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Record of Nazi Victims from Yanov

Transliterated/translated by Rosa Goldstein, Iris B. Sitkin, Morris Spector & Rita Friedman

– Aleph –

Admovsky, Rivka daughter of Avraham
Odrozinsky, Ziska son of YItzhak and Menukha and his wife Ruchel, daughter of Moshe and Breina, and their daughter Yehudit
Odrozinsky, Bertchik son of Ziska and Ruchel and his wife Yitka, daughter of Shmuel and Esther, Menukha, Pearl, and Esther
Odrozinsky, Avigdor son of Yitzhak and Menukha
Odrozinsky, Israel son of Yitzhak and Menukha and his wife, Sarah, daughter of Yitzhak and Beila and their daughter Sarah and their son Moshe
Odrozinsky, Meyer son of Mordecai and Gitel and his wife, Basia, daughter of Shabtai and Nekhama and their son Dovid
Odrozinsky, Nekhama daughter of Shmuel Khaim and his wife and their daughter, Chaya
Odrozinsky, Shmuel Hersh son of Shmuel and Yitka and their sons and daughters: Basha, Peshka, Yosef, Itka, Simkha, Yitzhak, Avraham and Yakov
Okroynitz, Peshka daughter of Alter and Yonah and her daughter, Yitka
Okroynitz, Israel son of Mordecai and their families
Okroynitz, Avraham son of Mordecai and their families
Okroynitz, Menashe son of Mordecai and his wife Leah, daughter of Senia and Dvorah and their family
Okroynitz, Khaim and his family
Okroynitz, Yosef and his family
Okroynitz, Yakov and his family
Okroynitz, Avziel son of Sarah and his wife, Friedel, daughter of Ruben and Chaya and their son Meyer and their daughter Ruchel
Okroynitz, Hersh Leib and his family
Okroynitz, Alter and his family
Okroynitz, Khaim Leib and his family
Okroynitz, Yitzhak and his family
Okroynitz, Yakov and his family
Okroynitz, Meita daughter of Natan and her family
Aizenstein, Yosef and his family
Aizenstein, Friedel daughter of Ziska and Ruchel and their son Yosef and their daughter Breindel
Aizenstein, Getzel son of Shlomo and Chana Ruchel and his wife Chaya, daughter of Shmuel Yosef and Feiga, and their son and daughters, Hershel, Miriam, and Chana-Ruchel
Aizenstein, Meyer son of Shlomo and Chana-Ruchel and his wife Chaya, daughter of Israel and Rivka, and their sons, Moshe and Shmuel
Aizenstein, Shlomo and his wife Ruchel-Leah
Aizenstein, Zavil and his family
Aizenstein, Berel
Aizenstein-Ganz, Mendel and his sons and his daughters, Eiser, Menucha, Chaya, Zelig, Yosef, and Avraham

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Aizenberg, Mikel son of Fishel and Sarah and his wife Ruchel, daughter of Yosef and Batya and their daughters Sarah and Yentil
Aizenberg, Yakov son of Mikel and Sarah and his wife Helena, and their son Yosef
Aizenberg, Liebish and his family
Apelbaum, Mordecai son of Moshe and Chana and his wife Frieda, daughter of Shmuel Yosef and Feiga
Apelbaum, Ruchel daughter of Meyer Asher and her son Moshe
Epstein, Mordecai son of Yitzhak and Basha and his wife Heniya, daughter of Zvi and Chaya and their sons Avraham, Benyomin, Akiva
Einbinder, Bertchik son of Moshe and Breina, his wife Rivka and their son Abba and their daughter Leah
Engel, Sarah and her family
Alstein, Chaya and her son Zelig

