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Translated by Yocheved Klausner


May God remember the martyrs of Fehérgyarmat and surroundings, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, children and babies who were killed, burned, drowned, tortured to death, shot and buried alive only because they were Jews. May God avenge their blood.

May God remember our Rabbi, may the memory of the righteous be blessed, the synagogues and the Holy Torah Scrolls, the High Yeshiva and the students, the Cheder and Talmud Torah classes [Torah and Hebrew classes for young children] and the schools that were destroyed, and the voice of learning was silenced forever.

May God remember all the dear victims and avenge their blood.

We shall keep their souls bound in the bond of the living!

May their memory be blessed!


Note: Many names are missing, especially women's names. Like in the rabbinic literature, in the Hungarian language a married woman is known only as wife of so-and-so. Very seldom a woman was recorded by her full name and maiden name. In these cases, where the person listed has no name at all, the first two columns (Family name, First name) were left empty, and in the remarks column there is “Wife (or widow) of 'name' 'surname', name not given.” and in the “Additional surnames” column, the husband's surname appears in capitals.


Family name First name(s) Additional family Community Remarks Additional surnames Page
BERGER Áron wife & children Fehérgyarmat     39
BERGER Majsi wife & children Fehérgyarmat     39
BERGER Cheskl wife & children Fehérgyarmat     39
BERGER Chaim wife & children Fehérgyarmat     39
BERGER Benzion wife & children Fehérgyarmat     39
KLEIN Jolanda   Fehérgyarmat husband is Jenő Blasz BLASZ 39
BLASZ Veronka, Ferike   Fehérgyarmat     39
BLEIER Salamon wife Fehérgyarmat     39
BLEIER Jenő   Fehérgyarmat     39
BECK   wife & children Fehérgyarmat     39
BLUM   wife & children Fehérgyarmat     39
SAMUEL Záli   Fehérgyarmat husband is Miksa Braun BRAUN 39
      Fehérgyarmat widow of Bernát Braun   39
BRAUN Márton   Fehérgyarmat     39
BRAUN Andor   Fehérgyarmat     39
WEISZ Roza   Fehérgyarmat husband's surname Braun BRAUN 39
BLAU Herman wife & children Fehérgyarmat     39
BLAU Samu wife & children Fehérgyarmat     39
DEUTCH Herman wife & children Fehérgyarmat     39
DEUTCH Jenő wife Fehérgyarmat     39
EISNER   wife & children Fehérgyarmat     39
EISNER József wife Fehérgyarmat     39
      Fehérgyarmat widow of Armin Engel ENGEL 39
ENGEL Vilmos wife Fehérgyarmat     39
FARKAS Simon   Fehérgyarmat     39
      Fehérgyarmat wife of Herman Frank FRANK 39
FRANK Anci   Fehérgyarmat     39
FARKAS Vilmos wife Fehérgyarmat     39
FARKAS Jozsef, Miklos   Fehérgyarmat     39
FARKAS Elek wife Fehérgyarmat     39
FEKETE Lipót wife & children Fehérgyarmat     39
FREUND Mose Arje wife & children Fehérgyarmat     39
