Memorial Book Konin
(Konin, Poland)

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Translation of
Kehilat Konin be-ferihata u-ve-hurbana

Editor: M. Gelbart

Published in Tel Aviv 1968



Our sincere appreciation to Genia Hollander
for typing up the English text to facilitate its addition to this project.


This is a translation of: Kehilat Konin be-ferihata u-ve-hurbana (Memorial book Konin),
Editor: M. Gelbart, Assoc. of Konin Jews in Israel, Published: Tel Aviv 1968 (H,Y, E 796 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Konin

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


The Old Home
History of the town Z. Pencherski 19
The history of the Jews in Konin Zvi Ozerowitz 27
The cemetery Zvi Ozerowitz 45
Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Amsterdam z”l Zvi Ozerowitz 69
Rabbi Zvi Bijonski Nathan Bijonski 80
“Interregnum” of rabbis 83
Rabbi Yakov Lifschitz z”l A. Tz. 85
The dynasty of friends Dr. Rabiner M. Lifschitz 91
Our teacher the rabbi R'Zev Wolf Altman 93
1889 - 1939
Fifty years in Konin Levi (Leo) Montchka 97
Konin at the end of the 19th century M. Levin (London) 141
Konin at the beginning of the 20th century Moritz Levin 148
About the revolutionary movement Pesach Kharaff (America) 157
Short chronicles Yakov Leib Sarna 161
Outbreak of the First World War Reuven Kreissman 171
Konin 1914 - 1918 M. Moscowitz 173
Modern means of communication in Konin Reuven Kreissman 179
“Cast your bread upon the waters...” [Eccl. 11:1] Gitl Larek 181
Konin “Prenumeranten” for publishing books 183
Prayer Houses 185
The Holy Torah Ark Rivka Shmerlovski Diamant 187
Between the Two World Wars
Melamdim and Cheder pupils Yeshaia Sandberg (Bruxelles) 197
R'Israel Izbitzki Y.L. Sarna 217
R'Manele Ozerowitz Moshe Hersch 220
R'Chaim Kreitzer 223
The “Dobrer” melamed 223
“Chaim'ke Lehrer” [Chaim'ke the teacher] 224
R'Eliyahu Beatus 224
R'Binyamin Rotchke Yechezkel R. 225
R'Oizer Tzorndorf Reuven Kreissman z”l 229
R'Katriel Stein 231
R'Hersch Shmerlovski 235
Other melamdim 236
R'Zalman Ben-Yaakov (Yankelewitz) 237
Rivka the melamed'ke [woman-melamed] 239
Schools and Education
The Jewish High-School Levi (Leo) Montchka 243
Konin Prof. Leopold Infeld 260
Schools in Konin Leonardo Friedlender (New York) 268
Jewish elementary schools Yanko Nutkiewitz (Meisels) 269
Talmud Torah Yanko Nutkiewitz (Meisels) 276
“Yavne” - the religious-national school Y. Kruck, may God avenge his blood 278
The “ORT” Society in Konin M. Winter, may God avenge his blood 285
The “Shkulke” evening school Motek Moscowitz 290
The Cheder “Torah and Science” (photograph) 291
Culture and Sports
The Jewish library M. Winter, may God avenge his blood 295
Drama Clubs 304
Jewish artists 310
Maccabi 317
Shimshon 323
The Jewish Society for land purchase 327
Economic Situation
The Jewish Co-operative Bank A.A. Skovronski, may God avenge his blood 353
The Zionist Organization 357
Po'alei Zion Zvi Ozerowitz 360
Hechalutz Hatza'ir” [the young pioneer] Esther Lifschitz-Meiri 367
The “training Kibbutz” in Konin in the name of B. Borochov Zev Nasetzki 375
The Hechalutz garden in Konin Shmuel Globinski 381
The Revisionist Movement 382
The “Bund” I.L. Hampel 386
The Communist Movement Mordechai Moscowitz 390
The Jewish Scouts organization Hashomer Hatza'ir 394