– Bet –

Vogel, Sarah and her family
Bokser, Hershel son of Moshe and Leah and his wife Rivka, daughter of Shmuel and Sarah and their son Avraham and their daughter Chana
Borstein, Zeev son of Avraham and his wife Heniya-Rivka, daughter of Mordecai-Hersh
Borstein, daughter of Sheva and family
Bushas, Yakov his son and daughters Shaul, Sarah, Feigel, Heniya, Pearl, Chaya
Bezdesky, Israel and his wife Beila
Bezdesky, Zelig son of Israel and Beila, his wife Malkah daughter of Meyer and Pearl, their son Zisya and their daughter Esther
Bosal, Rabbi Zalman, his wife Chana daughter of Rabbi R. Yosef and their son Shmuel
Bloom, Leib and his family
Dr. Batlin, Eiza and family
Blikman, Zelig and his family
Becker, Yitzhak and his family
Bosovitz, Avraham and his wife Dinah
Barzovsky, Yakov and his wife Beila and their sons and daughters Moshe, Shepsil, Yosef, Chava, and Tamar
Beckerman, Moshe son of Lipa and his wife Breina daughter of Yosef Bunim Lipa and their daughter, Fruma
Beckler, Asher and his family
Bekelstok, Mordel and his family
Bekelstok, Shmuel son of Moshe and Merdel
Bekelstok, Kalman, Malka, Mikhal, and Shifra
Bekelstok, Friedel, Yossi, and Rachel
Brostov, Moshe and his family
Brostov, Shlomo and his wife Malka
Berenbaum, Senne and his family
Berenbaum, Mikhal son of Senne and Chana, his wife Feigel and their children Gitel, Avraham, and Shmuel
Berenbaum, Sarah daughter of Senne and Chana
Berenbaum, Yehudit, Aharon, and Hersh
Berenbaum, Moshe son of Aharon and Altah and Mashpei
Berenbaum, Chana-Pesil
Berenbaum, Mendel and his family
Berenbaum, Ruchel, Avraham, Bashka, Mendel, Betzalel
Berenbaum, Lieb, Leah, and Avraham
Berenbaum, Shimkha and his family
Berenbaum, Avraham, Hershel, and Ruchel
Berenbaum, Yakov and his family

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Barsky, Yudel and his family
Barsky, Moshe and his family
Brafman, Abba and his family
Barsky, Avraham his wife Masheh and their sons and their daughters Yakov, Shmuel, Ziporah, Meitah, Ettil, Heniya

– Gimmel –

Goldman, Moshe son of Shmuel-Yosef and Feiga and his wife Ettil
Goldman, Tzipa
Goldman, Esther and her son Avraham
Goldman, Alter and his family
Goldman, Yitzhak and his family
Goldman, Yosef and his family
Goldman, Rivka daughter of Dovid and Gotah
Goldman, Budiah son of Yakov-Lieb and Rivka, and his daughter and sons, Chana, Benyomin, Yehosha
Goldstein, Leib son of Kalman and Chana
Goldstein, Sarah daughter of Shalom-Moshe and Reizel and their sons Israel, Shepsil, and Kalman
Goldstein, Reizel daughter of Yehuda Leib and Zlota
Goldstein, Zlota
Glazman, Shakne and his family
Glazman, Khatzkel son of Shakne and Itka and his wife Yentil and their son Mordecai
Glazman, Chana Yehudit and her family
Goldstein, Berekha and his family
Goldberg, Aharon son of Eleazer and his wife Leah and their son Moshe
Goldberg, Dvorah and her family
Goldberg, Asher and his family
Goldberg, Shlomo and his family
Goldberg, Esther and Chaya
Goldberg, Ettil daughter of Yakov-Ber and Pesha-Ruchel and their daughter Hadassah
Goldenger, Asher and his family
Gorodetzky, Hersh and his family
Gorodetzky, Avraham son of Zalman and Shprintzeh and his son and daughters, Shlomo, Feige, Teivel
Gorodetzky, son of Lev and his family
Gorodetzky, Khona son of Mordecai-Leib and Chaya and his sons Khaim, Avraham, and Yehuda
Gorodetzky, Shmuel son of Mordcai and Basha and his wife Slafa and their son Benny
Gorodetzky, Reizeh
Gorodetzky, Zalman and his wife Yehudit and their son Avraham
Gorodetzky, Avraham and Rivka
Gorodetzky, Avraham son of Khaim and Sarah and their sons David and Yehoshua
Gorodetzky, Ruben son of Zalman and Yenta
Gorodetzky, Yisraeil son of Zalman and Yenta
Gorodetzky, Yakov son of Zalman and Yenta and his wife Ruchel and their sons and daughter Shmuel, Avraham and Miri
Gotleib, Yehoshua, Teivel, Fishka, Aviva
Glotzer, Hersh son of Avraham and Eidil and his wife Rhea
Glotzer, Eidil
Goldstein, Yentil, Mikel, Eliazer, Heshel, Fishel, and Budiah
Gorvitz, Bluma and Daniel
Grabuz, Babel and his family

