The Rabka Four
Instruments of Genocide and Grand Larceny



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A Warning from History


Robin O'Neil


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Biography of the Author  
Other Publications by the author v
In Memory ix
Acknowledgements xv
Note by the Author xvii
Photographs Acknowledgements xxiii
Note on Language xxv
Geographic Aspects xxvii
Introduction xxxi
Chapter 1: The Nazi State and Blueprint of the Security Services

Historical Background; The Police state; Evolving Security Apparatus: Sipo-SD; Functions of the SD; Genocidal Policies; Architects, Planners, Perpetrators; Security Amalgamations; Police in German Society; Ideological Differences; Idiosyncratic Language of the SS.

Chapter 2: Soviet-German Occupation

Emerging Conflict and Collusion: Ukrainian Auxiliaries and Helpers!

Chapter 3: The Sipo SD School and Gestapo

Security Services; Nowy Targ Actions

Chapter 4: Barbarossa: East Galicia Part 1

Soviet-German Occupation; Poland is sliced in Half; Operation Barbarossa 22nd June 1941; Rabka Four Join the Hunting Party; Women and Children – Gender Killing Policy? Jews for Labour

Chapter 5: Murder of the Lvov Professors

Background to Events; The Leadership of zbV; Ominous beginnings; Entry into Lvov; Eye Witness Accounts; Persons Murdered on 4th July; Wulecki Hills; Courtyard Murders Hostel Ambramowicze; Murders 12th July; Murders 26th July; Dr Schoengarth's Shooting Seminar; Hans Krueger moves to Stanislawow.

Chapter 6: The Leadership Return to the School

General Administration; Rabka SD School 1942; Organisation Academic Chart; The Soap Rumour; Domestic Arrangements; Construction of the Shooting Range; Accommodation for Jews; Appearance of Rosenbaum; Conduct towards subordinates; Training Students; Grave Sites in the School; Methodology for Murder; Supply and Demand; Further Actions; Nowy Sacz Action 1.; Nowy Sacz Action 2.; Nowy Sacz Action 3.; Actions Against 'Picked Up Jews' (1); Murder by Appointment; Eye Witnesses; Picked Up Jews (2).; Picked Up Jews (3).; Shooting of Family Rosenbaum; Simon Wiesenthal Report; Jews of Jordanow.

Chapter 7: Hans Krueger in Stanislawow, Kolomyja and District

Hans Krueger Establishes Sipo-SD in Stanislawow; Emergence of Genocide; Galicia as 5th Distrikt; Mass Killings Emerge as a Solution; Jews Drafted into War; Auxiliary Security Forces; Bloody Sunday and After; Belzec Resettlement: Rudolf Mill; Mass Hangings in Stanislawow; Clearing Operations; Destruction of the Ghetto; The Katzmann Report.

Chapter 8: Enter ‘the Dutchman’ Pieter Menten

General Background; Unfolding Story; the Dutchman Visit Old Friends; None Jewish Residents; Jewish Victims; Fact Finding Mission by Hans Knoop; the Dutchman Runs! Capture!

Chapter 9: Himmler Purges the Rabka Four… and their demise

Rosenbaum Profile; Appeal and End Game; Downfall of Hans Krueger; The Dutchman, Pieter Menten Protected by the Reichsfuehrer SS; and Arrives in Holland; Trial and Surprise Witnesses.

Chapter 10: The Menten Murder Trial

Surprise Witnesses; More Surprises! The Menten Verdict; Trial - Time Line

Chapter 11: The Murder of Lt Americo S. Galle: Dr. Schoengarth's Final Contribution

Preparation for Defeat; War Crimes Investigation; The Mission 21st November 1944; The Facts on that Day; The Crime Unravels; Prosecution Witnesses; Post War Investigations Continue; Summary; General Conclusions; Charges < Against the Accused; Cross Examination of Accused; Findings and Sentencing; Pieter Menten Re- Surfaces; The One that Got Away

1. The Werner Oder and Mark Goldfinger Meeting 212
2. Wilhelm Rosenbaum is let out on bail to public dismay 216
3. Rabka Zdroj – Cemetery 217
4. The Menten Case 219
5. Rudolf Reder's Bełzec 229
Bibliography 251
Glossary 255
End Notes 259

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