The Jacob Rassen Story

A Lifetime Journey: From the Shtetl to America

Edited by Joshua Rassen



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Joshua H. Rassen


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Map of the Baltic States
“A” marks Pumpyan (Pumpenai)


Chapter   Page
Introduction ix
Chronology xi
1 Earliest Memories: The Pumpyan Years To 1920 1
2 The Cheder Years, 1910-1914 17
3 The First World War, 1914-1917 31
4 The Russian Revolution and Beyond, 1917-1920 48
5 A New Life In The Independent Lithuania, 1920-1923 62
6 Family Pictures 79
7 Between The Wars, 1924-1938 85
8 Two Years Under A Communist Regime, 1939-1941 102
9 World War II and The Holocaust Years 114
10 Fleeing To Russia, Stranded In Latvia, 1941 126
11 In The Ghetto Of Dvinsk, 1941-1943 136
12 In The Ghetto Of Riga And Popervalen, 1943-1944 154
13 Escape From Popervalen, 1944 162
14 In The Woods And Swamps Of Kurland, 1944 174
15 My Life As A Partisan, 1944-45 184
16 Toward A More Human Life: In Latvia, 1945 196
17 Seeking A Jew In Ponevezh, 1945 204
18 With The Remnants Of Refugees In Kovno, 1945 214
19 On New Roads To A New Life: Across Poland And Germany, 1945-1946 221
20 Goldie's Early Years 228
21 The First World War And After, 1914-1939 244
22 The Second World War And The Kovno Ghetto 249
23 After The Ghetto 255
24 Goldie's Family Pictures 259
25 Goldie's Story 264
26 Goldie On A New Life After The War 272
27 “Children”, From Mir Veln Lebn 275


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