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List of Martyrs from Kalvarija, Lithuania

Transliterated by Judy Petersen


Gender Marital
Name of
Remarks &
additional family
BLAUGRUND Rabbi Yissachar M married Zise Esther Gitel
BLAUGRUND Esther Gitel F married Eliezer Yissachar
BLAUGRUND Rabbi Baruch Avraham M married Yissachar Esther Gitel Chaya
BLAUGRUND Chaya F married Baruch Avraham
Shlomo M married Channah Rakhel
Channah Rakhel BLAUGRUND F married Yissachar Esther Gitel
HALBERSTAM Aryeh Leibish M married
HALBERSTAM Yechezkel Shraga M married Aryeh Leibish
HALBERSTAM F married Yechezkel Shraga
HALBERSTAM Zise Shmuel M married Aryeh Leibish
HALBERSTAM F married Zise Shmuel
HALBERSTAM Naftali Elimelech M married Aryeh Leibish
HALBERSTAM F married Naftali Elimelech
HALBERSTAM M Naftali Elimelech
HALBERSTAM Rakhel Miriam F married Aryeh Leibish Yehoshua
HALBERSTAM Rabbi Yehoshua M married Asher Meir
HALBERSTAM M Yehoshua Rakhel Miriam
GROSS Channah F married Moshe boys
GROSS Moshe M married Channah boys
WEINBERG Zissel F married Yechiel
WEINBERG Yechiel M married Dov Berish Zissel
COHEN Matil Leah BIRNBAUM F married Yosef children
COHEN Yosef M married Matil Leah children
NEIHOF Avraham M married children
NEIHOF F married Avraham children
ENGLANDER Yakov HaKohen M married Rakhel
ENGLANDER Rakhel F married Yakov HaKohen
ECKSTEIN Eliahu M married Meir Shoshana Roiza
ECKSTEIN Shoshana Roiza F married Eliahu Baker
ECKSTEIN Yakov M Eliahu Shoshana Roiza
ANISFELD Perl F Shmuel Shmirl
ANISFELD Yonatan M married Shmirl Perl Pula
ANISFELD Pula F married Yonatan
ANISFELD Leah F Yonatan Pula
ANISFELD Moshe M married Shmirl Perl Tzella
ANISFELD Tzella F married Moshe
ANISFELD Shmirl M Moshe Tzilla
KLAPHOLTZ Feige ANISFELD F married Shmirl Perl Aharon
KLAPHOLTZ Aharon M married Feige
KLAPHOLTZ Shimon M Aharon Feige
KLAPHOLTZ Ida F Aharon Feige
KLAPHOLTZ Esther F Aharon Feige
EINGEBER Dr. Avraham M married
EINGEBER F married Avraham
ACKERHOLT Nachum Dov M Alter Chaim
EPEL David M married Channah
EPEL Channah F married Yisrael David
EPEL Mirel F David Channah
EPEL Meir M David Channah
OFFNER Chaim M married Fraydel one child
OFFNER Fraydel F married Chaim one child
AMSTER Herman M married children
AMSTER F married Herman children
AMSTER Yerucham M married Berta
AMSTER Berta F married Yerucham
AMSTER Halla F Yerucham Berta
AMSTER Ruth Nili F Yerucham Berta
AMSTER Yosef M married Sofya
AMSTER Sofiya F married Yosef
EISENBERG Genendel F Michael
EISENBERG Yochanan M married Michael Genendel children
EISENBERG F married Yochanan children
EISENBERG Yeshayahu M married Michael Genendel children
EISENBERG F married Yeshayahu children
EISENBERG Yehoshua Yerucham M married Michael Genendel children
EISENBERG F married Yehoshua Yerucham children
NETOVITZ Tova EISENBERG F married Michael Genendel Baruch children
NETOVITZ Baruch M married Tova children
