Memorial Book of Kotsk
(Kock, Poland)

51°38' / 22°27'

Translation of
Sefer Kotsk

Editor: E. Porat

Published in Tel Aviv 1961

Our sincere appreciation to Yad Vashem
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This is a translation of: Sefer Kotsk (Memorial Book of Kotsk),
Editor: E. Porat, Committee of Former Residents of Kotsk in Israel, Published: Tel Aviv 1961 (H,Y 424 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Kock

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner Hebrew and Gloria Berkenstat Freund Yiddish


Title Author Page
Introduction A. Porat 5
Chapters of History and Memories
The history of Kotzk   11
Kotzker History [Y]   17
The life in Kotzk - long ago Yakov Herz 24
The sights of the town Simcha Medens 28
Kotzk Menachem Zakalik 35
What Was [Y] Yakov Blitman 47
Shabbos and the Week in Kotzk [Y] Yakov Herc 57
Kock, My Town [Y] Motl Siemiatycki 61
A Stroll Across My Shtetl [town] [Y] Borukh Josef Fiernik 68
Kotzk, My City [Y] Gedalia Grosman 73
The Kaiser is Coming [Y] A. Nachtomi 76
A Metamorphosis [Y] Yakov Herc 83
The changes in Kotzk Moshe Friedman 89
Longing Yakov Herc 92
I cannot forget… (a poem) [Y] Yakov Herc 93
Yearning (a poem) [Y] Yakov Herc 94
My origin Medens Simcha 95
Berek Yoselevitch A. P. 96
Giv'at Berek [The Berek Hill] Simcha Medens 99
Lag Ba'omer at the grave of Berek Yoselevitch [Y] Sholem Goldfarb 100
The Kotzk Hasidim
The rabbis and ADMORs of Kotzk Alfasi Yitzhak 105
Thanks to a beautiful tree (a folk legend) Moshe Michaeli-Reck 123
The Old Kotzker [Y] Yakov Blitman 124
The crowning of R'Yosele Morgenstern as Rav in Kotzk Dov Tcharni 129
The Last Kotzk Rebbe [Y] Yakov Blitman 131
A collection of Kotzk melodies Yosef Sela 134
From the Recent Past
Figures and events Yosef Sela 145
In Kotzk before the First World War [Y] Dovid Rak 151
Memories from Childhood Moshe Michaeli-Reck 155
From my youth [Y] Yehoshaya Taszemka 159
Village Peddlers [Y] Avraham Rosenblum 163
“My Chana,” the Apostate [Y] Miriam Tzubek-Paz 164
Zlatka [Y] Medens Simcha 166
Kopl (a poem) [Y] Yakov Herc 167
Parties, Organizations and Institutions
The Zionist Movement in Kotzk Gedaliahu Grossman 171
“Hashomer Hatza'ir” in Kotzk Chana Milgrom-Moncherzh 174
The beginnings of the Hashomer Hatzair in Kotzk Dov Czarney 176
A lively organization Moshe Fridman 176
The struggle of the Kotzk Youth Moshe Smuliar 179
The “Hechalutz” in Kotzk   184
The Mizrahi Organization in Kotzk   184
“Agudat Israel” in Kotzk Gedaliahu Grossman 185
Betar Organization in Kotzk [Y] Simcha Kreitzman 187
Jewish Workers Organizations in Kotzk
Kotzk in 1905 Rachel & Pinchas Kritzman 189
“Strikers” [Y] Shaya Erlich 190
Workers Unions in Kotzk [Y] Yehezkiel Sztern 191
The “Bund” in Kotzk [Y] Mendl Szlefachowski 193
Professional Unions in Kotzk [Y] Nuta Kuperszlag 194
The first strike in Kotzk [Y] Yisroel Roytapel 197
Community Organizations in Kotzk
The Jewish Kehile [organized Jewish community] in Kotzk [Y]   199
“The Gemilut Chesed Fund” [interest-free loans]   200
The Craftsmen co-operative [Y]   201
Khevre Tehilim [Psalm Society]   202
Khevre Kadishe [Burial Society]   202
Hakhnosas Kallah [aid for poor brides]   202
Ezras Kholim [organization to aid the sick]   203
Views and Landscapes in Kotzk
Photographs   205
How Kotzk Was Destroyed
“Remember what [Amalek] did to you” Yosef Sela 219
The destruction of the Kotzk Community Yakov Aviram-Gazbein 220
The last days of Jewish Kotzk Gedaliahu Grossman 226
Through suffering and disaster [Y] Manya Szlajfer-Ziglman 242
Under the Nazis [Y] Yakov Erlich 263
My Survival During the Time of Hitler [Y] Ruchl Wajnsztajn 263
In the Osowa Camp [Y] Yisroel Roytapel 273
Deportation of the Jews in Kotzk by the Germans in June 1942 (a poem) [Y]   275
The Innocent Spilled Blood [Y] Motl Semiaticki 279
In the forests around Kotzk Shimon Rubatcek 286
Kotzker Jews Under the Nazi Occupation [Y] Gedalia Grosman 292
Where the Day was Spent, the Night Was Not [Y] Moshe Klejman 294
Stories from the Holocaust As told by Yakov Ehrlich 296
A bundle of letters from the days of the Holocaust Moshe Aviram-Gazbein 297
“From the frying pan into the fire” Simcha Medens 300
A Visit to Kotzk Right After the Liberation [Y] Hershl Krajcman 305
A Dream (poem) [Y] Avraham Rozenblum 308
Kotzkers in France During the German Occupation [Y] Borukh Josef Fiernik 310
In France during the German occupation [Y] Yehoshaya Taszemka 314
Personalities and Figures 321-334
In Memoriam
In memory of my town (poem) Simcha Medens 337
A Headstone (poem) [Y] Yakov Herc 338
Their memory will last forever Moshe Michaeli Reck 340
Where are you? Moshe Aviram Gazbein 341
The rabbi R'Avraham Yosef Morgenstern Gedaliahu Grossman 342
The Rav Avraham Israel Isser Tcherni Dov Tcherni 344
Shiye Magid Yakov Blitman 345
A cultural-social house Yosef Friedman 346
David Tevel from Antszharsh Chana Milgrom from Antszharsh 347
Zvi Fiernik z”l Baruch Yosef Fiernik 349
Leizer Medens Simcha Medens 350
My brother Matityahu Gedaliahu Grossman 352
Arie Tcherni Dov Tcherni 353
Those who were not privileged Ester Arzi 354
My father The son 355
Moshe Zeligman Mania 357
In memory of my family Eliezer Kleinman 358
From my memories [Y] Eliezer Klajnman 359
My home [Y] Josef Czecznikewicz 360
“If your son will ask you” Simcha Medens 361
R'Yakov Yitzhak Blumenfeld   363
Yitzhak Gelbach, the brave partisan G. G. 363
In their memory Yakov Arazi 365
Kotzker in Israel and Around the World
The Kotzker in our land G. G. 368
Kotzkers in Israel [Y]   369
The organization of former Kotzk residents in Israel   371
Kotzker Landsmanschaft [organization of people from the same town] in Israel [Y]   372
Kotzker in Argentina [Y] Y. Blitman 373
Kotzker in France [Y] Shimkha Rotbaum 376
Kotzk today A Polish journalist 380
How does Kotzk look today? [Y]   383
Yad Vashem [a memorial]
Bravery and holiness Avraham Nachtomi 391
First echoes of the Kotzk Holocaust   396
Necrology   399

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