FARKAS   family Fehérgyarmat family killed near the railroad   39
FARKAS József wife Fehérgyarmat     39
FARKAS Ilona   Fehérgyarmat     39
FRANK Jenő wife Fehérgyarmat     39
FRANK Magda   Fehérgyarmat     39
FRANK Sándor wife Fehérgyarmat     40
FRANK Olga   Fehérgyarmat     40
FRANK Gábor   Fehérgyarmat     40
FRENKEL Samuel wife & children Fehérgyarmat     40
FISCHER Benő wife Fehérgyarmat     40
      Fehérgyarmat widow of Fisch FISCH 40
FISCHER Mór wife Fehérgyarmat     40
FISCHER Peri   Fehérgyarmat     40
FISCHER Magda   Fehérgyarmat     40
    children Fehérgyarmat wife of Jenő Glauber GLAUBER 40
GRÜNBAUM Dezső   Fehérgyarmat head of the community   40
GRÜNBAUM Dezső wife Fehérgyarmat     40
GRÜNBAUM Laci   Fehérgyarmat     40
      Fehérgyarmat widow of Herman Groszman GROSZMAN 40
GROSZMAN Jenő   Fehérgyarmat     40
GÜNCLER Wolf wife Fehérgyarmat Chief Rabbi   40
GÜNCLER Sajndu   Fehérgyarmat     40
GÜNCLER Benci   Fehérgyarmat     40
GÜNCLER Hersi   Fehérgyarmat     40
GERENDÁS Ábrahám wife & children Fehérgyarmat     40
GERENDÁS Lezer wife & children Fehérgyarmat     40
GOTTLIEB Simon wife Fehérgyarmat     40
GROSZ Mór wife Fehérgyarmat     40
GROSZ Fredi   Fehérgyarmat     40
GOLDSTEIN Samu wife Fehérgyarmat     40
GOLDSTEIN Boros wife Fehérgyarmat     40
GOLDSTEIN Márton wife Fehérgyarmat     40
GOLDSTEIN Naftali wife Fehérgyarmat     40
GOLDSTEIN Malvin   Fehérgyarmat     40
GELBERMAN Jakob wife & children Fehérgyarmat     40
GROSZ Farkas children Fehérgyarmat     40
GRÜNSTEIN Elek wife Fehérgyarmat     40
GRÜNSTEIN Magda   Fehérgyarmat     40
    children Fehérgyarmat widow of Mayer Grunstein GRUNSTEIN 40
GRÜN   entire family Fehérgyarmat     40
SZŐKE Edit   Fehérgyarmat wife of Dr. Jozsef Gabor GABOR 40
GRÜN Herman wife Fehérgyarmat     40
GOLDGLANC Bernát wife Fehérgyarmat     40
GOLDGLANC Andor   Fehérgyarmat     40
HERCZ Márton wife Fehérgyarmat     40
HAUER Mose wife & children Fehérgyarmat     40
ILKOVITS Mór wife Fehérgyarmat     40
STEINBERGER Ila   Fehérgyarmat wife of Miklós Ilkovits ILKOVITS 40
GÜNCLER Jentu   Fehérgyarmat wife of Jakob Jungreisz   41
JUNGREISZ Mose Noszn wife Fehérgyarmat     41
JUNGREISZ Aris   Fehérgyarmat     41
KAUFMAN Ede wife Fehérgyarmat widow of Mr. Jungreisz JUNGREISZ 41
KAUFMAN Bandi   Fehérgyarmat     41
KATZ Béla wife Fehérgyarmat     41
KEISLER Miklós wife Fehérgyarmat     41
      Fehérgyarmat widow of Ignác Kraus KRAUS 41
KRAUSZ Ernó children Fehérgyarmat     41
Dr. KISS Andor children Fehérgyarmat     41
KEZS Gyuri   Fehérgyarmat     41
KLEIN Herman wife Fehérgyarmat     41
KLEIN Helén   Fehérgyarmat     41
KLEIN Ferenc   Fehérgyarmat     41
KLEIN Smuel Doved wife & children Fehérgyarmat     41
KLEIN Juda Hers wife Fehérgyarmat     41
KLEIN Zsigmond wife Fehérgyarmat     41
KLEIN Miklós   Fehérgyarmat     41
KLEIN Béla wife Fehérgyarmat     41
KLEIN     Fehérgyarmat occupation: pub owner   41
    children Fehérgyarmat widow of Herman Klein KLEIN 41