Bracha EISENBERG F married Michael Genendel Baruch
Baruch M married Bracha
Simcha F married Michael Genendel husband & children
EBEL F Nachum
EBEL Mordechai M Nachum
EBEL Aryeh M Nachum
EBEL Moshe M Nachum
EBEL Koppel M Nachum
EBEL Roziya F Nachum
EBEL Elchanan M married Liebka one child
EBEL Liebka F married Elchanan one child
APTERGOTT Chanoch M married Frida
APTERGOTT Frida F married Chanoch
APTERGOTT David M Chanoch Frida
APTERGOTT Etka F Chanoch Frida
APTERGOTT Aryeh M married children
APTERGOTT F married Aryeh children
APTERGOTT Reuven M married children
APTERGOTT F married Reuven children
BACH Shmuel M married Matel
BACH Matel F married Moshe Baruch Shmuel
BACH Yitzchak M Shmuel Matel
BACH Yechezkel M Shmuel Matel
BACH Simcha M Shmuel Matel
Feigel Frokesh BACH F married Shmuel Matel Menashe children
Menashe M married Feigel Frokesh children
SCHNITZER Hadassah BACH F married Shmuel Matel Moshe children
SCHNITZER Moshe M married Hadassah children
BEDNER Shmuel Leib M married Moshe Baruch Zlata Mindel
BEDNER Zlata Mindel F married Shmuel Leib
BEDNER Mordechai M Shmuel Leib Zlata Mindel
KENNER Fraydel BEDNER F married Shmuel Leib Zlata Mindel Eliezer
KENNER Eliezer M married Fraydel
KRISCHNER Hadassah BEDNER F married Shmuel Leib Zlata Mindel Yechezkel children
KRISCHNER Yechezkel M married Hadassah children
BEDNER Eizik M married Moshe Baruch Frumet
BEDNER Frumet F married Eizik
BEDNER Yehuda Eliezer M Eizik Frumet
BEDNER Yechezkel M Eizik Frumet
BEDNER Chaim M Eizik Frumet
BEDNER Aharon M Eizik Frumet
BEDNER Fraydel F Eizik Frumet
BEDNER Rakhel F Eizik Frumet
BEDNER Leah F Eizik Frumet
BEDNER Pinchas M married Moshe Baruch Chaya
BEDNER Chaya F married Pinchas
BEDNER Moshe Baruch M Pinchas Chaya
HOROWITZ Rakhel Leah BEDNER F married Pinchas Chaya children
HOROWITZ M married Rakhel Leah children
KICHLER Hodis BEDNER F married Pinchas Chaya Yechezkel children
KICHLER Yechezkel M married Hodis children
BEDNER Rivka F Pinchas Chaya
BEDNER Yehuda M married Moshe Baruch Gitel
BEDNER Gitel F married Yehuda
BEDNER Moshe Baruch M Yehuda Gitel
ZILBERMAN Chaya BEDNER F married Yehuda Gitel Moshe children
ZILBERMAN Moshe M married Chaya children
BERBER Feige BEDNER F married Yehuda Gitel David children
BERBER David M married Feige children
BEDNER Hadassah F Yehuda Gitel
BEDNER Necha F Yehuda Gitel
BEDNER Frumet F Yehuda Gitel
BEDNER Rivka F Yehuda Gitel
BEDNER Sarah F Yehuda Gitel
BEDNER Anda F Yehuda Gitel
BEDNER Yechezkel Shraga M married Shmuel Leib Sarah
BEDNER Sarah F married Yechezkel Shraga
BEDNER Rivka F Yechezkel Shraga Sarah
BRAFF Yeshayahu Shmuel Shmelke M married Yutel Leah
BRAFF Yutel Leah F married Shimon Yeshayahu Shmuel
BRAFF Yehudit F Yeshayahu Shmuel Yutel Leah
BRAFF Yehuda Aryeh M Yeshayahu Shmuel Yutel Leah
BERBER Rakhel F widow Eliahu
BERBER Shimon Tzvi M married Eliahu Rakhel Linda
BERBER Linda F married Shimon Tzvi
