] F [J]
LOEBEL Chaim Leib 1940 M [J]
LOEBEL Rachel 1922 Modistin milliner [female] F [J], [S]
LOEBEL Chane 1929 F [J]
LOEBEL Eva 1892 F [J]
LOEBEL Abraham 1914 Schneider tailor M [J]
LOEBEL Zindel M [P]
LONDON Feibish M [P]
LONDON Wolf Klempner plumber M [R]
LUDENBERG Misiek M [P] survived
LUFT L Bäcker baker M [R]
LUPNIK Sara 1912 Elimelech F [Y] perished
LUST Elias 1894 Klempner plumber M [J], [S]
LUSTIG Sara 1898 F [J]
LUSTIG Rachel 1925 F [J]
LUSTIG Matel 1930 F [J]
LUSTIG Osias 1933 M [J]
LUSTIG Yona M [L] survived
LUZER Dora 1900 Meir F [Y] Zwickau
LWOWSKI Aron 1894 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
MAENNER Chaje 1905 F [J]
MAENNER Markus 1931 M [J]
MAENNER Jsrael 1933 M [J]
MAENNER Jsaak 1941 M [J]
MAGEL Elieazar M [YI] Korczyna
MAHLER Haya RIVKA F Elieazar [YI] Korczyna
MAHLER Moses 1904 Fleischer butcher M [J]
MAHLER Sala 1910 Getzil F [J], [Y] Belzec
MAHLER Manes 1935 Moshe M [J], [Y] perished
MAHLER Leiser 1890 Bäcker baker M [J]
MAHLER Regina 1900 F [J]
MAHLER Hirsch 1923 Bäcker baker M [J]
MAHLER Genia 1896 F [J]
MAHLER Hirsch 1923 Arbeiter worker M [J]
MAHLER Rafael 1902 Fleischer butcher M [J]
MAHLER Marjem 1916 F [J]
MAHLER Nissen 1940 M [J]
MAHLER Shimon 1896 M [P]
MAHLER Avraham M [G]
MAHLER Wolf Fleischer butcher M [R]
MAHLER Simon M [P]
MAHLER Eva F Simon [P]
MAHLER Yeshayahu 1895 Kaufmann merchant Shaya M [J], [Y] Warsaw
MAJEROWICZ Leie 1898 F [J]
MAJEROWICZ Eva 1924 Yeshayahu M [J], [Y] perished
MAJEROWICZ Marjem 1926 F [J] perished
MAJEROWICZ Sala 1932 F [J]
MAJEROWICZ A Schlosser locksmith M [R]
MALTZ Ellen F [L] survived
MALTZ Mordechai M [L] survived
MALTZ Mindel 1885 F [J]
MALZ Leie 1917 F [J]
MALZ Jochweth 1922 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
MALZ Pinkas 1906 Schneider tailor M [J], [S]
MANDEL Dora 1910 F [J]
MANDEL Chaim 1935 M [J]
MANDEL Sprinze 1938 F [J]
MANDEL Jakob 1877 Schuster shoemaker M [J], [S]
MANDEL Ryfke 1877 F [J]
MANDEL Debora 1910 F [J]
MANDEL Pessel 1915 Näherin seamstress F [J]
MANDEL Shmuel M [R] survived
MANSTER Mendel 1886 Lehrer teacher M [J], [S]
MARCHEWKA Chume 1894 M [J]
MARCHEWKA Basche 1924 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
MARCHEWKA Schulim 1927 Arbeiter worker M [J]
MARCHEWKA Scheindel 1930 F [J]
MARCHEWKA Jsaak 1932 M [J]
MARCHEWKA Leie 1936 F [J]
MARCHEWKA Selig 1898 Expedient dispatch clerk M [J]
MARFELD Hadassah 1897 F [J]
MARFELD Samuel 1928 M [J]
MARFELD Chaje 1930 F [J]
MARFELD Selde 1936 F [J]
MARFELD Ella nee HOLLOSCHETZ F [L] survived
MARGULES Itzhak M [L] survived
MARGULES Michael M [L] survived
MARGULES Moshe M [L] survived
MARGULES Yaacov materials M [L], [R] survived
MARGULES Yossef M [L] survived
MARGULES Moses 1900 Angestellter employee Chaim M [J], [Y], [G] perished in Buchenwald
MARGULES Eva 1905 F [J]
MARGULES Moses 1885 Expedient dispatch clerk Yossef M [J], [Y] perished
MARGULES Ester 1888 F [J]
MARGULES Matel 1912 Moshe F [J], [Y] perished in Majdanek
MARGULES Pessel 1927 F [J]
MARGULES Mehel 1886 products M [J], [G]
MARGULES Reisel 1875 F [J]
MARGULES Hirsch 1875 Yossef M [P] shot in 1942
MARGULES Malke 1908 Chaim F [J], [Y] perished
MARGULES Chaim 1877 M [J]
MARGULES Sara 1878 F [J]
MARGULES Amalie 1911 Chaim F [J], [Y] perished
MARGULES Jochweth 1912 F [J]
MARGULES Anna 1910 Mechel F [J], [Y] perished in Krakow
MARGULES Markus 1903 Arbeiter worker Chaim M [J], [Y] perished
MARGULES Salomon 1901 Konditor confectioner Hirsh M [J], [Y] perished
MARGULES Minna 1902 Chaim F [J], [Y]
MARGULES Josef 1939 M [J]
MARGULES Hinde 1890 F [J]
MARGULES Machcia F [G]
MARGULES Ch Student student M [R]
MARGULES Israel Eierverkäufer egg merchant M [B]
MARIN Tircza F [L] survived
MARKUS Chana F [G]
MAROKA Eliasz M [R]
MATZNER Tzvi M [L] survived
MAYEROWICZ Lena F [L] survived
MAYEROWICZ Sarah F [P] Moniek
MAYEROWICZ Manka 1916 Wolf F [Y] perished
MAZER Moshe M [P]
MEBEL Dawid Metallarbeiter metalworker M [R]
MEHEL Rubin Ratsmitglied councilor M [R]
MEHEL Avraham Metallarbeiter metalworker M [R]
MEILECH Menachem M [P]
MEILECH Yehoshua M [P]
MEINER Mala 1904 F [J], [S]
MEISELES Sala 1926 F [J]
MEISELES Chaje 1906 F [J]
MEISELES Feige 1914 F [J]
MEISELES Gila F [L] survived
MEISELS Jsrael 1898 Angestellter employee M [J]
MEISLICH Frimet 1908 F [J]
MEISLICH Guetl 1929 F [J]
MEISLICH Ryfke 1931 F [J]
MEISLICH Jhuda 1934 M [J]
MEISLICH David M [L] survived
MELAMED Rachela F [G]
MELAMED Awraham Cha M [P]
MELAMED Israel Hersh M deceased
MELAMET Rachela KALB F Israel Married 1924. Deceased
MELAMET Salomon Israel Rachela M died 1916
MELAMET Sussel 1925 Israel Rachela F deceased
MELAMET Leie 1912 F [J]
MELAMET Hersh M deceased
MELAMET Rachel DENN F Hersh deceased
MELAMET Pinkas 1918 Hersh Rachel M deceased
MELAMET Beile Ester 1921 Hersh Rachel F [J]
MELAMET David 1923 Arbeiter worker Hersh Rachel D [J]
MELAMET Suessl 1925 F [J]
MELAMET Matel 1904 Reuven F [Y] Belzec
MELAMET Majlech Kürschner furrier M [B]
MELLER Shprintze F [P]
MELLER Sprinze 1870 F [J]
MELLER Henoch M [L] survived
MELLER Shmuel 1886 M [P]
MENDEL Pinchas 1910 Yaacov M [Y], [L]
MENDEL Moses M [R]
MENDEL M [L] survived
MENNER Rachela F [G]
METZGER Alte Chane 1898 F [J]
MILLER Chiel 1933 M [J]
MILLER Hess M [L] survived
MILLER Avraham M [P]
Mintz Awraham
MINC Sara 1907 Avraham F [Y] perished
MINC Dina KLEINMAN F [L] survived
MINSTER Shmuel M [L] survived
MINSTER Tziona F [P]
MISTROWSKI Chaje-Clara 1903 Maniküristin manicurist F [J], [S]
MOHR Malke 1884 Naphtali F [J], [Y] perished
MONHEIT Feige 1914 F [J]
MONHEIT Samuel 1919 Handelsgehilfe clerk M [J]
MONHEIT Naftali 1922 Handelsgehilfe clerk M [J]
MONHEIT Mechel 1924 M [J]
MONHEIT Benzion M [P]
MONTAG Sima F Benzion [Y], [G] perished
MONTAG Sara Benzion Sima F [P] perished
MONTAG Rivka Benzion Sima F [P] deceased
MONTAG Lea Benzion Sima F [P] deceased
MONTAG Nehema Benzion Sima F [P]
MONTAG Gittel Benzion Sima F [P]
MONTAG Golda Benzion Sima F [P]
MONTAG Yaacov Shija Benzion Sima M [P] died 1929
MONTAG Josef 1911 Rohproduktenaufkäufer seller of raw products Ben Zion Sima M [J], [Y] Mathausen
MONTAG Moshe M [L], [G] survived
MONTAG Mindel 1917 Asher F [J], [Y] perished
MONTAG Ete 1940 F [J]
MONTAG Yossef M [L] survived
MONTAG Benjamin 1904 Kaufmann merchant M [J]
MORGENSTERN Minna 1904 Avraham F [J], [Y] perished in Krosnice
MORGENSTERN Schifre 1930 F [J]
MORGENSTERN Blanka 1910 Angestellte employee F [J]
MORGENSTERN Ascher 1849 M [J]
MOSES Rachel 1849 Avraham F [J], [Y] Belzec
MOSES Wolf 1875 Asher M [J], [Y] Belzec
MOSES Abraham 1885 Angestellter employee Asher M [J], [Y] Belzec
MOSES Chane 1880 F [J]
MOSES Sala 1888 F [J]