KLEIN Lajos wife & children Fehérgyarmat     41
LEIBOVITS Markusz wife & children Fehérgyarmat     41
LEVENDEL Mór wife Fehérgyarmat     41
GOLDSTEIN   children Fehérgyarmat wife of Bélá Lilienfeld LILIENFELD 41
LŐWI Tamás wife Fehérgyarmat     41
MÁTIÁS Adolf wife Fehérgyarmat     41
MÁTIÁS Bercau wife Fehérgyarmat     41
MANDEL Herman wife Fehérgyarmat     41
MANDEL Mendu   Fehérgyarmat     41
MAYER Aron wife Fehérgyarmat     41
MAYER Margit   Fehérgyarmat     41
MAYER B. Ferenc   Fehérgyarmat     41
MAYER Samu wife Fehérgyarmat     41
MEYER Abu   Fehérgyarmat     41
MEYER Mose Ber   Fehérgyarmat     41
MEISZNER Vilmos wife & children Fehérgyarmat     41
MEISZNER Sándor   Fehérgyarmat     41
    mother Fehérgyarmat widow of István the butcher   41
MERMELSTEIN Lajos wife Fehérgyarmat     42
MOSKOVITS Herman wife Fehérgyarmat     42
MOSKOVITS Hedvig Ibolyka   Fehérgyarmat     42
GERENDÁS Rozsi children Fehérgyarmat wife of Eliezer Neufeld NEUFELD 42
PASKESZ Benjamin wife Fehérgyarmat     42
PASKESZ Lajos wife Fehérgyarmat     42
PASKESZ Edit   Fehérgyarmat     42
PASKESZ Lipót   Fehérgyarmat     42
PASKESZ Samuel David wife & children Fehérgyarmat     42
ROSENTHAL Mendl wife & children Fehérgyarmat     42
ROTH Károly wife & children Fehérgyarmat     42
      Fehérgyarmat widow of Ignac Rosenfeld ROSENFELD 42
ROOZ   wife & children Fehérgyarmat     42
MAYER Margit children Fehérgyarmat wife of Andor Rosenbluth ROSENBLUTH 42
SALAMON Ábrahám wife & children Fehérgyarmat     42
SAMUEL Mose wife Fehérgyarmat     42
SCHVARCZ Becalel wife & children Fehérgyarmat     42
SCHVARCZ Ármin wife Fehérgyarmat     42
SCHVARCZ Éva   Fehérgyarmat     42
SCHVARCZ Ermann son Fehérgyarmat     42
SCHVARCZ Mendel wife & children Fehérgyarmat     42
SCHőNFELD Jőzsef wife & children Fehérgyarmat     42
SCHWARCZ Sándor wife Fehérgyarmat     42
KLEIN Iren   Fehérgyarmat wife of Sándor Schőner SCHőNER 42
      Fehérgyarmat widow of Mr. Szabo SZABO 42
SPITZ Tobias wife Fehérgyarmat     42
CSILLAG     Fehérgyarmat wife of Sandor Spitz SPITZ 42
Dr. SZőKE Sandor wife Fehérgyarmat     42
Dr. SPITZ Ernő   Fehérgyarmat     42
Dr. STERNBERG Andor   Fehérgyarmat     42
Dr. STERNBERG Ernő   Fehérgyarmat     42
STEINBERGER Manci   Fehérgyarmat     42
      Fehérgyarmat widow of Marton Stern STERN 42
      Fehérgyarmat widow of Hersel Stern STERN 42
ROZENFELD   children Fehérgyarmat wife of Reuven Spitzer SPITZER 42
Dr. VARSÁNYI   wife Fehérgyarmat     42
Dr. VARSÁNYI Dezső wife Fehérgyarmat     42
Dr. VÁMOS Antal wife Fehérgyarmat     42
VÁMOS Laci   Fehérgyarmat     42
WEISZ Benjamin wife Fehérgyarmat     42
FRIEDMAN   children Fehérgyarmat wife of Weisz WEISZ 43
WEISZ Antal wife Fehérgyarmat     43
WEISZ Smuel David wife & children Fehérgyarmat     43
WEISZ Leib wife & children Fehérgyarmat     43
      Fehérgyarmat widow of Márton Weisz WEISZ 43
WEISZ Lajos   Fehérgyarmat     43