BERBER Ehda F Shimon Tzvi Linda
BERBER Eliahu M Shimon Tzvi Linda
BERBER Aharon Pinchas M married Eliahu Rakhel Matel
BERBER Matel F married Aharon Pinchas
BERBER Tonka F Aharon Pinchas Matel
BERBER Shlomo M married Eliahu Rakhel Reizel one child
BERBER Reizel F married Shlomo one child
GRINSPAN Tonka BERBER F married Eliahu Rakhel
BLEICHER Yehuda Aryeh M married Mindel
BLEICHER Mindel F married Yehuda Aryeh
BENDMACHER M married wife & children
BELDER Moshe Yakov M married
BELDER F married Moshe Yakov
BELDENGRIN Daniel M married
BELDENGRIN F married Daniel
BUCHBAUM Yosef M married Zissel
BUCHBAUM Zissel F married Yosef
BUCHBAUM Moshe M married Yosef Zissel Rakhel
BUCHBAUM Rakhel F married Moshe
BUCHBAUM Ida F Moshe Rakhel
BUCHBAUM Rivka F Moshe Rakhel
BUCHBAUM Leah F Moshe Rakhel
BUCHBAUM Yonah M married Yosef Zissel
BUCHBAUM F married Yonah
BUCHBAUM Tzvi M married Yosef Zissel
BUCHBAUM F married Tzvi
BUCHBAUM Yoel M married Yosef Zissel
BUCHBAUM F married Yoel
Yente BUCHBAUM F married Yosef Zissel husband & children
Dinah BUCHBAUM F married Yosef Zissel husband & children
BITNER Yosef M married Channah
BITNER Channah F married Yosef
BITNER Shimon M married Yosef Channah children
BITNER F married Shimon children
BITNER Eli M married Yosef Channah
BITNER F married Eli
RITTERMAN Rivka BITNER F married Yosef Channah Meir one child
RITTERMAN Meir M married Rivka one child
RAND Malka BITNER F married Yosef Channah Modechai Yeshayahu
RAND Mordechai Yeshayahu M married Malka
BITNER Shlomo M Yosef Channah
BITNER Moshe Elikim M Yosef Channah
BITNER Breyeh F Yosef Channah
BUCHNER Menachem Mendel M married Yosef Pinchas Miriam
BUCHNER Miriam F married Avraham Menachem Mendel
BUCHNER Efraim M Menachem Mendel Miriam
BUCHNER David M Menachem Mendel Miriam
BUCHNER Avraham M Menachem Mendel Miriam
BIRKENBAUM Yosef M married
BIRKENBAUM F married Yosef
BIRKENBAUM Zsigmunt M Yosef
BIRKENBAUM Esther F married children
BIRKENBAUM M married Esther children
BELDINGER Feivel M married children
BELDINGER F married Feivel children
BIRENBAUM Yakov M married Feigel
BIRENBAUM Feigel F married Yakov
GRINKRAUT Rakhel F widow Moshe Yosef Yisrael
GRINKRAUT Chaim M Yisrael Rakhel
ANDA Ghela GRINKRAUT F married Yisrael Rakhel Aharon
ANDA Aharon M married Ghela
ANDA Dov M Aharon Ghela
ANDA Sarah F Aharon Ghela
GESNER Sarah GRINKRAUT F married Yisrael Rakhel Shmuel
GESNER Shmuel M married Sarah
GESNER Avraham M Shmuel Sarah
GESNER Yisrael M Shmuel Sarah
GESNER Giza F Shmuel Sarah
GRINKRAUT Etil F Yisrael Rakhel
GRINKRAUT Gitel F Yisrael Rakhel
GRINKRAUT Shlomo M married Moshe Hinda
GRINKRAUT Hinda F married Shlomo
GRINKRAUT Sarah F Shlomo Hinda
GRINKRAUT Mina F widow Moshe
GRINKRAUT Viktor M Moshe Mina
GRINKRAUT Miriam F Viktor
WEITZENHAUF Channah GRINKRAUT F married Moshe Mina Shlomo
WEITZENHAUF Shlomo M married Channah
WEITZENHAUF Moshe M Shlomo Channah
WEITZENHAUF Chanoch M Shlomo Channah