WIZO 398
Agudat Israel in Konin Moshe Ehrlich 400
Po'alei Agudat Israel Shimon Deutch 402
Communal Workers and Personalities
R'Moshe Ehman, the Kromsker [from Kromsk] Tz. A. 403
R'Simcha Sarna 409
R'Eliyahu Pendzel 411
The Goldwasser family 412
Jewish bankers Michael Moscowitz 413
R'Yakov Strikovski, the barber-surgeon 416
Community workers 417
The “Tepper” Market I.L. Hampel 432
The “Politic” Center Chanoch Neuman 444
Konin folklore 445
From my early childhood I. Sandberg 449
A family chronicle Rivka Shmerlovski-Diamant 454
The kopeck H. M. Natal 455
A disturbance on Yom Kippur I. L. Sarna 457
“Bi Zhida” Micha Temkin-Perlman 458
In the last minute H. M. Natal 460
Yitzhak Moscowitz, the Konin “Noah Pandre” Avraham Kempinski z”l 464
Yizkor (a poem) Chaim Leib Fuchs 467
Arrested as hostages Leo (Levi) Monchka 469
The first victims Avraham Kempinski z”l 476
The first evacuation Breine Rosenberg (Greenbaum) 487
Working in the factory of explosive materials Sarah Pintchevski (Schwarz) 490
1080 Konin Jews Yakov Leibush Hampel 493
The road to Ostrowietz Celina Loewenberg (Beirach) 504
The Ostrowietz Aid-Committee Eliezer ben Chanoch Langer z”l 509
In the German Hell Lea Scherer (Moscowitz) 512
In the Ostrowietz ghetto Celina Loewenberg (Beirach) z”l 519
The second evacuation Francisca Bram-Grochovska 524
Josepov Bilgorjeski Fela Fishkin (Prost) 535
We destroy the cemetery in Kletchev Louis Levkowitz 541
The deportation from Groyetz Shimon Deutch 544
Forced labor David Drachman 547
Chased from camp to camp Zvi Antzer 551
My war experiences Moshe Kav-Or (Kava) 558
My son Mark Yakov Kravtchik 564
Forced labor and other troubles Marcus Yudkiewitz 566
War prisoners Avraham Obashanek 579
Turned into an animal…. Avraham Sveika 583
Dr. Felek Bulka Kalman Goldwasser 585
Documents 589
Report of a trial 595
Murdered in the Kazhimir woods David Riegel 602
Children accuse Mira Ehrlich (Bram) 605
An incident in Paris Chana Scher (Globinski) 607
The Rabbi's documentation project Zvi Schner 609
The “House of Slaves” chronicle in Konin The Rav R'I. M. Aharonsohn 613
The Jewish Resistance
The uprising in the Konin Camp Shmulik Ben-Zion Motl 622
A tragic document from the Konin camp 625
Feivish Kamlaj's will 627
Jewish partisans Sara Tribuch (Ozerowitz) 628
Dr. Michael Strikovski From a book by Chaim Lazer 642
Frania Beatus 645
Rivka Glantz 647
My encounter with the Eretz Israel Brigade Guta Rosenfeld 650
War experiences Bronka Ben-Gourion (Meisels) 652
A mass-grave in the Kazimirz forest Yitzhak Leben 654
After the tragic and bloody deluge 657
Konin after the destruction L. Monchka 658
In Germany 1946 664
My visit in Konin today H. M. Natal 668
Yizkor 671
List of Konin Jews who perished in the Holocaust 674
El Male Rachamim prayer 701
Konin Landsleit in France I.L. Hammerl 705
Konin Landsleit in England 708
Konin Aid-Societies 711
Konin Society in America 714
Organization of Konin Jews in Israel 722
Around the world - to the promised land Yehoshua Chanoch Bram 725
Konin Landsmanshaft in Israel 745
Martyrs who fell for the defense of our homeland 761
Once upon a time…. I. Sandberg 767
Longing Miriam Mazover 772
English & Polish Sections 1-24
Konin at the turn of the century M. Levin 3
Appendices 1, 2, 3


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