WEISZ Henrik wife Fehérgyarmat     43
WEISZ Jéku   Fehérgyarmat     43
WEISZ Móric wife Fehérgyarmat     43
WEISZ Náthán wife & children Fehérgyarmat     43
WEISZKRON Ede family Fehérgyarmat     43
WEISZ József wife Fehérgyarmat     43
WEISZ Erzsi   Fehérgyarmat     43
Dr. VIOLA Andor wife Fehérgyarmat     43
VIOLA Ágnes   Fehérgyarmat     43
    children Fehérgyarmat wife of Dezső   43
WEISZ Duci   Fehérgyarmat wife of Herman Weiszberger WEISZBERGER 43
BUTTBAUM Chava   Fehérgyarmat wife of Jakab Weiszberger WEISZBERGER 43
WEINBERGER Bernát wife Fehérgyarmat     43
WEINBERGER Lilla   Fehérgyarmat     43
WEINBERGER Chaja   Fehérgyarmat     43
WEINBERGER Sándor   Fehérgyarmat     43
    children Fehérgyarmat widow of Sándor Weinberger WEINBERGER 43
WEINBERGER Mose wife Fehérgyarmat     43
WEINBERGER Arje   Fehérgyarmat     43
WEINBERGER Lajbe   Fehérgyarmat     43
WELTMAN Zsiga wife Fehérgyarmat     43
      Fehérgyarmat widow of Weisz WEISZ 43
WEINBERGER Jzsák wife Fehérgyarmat     43
    children Fehérgyarmat wife of Chaim Weinberger WEINBERGER 43
    children Fehérgyarmat wife of Móric Weinberger WEINBERGER 43
WEISER József wife & children Fehérgyarmat     43
WEISER Emil wife & children Fehérgyarmat     43
      Fehérgyarmat widow of Sámuel Ungar UNGAR 43
ZICHERMAN Móric wife Fehérgyarmat     43
ZICHERMAN Jenő wife & children Fehérgyarmat     43
ZICHERMAN Piroska   Fehérgyarmat     43
ZICHERMAN Margit   Fehérgyarmat     43
ZICHERMAN Iren   Fehérgyarmat     43
ZELEKOVITSCH   wife Fehérgyarmat     43
ZELEKOVITSCH Jona   Fehérgyarmat     43
    children Fehérgyarmat wife of Nandor Zicherman ZICHERMAN 43
ZICHERMAN Herman wife Fehérgyarmat     43
ZICHERMAN Sándor wife Fehérgyarmat     43
KLEIN   wife Botpalád     44
SALAMON   wife Botpalád     44
STEINBERGER family   Botpalád     44
GROSZ Elmer wife Cégénydányád     44
LEDERER Pál   Cégénydányád     44
SIMON Moric wife Cégénydányád     44
WEISZ Elek wife Csegőld     44
WEISZ Adolf wife Csegőld     44
BRAUN Náchmán family Csaholc     44
HERMAN Sándor wife Csaholc     44
HERMAN József wife Csaholc     44
FARKAS Lajos   Csaholc     44
WAECHTER   family Csaholc     44
WEISZ Ernó wife Csaholc     44
WEISZ József wife Csaholc     44
      Csaholc     44
BERGER Jenő wife & children Gacsáli     44
      Gacsáli widow of Gluck GLUCK 44
DAVID   family Gacsáli     44
STERN   family Gacsáli     44
MARKOVITS     Gacsáli     44
      Gacsáli widow of Kiss KISS 44
ROTH Sándor   Gacsáli     44
ROTH Ármin wife Gacsáli     45
WEISZ Elmer family Gacsáli     45
WEISZ Kálmán wife Gacsáli     45
GROSINGER Lebu wife Garbóc     45
GROSINGER Izidor   Garbóc     45
GROSINGER Sándor   Garbóc     45
    children Garbóc widow of Marton   45
      Garbóc widow of Leopold   45
GOLDSEUGER Adolf wife & children Garbóc     45
KUPFERSTEIN Miklós wife & children Garbóc     45
ZELEKOVITS Károly wife & children Garbóc     45
ENGEL Márton wife Jánk Májtis     45