MOSES Suessl 1927 F [J]
MOSES Josef Buchbinder bookbinder M [B]
MOSKOWICZ Chaje 1898 Itzhak F [J], [S], [Y] perished
MOSKOWICZ Hinde 1909 F [J]
MOSKOWICZ Ester 1910 Zahnärztin dentist [female] F [J]
MOSKOWICZ Nischl 1913 M [J]
MOSKOWICZ Moses 1914 Schuster shoemaker M [J]
MOSKOWICZ Ite 1918 Angestellte employee F [J]
MOSKOWICZ Ilona 1933 F [J]
MOSKOWICZ Moses 1932 M [J]
MOSKOWICZ Pinkas 1930 Meir M [J], [Y] perished
MOSKOWICZ Josef 1925 Meir M [J], [Y] perished
MOSKOWICZ Benzion 1897 Arbeiter worker M [J]
MUEHLRAD Chane 1899 F [J]
MUEHLRAD Saul 1927 Arbeiter worker M [J]
MUEHLRAD Kalmen 1928 M [J]
MUEHLRAD Chaim 1929 M [J]
MUEHLRAD Reisel 1931 F [J]
MUEHLRAD Guetl 1933 F [J]
MUEHLRAD Moses 1935 M [J]
MUEHLRAD Sime 1936 F [J]
MUEHLRAD Jsaak 1938 M [J]
MUEHLRAD Chawe 1939 F [J]
MUEHLRAD Jsrael 1941 M [J]
MUEHLRAD Schaje 1911 Zuschneider cutter M [J]
MUENZ Debora 1937 F [J]
MUENZ Rubin 1892 Klempner blumber M [J], [G] perished
MUENZ Rosa 1910 F Rubin [J] perished
MUENZ Majer 1922 Klempner blumber Rubin Rosa M [J] perished
MUENZ Eisig 1924 Klempner blumber Rubin Rosa M [J] perished
MUENZ Abraham 1936 M [J]
MUENZ Avrahaam Ratsmitglied councilor M [L]
MUENZ Pearl F Avrahaam [P] survived
MUENZ Regina Abraham Pearl F [P] survived
MUENZ Sara 1907 Näherin seamstress Abraham Pearl F [J] survived
MUENZ Dawid Abraham Pearl M [P] died 1929
MUENZ Mirel Abraham Pearl F [P] survived
MUENZ Jakob 1918 Autoschlosser panel beater Abraham Pearl M [J], [Y] perished
MUENZ Baruch Abraham Pearl M [L] survived
MUENZ Salomon 1940 M [J]
MUENZ Simon 1941 M [J]
MUENZ Syna 1924 Reuven F [Y] perished
MUENZ Chaim goods M [R]
MULLER Elisheva F [L] survived
NACHTIGAL David Dr. M [L] survived
NACHTIGAL Eliazar M [R] survived
NACHTIGAL Sara 1858 F [J]
NAGEL Nathan 1932 M [J]
NAGEL Markus 1925 Arbeiter worker M [J]
NAGEL Tobias 1884 Fleischer butcher M [J]
NAGEL Samuel 1914 Fleischer butcher Towim M [J], [Y] Auschwitz
NAGEL Guetl 1917 Towim F [J], [Y] Auschwitz
NAGEL Jakob 1920 Arbeiter worker Towim M [J], [Y] Auschwitz
NAGEL Markus 1924 Arbeiter worker M [J]
NAGEL Rachela 1900 F [J]
NAGEL Markus 1922 Arbeiter worker M [J]
NAGEL Halinke 1932 F [J]
NAGEL Sima F [L] survived
NAGEL Yehuda 1893 Israel M [Y] Biecz
NAIS Aron M [R] survived
NAIS Rachel F [R] survived
NEIMARK Shalom M [L] survived
NEISS Zipora 1896 F [J]
NEISS-AKSELRAD Majer 1898 Arbeiter worker M [J], [G]
NEUMANN Sime 1902 F [J]
NEUMANN Schaje 1930 M [J]
NEUMANN Abraham 1932 M [J]
NEUMANN Motel 1920 Moshe M [Y] perished
NEUMANN Menachem M [L] survived
NEUMANN S Student student M [R]
NEUSS Hirsch 1888 Korbmacher basket maker M [J], [S]
NIEWIADOMSKI Berek 1908 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
NISSENBAUM Jente 1910 F [J]
NISSENBAUM Rosa 1933 F [J]
NISSENBAUM Sala 1937 F [J]
NISSENBAUM Dov M [L] survived
NOBERT Idel Dawid F [Y] perished
NOJS Salusia Yehuda F [Y] perished
NOJS Srulik yehuda M [Y] perished
NOJS Izrael M [R]
NORBERT Hirsch 1875 Schneider tailor M [J], [Y]
NORD Rosa 1911 F [J]
NORD Jochweth 1917 F [J]
NORD Zipora 1919 F [J]
NORD Jsaak 1924 Schneider tailor M [J], [L] survived
NORD Marie F [R] survived
NORD Rachel 1860 F [J]
NORD Salomon 1881 Kaufmann merchant Itzhak M [J], [Y], [G] perished
NORD Dine 1883 Avraham F [J], [Y] Belzec
NORD Chaya 1917 Hersh F [J], [Y]
NORD Ryfke 1874 F [J]
NOVEMBER Samuel 1912 Weißbinder house painter M [J]
NOVEMBER Menachem M [L] survived
NOVEMBER Wolf 1876 Henoch M [J], [Y] perished
NUSSBAUM Henoch 1909 Kaufmann merchant M [J]
NUSSBAUM Ida 1909 F [J]
NUSSBAUM Abisch 1935 M [J]
NUSSBAUM Debora 1914 F [J]
NUSSBAUM A M [L] survived
NUSSBAUM Yaacov M [L] survived
NUSSBAUM Karol [R] shot
NUSSBAUM Wolf M [P] shot in 1942
NUSSBAUM Jacob Tischler carpenter M [B]
OBRYBSKI Atara F [L] survived
OFNER Golde 1884 F [J], [S]
OKNOWSKI Josef 1908 Tapezierer paperhanger M [J]
OKNOWSKI Aron 1886 Angestellter employee Yossef M [J], [Y], [G] perished
OLING Awraham
OLING Leie 1890 F [J]
OLING Malke 1912 Modistin milliner Aron F [J], [Y] perished
OLING Chane 1915 Modistin milliner Aron F [J], [Y] perished
OLING Khaia 1926 Aron F [Y] perished
OLING Mindel 1922 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
OLING Jakob 1928 Student student M [J]
OLING Genia F [G]
OLING Chaim Bäcker baker M [R]
OLING K Student student M [R]
OMACHEL Leib M [L] survived
ORENSTEIN Chaim Krämer grocer M [R]
ORGLER Luba KANNER F [L] survived
ORGLER Yedwabne F [L] survived
OZIAS Leibish M [L] survived
PACHER Avraham Dr M [L] survived
PALANT Israel M [L] survived
PALANT Sabina F [L] survived
PALANT Shlomo M [L] survived
PALANT Gittel 1880 Yaacov F [Y] survived
PANZER Mirel 1913 Näherin seamstress F [J]
PARNESS Scheindel 1909 Näherin seamstress F [J]
PARNESS Yaacov M [L] survived
PARNESS Taube 1900 F [J]
PASTERNAK Toni 1937 M [J]
PASTERNAK Leie 1896 F [J]
PASTERNAK Gerson 1924 Handelsgehilfe clerk M [J]
PASTERNAK Dawid Oz. household M [R]
PASTERNAK Mojzesz Kaufmann merchant M [R]
PASTERNAK Tema F Mojzesz [P] perished
PASTERNAK Reisel 1905 Moshe Tema F [Y] perished
PASTERNAK Rivka 1916 Moshe Tema F [Y] perished
PASTERNAK Simon 1908 Moshe Tema M [Y] perished
PASTERNAK Simon 1875 food M [J], [G]
PASTERNAK Leib 1894 Kaufmann merchant M [J]
PASTERNAK Anshel 1919 Leib M [P] perished
PASTOR Regina 1905 F [J]
PASTOR Ester 1914 F [J]
PASTOR Yossef M [L] survived
PATAWAY Meir M [L] survived
PECKER Regina 1908 F [J], [S]
PELZMANN Samuel 1933 M [J]
PELZMANN Reisel 1878 F [J], [S]
PELZMANN Feige 1920 F [J]
PELZMANN Rachel 1921 F [J]
PELZMANN Chaje 1928 F [J]
PELZMANN Meilech 1872 M [J]
PELZMANN Chaje 1903 F [J]
PELZMANN Sara Ryfke 1939 F [J]
PELZMANN Riwka Yaacov F [Y] Belzec
PEREL Sara Chaim F [Y] Belzec
PEREL Chaim 1879 Avraham M [Y] Belzec
PEREL Jezajasz 1879 Avraham M [Y] Auschwitz
PEREL Samuel 1886 Avraham M [Y] Auschwitz
PEREL Yaacow 1876 Avraham M [Y] Belzec
PEREL Ruben M [R]
PERETZ U Student student M [R]
PERKIS Janina 1926 Henryk F [Y] Belzec
PERLBERG Malka F [L] survived
PERLBERG Hanoch M [L] survived
PILHARDT Zalman M [L] survived
PILHARDT Jakob 1864 Klempner plumber M [J]
PINKAS Adele 1908 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
PINKAS Moses David 1906 Tischler carpenter M [J]
PINKAS Chaje 1909 F [J]
PINKAS Feige 1927 F [J]
PINKAS Lemel 1901 Kaufmann merchant M [J]
PINKAS Freide 1899 F [J]
PINKAS Samuel 1931 M [J]
PINKAS Abraham 1933 M [J]
PINKAS Neche 1935 F [J]
PINKAS Reisel 1937 F [J]
PINKAS Sabine 1941 F [J]
PINKAS Moshe M [L] survived
PINKAS Malka F [L] survived
PINKAS Lemel M [G]
PINKASA N Friseur barber M [R]
PINKUS Mendel 1886 Arbeiter worker M [J]
PINSEL Chaje 1886 F [J], [G]