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Ginzburg, Feivel son of Khalavna and Bunieh and his wife Ruchel daughter of Zalman and Yenta and their son, Khalavna
Garber, Yitzhak son of Khaim and Sarah and his wife Fruma daughter of Getzel and Chaya and their families
Garber, Khaim and his wife Sarah
Garber, David son of Khaim and Sarah and his wife Golda and their families
Garber, Faygie and her family
Garber, Moshe Nisel and his wife Khava
Garber, Shepsil son of Moshe Nisel and Khava and his wife Nekhama
Garber, Alter and his wife Chana, their son Yohoshua and their daughter Freidel
Garber, Leah and her daughters and son Feigel, Mina, and Yitzhak
Garber-Reznik Reizel her daughter Chaya and her son Yisrael
Gertman, Ruchel daughter of Yisrael and Hadasah and her children: Chaya, Aharon, Baruch, Rivka, Itka, and Tamar
Gruber, Shmuel and Hinda
Gruber, Mikel and Luba

– Dalet –

Divinsky, Alter son of Yakov and Pesiah and his wife Malka daughter of Leib and Chaya and their children Yakov, Chaya, and Feiga
Divinsky, Leib son of Yakov and Pesiah and his wife Musiah and their son Yakov and their daughter Shoshana
Divinsky, Babel daughter of Yakov and Pesiah and her daughters – Sihem, Leah, Fruma, Chaya, and Yehudit
Deivok, Yitzhak, Chaya, Shlomo-Leib, and Dovid
Drucker, Yitzhak, his wife Chaya and their sons, Shlomo, Liebel, and Dovid

– Hay –

Hochman, Arkiah his wife, Pesiah and their daughter, Shoshana
Hochman, Moshe and his family

– Vav –

Woldovsky, Mikel and his wife, Chaya and their children Dr. Kotel Mordecai-Zvi, Moshe, Nehama, Eida, Miriam, and Rivka and her son Emanuel
Weingarten, Sholom and his wife, Raizel, daughter of Avraham Yakov and Sheina
Vichnes, Reuven and his wife, Teivel and their families
Weiss, Shlomo son of Yakov and Tziporah
Weinstein, Khaim and his family
Weinstein, Motel and his family
Weinstein, Serukah her son Yakov and her daughter Malka
Weinotzky, Rivka and her children Yudel, Yehudit, Ruchel, and Hadasah
Wisotzky, Moshe-Dovid and his wife, Tillie
Wisotzky, Avraham son of Moshe Dovid and Tillie and his wife Bessie and their children, Leah, Sarah, Yosef, and Berka
Wisotzky, Reuven son of Moshe-Dovid and Tillie and his wife Reichel and his family
Wolovsloky, Bennie son of Hersh and Mikaleh his wife Zisal and their families
Virotetzky, Alter and his family
Virotetzky, Hatzkel and his wife Khamkeh
Virotetzky, Asher son of Meyer and his wife Reisel and his son Berel and his daughters, Ruchel, Sarah and Leah

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Warshevsky, Benyomin and his wife Miriam
Warshevsky, Khaim and his wife Miriam and their families
Warshevsky, Yehudit daughter of Moshe and Sarah and their daughter, Itka
Warshevsky, Dovid and his wife Yentil
Warshevsky, Berel and his family and his son Hershel
Warshevsky, Moshe son of Alter and Ruchel, and his wife Fruma daughter of Eliazer and Esther and their son, Avraham and their daughter, Sarah
Vernik, Mordecai and his wife Golda and their children, Yitzhak, Kopel, Shoshana, and Freidel
Vernik, Heshel and his wife Breina and their daughter Chaya-Sora
Vernik, Zalman and his wife Mina and their children, Kopel, Freidel, and Golda