GOLDMAN Channah F Moshe
GOLDMAN Matilda F Channah
DERENGER Shlomo Shimon M married Malka children
DERENGER Malka F married Shlomo Shimon children
DUZENMAN Efraim M married Gavriel Kreindel
DUZENMAN Kreindel F married Efraim
DUZENMAN David M Efraim Kreindel
DUZENMAN Esther F Efraim Kreindel
DUZENMAN Chaya F Efraim Kreindel
DUZENMAN Tzipora F Efraim Kreindel
HOZELMAN Efraim M family
WEBBER Yisrael Shlomo M married Zelig Roza
WEBBER Roza F married Yisrael Shlomo
WEBBER David Moshe M Yisrael Shlomo Roza
WEBBER Malka F Yisrael Shlomo Roza
WILDER Dr. Mauritzi M married
WILDER F married Mauritzi
WILDER Yechezkel M married children
WILDER F married Yechezkel children
ZILBERBERG Moshe M married Esther
ZILBERBERG Esther F married Yisrael Shlomo Moshe
ZILBERBERG Eliezer M Moshe Esther
ZETLER Yechiel Mechil HaKohen M married Yakov Koppel
ZETLER F married Yechiel Mechil
ZETLER Yechezkel M Yechiel Mechil
ZETLER Asher Moshe M Yechiel Mechil
ZETLER Yakov Koppel M Yechiel Mechil
ZETLER Henya F Yechiel Mechil
ZILBER Aharon M married Blima children
ZILBER Blima F married Aharon children
TURNER Shemayahu M married Gitel
TURNER Gitel F married Shemayahu
TURNER Necha F Shemayahu Gitel
TURNER Rakhel F Shemayahu Gitel
TURNER Malka F Shemayahu Gitel
TURNER Bluma F children
TURNER Sarah F children
YECHIMOWITZ Chaim M married children
YECHIMOWITZ F married Chaim children
YECHIMOWITZ David M married Yente children
YECHIMOWITZ Yente F married David children
KRAPF Naftali M married Chava children
KRAPF Chava F married Alter Chaim Naftali children
LEIBEL Mordechai M married Chaim Channah
LEIBEL Channah F married Dov Mordechai
LEIBEL Julius M Mordechai Channah
LIEBERMAN Nachum M married Chaya
LIEBERMAN Chaya F married Nachum
LIEBERMAN Shmuel M Nachum Chaya
LIEBERMAN Leib M Nachum Chaya
LIEBERMAN Honorata F Nachum Chaya
LUFTGLASS Dov M married Toibe children
LUFTGLASS Toibe F married Dov children
LAZERKEVITZ David M married Honorata
LAZERKEVITZ Honorata F married David
LAZERKEVITZ Max M David Honorata
LAZERKEVITZ Lola F David Honorata
GELLER Toibe MELTENFORT F married Genendel Aharon children
GELLER Aharon M married Toibe children
MENDELBAUM Zelig M married Gitel
MENDELBAUM Gitel F married Zelig
Golda MENDELBAUM F married Zelig Gitel husband & children
Broniya MENDELBAUM F married Zelig Gitel husband & children
MENDELBAUM Rivka F Zelig Gitel
Hershel M married Zelig Gitel children
MENDELBAUM F married Hershel children
MENDELBAUM Mendel M married Zelig Gitel children
MENDELBAUM F married Mendel children
MICKENBRONN Yitzchak M married Miriam
MICKENBRONN Miriam F married Yitzchak
MICKENBRONN Tzvi M Yitzchak Miriam
MICKENBRONN Chaim M Yitzchak Miriam
MICKENBRONN Yakov M Yitzchak Miriam
MICKENBRONN Leib M Yitzchak Miriam
MICKENBRONN Avraham M Yitzchak Miriam
MICKENBRONN Zev M Yitzchak Miriam
MICKENBRONN Gusta F Yitzchak Miriam
MICKENBRONN Itka F Yitzchak Miriam
