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List of the victims from the town of Kobylnik

Translated by Yosef Sa'ar

The following is a translation from the Hebrew of a list of Holocaust victims from the town of Kobylnik, Belarus. In Czarist Russia up to 1918, Kobylnik was in Vilna Gubernya. Between WWI and WWII it was part of Poland. Since the 1950's it has been called Naroch, after the large lake nearby.

Surname Given Name Wife's Name Children's Names
ALSFIEN Mendel-Leib Gissia  
AXELROD Eliahu   Israel and Yehoshua
BERGER Shabtai Nehama Moshe, Israel-Benyamin, Hanna and Minna
BOTVINIK Moshe Haya Yosef and unidentified infant son
BOURGIN Hayyim-Mayer    
CHERNOTZKY Fraidel   Ya'aqov and David
CHERNOTZKY Gedaliyahu Sarah-Rivka Yocheved
CHERNOTZKY Israel Dina Esther
CHERNOTZKY Yehoshua Rivka son
COOPERSTOCK Ze'ev Shaina  
DANISHEVSKY Barukh Eliahu Menuha three children
DIMENSHTEIN Shlomo Rivka Beral-Laib and Hava
DIMENTSTAIN Beral-Leib Nehama  
DIMENTSTAIN Esther Haya    
DIMENTSTAIN Rivka   Esther-Faiga
EINBINDER Rabbi Yehuda-Leib Malka  
FAIGELMAN Tuvia Haya-Sarah Rahel, Shabtai and Masha
GANTOVNIK Hayyim and family  
GANTOVNIK Mayer Gittel Yehuda
GERSHATOR Moshe Tamar Shlomo and Hirschel
GILMAN Laib Ida Lea and Matla (son Hayyim died in service with the Red Army)
GILMAN Menashe    
GILMAN Raitza    
GLOTT David   Hirschel-Yona and Yentka
GLOTT Mera-Leeba    
GOL Ya'aqov (pharmacist) his wife Moshe-Aharon, Malka and Sally
GOLDZEGGER Avraham (shochet) Baila Menahem, Sara, Raizel and Hanna
GORDON Avraham Haya-Rivka Yehuda, Aharon, Shaul-David and Rahel
GORDON Avraham-Laib Haya-Moussia Eliahu-Moshe
GORDON Eliahu Baila  
GORDON Fruma   Malka, Nehama-Devora and Sheina
GORDON Hava    
GORDON Shaul Doba Ya'aqov and Faiga
GORDON Yizhaq-Ya'aqov Grounia  
GREENBERG Ya'aqov Bainish Minna Laib, Hanna and Esther
HODOS Fraidel    
HODOS Laib Assna  
HODOS Minna    
HODOS Moshe Zelig Rivka  
HODOS Rivka   Ya'aqov and Gershon
HODOS Sara    
HODOS Yosef Baila Haya and Yizhaq
HODOS Zippora    
HOLFMAN Shmuel Hana Sonia
JABLONOVITZ Azriel Merl Zviya and Yosef-Eliahu
JANOVSKY Eliahu-Yosef Reizel Avraham, another son and Kaila
JANOVSKY Faivel Sara Haya-Leeba
JANOVSKY Hayyim-Ya'aqov Sara-Rivka  
JANOVSKY Hirschel and family  
JANOVSKY Moshe (son of Avraham-Yizhaq) Sima son
JANOVSKY Moshe Ganasiya Shmuel and his sister-in-law from Leningrad
JANOVSKY Pinkhas Merl three daughters
JANOVSKY Shlomo Eliezer Haya-Rivka Israel, Yizhaq and Esther, along with another daughter
JANOVSKY Yeshyahu and his family  
JANOVSKY Zlata   Gittel, Yehoshua, Devoshka and two children
JANTIS Haya-Sara    
KAGAN Laib Pessia Yosef and Batya
KAGANOVICH Yizhaq Hana  
KAPLAN   and family  
KAPLAN Yehudit   Laibel
KIRMILISKY Baila-Dooba    
KIRMILISKY Faivel and family  
KIRMILISKY Lieber and family  
KLUMEL Anivta    
KLUMEL Haya-Sarah   Gittel
KLUMEL Yizhaq Rivka Avraham, Baila and Shulamit
KRAVCHENSKY Yizhaq Haya-Batya Sarah-Riezel, Haya-Liba and Nehama
KRIVITZKY Akiva Kayla Benyamin and Yizhaq
KRIVITZKY Avraham Slova Laib and Baila
KRIVITZKY Gershon Kayla Zelig
KRIVITZKY Hanah-Devosha    
KRIVITZKY Yehuda-Laib Haya Benyamin and Yizhaq
KRUKOV Chyena   Cheshel
KRUKOV Yisrael Haya Arieh
KRUPSKY Miryam   (added 1999 by M. Svirsky)
KUBERSKY Yosef (pharmacist) Assia Boris and Raya
KURENIETZKY   and family  
KYEVSKY Avraham Haya-Sarah Yizhaq, Hirschel-Mendel and Taibel
LASKOV Ya'aqov Rahel  
LAZAROVITZ Hayyim Leiba  
LEVCOVITCH Hillel Hava Shimon and Tzyrl
LEVIATAN Yizhaq Fraida Israel-Mayer, Avraham and Faiga
LIFSHITZ Ben-Zion Ginesiya Raizel and Yeshayahu
LIFSHITZ Leiba-Malka   Fraidel
LUCHINSKY Shabtai Rachel Shmuel-Hirsch, Yizhaq and Baila
MACOVSKY Rabbi Laib Laiba Avraham
MASHEETZ Yizhaq Zippora Shmuel-Hirsch
MILCHMAN Hana   and family
MILCHMAN Michael Mina David and Yocheved
NAROTZKY Arieh Laib Frieda Sonia, Raizel, Feiga and Michael
NAROTZKY Hayyim    
NAROTZKY Shlomo Braina-Cherna Haya and Baila
NAROTZKY Zelig Kaila Velvel, Baila, Devora and one more, name unknown
POTALIK Rabbi    
RAIDER Hayyim Ida Slova and Esther
RUDOSHANSKY Moshe Shaina Rivka
SCHMIDT Leib Golda five children
SCHNIEDEROVITZ Batya   Yizhaq, Sarah and Haya
SHAPIRA Shraga his wife Laibel and Sarah
SHEFTAN Eliyahu Gitta  
SHPYTZ Hayyim Liba Sonia and Devoshka
SOLOMON Boris   his sisters Rivka and Hava
STEINGARTH Yosef Baty Ya'aqov and Bounya
STEINGROB Reizel    
STEINGROB Reuven Monya-Haya Reizel and Haya
SVIDLAR Esther-Leah   Yerahmial, Yosef and Gedalya
SVIDLAR Moshe   and family
SVIDLAR Yosef Zippora  
SVIRSKY Herzl    
TODRES Itta    
TORONTZIK Hirschel Sara Luba and Esther
TRAVSKY Shmuel Raizel Reuven-Menahem
TZOFANAS Shimon his wife son
VAINER Alter Faiga Ya'aqov, Sara-Rivka and an employee Rivka unknown
WEINER Israel    
WEXLER Shaul Sheina children
WEXLER Yeshayahu Rasia  
YAVNOVITZ David Bouniya Barukh and Laibel
YAVNOVITZ Michael Matliya  
YAVNOVITZ Shlomo Raitza Shalom and Yizhaq
YAVNOVITZ Yosef Rahel  
      Devora (girl from Baronovitz) unknown


