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Chapter III

The Mandel Family of Dziedzilow

The Mandel family was well established in Dziedzilow. Wolf Mandel (son of David) was a small retailer and he married Liba Weintraub. They had six daughters: Pesha, Hannah, Dworah, Rivkah, Malka, and Cipe. All daughters married and had families. Pesha married Shmuel Altman, and after her death, her sister Cipe married Shmuel.

Cipe and Shmuel Altman had several children namely Awraham, Milke, and Bracha.

When Shmuel Altman died, Cipe was pregnant but she did not publicise the event. Apparently it was not visible. She decided to marry in order to provide a father for the expected child. She married Awraham Altholtz. The marriage lasted several weeks and ended in divorce. She gave birth to a son and named him Shmuel Mandel – Shmuel in memory of her late husband. She also resumed her maiden name Mandel.


Tziporah Mandel–Altman married Awraham Altholtz in Dziedzilow


Cipe remained in Dziedzilow and witnessed the German occupation of the village that lasted a short period of time. Then the Soviet forces entered the hamlet and established a communist regime. Many influential or well–to–do Jews and non–Jews were arrested and deported without any notice to their families. Private business enterprises were slowly liquidated. The press was curtailed to a minimum according to Karola Lowenkrown.[1] Then the Germans attacked the Soviet Union and Germans entered Dziedzilow. Persecutions of Jews began instantly. The Ukrainians did not have to get permission to harass the local Jews. Orders and more orders were issued aimed at pauperizing the Jewish population. Jewish trade was eliminated. Men were seized to do hard labour for which they were not paid. Then the Germans decided to expel all the Jews from Dziedzilow. Old and young, sick and healthy were forced to march to the ghetto of Nowy Jarczow where they all perished. According to the late Karola Lowenkrown, Tziporah (Cipe) was killed in 1942 in Jarczow. The date is substantiated by Pesil Pasternak in his Page of Testimony at Yad Vashem.


Page of Testimony at Yad Vashem for Cipe Mandel–Altman who was born in Dziedzilow in 1872 to Wolf and Luba Mandel


Shmuel Mandel grew up in Dziedzilow. He married Feige Weintraub and they decided to leave Dziedzilow for Argentina.

They had the following children:

Chaim, Shaul, Aida and Mindel
Chaim and Aida became medical doctors and both live in Israel as does Mindel. Shaul remained in Argentina.


List of Jews from Dziedzilow mentioned in the Jarczow Yizkor Book
by Rabbi Mordechai Gerstler who perished in the Shoa.


Last name First name Father Mother Gender Spouse Children
ALTMANN Leizer Shmuel Pesha M    
ALTMANN Hudes     F    
ALTMANN Leizer Shmuel Pesha M    
ALTMANN Hudes     F   3
BUBER Haya     F    
GELBER Awraham     M    
GELBER Miriam     F   2
GELBER Israel     F    
GELBER Henia     M   1
GITER Yossef     F    
GITER Libe     F Yossef 3
GRUBER Riwkah     F    
GRUBER Haya     F    
HASTEN Gitele     F    
HASTEN Shaul Gitele   M    
HASTEN Shamai Gitele   M    
HASTEN Menachem Gitele   M    
HASTEN Nahum Gitele   M    
HASTEN Lipshe     F Nahum  
KRIEG Dawid     M    
KRIEG Riwtche     F Dawid 2
KURTZ Sarah     F    
LEITER Yaakow     M    
LEITER Rachel       Yaakow 2
LEITER Yehudah     M    
LEITER Hatchi     F Yehuda  
LEITER son Hatchi   M    
LOWENKRON Berl Wolf   M    
LOWENKRON Wolf Berl Peshe M   2
LOWENKRON Hersh Berl Peshe M   2
LOWENKRON Zoshe Berl Peshe F    
ROZEN Frume Pessah Pesha F    
LOWENKRON Shlomo     M    
LOWENKRON Mindel     F    
LOWENKRON Miriam     F    
LINDER Feige     F    
MANDEL Yentche     F Shmuel 7
MANDEL Shmuel     M    
MANDEL Taube     F Shmuel 3
MENDELOWICZ Itche     M    
MENDELOWICZ Yehudit     M    
MENDELOWICZ Berish     M    
MENDELOWICZ Hanah     F Berish  
MENDELOWICZ Deworah     F Israel L  
MENDELOWICZ Israel Leib     F    
MENDELOWICZ Malka     M Israel L  
MENDELOWICZ Dworah     F Shmuel  
ROSEN Pessah     M   1
TENENBAUM Yakum     M    
TENENBAUM Tcheitel     M Yakum  
TENENBAUM Haim     F    
TENENBAUM Golde     M Haim 3
TENENBAUM Yossef     F    
TENENBAUM Hannah     F Yossef 2 daughters
TENENBAUM Yaakow Yossef Hanna F    
TENENBAUM Hersh Yossef Hanna M    
TENENBAUM Nachman     M    
TENENBAUM Hannah     F Nachman 2
TENENBAUM son Nachman Hanna M    
TENENBAUM wife     F   3
TENENBAUM son Nachman Hanna M    
TENENBAUM wife Yossef   F   2
TENENBAUM Mordechai Yossef Hanna M    
TENENBAUM Yuta     M Mordec 4
TZWERLING Perie     F   4
WEINTRAUB Aaron Itzh     M    
WEINTRAUB Rachel     F Aaron  
TENENBAUM wife     F   2
TENENBAUM Yaakov     M    
TZWERLING Ferie     F   4