MOSHEL Shimshon M married Shlomo Sarah
MOSHEL Sarah F married Pessi Shimshon
MOSHEL Yitzchak Aharon M Shimshon Sarah
MOSHEL Shlomo M Shimshon Sarah
MOSHEL Yitzchak M Shlomo
MENDELBAUM Herman M married Avraham Gusta children
MENDELBAUM Gusta F married Herman children
MENDELBAUM Salumea F widow Alter
MENDELBAUM Gershon M Alter Salumea
MENDELBAUM Pesiya F married Herman
MENDELBAUM Helena F Herman Pesiya
NETOVITZ Yitzchak M married Yakov Sarah
NETOVITZ Sarah F married Dov Berish Yitzchak
NETOVITZ Shimon M Yitzchak Sarah
NETOVITZ Dov M married Yitzchak Sarah Chaya
NETOVITZ Chaya F married Dov
NETOVITZ Moshe M married Yitzchak Leib Rakhel
NETOVITZ Rakhel F married Yisrael Shimon Moshe
NETOVITZ Yosef M Moshe Rakhel
NETOVITZ Shimon M married Rakhel
NETOVITZ Rakhel F married Shimon
NETOVITZ Shlomo M Shimon Rakhel
NETOVITZ Yosef M Shimon Rakhel
NETOVITZ Hinda F Shimon Rakhel
NETOVITZ Moshe M married children
NETOVITZ F married Moshe children
NETOVITZ Sarah Rakhel F
NACHMAN Rakhel F widow Chaim Shlomo
NACHMAN Yoel M married Chaim Shlomo Rakhel Toniya children
NACHMAN Toniya F married Yoel children
NACHMAN Halla NACHMAN F married Chaim Shlomo Rakhel Herman children
NACHMAN Herman M married Halla children
MENDELBAUM Gusta NACHMAN F married Chaim Shlomo Rakhel Leon
MENDELBAUM Leon M married Gusta
MENDELBAUM Romek M Leon Gusta
NACHMAN Halla F married Moshe
NACHMAN Tzilla F Moshe Halla
NACHMAN Fraydel F Moshe Halla
NACHMAN Chaim Shlomo M Moshe Halla
NEIMAN Alter M married Zev Rivka
NEIMAN Rivka F married Aryeh Alter
NEIMAN Eli M married Alter Rivka Leah children
NEIMAN Leah F married Avraham Eli children
RIBENSTOCK Shoshana NEIMAN F Alter Rivka children
FETZENBAUM Mordechai Yitzchak M married Yehoshua Sarah
FETZENBAUM Sarah F married Mordechai Yitzchak
FETZENBAUM Yeshayahu M married Mordechai Yitzchak Sarah Sarah one child
FETZENBAUM Sarah F married Yeshayahu one child
FETZENBAUM Avraham M married Mordechai Yitzchak Luba children
FETZENBAUM Luba F married Avraham children
FETZENBAUM Tzvi Moshe M married Roza
FETZENBAUM Roza F married Tzvi Moshe
FETZENBAUM Yochanan M married Moshe Channah
FETZENBAUM Channah F married Yochanan
FETZENBAUM Ida F Yochanan Channah
FETZENBAUM Moshe M married Ida
FETZENBAUM Ida F married Yitzchak Moshe
FETZENBAUM Yochanan M Moshe Ida
FETZENBAUM Efraim M Moshe Ida
FETZENBAUM Fraydel F Yitzchak children
FETZENBAUM Efraim M married Ida
FETZENBAUM Ida F married Efraim
FETZENBAUM Yochanan M Efraim Ida
FETZENBAUM Leah F Efraim Ida
FEIERSTEIN Reizel F widow Zeinvel
FEIERSTEIN Sarah F Zeinvel Reizel
FEIERSTEIN Rakhel F Zeinvel Reizel
FEIERSTEIN Feigel F Zeinvel Reizel
FEIERSTEIN Natan M Zeinvel Reizel
FEIERSTEIN Drayza F widow Melech Natan Neta
FEIERSTEIN Avraham M married Natan Neta Drayza Roziya children
FEIERSTEIN Roziya F married Avraham children
FEIERSTEIN Yisrael M married Drayza Lushiya one child