PINSEL Fischel 1913 Arbeiter worker M [J]
PINSEL Brandel 1918 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
PINSEL Leib 1922 Arbeiter worker M [J]
PINSEL Liepe 1924 Arbeiter worker M [J]
PINSEL Naftali 1929 M [J]
PINSEL Rosia MARGULES F [P] survived
PINSLER Abraham 1934 M [J]
PINTER Frieda 1906 Shmuel F [J], [S], [Y] Belzec
PINTER Jsaak 1936 M [J]
PINTER Guetl 1935 F [J]
PINTER Sara 1878 F [J]
PIOTRKOWSKI David 1913 Arbeiter worker M [J]
PIOTRKOWSKI Moses 1918 Handtaschenmacher handbags maker M [J]
PIRBISK Hirsch 1919 Handtaschenmacher handbags maker M [J]
PIRBISK Rachela 1921 Korsettnäherin woman who makes corsets F [J]
PIRBISK Moses 1940 M [J]
PIRBISK Jakob 1904 Arbeiter worker M [J]
PIRBISK Leie 1907 F [J]
PIRBISK Zelig M [L] survived
PIVIRT Chaje 1892 F [J]
PIWONJA Nuchim 1918 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
PIWONJA Leie 1919 F [J]
PIWONJA Chaim Hersh coal merchant M [R] Rzeszow
PLATNER Mala F Chaim [P] Rzeszow
PLATNER Yaakow Chaim Hersh Mala M [P]
PLATNER Mordechai 1879 Chaim Hersh Mala M [YI] Krosno
PLATNER Hannah LUSTIG 1878 F Mordechai [YI] Krosno
PLATNER Debora-Doba 1913 Mordechai Hannah F [J], [Y] Szebnie
PLATNER Joseph ROITER 1922 Mordechai Hannah M [Y] Ustrzyki
PLATNER Beila Mordechai Hannah F [P] Szebnie
PLATNER Genia Mordechai Hannah F [P] Russia
PLATNER Israel Mordechai Hannah M [P] Canada
PLATNER Abraham 1887 Glaser glazier Chaim Mala M [J], [Y], [G] Belzec
PLATNER Hencia 1887 F Abraham [J] Belzec
PLATNER Sara 1919 Strickerin tricotatrice Abraham Helene F [J], [Y] Belzec
PLATNER Rachel 1922 Abraham Helene F [J], [Y] Belzec
PLATNER Aron 1925 Glaserlehrling glazier apprentice Abraham Helene M [J], [Y] Belzec
PLATNER Joseph WEISSER 1918 Abraham Helene M [J], [Y] Ustrzyki
PLATNER Yossef Chaim Hersh Mala M [P] Russia
PLATNER Dwora HELLER F Yossef Private, [G] Russia
PLATNER Rivka Yossef Dwora F [P] Russia
PLATNER Avraham Yossef Dwora M [P] Russia
PLATNER Sarah Chaim Mala F [P]
PLATNER Lea Chaim Mala F [P] perished
PLATNER H Student student M [R]
PLATTER Benyamin M [L] survived
PLETZEL Peshe F [L] survived
PLETZEL Chaskel M [G]
PODNER Shoshana F [L] survived
POSNER Shimon M [P]
POSTAR Alte Neche 1889 F [J], [S]
POZNANSKI Golde 1911 F [J]
PRESSER Rachel 1879 F [J]
PRESSER Baruch Ratsmitglied councilor M [R]
PRESSER Menachem M [L] survived
PREUSS Bronia F [L] survived
PREUSS Mendel M [L] survived
PREUSS Benyamin M [YI] Krosno
PRIVIRT F Benyamin [YI] Krosno
PRIVIRT Lea 1894 Elieazar F [Y] perished
PRIWER Anna 1912 Avraham F [J], [Y] perished
PROBKER Sala 1938 F [J]
PROBKER Ryfke 1940 F [J]
PROBKER Mendel 1918 Shimon M [Y] perished
PROBKER Moses 1903 Näherin seamstress M [J]
PRUEFER Leie 1903 F [J]
PRUEFER Naftali 1930 M [J]
PRUEFER Chaim 1906 Arbeiter worker M [J]
PURETZ Samuel M [G]
PURETZ Feiwel 1909 Schuhmacher shoemaker M [J]
RABI Chaje 1916 F [J]
RABI Tile 1872 F [J]
RABI Berl 1938 M [J]
RABI Siegmund 1938 M [J]
RABI Perl 1905 F [J]
RABINOWICZ Rosa 1934 F [J]
RABINOWICZ Abraham 1938 M [J]
RADNER Feige 1888 F [J]
RAKOSZYNSKI Mordche 1914 Arbeiter worker M [J]
RAKOSZYNSKI Samuel H. 1875 Lehrer teacher M [P] perished
RAMRAS Ryfke 1876 F [J]
RAMRAS Seindel 1906 Zwi F [Y] perished
RAMRAS Eidel 1918 Zwi F [J], [Y], [G] perished
RAMRAS Moses 1920 Zwi M [Y] perished
RAMRAS Rachel 1939 F [J]
RAMRAS Lazar M [G]
RAMRAS Moshe M [L] survived
RAND Ryfka nee PLATNER F Moshe [P] survived
RAND Rachel 1870 F [J]
RATZ Chaim M [G]
RATZ Josef Leib Ratsmitglied councilor M [G]
RATZ Avraham Mos Weinhändler vintner M [R]
RATZ Hannah F Avraham [R]
RATZ Hella ENGELHARDT F [L] survived
RAUCH Regina F [S]
RAWSKI Regina 1883 F [J]
RAWSKI Moses 1903 Schneider tailor M [J]
RECK Rachel 1900 F [J]
RECK Rosa 1928 F [J]
RECK Benjamin 1929 M [J]
RECK Regina 1898 Moshe F [Y] Czortkow
REGENBO Freide 1898 F [J]
REIBENBACH Samuel 1895 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
REIBSCHEID Adam 1896 Ingenieur engineer M [J]
REICH Malke 1912 Yossef F [J], [Y]
REICH Schulim 1891 Glaser glazier M [J]
REICH Rosa 1901 F [J]
REICH Salomon 1930 M [J]
REICH Regina 1935 F [J]
REICH Yehezkel M [L] survived
REICH Ruzie F [L] survived
REINBACH Wolf Krosno M [P] perished
REINMANN Feige HEMERLING Krosno F Wolf [P] perished
REINEMAN Majer 1923 tires M [J], [S]
REINHOLD Salomon 1906 Arbeiter worker M [J]
REISS Niche 1899 F [J]
REISS Alter 1940 F [J]
REISS Seril 1897 F [J]
RIEDER Josef M [G]
RIEDER Jsrael 1903 Mützenmacher capper Josef M [J], [Y] Lemberg
RIEDER Guetl 1889 F [J], [S], [G]
RIEDER Mendel 1925 Arbeiter worker M [J]
RIEDER Leib 1928 Arbeiter worker M [J]
RIEDER Beile 1930 F [J]
RIEDER Sprinze 1920 F [J]
RIEDER Leie 1904 F [J]
RIEMER Guetl/Tova 1930 Jacob F [J], [Y]
RIEMER Moses 1935 Jacob M [J], [Y]
RIEMER Jakub M [G]
RIEMER Gusta 1909 Yehshua F [Y]
RIES Cvia Shmuel F [Y] Russia
RINGEL Dworah Shmuel F [Y] Russia
RINGEL Bila 1912 Zishe F [Y] Auschwitz
RINGEL Berta Zishe F [Y]
RINGEL Hinda F [L] survived
RINGEL Shaul M [P]
RINGEL Amalie 1869 F [J]
RINGLER Simon 1898 Kaufmann merchant M [J]
RINGLER Malka 1875 Shimon F [Y]
RINGLER Hersh 1904 Avraham M [Y] Dynow
RINGLER Pauline 1907 F [J]
RINGLER Abraham 1931 M [J]
RINGLER Malke 1927 F [J]
RINGLER Pepi 1900 Yossef F [J]
RINGLER Abraham 1937 M [J]
RINGLER Samuel 1898 Avraham M [Y] Auschwitz
RITTER Aron 1890 Weißbinder house painter M [J]
ROESSLER Ester 1895 F [J]
ROESSLER Isaak 1922 Weißbinder house painter M [J]
ROESSLER Moses 1923 Weißbinder house painter M [J]
ROESSLER Beile 1925 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
ROESSLER Feige 1884 F [J]
ROGALIK Marjem 1928 F [J]
ROGALIK Zahnarzt dentist, activist M [R]
ROMM Frieda 1877 F [P] survived
ROSENBERG Rachel AKSELRAD b.1911 Yossef Bendet Chana F [P]
ROSENBERG Miriam Rachel M [P]
ROSENBERG Josef Rachel F [P]
ROSENBERG Abraham 1904 Arzt doctor M [J] perished
ROSENBERG Serl 1920 F Abraham [J] survived
ROSENBERG Moses 1879 M [J], [S]
ROSENBERG Chaje 1877 F [J]
ROSENBERG Berl 1917 Arbeiter worker M [J]
ROSENBERG Ryfke 1918 F [J]
ROSENBERG Frimet 1909 F [J], [S]
ROSENBLATT Chaskel 1936 M [J]
ROSENBLATT Franziska 1885 F [J]
ROSENBLUETH Chawe 1909 F [J]
ROSENBLUM Dr. Leib 1887 Anwalt attorney M [J]
ROSENBLUM Franziska 1891 F [J]
ROSENBLUM L Klempner plumber M [R]
ROSENFELD J Schneider tailor M [R]
ROSENFELD Moses 1885 Holzarbeiter woodworker M [J]
ROSENTHAL Liebe 1885 F [J]
ROSENTHAL Neche 1911 Buchhalterin bookkeeper [female] F [J]
ROSNER Rosa 1895 F [J]
ROSNER Blueme 1938 F [J]
ROSNER Leiser 1870 Bauer farmer M [J], [G]
ROSNER Feiwel 1895 Schneider tailor Elieazar M [J], [Y]
ROSNER Chane 1896 Avraham F [J], [Y]