FRIEDMAN József wife Jánk Májtis     45
    children Jánk Májtis widow of Ábrahám Groszman GROSZMAN 45
GROSZMAN Rifke-Lea   Jánk Májtis     45
GROSZMAN Peszl   Jánk Májtis     45
GROSZMAN Chana   Jánk Májtis     45
GROSZMAN Avraham   Jánk Májtis     45
    children Jánk Májtis wife of Bernát Grünfeld GRÜNFELD 45
DEUTSCH   wife & children Jánk Májtis occupation: Mohel [circumcisor]   45
KLEIN Moric wife Jánk Májtis     45
KLEIN Lajos wife & children Jánk Májtis     45
ROTH Salamon wife & children Jánk Májtis     45
SCHLESINGER Jakab wife & children Jánk Májtis     45
WEISZ Dezső wife & children Jánk Májtis     45
WIEDER Mayer wife & children Jánk Májtis     45
GROSZ   wife Hermánszeg     45
KLEIN   wife Hermánszeg     45
ÁBRAHÁM Herman   Fülesd     45
ÁBRAHÁM Sámuel   Fülesd     46
ÁBRAHÁM Olga   Fülesd     46
ÁBRAHÁM Miklós   Fülesd     46
JAKUBOVITS Ábrahám wife & children Fülesd     46
JAKUBOVITS Lea   Fülesd     46
JAKUBOVITS Rivka   Fülesd     46
FÉNYES József wife and mother Fülesd     46
KIRSCHFELD Jenő wife & children Fülesd     46
FISCH Bernát wife, children & mother Fülesd     46
FRIEDMAN Herman family Fülesd     46
    son Fülesd widow of Mór Jakab JAKAB 46
MAYER Aron wife Fülesd     46
MAYER Margit   Fülesd     46
MAYER Elemer   Fülesd     46
MAYER Móric wife Fülesd     46
MAYER Ábri   Fülesd     46
MAYER Ilonka   Fülesd     46
MAYER Adél   Fülesd     46
MAYER Lajos   Fülesd     46
MAYER Béla wife & children Fülesd     46
MAYER József wife & children Fülesd     46
BLUM   family Kisar     46
GENUT Feivl wife Kisar     46
GUTMAN Mór wife & children Kisar occupation: Mohel [circumcisor]   46
NADLER   family Kisar     46
ROTH Izidor wife Kisar     46
KAUFMAN Jenő wife Kisar     46
GOLDSTEIN   wife Kispalád occupation: tailor   46
GOLDSTEIN   wife Kispalád     46
ROTH Sándor wife Kispalád     46
BERGER Márton wife & children Nagyhódos     46
BERGER Etel   Nagyhódos     46
GROSZ Menyhért wife & children Nagyhódos     46
GROSZ Jenő wife & children Nagyhódos     46
GRÜNFELD Ernő wife & children Nagyhódos     46
KAIN Jenő   Nagyhódos     46
KAIN Vilmos wife & daughter Nagyhódos     47
KAIN Ilonka   Nagyhódos daughter of Vilmos   47
KAIN Margit children Nagyhódos wife of Ignác Mátiás MÁTIÁS 47
MOLDOVÁN     Nagyhódos widow of Antal Moldován MOLDOVAN 47
MOLDOVÁN Antal Jr.   Nagyhódos     47
DICKMAN Rózsa   Nagyhódos wife of József Svéd SVÉD 47
SVÉD Erzsike   Nagyhódos     47
SVÉD Katóka   Nagyhódos     47
      Nagyhódos widow of Mór Svéd SVÉD 47
SVÉD Mariska   Nagyhódos     47
SVÉD Izidor wife Nagyhódos     47
SVÉD Smuel wife Nagyhódos     47
KAIN   family Kisszekeres     47
SCHWARCZ József wife Kisszekeres     47
WEISZ   family Kisszekeres     47
WEISER   wife & children Kisszekeres occupation: Mohel [circumcisor]   47
      Kérsemjén wife of Jenő Frank FRANK 47
TAUB   family Kérsemjén     47
FRANK Ilonka children Kérsemjén wife of Herman Klein KLEIN 47