– Zayin –

Zilberman, Benyomin son of Shmiryehu and Sarah and his wife, Freidel daughter of Moshe and Fia and their children, Yakov, Tzirel, and Yitka
Zagar, Alter and his wife Mikalah and their son, Yitzhak
Zagar, Baruch and his family
Zagar, Tzvi and his family
Zlotnik, Avraham and his wife, Rashka
Zelikovitz, Chaya and her children, Yeruchim, Rachama, and Rivka
Zerotzky, Rubin son of Berel and Sarah and his wife, Naimeh, daughter of Uzeil and Chaya and their son, Berel and their daughters, Sima and Tzirel

– Het –

Khersel, Rivka daughter of Alter and Sarah
Kheintz, Yehoshua son of Yerechmiel and his wife Chana daughter of Morkel and Rivkeh and their children, Hershel and Feige
Kheintz, Khaim and his family

– Tet –

Taub, Avraham and his wife Feigele and his daughters, Bobtzeh and Devorah
Tabatznik, Meyer and his family
Tabatznik, Shmuel son of Gerson and Rivka and his wife Liviah and their daughter Sarah
Tabatznik, Beile and her family
Tabatznik, Gershon and his wife Reisel
Tabatznik, Mendel and his wife Freidel
Tabatznik, Yitzhak and his family
Tabatznik, Aizik and his family
Tockel, Alter and his wife Reisel
Tockel, Eli Lieb son of Mikel and Redel and his wife Dinah and his sons Yeshua and Mikel
Tunkel-Schwartz, Yosef and his wife Malka
The Family Tishen from the village of Nikola
Tanenbaum, Heniya daughter of Aharon and Pesil
Tanenbaum, Avraham and his wife Pearl and their families
Tanenbaum, Yitzhak and his wife Teivel, their son Kopel and their daughter Freidel
Tanenbaum, Shmuel son of Hersh and his wife Gittel and their children Yisrael, Hersh, and Meita
Tanenbaum, Menukha and his family

– Yud –

Yabolonsky, Leib and his wife Basha
Yabolonsky, Yudel and his family

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Yoselevitz, Heniya daughter of Levi and Esther and their daughter Zlata
Yozuk, Meyer-Asher and his wife Gittel and their son Yakov and daughter Nekhama
Yozuk, Leib and his wife Heniya and their family
Yelishevsky, Zalman and his wife Reichel and her family

– Kaf –

Cohen, The Rabbi Yosef and his wife Zelda and their son Khalavna
Cohen, Pearl and her children Yitzhak, Avraham, and Leah
Cohen, Shimshon and his son Berel
Cohen, Moshe and his family
Kovel, Aharon and his family
Kovel, Sarah and her daughter Leah
Tzartok-Katzman, Zalman and his wife and their children Avraham, Kopel, Yitka, Perla, Tillie, and Chaya
Cohen, Moshe and his family

– Lamed –

Lomsky, Meyer and his wife Pearl
Lomsky, Khaim son of Meyer and Pearl and his wife Golda and their son Yakov
Lederman, Yitzhak and his wife Sarah and their sons Khaim and Motel
Levin, Avraham Aaron and his wife Malka and their sons: Yosef, Yitzhak and Leib
Levin, Moshe and his wife Sarah
Lochtman, Moshe and his wife Meita and their families
Levin, Idel Hertzel and Alter
Levin, Moshe Velvel and his wife Reichel and their families
Lamden, Shmuel and his family
Lifshitz, Yeruchim son of Avraham and Miriam and his wife Heniya daughter of Moshe and Khenah
Lifshitz, Asher son of Ephraim Leib and his wife Reichel daughter of Moshe and their sons Moshe and Ephraim
Lifshitz, Alter and his wife Breindel and their son Shmuel Barukh
Levbashovsky, Yeshua and his family
Landov-Levin, Teivel daughter of Leib and Sheina

– Mem –

Mednik, Moshe son of Merkel and Rivka and his wife Leah daughter of Yosef and Teivel, their son Gimpel and their daughters Meita and Yona
Mednik, Bluma and her family
Mogilensky, Yitzak and his wife Tzerna
Mogilensky, Levy son of Yitzak and Tzerna and his wife Chana daughter of Natan and Feiga and their sons Moshe and Shmerl
Mogilensky, Avraham and his family
Minsky, Vulf and his wife Ruchel and their sons Mikel, Barukh, and Basia
Minsky, Iser and his wife Miriam and their daughter Mina
Meirovitz, Aharon
Meirovitz Meyer and his family
Meshel, Nokhum and his wife Heniya and their sons: Barukh, Aharon, Yisrael, Berka and Khenka

