Krasnobrod; a Memorial to the Jewish community
(Krasnobród, Poland)

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Translation of
Krasnobrod; sefer zikaron

Editor: M. Kushnir

Tel Aviv 1956



Project Coordinator

Moses Milstein


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This is a translation of: Krasnobrod; sefer zikaron (Krasnobrod; a memorial to the Jewish community),
Edited by M. Kushnir, Tel Aviv 1956 (H, Y 526 pages)

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Hebrew TOC translated by Yocheved Klausner


A word from the Editor M. K. 7
A poem Yitzhak Katzenelson 9
Introduction   11
History of the Jewish Settlement
History of the Jewish Settlement in Krasnobrod Eliyahu Rind 13
The Synagogue in Krasnobrod Engineer D. Davidovich 43
The synagogue in Krasnobrod E. Rind 47
The Town
My town Krasnobrod Efraim Lochfeld 51
The general renaissance in Krasnobrod Shmuel Gurtler 63
The Freiheit [Freedom] Movement in Krasnobrod Esther Kamm 67
The Krasnobrod youth in Hachshara [pioneer training] Gitl Knebel-Belman 69
Our home… Yocheved Gurtler-Nuss 71
* * * Reisha Lehrer 77
Everything is as it was… Yakov Lochfeld 78
Events in town Mordechai Rapoport 85
The Town Diamand 86
The destruction of the Krasnobrod Congregation Nathaniel Brenner 97
The Lord's Candle - a human soul Rav R'Chaim Shaul Ya'ave”tz 100
Memorial prayer Shlomo Zonshtein 101
A report about the first memorial assembly held for the martyrs of Krasnobrod   103
The Holocaust
* * * Introduction   106
Pages from the Flames Moshe Fishel 107
How did I survive? Fishel Malka 131
The Chitkov village, its life and its death A. G. Kupferstein 135
The annihilation of Krasnobrod Esther Lerner-Levinson 142
And I Was Left Alone Rivka Lamm–Burstein 151
In Hell… Miriam Kopel-Blumenthal 162
How a Jewish family was destroyed Shlomo Untzig 168
* * * The martyrs of the Untzig Family M. A. Untzig 175
Yakov Lederman's story Shabtay Burg 177
Figures in Town
Rav Menachem Munish Margalit, may God avenge his blood A. Lochfeld 187
R'Moishe'le Soifer z”l A Barg 188
R'Moishe'le Soifer z”l A. Rind 192
R'Moshe Leib Barg z”l A. Elboim 193
R'Moshe Leib Barg z”l A. Rind 194
R'Shmuel Zeinvil z”l A. R. 195
R'Avraham Meir Sushtchek z”l A. R 195
Itche Sender's, may God avenge his blood A. R 196
The “Duck People” A. R. 197
R'Shmuel Gurtler, may God avenge his blood A. R. 199
R'Avraham Yakov Freund, may God avenge his blood A. R. 200
R'Shmuel Malka's z”l A. R. 201
Hersh-Leib Briks, may God avenge his blood A. R. 202
Avraham and Yehoshua Schnor A. R. 203
Reuven Kramer, may God avenge his blood A. R. 205
Various figures A. R. 205
Grona Gurtler-Lochfeld Ben 206
Chanoch Untzig, may God avenge his blood Tuvia 208
At the appearance of the book A. Lochfeld 209
A word from the editor M.K. 215
Sing! (fragment) Itzchak Katznelson 217
Introduction   219
History of the Jewish Settlement
Chapters of Krasnobrod History Eliyahu Rind 223
The Old Synagogue Eliyahu Rind 260
The Town
My Little Town Krasnobrod Efraim Lochfeld 267
My Home Yocheved Gurtler-Nuss 279
The “Freiheit” Movement in Krasnobrod Esther Kamm 285
The Hachshara [pioneer training] Gitl Knebel-Belman 288
Nothing Has Changed Yakov Lochfeld 290
Episodes in the Life of the Town Mordechai Rapoport 299
* * * Reisha Lehrer 301
Social Awakening Shmuel Gurtler 302
Letters in my Drawer Gitl Barg 306
The Lord's Candle–A human soul Rav R'Chaim Shaul Ya'ave”tz 309
In the light of memory Esther Kam-Glickman 311
The Town A. Diamant 314
The First Memorial Assembly of Krasnobroders in Israel   327
Destruction and Holocaust
* * *Introduction M. K. 330
Pages from the Flames Moshe Fishel 331
Chitkov Village—Its Life and Its Death A. G. Kupferstein 362
On the Aryan Side Malka Babad 369
The Decline and Fall of Krasnobrod Esther Levinson-Lerner 382
In Hell Miriam Kopel-Blumenthal 395
With the Partisans Hersh Gortler 403
And I was left alone Rivka Lamm-Burstein 407
A Slaughtered Family Shlomo Untzig 424
* * * Moshe Eliyahu Untzig 433
Yakov Lederman's Story Shabtai Barg 435
YIZKOR Shlomo Sonnstein 445
Addition to the list of the dead   448
There once was a town–it is no more Abraham Barg 449
Rav Menachem Munish Margalit, HY”D A. Lochfeld 457
R' Moishele Soifer z”l Abraham Barg 458
R' Moishele Soifer z”l A. Rind 464
R' Moishe Leib Barg z”l A. Elboim 465
R' Moishe Leib Barg z”l A. Rind 466
R' Shmuel Zeinvl Melamed, z”l A. Rind 467
R' Abraham-Meir Shushtchek z”l A. Rind 468
R' Abraham Yakov Freund hy”d A. Rind 468
R' Shmuel Malke's z”l A. Rind 469
The Duck People A. Rind 470
R' Itche Sender hy”d A. Rind 472
R' Shmuel Gurtler A. Rind 473
R' Bunem Melamed hd”y A. Rind 474
R' Mordechai Gurtler hy”d A. Rind 478
Hersh-Leib Briks hy”d A. Rind 481
Avraham and Yehoshua Shnur A. Rind 482
Reuven Kramer hy”d A. Rind 484
Various personalities A. Rind 485
My Father Chanoch Untzig hy”d Tuvieh 486
Yakov Zimmerman A. Diamant 487
Mendl Farber hy”d A. Diamant 489
Yehoshua Babad hy”d A. Diamant 491
Grune Gurtler–Lochfeld a”h Ben 493
From the Publisher A. Lochfeld 494
Martyrs of the Holocaust
Words of Eulogy and Esteem Rabbi Yitzchak Halevi Shulzinger 497
Necrology 505


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