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Memorial to our Home-Town

It is with a feeling of great awe and trepidation and humility that we undertook this holy task of editing and publishing the book Kobylnik. We undertook this task despite our feeling of unworthiness and inefficiency to give expression to the vast catastrophe that has befallen our dear brethren of Kobylnik. No human language is rich and eloquent enough to describe the shocking disaster perpetrated by the Nazi Satan against our unforgettable near and dear ones.

Stunned and bewildered do we stand at the graves of the innocent victims.

Though we ourselves counted the number of the fallen, we feel that we are unequal for the task of evaluating the immense spiritual and moral treasures that disappeared with their untimely death.

25 years have passed since the immense and indescribable tragedy happened and the only thing we can do for the perpetuation of those innocent and holy souls is to collect the few data for publication.

Very few members of this extinguished and glorious community remained alive and these are scattered all over the globe thus making it impossible to make all of them part take in this difficult and formidable work.

Whilst turning the pages of this book, we will see with our mind's eye the life of the community of Kobylnik that has gone forever.

In this book we will see their daily life with its lights and shadows, with its joys and sorrows, struggles and victories, pleasures and sufferings, bitter realities and unrealized dreams.

Let these pages remind us of the “Shma-Israel” utterances of the upright and pure, unstained characters, while bravely facing their fate at the brinks of their own graves.

[Page 295]

The number of those Kobylnikites who escaped death and who could help us in recovering the calamitous events are very small and the “Pincas”, the protocols and minutes of the sessions of the community which were usually kept in the synagogue, were burnt and destroyed thus making the undertaking of the editors more difficult.

It is only the keens and zeal of the publishing boards that has enabled us to accomplish this arduous project. While we do not claim that our enormous efforts to enrol the participation of all those capable of contributing to this book were successful, and that this publication is free of faults and flaws, we feel that the most important facts and data available are well recorded here.

We have endeavoured to ensure the cooperation of the maximum quantity members of the Kobylnik community who survived the calamities, part of whom live in Israel and who helped us in giving an authentic and chronologic account of events during the Nazi occupation of Kobylnik, beginning from 1941 and ending with the liberation in 1944.

The reader will find in this book articles and material from the pens of those who, in our opinion, were qualified to express, in a fitting manner, their personal impressions of the life of some heroes of the community during the mentioned period.

Our work would not be complete if we, in conclusion, would not mention with gratitude the monetary contribution of our “Landlite” in Israel and the U.S.A. which made this publication possible.

Our sincerest thanks to the chief editor of the book, Mr. Itzchak Ziegelman as well as Mr. Itzchak Gordon, the secretary of the Kobylnik society, who headed this venture.

Editorial Board


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