FEIERSTEIN Lushiya F married Yisrael one child
Rakhel FEIERSTEIN F married Natan Neta Drayza Yisrael one child
Yisrael M married Rakhel one child
FEIERSTEIN Regina FEIERSTEIN F married Natan Neta Drayza Kalman
FEIERSTEIN Kalman M married Regina
Lola FEIERSTEIN F married Natan Neta Drayza Yakov
Yakov M married Lola
FEIERSTEIN Batsheva F Natan Neta Drayza
FEIERSTEIN Tzeshiya F Natan Neta Drayza
FEBER Yehoshua M married Roziya
FEBER Roziya F married Yehoshua
FEBER Shlomo M married Yehoshua Roziya Channah
FEBER Channah F married Mendel Shlomo
FEBER Emanuel M Shlomo Channah
FEBER Gershon M married Yehoshua Roziya Gitel
FEBER Gitel F married Gershon
FEBER Feige F Gershon Gitel
FEBER Leib M Gershon Gitel
GENGER Frida FEBER F married Yehoshua Roziya Yechezkel
GENGER Yechezkel M married Eliezer Frida
GENGER Yakov M Yechezkel Frida
GENGER Eliezer M Yechezkel Frida
POSNER David M married Rakhel
POSNER Rakhel F married Yisrael David
POSNER Nechemiya Yitzchak M David Rakhel
POSNER Avraham Meir M David Rakhel
POSNER Shimon Aryeh M David Rakhel
FUHRMAN Moshe Shmuel M married Channah
FUHRMAN Channah F married Alter Chaim Moshe Shmuel
FUHRMAN Feivel M Moshe Shmuel Channah
FUHRMAN Shmuel M Moshe Shmuel Channah
FELTZMAN Sarah F widow Shlomo
FELTZMAN Yehudit F Shlomo Sarah
MERVIN Vanda FORSTER F married David Henrik
MERVIN Henrik M married Vanda
MERVIN Johanna F Henrik Vanda
TZENVIRT Yitzchak M married Shimon Devorah
TZENVIRT Devorah F married Yitzchak
TZENVIRT Avraham Yehuda M Yitzchak Devorah
TZENVIRT Ella Gitel F Yitzchak Devorah
TZENVIRT Shimon M Avraham Abish
TZELNIK Yitzchak M married Henya children
TZELNIK Henya F married Yitzchak children
TZIMMERSPITZ Binyamin M married Zushya daughters
TZIMMERSPITZ Zushya F married Binyamin daughters
TZOLMAN Chaya F daughters
KOREL Pinchas M married Moshe Yakov Leah
KOREL Leah F married Yakov Koppel Pinchas
GESANG Reizel KOREL F married
GESANG M married Reizel
KOREL Yeshayahu M married Pinchas Leah Henya
KOREL Reizel F married Yeshayahu
KOREL Ida F Yeshayahu Henya
KOREL Hillel M Yeshayahu Henya
KOREL Aharon M Yeshayahu Henya
KOREL Natan M married Pinchas Leah Rakhel children
KOREL Rakhel F married Natan children
KNOBLOCH Alexander M married Blima
KNOBLOCH Blima F married Meir Alexander
KNOBLOCH Moshe M Alexander Blima
KORNHAUSER Avraham M married Malka
KORNHAUSER Malka F married Avraham
KIRSCHENBAUM Broniya F married children
KIRSCHENBAUM M married Broniya children
KORN Miriam F Gudel
RIEGLER Avraham Meir HaKohen M Yakov Yehuda
RIEGLER David HaKohen M married Avraham Meir Chaya
RIEGLER Chaya F married David HaKohen
RIEGLER Perl F David Hakohen
RIEGLER Chaim M David Hakohen
RIEGLER Yakov M David Hakohen
RIEGLER Chaim HaKohen M married Avraham Meir Rivka
RIEGLER Rivka F married Chaim Hakohen
RIEGLER Shimon HaKohen M married Avraham Meir Reizel
RIEGLER Reizel F married Shimon Hakohen
RIEGLER Moshe M Shimon Hakohen
RIEGLER Shmuel Chaim M Shimon Hakohen