– Nun –

Nimtzovitz, Avraham and his wife Sheindel daughter of Hersh and Yitka and their children Shlomo and Ruchel

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Nimtzovitz, Yosef son of Avraham-Yakov and Sheindel and his wife Ruchel their family
Niselbaum, Khaim and his wife Chana and their daughter, Feigel
Nerenstein, Golda and Meyer
Nerenstein, Nokhum and his wife Gitel
Nerenstein, Alter, Yakov, Debish, Malka, Kheika

– Samekh –

Soldberg, Shmuel his wife Heniya, their son Hershel and their daughter Babel Malka
Soloveitchik, Shimshin his wife Rivka their son Asher and their daughter Chana
Solshetzky, Moshe Leib and his wife Hinda and their family
Solshetzky, Dov and his family
Sizitivsky, Senia and his family
Starovensky, Reuven and his family
Simenovsky, Avraham and his wife Chaya daughter of Zusya and Fruma and their children Simkha, Eliazer, Zusya, Slava, and Fruma
Snitovsky, Natan his wife Feiga their son Moshe and their daughter Gitel
Saporovsky, Chaya
Saporovsky, Eleazer and his wife Golda
Sapir, Yitzhak Aharon and his family
Sapir, Naftali son of Yosef and his daughters Chana, Esther and Budiah
Sapir, Leah daughter of Elihu and Dinah

– Pey/Fey –

Polk, Asher his wife Malka their sons Khaim, Yisrael, Leib and Velvel and their daughter Breindel
Pomeranitz, Khaim son of Benyomin and Chana and his wife Beila daughter of Yakov and Tzipa and their daughter Chaya
Pomeranitz, Berel son of Yisrael and Chaya and his wife Mina and his family
Pomeranitz, Leib and his family
Pomeranitz, Daniel and his family
Pomeranitz, Ruchel
Popitzky, Avraham and his wife Sarah and their families
Popitzky, Dovid and his family
Popitzky, Avraham and his family
Popitzky, Aba and his wife Chana and their children Sheindel, Khaninya, Leib, and Shmuel
Popitzky, Shmuel and his family
Popitzky, Motel his wife Leah and their children Moshe, Teivel Mriam and Sarah
Portnoy, Dovid and his wife Freida and their sons Aharon and Moshe
Portnoy, Yosef and his wife Rivka and their families
Portnoy, Aharon and his wife Nekhama
Feinstein, Esther and her daughter Chana
Feinstein, Moshe son of Alter and Esther and his wife Devorah and their daughter Rivka
Feinstein, Sarah Rivka daughter of Dovid and Sima her daughter Sheina-Leah and her son Nakhman-Yosef
Fentzok, Ester daughter of Yisrael and her sons Avigdor and Yisrael
Plevesky, Shmuel and his wife Gitel and their daughter, Ahuva
Feldman, Motke his wife Aleta and their families
Feldman, Yosef his wife Esther and their family

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Feldman, Esther Gitel
Feldman, Avraham, Ruchel, Riva and Sheindel
Feldman, Mikel his wife Chaya and their children: Yeshua, Fishel, Moshe, Rivka, Chana and Beila
Feldstein, Beinish and his wife Tzirel daugher of Alter and Chana and their children: Yudel, Yona, Ephrem, Rivka, Berka, and Fisel
Feldstein, Velvel and his wife Riva and their families
Feldstein, Zelig and his family
Feldstein, Avraham and Motel
Feldstein, Yenta daughter of Nakhum and Beila and their children Beile and Teivel
Feldstein, Zevel and his wife Esther and their children: Tzvi, Yudel and Sonia
Plotnik, Zev and his son Yakov and his daughters Beile and Ethel
Fleishman, Simkha and his family
Pruzinsky, Zalman son of Hinda and his wife Beila daughter of Moshe and Gitel their sons Shmuel, Nakhum, Leizer
Peretz, Yisrael and his family
Peretz, Aharon and his family
Fridman, Esther and her daughters, Shulamit and Ruchel
Friedman, Yakov and his wife Rivka and his son Yosef
Friedman, Naftali and his wife Henya and their children: Khaim, Esther, Shulamit, and Chaya
Friedman, Susi
Portman, Avraham and his wife Penina and his son, Munik and his daughters Sarah and Khava
Prusky, Yermiyahu and his wife Gola and their families
Portman, Shaul and his sons, David and Mendel
Fishkovsky, Lipa, Sarah and Meyer