ROSNER David 1927 Arbeiter worker M [J]
ROSNER Chaskel 1928 M [J]
ROSNER Sara 1903 Shlomo F [Y]
ROSNER Meir M [L] survived
ROSNER Reuven M [L] survived
ROSNER Moshe M [L] survived
ROSNER Yehshua M [L] survived
ROSNER Majer Krämer grocer M [B]
ROSSHAENDLER Samuel 1890 Kaufmann merchant Meyer M [J], [Y]
ROSSHAENDLER Elias 1927 motors Samuel M [J], [Y]
ROSSLER Mechel Glaser glazier M deceased
ROTH Shprincza KALB Glaser glazier F Mechel deceased
ROTH Chaskel 1900 Glaser glazier Michal M [J], [Y]
ROTH Dora 1902 Michal F [J], [Y]
ROTH Mendel 1902 Michal M [Y]
ROTH Jta 1920 Michal F [J], [Y]
ROTH Lea 1905 Mechel Shprincza F deceased
ROTH Zierl 1898 F [J]
ROTH Moses 1928 M [J]
ROTH Guetl 1936 F [J]
ROTH Jhuda 1896 Schäftemacher upper shoe maker Avraham M [J], [Y]
ROTH Shalom 1905 Avraham M [J], [Y]
ROTH Yehshua 1908 Avraham M [J], [Y]
ROTH Salomon 1917 Schneider tailor Avraham M [J], [Y], [G]
ROTH Sprinze 1881 F [J]
ROTH Osias 1898 Weißbinder house painter M [J]
ROTH Samuel 1933 M [J]
ROTH Avraham Rabbi rabbi M deceased
ROTH Lonka 1910 F [J]
ROTH Malke 1905 F [J]
ROTH Aron 1932 M [J]
ROTH Eisig 1936 M [J]
ROTH Schija Maler painter M Married 1937. Deceased
ROTH Doba KALB F Schija Married 1937. Deceased
ROTH Eisig 1931 Schija Doba M [J]
ROTH Mechel 1940 Schija Doba M [J]
ROTH Bluma 1882 Eisig F [Y]
ROTH Debka MARGOLIS F [L] survived
ROTH Dita F [L] survived
ROTH Berisz vinegar M [B]
ROTH Hersz Händler trader M [R]
ROTH Sara 1911 F [J]
ROTHENBERG Josef 1936 M [J]
ROTHENBERG Guetl 1937 F [J]
ROTHENBERG J Schuhmacher shoemaker M [R]
ROTKE Haim 1890 Itzhak M [Y]
ROTT Regina 1871 F [J], [S]
ROTTER Georg 1901 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
ROTTER Leib 1882 Schneider tailor M [J], [S]
ROTTER Feige 1884 F [J]
ROTTER Saul 1919 Photograph photographer M [J]
ROTTER Isaak 1923 Weißbinder house painter M [J]
ROTTER Zile 1894 F [J], [S]
ROTTERSMANN Guetl 1916 Verkäuferin saleswoman F [J]
ROTTERSMANN Ester 1925 Verkäuferin saleswoman F [J]
ROTTERSMANN Suessl 1935 F [J]
ROTTERSMANN Riwka F [R] survived
ROWHELSER Mina 1895 Moshe F [Y] Auschwitz
ROZNER F Schneider tailor M [R]
ROZNER Rivka F [L] survived
RUBHEIZER Oskar 1905 Kaufmann merchant M [J]
RUBIN Golde 1941 F [J]
RUBIN Mendel 1904 Kaufmann merchant M [J]
RUBIN Frieda 1908 F [J]
RUBIN Mechel 1930 M [J]
RUBIN Naftali 1933 M [J]
RUBIN Suessl 1936 F [J]
RUBIN Chane 1890 Menashe F [Y]
RUBIN Chane 1939 F [J]
RUBIN Jsaak 1915 Arbeiter worker M [J]
RUBIN Elieazar 1895 Aron M [Y] Treblinka
RUBIN Rivka F [L]
RUBIN Shmuel M [L]
RUBIN Blueme 1895 F [J], [S]
RUBINFELD Wolf 1929 M [J]
RUBINFELD Abraham 1936 M [J]
RUBINFELD Basche 1880 F [J]
RUDNICKI Osias 1898 Vertreter sales representative M [J]
RUEBENFELD Chaje 1909 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
RUEBENFELD Alte 1892 M [J], [S]
RYBACH Samuel M [R]
SAFRON Leie 1880 F [J], [S], [G]
SALOMON M Student student M [R]
SALOMON Selde 1905 F [J], [S]
SALZ Jochweth 1917 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
SALZ Mendel Schuhmacher shoemaker M [G]
SALZ J Schneider tailor M [R]
SALZ Jetti 1886 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
SAMUEL Leie 1910 Korsettnäherin woman who makes corsets F [J]
SAMUEL Yenta F [P]
SAMIT Jeremias 1898 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
SAND Sala 1908 F [J]
SAND Samuel 1931 M [J]
SAND David 1933 M [J]
SAND Chaim 1937 M [J]
SAND Frimet 1920 Maniküristin manicurist F [J]
SANDOWSKI Itzhak M [L] survived
SCHACHAR Yaacov M [L] survived
SCHACHAR David 1886 Arbeiter worker M [J]
SCHACHNER Guetl 1880 Itzhak F [J], [Y]
SCHACHNER Helene 1918 F [J]
SCHACHNER Moses 1936 M [J]
SCHACHNER Salek 1910 Elektromonteur electrician M [J]
SCHACHNER Abraham 1877 M [J]
SCHALL Leie 1885 F [J]
SCHALL Ziwie 1920 F [J]
SCHALL Moses 1904 Elektromonteur electrician Avraham M [J], [Y] Mathausen
SCHAMROTH Chaje 1910 F Moses [J] perished
SCHAMROTH Jsaak 1934 Moses Chaje M [J] perished
SCHAMROTH Rachel 1936 Moses Chaje F [J] perished
SCHAMROTH Zelde 1886 Bauer farmer F [J], [G]
SCHAMROTH Regine 1914 F [J]
SCHAMROTH Lola 1906 F [J]
SCHAMROTH Reuven 1910 Arbeiter worker M [J], [L] survived
SCHAMROTH Leie 1886 F [J], [S]
SCHARF Rosa 1920 F [J]
SCHATTEN Ester 1922 F [J]
SCHATTEN Michael M Dawid [Y] Korczyna
SCHEFFLER Dora 1892 Raphael F [Y]
SCHEFFLER Salomon Pinhas M [Y] Stryj
SCHEIBE Mendel 1857 M [J]
SCHEINBACH Osias 1896 Angestellter employee M [J]
SCHEINBACH Regina 1897 F [J]
SCHEINBACH Serl 1923 Kassiererin cashier [female] F [J]
SCHEINBACH Chaim 1930 M [J]
SCHEINBACH Elias 1898 Arbeiter worker Mendel M [J], [Y]
SCHEINBACH Chane 1901 Modistin milliner F [J]
SCHEINBACH Josef 1931 M [J]
SCHEINBACH Serl 1937 F [J]
SCHEINBERG Abraham 1910 Kutscher coachman M [J], [G]
SCHEINER Rachel 1912 F [J]
SCHEINER Naftali 1858 M [J] perished in Krosno
SCHEINER B Student student M [R]
SCHEINER Ryfke 1875 F [J], [S]
SCHENKER Dawid 1882 Yaacov M [Y]
SCHENKER Sara 1910 Dawid F [Y]
SCHENKER Mendel 1922 Dawid M [Y]
SCHENKER Jsaak 1905 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
SCHENKER Ester Sara 1905 F [J]
SCHENKER Moses 1937 M [J]
SCHENKER Rachel 1940 F [J]
SCHENKER Mordechai H M [S]
SCHENKER Rosa 1854 F [J]
SCHENKER Sabine 1912 F [J]
SHEINOWITZ Malka b.1910 Yossef Bendet Chana F [P]
SCHERER Leib 1870 Asher M [J], [Y], [G]
SCHIFF Ester 1872 Aron F [J], [Y]
SCHIFF Moses 1904 Arbeiter worker M [J], [G]
SCHIFF Debora 1862 F [J]
SCHIFF Itzhak Leib M [Y]
SCHIFF Ita 1900 Itzhak F [S], [Y]
SCHILDKREUT Itzhak M [L] survived
SCHILLER Mendel M [L] survived
SCHIRTS Israel 1885 Arbeiter worker M [J]
SCHLAF Anna 1890 F [J]
SCHLAF Rosa 1920 F [J]
SCHLAF Hella 1922 F [J]
SCHLAF Leie 1928 F [J]
SCHLAF Moses 1896 Kürschner furrier M [J], [S]
SCHLANGER Ryfke 1906 F [J]
SCHLANGER Feige 1929 F [J]
SCHLANGER Selde 1862 F [J]
SCHLANGER Chaim Kürschner furrier M [S]
SCHLANGER Nathan M [L] survived
SCHLEIEN Ryfke 1876 F [J]
SCHLEIEN Marjem 1912 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
SCHLEIEN Wolf 1902 Schäftemacher upper shoe maker M [J]
SCHMALBERG Fryda 1881 Shmuel F [Y] Sieniewa
SCHMIDT Nathan M Ides [P] Russia
SCHMUTZ Ides KINDERMAN F Nathan [P] Russia
SCHMUTZ Yaakow Nathan Ides M [P] Russia
SCHMUTZ Itzik Nathan Ides M [P] Russia
SCHNEIBAUM Golda F Moshe [P]
SCHNEIBAUM Aisik Moshe Golda M [P]
SCHNEIBAUM Lucia Moshe Golda F [P]
SCHNEIBAUM Dworak Moshe Golda F [P]
SCHNEIBAUM Regina Metallarbeiter metalworker F [R]
SCHNEIDER Mechel 1900 Arbeiter worker M [J]
SCHOENBACH Dora 1898 F [J]
SCHOENBACH Leib 1931 M [J]
SCHOENBACH Sime 1937 F [J]
SCHOENBACH Jakob Baumeister builder M [R]
SCHOENBERG Salomon 1894 Pinhas M [Y] Stryj