RIEGLER Perl F Shimon Hakohen
RIEGLER Shlomo HaKohen M married Avraham Meir Reizel
RIEGLER Reizel F married Shlomo Hakohen
RIEGLER Moshe HaKohen M Avraham Meir
RIEGLER Shmuel Aharon HaKohen M married Avraham Meir Chaya
RIEGLER Chaya F married Shmuel Hakohen
RIEGLER Yakov HaKohen M married Avraham Meir Feigel
RIEGLER Feigel F married Yakov Hakohen
RIEGLER Mordechai M Yakov Hakohen
NEIMAN Rivka RIEGLER F married Avraham Meir Shimon
NEIMAN Shimon M married Rivka
NEIMAN Perl F Shimon Rivka
RIEGLER Chaim Katz HaKohen M married Malka
RIEGLER Malka F married Chaim Katz
RAND Baruch M married Mindel
RAND Mindel F married Baruch
RAND Avraham M Baruch Mindel
RAND Nechemiya M Baruch Mindel
RAND Yitzchak M Baruch Mindel
RAND Yente F Baruch Mindel
REICHER Devorah F widow Yitzchak Volf Moshe
REICHER Sala F Moshe Devorah
REICHER Reizel F Moshe Devorah
REICHER Mala F Moshe Devorah
REICHER Chava F Moshe Devorah
RENDEL Yosef M married Breindel children
RENDEL Breindel F married Yosef children
REICH Gusta F married children
REICH M married Gusta children
RICHTMAN Daniel M married children
RICHTMAN F married Daniel children
RAUCHBERGER Berish M married Doba
RAUCHBERGER Doba F married Yochanan Berish
RAUCHBERGER Yehoshua M Berish Doba
RAUCHBERGER Shlomo M Berish Doba
RAUCHBERGER Eizik M Berish Doba
RAUCHBERGER Malka F Berish Doba
RAUCHBERGER Channah F Berish Doba
RAUCHBERGER Frida F Berish Doba
RAUCHBERGER Kreindel F Berish Doba
SCHARF Kalman M married Yosef Beila
SCHARF Beila F married Kalman
SCHARF David M Kalman Beila
SCHARF Maniya F Kalman Beila
SCHARF Esther F Yosef
SCHARF Tonka F Yosef
SCHARF Pepa F Yosef
SCHARF Sarah F widow Yosef
SCHARF Rakhel F widow Avraham
SCHARF David M Avraham Rakhel
SCHARF Shmuel M Avraham Rakhel
SCHARF Yakov M Avraham Rakhel
SCHARF Asher M Avraham Rakhel
SCHARF Yosef M Avraham Rakhel
SCHARF Channah F Avraham Rakhel
SCHARF Kreindel F Avraham Rakhel
SCHARF Kalman M married Moshe Yakov Sarah
SCHARF Sarah F married Kalman
SCHARF Esther F Kalman Sarah
STERNBERG Blima F widow Natan HaLevi Yosef Tzvi
STERNBERG Reizel F Yosef Tzvi Blima
STERNBERG Tala F Yosef Tzvi Blima
STERNBERG Rakhel F Yosef Tzvi Blima
STERNBERG Natan HaKohen M Yosef Tzvi Blima
SHAFRAY Yisrael M married Sheva Bracha children
SHAFRAY Sheva Bracha STERNBERG F married Yosef Tzvi Blima Yisrael children
SCHLEICHKORN Mendel M married Rozalia
SCHLEICHKORN Rozalia F married Mendel
SHTIL Freidel F Yitzchak
SHTIL Leah F Fraydel
SHENGOTT Tzvi Aharon M
SHENGOTT F married Tzvi Aharon
SHENGOTT Bernard M married Tzvi Aharon Gusta
SHENGOTT Gusta F married Bernard
SHENGOTT Sidzia M Bernard Gusta
SHENGOTT Regina F Bernard Gusta
SHENGOTT Fela F Bernard Gusta
SHENGOTT Tonka F Bernard Gusta
SHAGRIN Isser M married Zachariya Sarah
SHAGRIN Sarah F married Isser
SHAGRIN Kayla F Isser Sarah
SHAGRIN Leah F Isser Sarah


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