– Tsadi –

Tzmerensky, Alter son of Moshe and Gitel and his wife Mina and their sons, Fentz'a and Shamai
Tzertok, Yoel son of Zalman
Tzimerman, Khaim and his wife Beile
Tzimerman, Menukha and his sons Yekheil and Yakov
Tzmerensky, Avraham and his wife Esther and his son Shmerl and his daughter Sarah

– Kuf (Qof) –

Kutler, Alter and his family
Kutler, Leib and his family
Kubrik, Barukh and his wife Breindel and their families
Kobrentzuk, Yitzhak and his family
Kuzmek, Tobie and his family
Kosovsky, Yehoshua and his family
Kupels, Zelig and is family
Kuperstokh, Levi and his wife Tzirel and their son, Tzvi and their daughters, Sheina and Gitel
Kushner, Zelig and his wife Geisha and their son Meyer and their daughter Tzvia
Kaplan, Yakov his wife Meita his sons Eiser, Leizer, and Nakhman and their daughter Hinda
Katzekovitz, Benyomin son of Nakhamia and Pesiah
Katzekovitz, Natan son of Pinkhus and Dova
Katzekovitz, Pesakh son of Yehoshua and Yitka
Katzekovitz, Freidel daughter of Sender
Krevetz, Leah daughter of Hersh and Pesiah
Krevetz, Meyer son of Henya Sarah
Krevetz, Moshe Yeshua and his family
Krevetz, Chaya Libka Ruchel and Gitel
Karolensky, Leib son of Zalman and Esther his wife Rivka daughter of Pearl and their daughter Zelda
Karolensky, Shimkha son of Zalman and Esther
Karolensky, Esther daugher of Arie and Dinah and their daughter Sarah

– Resh –

Rotzky, Avraham son of Yosef and Henka and his wife Chana daughter of Shmuel and Miriam, their son Yosef and their daughters, Miriam and Gitel
Rotzky, Uzeal and his wife Tzvia and his sons, Shmuel and Avraham
Ruvenitzky, Alter son of Yakov and his wife Miriam
Rozensky, Khalavna son of Yeshua and Beile and his wife Nakhama and their family
Rozenstein, Golda daughter of Levi and Sheina and her son, Yehuda and Seuma and their daughter, Bina
Rotstein, Shavel son of Noakh and Dreitel and sons, Noakh and Yitzhak
Rotenberg, Pesha-Ruchel
Rotenberg, Yitzhak and Hershel
Rotenberg, Reuven and his wife Rivka and their families
Rotenberg, Alter, Natan, and Chaya
Reznik, Yitzhak son of Shmiryehu and Sarah and his sons Nakhum, Simkha, Avigdor and Aba
Reznik, Sarah daughter of Yisrael, Aizik and Yitzik
Reznik, Hershel and his family
Reznik, Natan and his family
Reznik, Esther and her family
Reznik, Mordecai Leib and his children: Avraham, Gitel and Miriam
Reznik, Freida, Itzik, Chaya and Devorah
Reznik, Sarah, Feigel, Golda, Shloma bar-Leib
Reznik, Breindel, Yisrael and Tzerna
Reznik, Yisrael Moshe and his family
Reznik, Moshe son of Menakhem Mendel and his wife Chana daughter of Reuven, their daughter Sarah and their sons: Shmuel, Meyer, Reuben
Rotnovsky, Moshe and his wife Sarah and their sons: Yakov, Shmuel, Yitzhak, Henya
Rotnovsky, Khaim and his wife Leah and their families
Rotnovsky, Yitzhak and his wife Ruchel-Dvorah
Rotnovsky, Eliazer, Gruntze, and Henia
Rotnovsky, Mendel and his family
Remelend, Benyomin and his wife Ruchel and their children: Yisrael, Shimkha, Nekhama, Mina, and Esther
Remberg, Yeshua and his family
Remberg, Shimkha and his family
Remberg, Shakneh and his family