SCHONFELD Sara 1898 Pinhas F [Y] Auschwitz
SCHONFELD Mose Hersh M [G]
SCHPIGELMAN Zelig Dr. M [L] survived
SCHPILER Leon M [L] survived
SCHPRINGER Zalman 1903 Mendel M [Y]
SCHREIBER Ite 1893 F [J], [S]
SCHREIER Abraham 1919 Arbeiter worker M [J]
SCHREIER Aharon 1920 Jacob M [Y]
SCHRENZE Dawid 1922 Jacob M [Y] Russia
SCHRENZE Faiga 1893 Aharon F [Y]
SCHRENZE Abraham M [P]
SCHTROIBRINEM Leib 1903 Angestellter employee M [J]
SCHULDENFREI Hirsch 1933 M [J]
SCHULDENFREI Ignacy Arzt doctor M [R]
SCHWARTZBART Alter 1887 Kaufmann merchant M [J]
SCHWEBEL Anna 1889 F [J]
SCHWEBEL Regina (Rivka) 1922 Alter F [J], [Y] Belzec
SCHWEBEL Mendel 1923 Arbeiter worker M [J] survived
SCHWEBEL Brandel 1926 F [J]
SCHWEBEL Chaje 1929 F [J]
SCHWEBEL Markus 1876 M [J], [S]
SEEMANN Guetl 1875 F [J]
SEEMANN Elimelech M [R]
SEGAL K Student student M [R]
SEGAL S Friseur barber M [R]
SEIDEN Abraham 1882 Arbeiter worker M [J]
SEIDENFELD Rachel 1878 F [J]
SEIDENFELD Akter Dawid textiles M [B]
SEIFMAN Naphtali 1908 Michael M [Y]
SEKEL Leiter einer Jeschiwa head of yeshiva M [P]
SELIGMAN Yair BEIM M [L] survived
SHAVIT Aaron 1898 Alexander M [Y]
SHERTS M Student student M [R]
SHERZ Sender M [P]
SHOSS Shia M [P]
SHOSS Sender
SOBOL Miriam F [P]
SHTIMMER Sabine 1903 Moshe F [J], [Y]
SHTRYCK Leie 1933 F [J]
SHTRYCK Wolf 1898 Kaufmann merchant Leib M [J], [Y]
SHTRYCK Leo 1930 Wolf M
SHTRYCK Guetl 1935 Wolf F [J]
SHTRYCK Majer 1911 Arbeiter worker M [J]
SHTRYCK Jente 1910 F [J]
SHTRYCK Ester 1937 F [J]
SHTRYCK Moses 1885 Kaufmann merchant M [J]
SHTRYCK Anna 1888 F [J]
SHTRYCK Chaim 1911 Arbeiter worker M [J]
SHTRYCK Jsrael 1912 Arbeiter worker M [J]
SHTRYCK Basche 1927 F [J] Handwritten notation near the name reads "Roza"
SHTRYCK Yaakow M [P]
SHUB Osias 1894 Hausmeister caretaker M [J], [S], [G]
SHUB Osias
SILBERBERG Ester 1897 F [J]
SILBERBERG Chane 1923 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
SILBERBERG Jochweth 1925 Arbeiterin worker [female] F [J]
SILBERBERG Anna 1927 F [J]
SILBERBERG Chaim Jakob 1928 M [J]
SILBERBERG Dora 1930 F [J]
SILBERBERG Feige 1932 F [J]
SILBERBERG Moses 1934 M [J]
SILBERBERG Perl 1937 F [J]
SILBERBERG Chane 1888 F [J], [S]
SILBERBERG Chaim 1920 Angestellter employee M [J]
SILBERBERG Chaje 1925 F [J]
SILBERBERG J Maler painter M [R]
SILBERBERG Regina 1901 F [J]
SILBERMAN Max 1900 M [P] died 1938
SILBERMANN Abraham 1935 M [J]
SILBERMANN Berl 1938 M [J]
SILBERMANN Devorah Itzhak F [J], [Y]
SIMON Khia Moshe F [Y]
SIMON Rachel Moshe F [Y]
SIMON Fradel 1880 F [J]
SINGER Leon Butterhändler butter merchant M [B]
SITZER Leo 1915 M [P]
SLOTA Mira 1938 F [P]
SLOTA Jana 1940 F [P]
SLOTA Ester 1890 F [J], [S]
SMORODINA Chaje 1924 F [J]
SMORODINA Abraham 1929 M [J]
SMORODINA Osias 1885 Arbeiter worker M [J]
SOBEL Feige 1887 F [J]
SOBEL Ester 1920 F [J]
SOBEL Fradel 1927 F [J]
SOBEL Haja 1920 Hersh F [Y]
SOLOMON Siegmund 1899 Kürschner furrier M [J]
SONNENSCHEIN Simche 1885 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
SPANNDORF Suessl 1887 M [J]
SPANNDORF M Student student M [R]
SPAT Salomon Wirt innkeeper M [B]
SPATT Dora 1915 F [J]
SPERBER J.H. Besenmacher brooms maker M [R]
SPERBER Ida F Salomon [R]
SPETT Josef 1900 Angestellter employee M [J]
SPIEGEL Sara 1899 F [J]
SPIEGEL Leie 1917 F [J]
SPIEGELMANN Moses Gießer founder M [P] USA
SPINDLER Samuel 1904 Itzhak M [Y]
SPINDLER Genia 1896 F [Y]
SPIRA Guetl 1878 F [J], [G]
SPITZ Schaje 1916 M [J]
SPITZ Srulik M [L] survived
SPITZ Naftali 1897 Arbeiter worker M [J], [G]
SPRECHER Chaje 1900 F [J]
SPRECHER Regina 1934 F [J]
SPRECHER Sala 1912 Hausmädchen housemaid F [J]
SPRECHER Gerson 1910 Tapezierer paperhanger M [J]
SPRECHER Mojzesz Blechbläser brass M [R]
SPRINGER Rudolfine 1897 M [J]
SPRINGER Sarah 1904 Moshe F [J], [Y] Auschwitz
SPRINGER Azriel 1909 Moshe M [J], [Y]
SPRINGER Jsaak 1893 Mechaniker mechanic Moshe M [J], [Y]
SPRINGER Majer 1920 Arbeiter worker Ignatz M [J], [Y]
SPRINGER Leib 1880 Mayer M [Y], [R]
SPRINGER Heinrich 1922 Autoschlosser panel beater Ignatz M [J], [Y]
SPRINGER Eugenie 1924 Ignatz F [J], [Y]
SPRINGER Nussek 1925 Ignatz M [J], [Y]
SPRINGER Erwin 1927 Arbeiter worker M [J]
SPRINGER Regine 1872 Tzvi F [J], [Y]
SPRINGER Ester 1914 Verkäuferin saleswoman F [J]
SPRINGER Eugenie 1913 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
SPRINGER Dawid Blechbläser brass M [R] survived
SPRINGER I Glaser glazier M [R]
SPRITZER Fania 1886 Hersh F [Y] Belzec
SPRUNG Mindel 1884 F [J], [G]
SROKA Aron 1906 Schneider tailor M [J]
SROKA Anna 1912 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
SROKA Jonas 1919 Friseur barber M [J]
SROKA Marjem 1923 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
SROKA Beile 1926 F [J]
SROKA Moses 1892 Arbeiter worker M [J]
SROKA Chaim DUKLA 1898 Schneider tailor Tzvi M [J], [Y] Belzec
STADTFELD Chume 1891 Schneider tailor M [J]
STADTFELD Taube 1893 Chaim F [J], [Y] Belzec
STADTFELD Dine 1891 F [J]
STANDTFELD Hirsch 1925 Schneider tailor M [J]
STANDTFELD Chaje 1924 F [J]
STANDTFELD Abraham 1930 M [J]
STANDTFELD Berl 1933 M [J]
STANDTFELD Yossef M [L] survived
STAWY Chaim 1885 Arbeiter worker M [J] perished
STEIGBUEGEL Leie 1889 F Chaim [J] perished
STEIGBUEGEL Eugen 1925 Arbeiter worker Chaim Leie M [J] survived
STEIGBUEGEL Dolek student student M [R]
STEIGBIELD Chaskel 1899 Kürschner furrier M [J]
STEIN Sara 1901 F [J]
STEIN Meilech 1926 Arbeiter worker M [J]
STEIN Feige 1929 F [J]
STEIN Beile 1931 F [J]
STEIN Marjem 1934 F [J]
STEIN Simon 1936 M [J]
STEIN F Student student F [R]
STEIN Freide 1894 F [J]
STEINBERG Salek 1923 Arbeiter worker M [J]
STEINBERG David 1924 Arbeiter worker M [J]
STEINBERG M Student student M [R]
STEINBROCHER D Student student M [R]
STEINBUCHER A Schneider tailor M [R]
STEINER Cudik 1911 Schlosser locksmith M [J], [G] survived
STEINER Cesia SYLVIA 1915 F Zudik [J] survived
STEINER Pauline TEITELBAUM Zudik [P] Second husband, survived
STEINER Elana Israel F [Y]
STEINER Pinkas 1904 Arbeiter worker M [J]
STEINHORN Ryfke 1912 F [J]
STEINHORN Moses 1936 M [J]
STEINHORN Baruch 1874 M [J]
STEINHORN Ryfke 1917 F [J]
STEINHORN Sara 1923 F [J]
STEINHORN Hirsch 1882 Arbeiter worker M [J]
STEINMETZ Minna 1888 F [J], [G]
STEINMETZ Malke 1920 Friseuse coiffeuse F [J]
STEINMETZ Markus 1928 M [J]
STEINMETZ S Uhrmacher watchmaker M [R]
STEINMETZ Chaje 1909 F [J], [S]
STERN Simon 1877 Schlosser locksmith M [J], [G] perished
STERN Chaje F Simon [P] died 1925
STERN Majer 1909 Simon Mrs M [J] survived
STERN Chaje 1906 Simon Chaje F Majer [P] perished
STERN Chaim 1936 Majer Chaje
STERN Chane 1912 Schneiderin tailoress Simon Chaje F [J] survived