SVÉD Ilonka   Kisnamény wife of Jenő Farkas FARKAS 47
FARKAS Laci   Kisnamény     47
FARKAS Kató   Kisnamény     47
FARKAS Erzsike   Kisnamény     47
FARKAS Sanyi   Kisnamény     47
FARKAS Győngy   Kisnamény     47
MAYER Jakab wife & children Kisnamény     47
ROSINGER Lásló wife & children Kisnamény     47
    family Kisnamény wife of Rottman ROTTMAN 47
KLEIN Sámuel family Kisnamény     47
      Kisnamény widow of Herman Kiss KISS 47
LIGETI Sándor   Kisnamény     47
FÉNYES   family Kőmőró     47
SCHWARCZ   wife Kőmőró     48
SCHWARCZ Dudi   Kőmőró     48
FRAENKEL Mayer wife Kőlcse     48
KATZ Salamon wife Kőlcse     48
KANDEL Dezső   Kőlcse     48
KANDEL Ernő wife Kőlcse     48
      Kőlcse wife of Kalman Kaufmann KAUFMANN 48
      Kőlcse widow of Kaufmann KAUFMANN 48
MARKOVITS   wife Kőlcse     48
NEUMANN Belá wife Kőlcse     48
SCHWARCZ Izidor wife Kőlcse     48
SCHWARCZ Jakab wife Kőlcse     48
SCHWARCZ Samuel   Kőlcse     48
WEISZBERGER Tóbiás wife Kőlcse     48
      Mánd wife of Feldman FELDMAN 48
ROZENBERG     Mánd     48
KAUFMANN   family Magosliget     48
ROTH Dezső wife Nagyar     48
ROTH   wife Nagyar     48
FRIEDLAENDER Chajim wife & children Matolcs     48
FRENKL J   Matolcs     48
FISCHER   sisters Matolcs     48
      Matolcs widow of Ignac Kreismann KREISMAN 48
KREISMAN Rinus   Matolcs     49
KESTENBAUM Miklós wife Matolcs     49
KREISMAN Benci wife Matolcs     49
KREISMAN Tibi   Matolcs     49
KREISMAN Bandi   Matolcs     49
KREISMAN Olga   Matolcs     49
SZABOVITS Malka children Matolcs wife of Stern STERN 49
UNGAR Mose wife Matolcs     49
FARKAS Vilmos wife Milota     49
      Milota widow of Spitz SPITZ 49
      Nábrád widow of Mendel Einhorn EINHORN 49
EINHORN Malka   Nábrád     49
KATZ Berta children Nábrád wife of Bélá Grünfeld GRÜNFELD 49
GRÜNFELD Menachem   Nábrád     49
KATZ Herman   Nábrád     49
KATZ Lujza   Nábrád     49
KATZ Jenő wife Nábrád     49
SALAMON Márton wife Penyige     49
SALAMON Ernő wife Penyige     49
FÉNYES   wife Penyige     49
FÉNYES   mother Penyige     49
BRUMMER Géza wife Nagyszekeres     49
BERGER János wife & children Nagyszekeres     49
STEINFELD Mihály wife Panyola     49
HIRSH Lajos   Panyola     50
HIRSH Bella   Panyola     50
HIRSH Manó   Panyola     50
BECK Szeréna   Panyola     50
FRENKL Szara   Panyola     50
    daugter Erzsi Panyola wife of Bartalan Lázár LÁZÁR 50
LÁZÁR Erzsi   Panyola     50
WEISZ Belá family Panyola     50
MÓZES Lajos wife & daughter-in-law Ricse     50
BURGER Dezső wife Szatmárcseke     50
DAVIDOVITS   family Szatmárcseke     50
GOLDSTEIN Meir   Szatmárcseke     50
GOLDSTEIN Belá wife Szatmárcseke     50
HELLER David wife Szatmárcseke     50
GLÜCK Dezső wife Szatmárcseke     50
KAUFERMAN Sándor wife Szatmárcseke     50
KLEIN Ferenc wife Szatmárcseke     50
SATZ Arnold wife Szatmárcseke     50
      Szatmárcseke wife of Bálint Rosenberg ROSENBERG 50