List of Dziedzilow Jews that was established
by the author's research in interviews, archives and various lists


Last name First name(s) Maiden name Father Mother Gender Spouse Children Disposition
ALTER Moshe       M     Shoa
ALTMANN Shmuel       M   3 sons Died
ALTMANN Peshe MANDEL     F     Died
ALTMANN Haim   Shmuel Peshe M     Shoa
ALTMANN Hinda HIBEL     F Haim   Shoa
ALTMANN Shmuel   Haim Hinda M     Shoa
ALTMANN Aaron   Haim Hinda M     Shoa
ALTMANN Fela   Haim Hinda F      
ALTMANN Yehoshua   Haim Hinda M     Shoa
ALTMANN Hersh   Haim Hinda M     Shoa
ALTMANN Leah   Haim Hinda F     Shoa
ALTMANN Taube KURTZ     F     Shoa
ALTMANN Yossef   Shmuel Taube M     Shoa
ALTMANN Hersh   Shmuel Taube M     Shoa
ALTMANN Wolf   Shmuel Taube M     Shoa
ALTMANN Peshe   Leizer Hudes F     Survived
ALTMANN Benyamin   Shmuel Peshe M     Survived
ALTMANN Deworah BIENSTOCK     F Benyamin   Survived
ALTMANN Josephine   Benyamin Deworah F     Survived
ALTMANN Emil   Benyamin   M     Survived
ALTMANN Hersh   Shmuel Tzipe M     Survived
ALTMANN Berta SHERER     F Hersh   Survived
ALTMANN Thelma   Hersh Berta F     Survived
ALTMANN Seymor   Hersh Berta M     Survived
ALTMANN Peshe       F     Shoa
ALTMANN Dawid       M     Survived
ALTMANN Leah FIGGER     F Dawid   Survived
ALTMANN Joseph   Dawid Leah M     Survived
ALTMANN Shmuel   Dawid Leah M     Survived
ALTMANN Haim   Dawid Leah M     Survived
ALTMAN David       M     Shoa
BUBER Itzhak       M     Shoa
BUBER Deworah       F Itzhak   Shoa
BUBER Shmuel   Itzhak Dewor M     Shoa
BUBER Lea   Itzhak Dewor F     Shoa
DIENGOTT Dawid       M     Survived
LOWENKRON Wolf       M     Shoa
LOWENKRON unk       F Wolf   Shoa
LOWENKRON Clara   Berl Peshe F     Survived
LOWENKRON Frieda       F Shmuel   Shoa
LOWENKRON Hannah   Berl Peshe F     Shoa
LOWENKRON Lipshe   Berl Peshe F     Shoa
LOWENKRON Karola   Berl Peshe F     Survived
LOWENKRON Regine   Berl Peshe F     Survived
LOWENKRON Sarah   Shmuel Frieda F     Shoa
LOWENKRON Yenta   Wolf unk F     Shoa
LOWENKRON Zelda   Wolf unk F     Shoa
ROZEN Pessah       M     Shoa
ROZEN Pesha LOWENKROW     F Pessah    
MANDEL Wolf       M     Shoa
MANDEL Liba WEINTRAUB     F Wolf   Shoa
MANDEL Hannah   Wolf Liba F     Shoa
MANDEL Deworah   Wolf Liba F     Shoa
MANDEL Riwkah   Wolf Liba F     Shoa
MANDEL Malka   Wolf Liba F     Shoa
MANDEL Tzipe   Wolf Liba F     Shoa
MANDEL Shmuel   Shmuel Tzipe M     Survived
MANDEL Feige WEINTRAUB     F Shmuel   Survived
MENDELOWICZ Shmuel       M     Shoa
MENDELOWICZ Dawid   Shmuel Dwora M     Shoa
MENDELOWICZ Haya   Shmuel Dwora F     Shoa
MENDELOWIC Itzhak   Shmuel Dwora M     Shoa
NEUBAUER Itzhak   Hersh Hanna M     Shoa
NEUBAUER Wolf   Hersh Hanna M     Shoa
NEUBAUER Leib   Hersh Hanna M     Shoa
ROZEN Frume D   Pessah Peshe F     Shoa
TENENBAUM Tzeitel       F Yaakov   Shoa
TENENBAUM Chaim   Yaakov Tzeitel M     Shoa
TENENBAUM Golda       F Chaim 3 Shoa
WEINTRUIB Aron Itz       M     Shoa


Translator's Footnote

  1. William Leibner interviewed Karola Lowenkrown–Baum Return


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