STERN Ziwie CESSIA 1915 Simon Chaje F Zudik [P] survived
STERN Eva 1881 F [J]
STERN Anselm 1896 Baruch M [Y] Lemberg
STERN Naphtali 1902 Baruch M [Y]
STERN Raisel 1875 Alexander F [Y]
STERN Esther BOBKER F [L] survived
STERN Dawid M [G]
STERN Moses M [G]
STERN Oskar M [S]
STERNLICHT Gusta 1877 F [J]
STIEBER Joachim 1894 Arbeiter worker Moshe M [J], [Y], [G]
STIEFEL Charlotte 1894 F [J]
STIEFEL Marcin 1923 Schlosserlehrling locksmith apprentice M [J]
STIEFEL Moses 1925 Arbeiter worker M [J]
STIEFEL Josef 1928 M [J]
STIEFEL Izak Yonah M [Y], [R]
STIEFEL Henryk Yonah M [Y]
STIEFEL Shmuel M [P], [R]
STIEFEL Dorothea GITTER F Shmuel [P]
STIEFEL Helena Shmuel Dorothea F [P]
STIEFEL Alicia Shmuel Dorothea F [P]
STIEFEL Stefan Shmuel Dorothea M [P]
STIEFEL K Student student M [R]
STIEFEL U Student student M [R]
STIEFEL Szymon M [R]
STILMAN P Student student F [R]
STILMAN Chaim 1895 Tzvi M [Y] Belzec
STORCH Szymon 1893 Tzvi M [Y] Katyn, Russia
STORCH Salomon Fleischer butcher M [R]
STORCH Nuchim 1889 Schneider tailor M [J], [S], [G]
STRASSFELD Scheindel 1922 F [J]
STRASSFELD Regine 1923 F [J]
STRASSFELD Jente 1926 F [J]
STRASSFELD Berisch 1928 M [J]
STROH Anna 1876 F [J], [S]
STROH Beile 1876 Alter F [J], [Y] Rzeszow
STROHBING Abraham 1906 Arbeiter worker M [J]
STRUMER Meilech 1907 Arbeiter worker F [J], [S]
STUHL Salomon 1941 M [J]
STUHL Ester 1914 F [J]
SUESSHOLZ Rosa 1918 F [J]
SUESSHOLZ Mendel M [R] survived
SZERF Riwka 1920 Yossef F [Y]
SZPEICHER Fryda 1880 Mayer F [Y]
SZPRINGER Jakow 1909 Matityahu M [Y]
SZPRINGER Jehuda 1910 Leopold M [Y]
SZTAIBEL Ita 1913 Michael F [Y]
SZTAIBEL Shaindel 1889 Chaim F [Y]
SZTRINGER Ch Klempner plumber M [R]
SZYJA J Bäcker baker M [R]
SZYJA Samuel 1912 Fleischer butcher M [J]
SZYJOWICZ Scheindel 1913 F [J]
SZYJOWICZ Blueme 1940 F [J]
SZYJOWICZ Isaak 1889 Arbeiter worker M [J]
TABACZNIK Ryfke 1888 F [J]
TABACZNIK Ides 1922 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
TABACZNIK Sara 1923 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
TABACZNIK Hirsh 1876 Shmuel M [Y]
TABISEL Szeindel 1885 Wolf F [Y]
TABISEL Avraham M [L] survived
TABISEL Meir M [L] survived
TABISEL Dawid Klempner plumber M [R]
TABISEL Salomon 1872 M [J], [G]
TANZ Scheindel 1878 F [J]
TANZ Brandel 1906 F [J]
TANZ Golde 1908 F [J]
TANZ Ester 1914 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
TANZ Debora 1916 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
TANZ Ryfke 1920 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
TANZ Moses 1882 Kaufmann merchant M [J]
TAUBENFELD Mania 1921 F [J]
TAUBENFELD Wolf 1908 Arbeiter worker Mozes M [J], [Y] Belzec
TAUBENFELD Josef 1917 Arbeiter worker Mozes M [J], [Y] Belzec
TAUBENFELD David 1919 Arbeiter worker Mozes M [J], [Y]
TAUBENFELD Sala 1904 Tzvi F [Y] Warsaw
TEICHER Mirjam 1902 F [J]
TEICHER Chaje 1876 Asher F [J], [Y]
TEITELBAUM Mechel 1904 Hausmeister caretaker Chaim M [J], [Y]
TEITELBAUM Mirjam 1927 F [J]
TEITELBAUM Basche 1930 F [J]
TEITELBAUM Chane 1931 F [J]
TEITELBAUM Benjamin 1933 M [J]
TEITELBAUM Osias 1917 Arbeiter worker M [J]
TEITELBAUM Debora 1914 F [J]
TEITELBAUM Ester 1937 F [J]
TEITELBAUM Moses 1901 Angestellter employee M [J], [G]
TEITELBAUM Liebe 1902 M [J]
TEITELBAUM Hirsch 1931 M [J]
TEITELBAUM Sara 1933 F [J]
TEITELBAUM Samuel 1910 Arbeiter worker M [J]
TEITELBAUM Abraham 1891 Arbeiter worker M [J]
TEITELBAUM Berta 1901 F [J]
TEITELBAUM Minna 1926 F [J]
TEITELBAUM Moses 1932 M [J]
TEITELBAUM Josef 1936 M [J]
TEITELBAUM Josua 1895 Arbeiter worker M [J]
TEITELBAUM Feige 1906 Melech F [J], [Y]
TEITELBAUM Freide 1934 F [J]
TEITELBAUM Mechel 1938 M [J]
TEITELBAUM Jsaak 1932 M [J]
TEITELBAUM Jakob 1882 Angestellter employee M [J], [G]
TENENBAUM David M [P] survived
TEPLICKI Liebe 1883 M [J]
TEPLICKI Anna 1913 F [J]
TEPLICKI Helene 1923 F [J]
TEPLICKI Esther 1911 Jakow F [J], [Y]
TEPLICKI Avraham M [L] survived
TEPLICKI Cesia F [L] survived
TEPLICKI Lewi M [R] survived
TEPLICKI Mathilde 1900 Leib F [J], [Y]
TEPPER Feige 1924 Aron F [J], [Y]
TEPPER Eidel 1889 F [J]
TEPPER Hinde 1916 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
TEPPER Scheindel 1921 F [J]
TEPPER J Uhrmacher watchmaker M [R]
TEPPER Mshe 1884 Aron M [Y]
TERSKI Feige 1889 F [J]
TESTYLIER Emma 1920 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
TESTYLIER Mordechai M [P]
THALER Mordechai
THALER Sala 1929 F [J]
THALER Bruche 1905 M [J], [S]
THALER Markus 1887 Angestellter employee Pinhas M [J], [Y] Belzec
THALER Hene 1880 F Markus [J] perished
THALER Scheindel 1913 Markus Hene F [J], [Y] Belzec
THALER Pinkas 1921 Arbeiter worker Markus Hene M [J], [L] survived
THALER David 1909 Bäcker baker Itzhak M [J], [Y]
THALER Golde 1911 F [J]
THALER Emanuel 1939 M [J]
THALER Hawa F [L] survived
THALER Jakob 1904 Kutscher coachman M [J]
TISCHLER Reisel 1905 F [J]
TISCHLER Rachel 1932 F [J]
TISCHLER Anna 1933 F [J]
TISCHLER Sala 1934 F [J]
TISCHLER Chiel 1935 M [J]
TISCHLER Josef 1872 M [J]
TISCHLER Chaje 1875 F [J]
TISCHLER Berel 1905 Weber weaver Josef M [J], [Y]
TISCHLER Zipora 1910 Dawid F [J], [Y]
TISCHLER David 1936 Bernard M [J], [Y]
TISCHLER Genia F [L] survived
TITOV D Bäcker baker M [R]
TRALEZ Markus 1894 Kaufmann merchant M [J]
TRATTNER Rosa 1891 F [J], [G]
TRATTNER Abraham 1924 Arbeiter worker M [J]
TRATTNER Moses 1925 Arbeiter worker M [J]
TRATTNER Ester 1932 F [J]
TRATTNER Efraim 1855 M [J]
TRATTNER Freide 1905 F [J], [S], [G]
TRAUBER Samuel 1859 Fleischer butcher M [J], [G], [R]
TRENCZER Anna 1872 Yossef F [J], [Y] Belzec
TRENCZER Gene 1905 Zelig F [J], [Y] Belzec
TRENCZER Leiser 1887 Arbeiter worker M [J]
TRENCZER Helena F [P] survived
TRENCZER Josef 1917 Angestellter employee M [J]
TRENCZER Osias 1913 Angestellter employee M [J]
TRENCZER Bianka 1914 F [J]
TRENCZER Chaje 1890 F [J]
TRENCZER Chawe 1883 F [J]
TRENCZER Schifre 1914 F [J]
TRENCZER Getzel 1886 Fleischer butcher Mannis M [J], [S], [Y] Belzec
TRENCZER Feige 1858 F [J]
TRENCZER Mathilde 1887 Leib F [J], [Y] Belzec
TRENCZER Anna 1911 Getzel F [J], [Y] Belzec
TRENCZER Moshe 1908 Getzel M [Y] Antwerpen
TRENCZER Itel 1914 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
TRENCZER Erna 1923 Verkäuferin saleswoman F [J]
TRENCZER Ignaz 1926 Arbeiter worker M [J]
TRENCZER Chawe 1882 F [J]
TRENCZER Rosa 1916 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
TRENCZER Matel 1909 Arbeiterin worker [female] F [J]
TRENCZER Fischel 1901 Arbeiter worker M [J], [G]
TRENCZER Ete 1911 Getzel F [J], [Y] Belzec
TRENCZER Salomon 1935 M [J]
TRENCZER Jsrael 1906 Fleischer butcher M [J]
TRENCZER Freide 1912 F [J]
TRENCZER Dwora F [L] survived