      Szatmárcseke wife of Árpád Rosenberg ROSENBERG 50
MUZDORFER Dezső wife Szatmárcseke     50
RISENMANN Margit   Szatmárcseke wife of Sándor Semler SEMLER 50
SEMLER Mór wife Szatmárcseke     50
SCHWARCZ Meyer Leib wife Szatmárcseke     50
ROSENFELD Ábrahám wife Sankád     50
ROSENFELD Dezső wife Sankád     50
BERGER   family Sályi     50
LŐVI   family Sályi     51
SCHWARCZ   wife Sályi     51
TAUB   wife Sályi     51
ROSENFELD   family Oroszi     51
WEISZ   wife & son Oroszi     51
BRUMMER Mór   Tiszabecs     51
FARKAS Lajos   Tiszabecs     51
      Tiszabecs widow of Jozsef Farkas FARKAS 51
      Tiszabecs wife of Goldberger the circumcisor GOLDBERGER 51
HARTMANN   wife Tiszabecs     51
KOLDIZSÁR Miklós wife Tiszabecs     51
      Tiszabecs widow of Koldizsár KOLDIZSÁR 51
KLEIN Gyula wife Tiszabecs     51
KLEIN Herman family Tiszabecs     51
KAUFMAN Salamon wife Tiszabecs     51
MIHÁLY Vilmos wife Tiszabecs     51
WILLINGER Menachem Zvi wife Tiszabecs     51
WILLINGER Jenő wife Tiszabecs     51
WILLINGER Károly wife Tiszabecs     51
WILLINGER Marta   Tiszabecs wife of Sándor   51
WITTMANN Salamon wife Tiszabecs     51
ZOLLMAN Endre wife Tiszabecs     51
ZOLLMAN Zsiga wife Tiszabecs     51
BERNÁT Hermann wife Tiszakórod     51
KERTÉSZ Győrgy   Tiszakórod     51
KERTÉSZ Miklós wife Tiszakórod     51
KLEIN Dávid wife Tiszakórod     51
KERTÉSZ Béla   Tiszakórod     51
KANDEL     Tiszakórod wife of Herman Mátiás MÁTIÁS 52
MÁTIÁS Márton wife Tiszakórod     52
SCHWARCZ Herman wife Tiszakórod     52
WEISZ Jakab wife Turistvándi     52
WEISZ Simon wife Turistvándi     52
KLEINBERGER Vilmos wife Turistvándi     52
FISCHER   family Uszka     52
LEBOVITS   family Uszka     52
FEINER   family Uszka     52
SCHWARTZ   family Zsarolyán     52
      Zsarolyán widow of Mór Grosz GROSZ 52
GROSZ Lajos wife & children Zsarolyán     52
BRAUN Mihály wife Tunyog     52
FERENC Ignác wife Tunyog     52
GROSSMANN Móric wife & children Tunyog     52
GROSSMANN Edit   Tunyog     52
GROSSMANN Manó   Tunyog     52
GROSSMANN Andor   Tunyog     52
GROSSMANN Ibi   Tunyog     52
HIRSCHFELD Andor wife & children Tunyog     52
FRENKEL Szerén   Tunyog wife of Bernát Kreiszman KREISZMAN 52
KREISZMAN Márton wife Tunyog     52
KESZTENBAUM Antal wife & children Tunyog     52
KESZTENBAUM Endre wife & children Tunyog     52
KESZTENBAUM Menachem (Mór) wife Tunyog     52
KEPACS Mór wife Tunyog     52
      Tunyog widow of Herman Klein KLEIN 52
KLEIN Manci   Tunyog     52
KREISMAN Giza   Tunyog wife of Jozsef Lefkovits LEFKOVITS 52
REISMANN Jakab wife & children Tunyog     52
SCHWARTZ Sandor wife & children Tunyog     52
STRAUSZ Menyhért wife & children Tunyog     52
WEISZ Lajos Jr. wife & children Tunyog     52
STRAUSZ Jenő wife & children Tunyog     52
WEISZ Lajos Sr. wife & children Tunyog     52
WEISZ Herman wife Tunyog     52
WEISZ Herman wife & daughter Tunyog     52


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