– Shin –

Shuster, Dovid son of Leib and Yehudit and his wife Chaya daughter of Aba and Yitka and their children: Moshe, Shmuel, Yitka, and Yentil
Shuster, Yehudit, Yitzhak, Daniel, Pesil, and Dinah
Shuster, Yosef son of Daniel and Shifra and their children: Itzik-Leib and Meita

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Shuster, Yudel son of Daniel and Shifra
Shuster, Avraham and his family
Shuster, Gedelia and his family
Shuster, Zelig and his family
Shuster, Gedelia and his family
Shuster, Zelig and his family
Sheinbaum, Aharon-Hersh and his wife Basia and his family
Shokhet, Aharon and his family
Shushetzky, Yosef and his family
Shlokman, Mordecai and his family
Shlokman, Shimon and his family
Shlokman, Alter and his family
Shlokman and his family
Sharf, Dreitel daughter of Yitzhak and Bat-Sheva
Sharf, Yitzhak son of Noakh and Dreitel and his wife Malka daugher of Menashah and Miriam and their sons, Menashah and Noakh
Sharf, Miriam and her father
Shtartok, Zalman and his wife Ruchel and their children: Gedalihu, Shlomo, Eiser, Shuntzia, Tzerna, Miriam and Feigel
Shapira, Nakhum and his family  

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Jews of Yanov who fell as Partisans against the Germans

Transliterated/translated by Iris B. Sitkin, Rita Friedman

Doctor Kotel Valodovsky
Shepsil Barzovsky
Dovid Odrozinsky
Tzevia Tz'khnovsky
Khaim-Berel Shushetzky
Isaac (Refugee living in Yanov)
Khatzkel Aisenberg (Zelznik)
From village near Yanov, hero of USSR


[Page 420]

Jews of Yanov killed in the Second World War fighting
against the Germans in the Polish Army and the Red Army

Transliterated/translated by Iris B. Sitkin, Rita Friedman

In the year 1939 in the Polish Army 1941-1945 in the Red Army
Gedalyehu Tz'rtok Yehoshua Mednik
Aharon Gertman Avraham Yablonsky
Yakov Peretz Bertzik Odrozinsky
The Brothers Snitovsky (Tzemakh) Zalman Mezorsky
Dovid Tanenbaum and brothers Pauleh Pruzensky Brothers
Avraham Kot, Yukel Kot (brothers) Nakhman Pruzensky
The brothers Barsky Yitzhak Shuster Siblings
Mordecai Sapir Zeidel Shuster
  Sender, son of Zeide Shuster
  Benyomin Wolovsky
  Faigel Feldstein
  Berel Zarotsky
  Dovid from the village of Potpovitch (near Yanov)
  Yakov from the village of Poshkovo (near Yanov)
  Shloma Portnoy


[Page 421]

Jews of Yanov who died in the name of God in the forest
around Yanov, murdered by the Germans and their helpers

Transliterated/translated by Iris B. Sitkin, Rita Friedman

Gorni (Refugee from Moskow lived in Yanov) Mordecai Vernik
Hellman Brothers (from Brisk, lived in Yanov) Khaim Lomsky
Yisrael Tz'khnovsky Hershel Rotenberg
Hershel Tz'khnovsky Eleazer Ratnovsky
Barukh Krupnik The Goldstein Family
Moshe, son of Yehoshua Lobshefsky Mother, four children and Grandfather
Shumel Reznik Brothers Zalman Shuster Brothers
Meyer Reznik
Ruven Reznik Yehuda Shuster
Hershel Reznik
Aharon-Leib Shuster Yakov Duvinsky
Daughters of Simkha Berenbaum Berel Pomerantz
Shmuel Tebatchnik and son Ruchel Pomerantz
Moshe-Yosef Kotled Hershel Arnovsky
Mordecai Epstein Yitzhak Batlin Brother and Sister
Tanya Batlin
Zalman Goldman Esther Remlent Brother and Sister
Shelosh Remlent
Brother and sister Lovnovitz Barukh Gertman
Yakov Lifshitz Avraham Gorodetzky
The boy Pisman, living in Yanov Moshe Goldberg
Shlomeh Weis Avraham Goldberg Brothers
Getzel Goldberg


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