TRENCZER Markus M [L] survived
TRENCZER Moshe M [L] survived
TRENCZER Yeshayahu 1897 M [L], [R] survived
TRENCZER Tonka 1901 M [P] survived
TRENCZER Ester 1880 F [J], [S]
TUERK Markus 1923 Arbeiter worker M [J]
TUERK Leie 1925 F [J]
TUERK Beile 1888 F [J], [S]
TUREK Zipora 1917 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
TUREK Joel 1918 Arbeiter worker M [J]
TUREK Frimet 1919 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
TUREK Suesskind 1921 Schneider tailor F [J]
TUREK Malke 1923 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
TUREK Moses 1925 Arbeiter worker M [J]
TUREK O. Schneider tailor M [R]
TUREK Israel M [G]
TURK Aron Rabbi rabbi M [P] deceased
TWERSKI Rosa F Aron [P] perished
TWERSKI Moshe Rabbi Rabbi Aron Rosa M [P] perished
TWERSKI Freida 1892 Simcha F Moshe [Y] Belzec
TWERSKI Tzivia Moshe Freida F [P]
TWERSKI Sima 1894 Aron Rosa F [Y] Auschwitz
TWERSKI Naphtali M [L] survived
TZIPORI Taube 1876 F [P]
UBERFUHRER Neche 1913 Näherin seamstress F [J]
UNGER Moses 1939 M [J]
UNGER Chawe 1900 F [J], [S]
UNGER Salomon M [S]
UNGER Malka F [L] survived
UNGER Leib M [L] survived
UNGER Schije 1895 Konditor confectioner M [J]
UNIKOWSKI David M [L] survived
URLBAUM Yehoshua M [L] survived
URLBAUM Joseph Leib 1915 [R] shot
URTEM Josef 1893 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
VERSTAENDIG Beile 1907 F [J]
VERSTAENDIG Mechel 1932 M [J]
VERSTAENDIG David 1929 M [J]
VERSTAENDIG Malke 1935 F [J]
VERSTAENDIG Frimet 1924 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
VOGEL Feige 1924 Modistin milliner F [J]
VOGEL Josef 1927 Schneider tailor M [J], [S]
VOGEL Mechel 1928 M [J]
VOGEL Samuel products M [R]
VOGEL Jsaak 1882 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
VOGELFLUEGEL Regina 1905 Leon F [J], [Y] Dabrowa
VOGELHUT Adolf 1929 M [J]
VOGELHUT Jakow Israel M [Y]
VOGELHUT Sara 1887 F [J]
WAGSCHAL Chane 1914 F [J]
WAGSCHAL Samuel 1918 Schäftemacher upper shoe maker M [J]
WAGSCHAL Ete 1921 F [J]
WAGSCHAL Guetl 1925 F [J]
WAGSCHAL Israel 1927 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WAGSCHAL Gene 1923 F [J]
WAKS Yehiel Melech M [P]
WALLACE Hannah F Yehiel Melech [P]
WALLACE Shyfra 1912 Sender F [Y]
WALD Miriam F [L] survived
WALD Sali 1925 F [J]
WALDNER Therese 1916 F [J]
WALDNER Feige 1890 F [J], [S]
WALDNER Aron M [L] survived
WALLACH wife F Aron [P] survived
WALLACH Lucia Aron F [P] survived
WALLACH Yehuda Aron M [P] survived
WALLER D M [L] survived
WALTER Moses 1880 M [J]
WANDER Anna 1922 F [J]
WANDER Zahnarzt dentist M [R]
WARFEL Mendel M [P]
WARSCHER Sheindel Sa. FUSSMAN F Mendel [P]
WARSCHER Joseph 1911 Mendel Sheindel Sa. M [P]
WARSCHER Hersh clothing M [P]
WEBER Jda 1893 F [J], [S]
WEHRMANN Berl 1913 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WEHRMANN Richard 1921 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WEHRMANN Zile 1921 F [J]
WEHRMANN Moses 1938 M [J]
WEHRMANN Itzik M [YI] Krosno
WEINBERG F Itzik [YI] Krosno
WEINBERG Mendel 1904 Arbeiter worker M [YI] Krosno
WEINBERG Sime 1921 F [YI] Krosno
WEINBERG Nissan M [YI] Krosno
WEINBERGER Saul 1885 restaurant M [J], [G]
WEINBERGER Sara 1882 F Saul [J]
WEINBERGER Nathan 1917 motors M [J]
WEINBERGER Schmerl 1908 motors M [J]
WEINBERGER Taube 1900 F [J]
WEINBERGER Chane 1934 F [J]
WEINBERGER Samuel 1936 M [J], [S]
WEINBERGER Meschulim 1877 Angestellter employee Leib M Margola [J], [Y] Rzeszow
WEINBERGER Margola KINDERMAN F Meschulim [P] perished
WEINBERGER Isaak Meschulim Margola [P] perished
WEINBERGER Naphtali 1914 Meschulim Margola M [Y] Rzeszow
WEINBERGER Emanuel Meschulim Margola [P] perished
WEINBERGER Ruzia Meschulim Margola [P] perished
WEINBERGER Minna 1888 F [J]
WEINBERGER Chaskel 1898 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WEINBERGER Chane 1900 F [J]
WEINBERGER Chaje 1934 F [J]
WEINBERGER Jsaak 1879 M [J]
WEINBERGER Sime 1920 F [J]
WEINBERGER Ephraim M [L] survived
WEINFELD Suessl 1889 F [J], [S]
WEINFELD David 1923 Tapezierer paperhanger M [J]
WEINFELD Naftali 1924 Tapezierer paperhanger M [J]
WEINFELD Chane 1926 F [J]
WEINFELD Jsaak 1888 Angestellter employee M [J]
WEINFELD Rachel 1894 F [J]
WEINFELD Jsrael 1914 Weber weaver M [J]
WEINFELD Hadassa 1916 Modistin milliner F [J]
WEINFELD Salek 1918 Monteur fitter M [J]
WEINFELD Ascher 1897 Kaufmann merchant Shmuel M [J], [Y], [G]
WEINFELD Rachela 1897 F [J]
WEINFELD Hirsch 1917 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WEINFELD Naftali 1930 M [J]
WEINFELD Reisel 1931 F [J]
WEINFELD Mordechai M [S]
WEINGOLD Rachel KANNER F [L] survived
WEINMAN Ziril 1870 Aron F [Y]
WEINREB Hersh Eisenhändler ironmonger M [B]
WEINREB Wolf 1896 Geschäftsmann merchant M [J]
WEINSTEIN Margule 1894 F [J]
WEINSTEIN Suessl 1926 F [J]
WEINSTEIN Gene 1928 F [J]
WEINSTEIN Jonas 1931 M [J]
WEINSTEIN Jsrael 1902 Kutscher coachman M [J]
WEINSTEIN Malke 1908 F [J], [G]
WEINSTEIN Scharne 1938 F [J]
WEINSTEIN Chane 1940 F [J]
WEINSTEIN Pinkas 1908 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WEINSTEIN Leib 1907 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WEINSTEIN Hene 1873 F [J]
WEINSTEIN Zile 1907 F [J]
WEINSTEIN Salomon 1906 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WEINSTEIN Shymon Arbeiter worker M [P]
WEINSTEIN Gershon 1919 Shymon Reisel M [R] survived
WEINSTEIN Zvi 1920 Shymon Reisel M [P] perished
WEINSTEIN Samuel 1924 Arbeiter worker Shymon Reisel M [J] perished
WEINSTEIN Josef 1934 Shymon Reisel M [P] perished
WEINSTEIN Pinkas 1935 Shymon Reisel M [J] perished
WEINSTEIN Hirsch 1924 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WEINSTEIN Jsaak 1928 M [J], [L] survived
WEINSTEIN Chemje 1900 Kutscher coachman M [J]
WEINSTEIN Beile 1902 F [J]
WEINSTEIN Chaim 1935 M [J]
WEINSTEIN Samuel Mehlhändler flour trader M [B]
WEINSTEIN Jechezkel 1914 Shmuel M [Y]
WEINSTEIN Mosze 1894 Shmuel M [Y]
WEINSTEIN Nissan 1898 Shmuel M [Y]
WEINSTEIN Szymon Shalom M [G] perished
WEINSTEIN Ozjas Mehlhändler flour trader M [B]
WEINSTER Icchak M [R] survived
WEINSTER Wolf 1896 Gemeindediener municipality servant M [J], [G]
WEISER Brandel 1900 F [J]
WEISER Israel 1930 M [J]
WEISER Chume 1923 M [J]
WEISER Suessl 1924 F [J]
WEISER Mendel 1927 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WEISER Sali Arbeiter worker M [J]
WEISS Beile 1891 F [J]
WEISS Leiser 1890 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WEISS Feige 1921 Näherin seamstress F [J]
WEISS Poje 1924 M [J]
WEISS Jakob 1928 M [J]
WEISS Elias 1907 Angestellter employee M [J]
WEISS Jutta 1909 F [J]
WEISS Rudi 1935 M [J]
WEISS Sali F [S]
WEISS Sarah GREEN F [L] survived
WEISS Ilona 1900 M [J]
WEISSBERGER Eva 1922 Stenotypistin stenotypist [female] F [J] This is probably a mistake, as no other women are marked in this column
WEISSBERGER Berta 1925 Näherin seamstress F [J]
WEISSMANN Rosa 1914 F [J]
WEISSMANN Beile 1939 F [J]
WEISSMANN Markus 1886 Spediteur shipper Moshe M [J], [Y]
WEISSMANN Zile 1890 F [J], [G]
WEISSMANN Hirsch 1925 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WEISSMANN Itzhak M [L] survived
WEISSMANN Hava F [L] survived
WEISSMANN Menachem M [L], [G] survived
WEISSMANN Yossef Krämer grocer M [L] survived
WEISSMANN Dawid building supplies M [B]
WEISSNER Itzhak Tischler carpenter M [B]
WEISSNER Rosa 1899 Itzhak F [J], [Y] Auschwitz
WEISSNER Aron 1900 Itzhak M [Y]
WEISSNER U student student M [R]
WEISTRICH Berl 1868 M [J], [S]
WELKES Baruch 1924 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WELKES Chaim 1911 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WELKES Malke 1913 F [J]
WELKES Guetl 1912 F [J]
WELKES Chane 1922 F [J]
WELKES Sala 1921 F [J]
WELKES Beile 1868 F [J]
WELKES Jsaak 1889 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WENIG Rosa 1889 F [J]
WENIG Freide 1914 F [J]
WENIG Guetl 1918 F [J]
WENIG Salomon 1919 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WENIG Naftali M [G]
WENIG Taube 1892 Menashe F [Y]
WERNER Chaja 1886 F [Y] Belzec
WERTHEIMER Henia 1920 Pinkas F [Y]
WERTHEIMER Pinkas 1887 Pinkas M [Y]
WERTHEIMER Hinde 1923 Arbeiterin worker [female] F [J]
WERTHEIMER Raphael Selig M [Y]
WERTHEIMER Salek 1912 Pinkas M [Y]
WERTHEIMER Blueme 1864 F [J]
WESTREICH Rosa 1899 Feivel F [J], [S], [Y]
WESTREICH Yossef M [L] survived
WESTREICH Chane 1904 Hausmädchen housemaid F [J]
WICHNER K Uhrmacher watchmaker M [R]
WIEDOR Isaac Klempner plumber M [R]
WIENER Chane 1909 F [J]
WIENER Rosa 1935 F [J]
WIENER Jakob M [R]
WIENER Dory R Jakob [R]
WIENER Rachel 1903 Jakob Dory R [R] Auschwitz
WIENER L Student student M [R]
WIESEFELD Moses 1883 Angestellter employee M [J], [S]
WIESENFELD Rosa 1885 F [J]
WIESENFELD Rachel 1914 Lehrerin teacher F [J]
WIESENFELD Adolf 1919 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WIESENFELD Jakob 1921 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WIESENFELD Chaim 1907 Arbeiter worker M [J], [S]
WIEZOWSKI Guetl 1913 F [J]
WIEZOWSKI Mordche 1939 M [J]
WIEZOWSKI Hella F [L] survived
WILK Yehuda Leib M [L]
WILNER Chaya Eidel FREUND F Yehuda Leib [L]
WILNER Dov Yehuda Leib Chaya Eidel M [L] survived
WILNER Moses 1929 Yehuda Leib Chaya Eidel M [J]
WILNER Shmuel Yehuda Leib Chaya Eidel F [L]
WILNER Chaya Yehuda Leib Chaya Eidel F [L]
WILNER Rysia Yehuda Leib Chaya Eidel F [L]
WILNER Chana Yehuda Leib Chaya Eidel F [L]
WILNER Freide 1931 Yehuda Leib Chaya Eidel F [J]
WILNER Nathan 1898 Bäckergehilfe baker assistant Yehuda Leib Chaya Eidel M [J]
WILNER Sala 1896 Yehuda Leib Chaya Eidel F [J]
WILNER Freide 1925 Verkäuferin saleswoman Yehuda Leib Chaya Eidel F [J]
WILNER Salomon 1920 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WILNER Naftali 1931 M [J]
WILNER Leib 1896 Arbeiter worker M [J], [G]
WILNER Chaje 1884 F [J]
WILNER Berisch 1922 Gerber skinner M [P] survived
WILNER Leie 1924 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
WILNER Jsrael 1935 M [J]
WILNER Helene 1889 F [J]
WILNER Sulamith 1925 F [J]
WILNER Leie 1927 F [J]
WILNER Eidel 1932 F [J]
WILNER Shimon M [L] survived
WILNER Tzvi M [L] survived
WILNER Leja 1892 Moshe F [Y]
WILNER Jakob 1886 Arbeiter worker Israel M [J], [Y], [G]
WINTER Sara 1900 F [J]
WINTER Leie 1870 F [J]
WINTER Israel Ber M [G]
WINTER Liebe Krämer grocer M [B]
WIRTEIM Milla 1918 Schneiderin tailoress F [J]
WISTREICH Beile 1900 Lehrerin teacher [female] F [J]
WOHLRAUCH Sarah 1882 Eliyahu F [Y] Belzec
WOLF Avraham M [L] survived
WOLF M Schneider tailor M [R]
WOLF Kalman honey and nuggets M [P]
WOLF Peshe HERZFELD F Kalman [P]
WOLF Leibish M [P]
WOLF Berl 1941 [J] Could be WELKER; hard to tell
WOLKER Chaim 1900 Arbeiter worker M [J]
WOLKER Chaje 1910 F [J]
WOLKER Hirsch 1939 M [J]
WOLKER Leie 1917 F [J]
WROBEL Berel-Bernard 1876 M [J], [S], [G]
WROBEL Debora 1886 M [J]
WROBEL Guetl 1920 F [J]
WROBEL Freide 1924 Arbeiterin worker [female] F [J]
WROBEL David 1921 Schneider tailor M [J]
WROBEL Mosze 1890 Baruch M [Y]
WURMAN Naphtali M [P] Russia
ZAFERN Hawa HERZFELD 1883 F Naphtali [P] Russia
ZAFERN Shija-Wolf 1906 Naphtali Hawa M [P] survived
ZAFERN Chana Dworah F [P]
ZAFERN Raisel Chana Dworah F [P]
ZAFERN Aaron Meir M [P] perished
ZAFERN Itche Leib M [P] perished
ZAFERN Chaja Rachel F [P] perished
ZAFERN Pinkas 1915 Naphtali Hawa M [P] perished
ZAFERN Sima Naphtali Hawa F [P] Russia
ZAFERN Nathan-Nuta Naphtali Hawa M [P] Russia
ZAFERN Shprincze 1927 Naphtali Hawa F [P] perished
ZAFERN Guetl 1904 Naphtali Hawa F [P]
ZAFERN Feige 1931 Naphtali Hawa F [P]
ZAFERN Malke 1932 Naphtali Hawa F [P]
ZAFERN Yossef 1935 Naphtali Hawa M [P]
ZAFERN Isaak 1937 Naphtali Hawa M [P]
ZAFERN Yehoshua M [L] survived
ZAHLER Ele ELIAS 1913 Arbeiter worker F [J], [S]
ZAJDOW Jochweth 1880 F [J]
ZAJDOW Moshe M [L] survived
ZALTZ Chaja 1908 Yona F [Y]
ZAMD Rachel Jakob F [Y]
ZAUER Henka F [L]
ZEIDMAN Eliasz M [R]
ZELLER Eliyahu
ZELLER Blima F Eliasz [R]
ZELLER Frida F [L] survived
ZELTZER S Tischler carpenter M [R]
ZEMAN M [L] survived
ZIGEL Meir M [L] survived
ZILBERMAN Chaje 1884 Näherin seamstress F [J]
ZIMET Hersh M [G]
ZIMET Leib M [G]
ZIMET Samuel M [G]
ZIMET Jekel M [P]
ZISSEL Sara F [P] perished
ZISSEL Stucia STEIN F [L] survived
ZOHAR Al M [L] survived
ZOHAR Yvonne KOENIG F [L] survived
ZOHAR Natan Friseur barber M [R]
ZORNA M [L] survived
TZUCKERMAN Miriam KATZ F Kalman [L] survived
TZUCKERMAN Elisheva Kalman Miriam F [P]
TZUCKERMAN Hadassa Kalman Miriam F [P]
TZUCKERMAN Nuta Krämer grocer M [B]
ZUKIER Jakob 1889 Schneider tailor M [J], [S], [G] perished
ZWASS Marjem 1886 F Jakob [J] perished
ZWASS Hillel 1923 Schneider tailor Jakob Marjem M [J] perished
ZWASS Markus 1926 Schneider tailor Jakob Marjem M [J] perished
ZWASS Aron 1927 Arbeiter worker Jakob Marjem M [J] perished
ZWASS Blueme 1870 F [J], [G]
ZWICK Awraham M [P]
ZWICK Gedalia Mützenmacher capper M [B]
ZWIEBEL Jakob 1889 Bäckergehilfe baker assistant M [J]
ZWIEBEL Feige 1891 F [J]
ZWIEBEL Chaim clothing M [R]
ZWIEBEL Salomon 1902 Friseur barber M [J]
ZWIRN Feige 1905 F [J]
ZWIRN Hirsch 1904 Schneider tailor M [J]
ZYCHHOLZ Leie 1925 F [J]
ZYCHHOLZ Chaim 1928 Schneider tailor M [J]
ZYCHHOLZ Sara 1929 F [J]
ZYCHHOLZ Genendel 1884 F [S], [J]
ZYZAK Ester 1921 F [J]
ZYZAK Yaakow M [P]

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