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Guide to List of Town Residents Who Perished in the Shoah

This guide gives an explanation of how the names listed in the next section were transliterated for the English Edition.

As mentioned in the “Foreword to the English Edition,” transliterating names and surnames from one language to another is a difficult task. In the case of Jews from Poland, the names have gone through several language changes over time, making it particularly difficult to ascertain which is the “right” spelling-if one exists.

The policy we adopted for the book and for this list was to spell names (using sources such as indexes of vital records, business directories, and Yad Vashem pages of testimony) as they most probably were in prewar Działoszyce. This was done in order to make it easier for researchers to trace their ancestors back to Poland and find official records there.

Certain Hebrew letters can be transliterated differently depending on the vowel signs and the letters around them. For instance, Aleph may be transliterated “A,” “E,” or “O,” Therefore, in searching through the list of martyrs, one should examine all the different sections of the list in order to avoid missing any relevant names.

As is the custom in Poland, the feminine surname endings “cka” and “ska” have been used for women (Rolnicka, Wdowińska) rather than the masculine surname endings “cki” and “ski” (Rolnicki, Wdowiński). Thus, in such cases, the women's names appear before the men's.

For Hebrew given names such as Elihu, Elimelech, Eliezer, and Menachem, the transliterated form given here is the Yiddish equivalent that was most probably used in Działoszyce-i.e., Eliasz, Mejlech, Lejzor, and Nuchim. In the original edition, the list of martyrs was in alphabetic order according to the Hebrew alphabet. The list here is in alphabetic order according to the English alphabet.

Fay and Julian Bussgang
Editors of the English Edition

Town Residents Who Perished in the Shoah, hi”d[1]

This list was compiled through a world-wide questionnaire among surviving former residents of Działoszyce. The committee made strenuous efforts to ensure that every single person's name was collected and that no one was forgotten. However, since there is no archive for the community, the only source was our memories, which makes it certain that many people were forgotten. May the memory of those forgotten and missing be blessed forever. [2]

- A -
Abramowicz, Perec and Chana (b. [born] Cudzynowska)
Ajzen, Chaim Lejzor, Dwosia, and children Rywka, Szmul Hersz (ritual slaughterer) and seven children
Akerman, Majer, Pesela, Kalman, and Sura
Akerman, Zelig and Szajndla
Akurant, Laja, Estera, and Dawid
Alter, Icek, Basia, Simek, and Hela
Altman, Becalel, wife Ruchla, and son Szyja
Ankerman, Mania
Arkusz, Chaja (b. Gerstenfeld), and children Estera and Dawid
Arkusz, Josek and wife Gitla (b. Dziewięcka)
Aspis, Bajla [see Wajnryb] [3]
Aspis, Icek and Marjem, Wolf, Szmul, Abram, Bajla
Aspis, Wolf, Szmul, Abram, Bajla, Marjem
- B -
Balderman, Abram, wife Pesela (b. Groswald), and children Szmul, Jakób, and Lejzor
Balicki, Abram Lejzor, wife Rela, children Ajdla, Nacha, Lewi, Perec, Mejlech, Chana
Banach, Abram and Laja
Banach, Abram Hersz
Banach, Dawid, wife Bajla, daughter Małka
Banach, Szmul, Kajla, Kopel, and Josek
Bejski, Bencion, wife Sura (b. Ptaśnik), daughter Marjem Ruchla
Bergman, Jakób
Biegacz, Ber, Mote, Bluma, Ruchla, Sura
Biegacz, Jechiel Chaim
Biegacz, Szmaja
Binsztok, Sura [see Kamierski]
Biter, Abram Szlama, wife Małka, and children Jakób and Rajzla
Biter, Moszek, Motel, and Laja
Biter, Symcha and wife Estera
Blada, Golda, Abram Szulim, and Jachwet
Blat, Abram Moszek and wife Złata Perla, children Aron, Dobcia, Jonas, Zajnwel, Pola, Majer, Sura, Jakób Icek, and Lejzor
Blat, Brajndla, Icek, and Mejlech
Blat, Hercke, wife Chanka, Bajla and Moszek Chaim
Blat, Mejlech, wife Rywka, and children Motel and Balcia
Blat, Rywka [see Rożenek]
Brandys, Abram, wife Hindela (b. Waga)
Brandys, Kopel and family
Brandys, Lejbuś, wife Chana, and children Moszek, Laja, Rafał, and Szlama
Bratkiewicz, Josek, Sura Mindla
Bratkiewicz, Mordka, Mindla, Zysla, Zelig, Marjem, Witla
Brener, Becalel, Sura, Szlama, Simek
Brener, Binem, Bluma, Icek Chaim, Sura Brajndla, Chaja, Ze'ev Aron
Brener, Sura Brajndla [see Nusbaum]
Brojgies, Alter Wowcze [Wolf], Salka, Rojza
Brojgies, Aron and wife Estera
Brojgies, Berl, wife Fajga, daughters Zysla and Tauba
Brojgies, Chana, and children Berl and Rojza
Brojgies, Tauba [see Secemski]
Brojgies, Tauba, Sura, Motel, Ruchla
Brojgies, Zysla [see Gdański]
Bugajski, Judel and Blima
Bursztyn, Bencion; Bursztyn, Jechiel
Bursztyn, Moszek, wife Chawa (b. Dula), and children Rojza, Szymon, and Cyla
- C -
Chaba, Fela, Moszek, Szyja, Jakób
Chaba, Michał, Mindla, Fajwel, Jakób, Marjem, Chana Ruchla
Chaba, Ruchla, Rajzla, Abram Lejzor, Mordka, Dawid, and Aron
Chałupowicz, Chaim, wife Luba (b. Prasa), and daughters
Charmac, Chuna, wife Chawa, children Chaim Dawid, Chana, and Estera
Chęcinski, Efroim and family
Chęcinski, Izrael, Chaja, Szoszana, Moszek, Fajwel, and Majer
Cudzynowska, Chana [see Abramowicz]
Cudzynowska, Chawa, Chaskiel Zachariasz, Josek, Zysel
Cudzynowska, Rywka [see Spokojny]
Cudzynowski, Chaim, wife Szajndla (b. łataś), children Szymon Eliasz, Lejzor, Bracha
Cudzynowski, Dawid, Małka, Chana, Bracha, Wolf, Zysel Akiwa, Bajla
Cudzynowski, Josek, wife Estera (b. Mendlowicz), and daughter Pola
Cudzynowski, Josek, Zysla, Jachwet, Szymon, Dawid, Laja, Estera
Cudzynowski, Josek, Zysla, Laja, Estera, Dawid, Drezla, Ruchla, Sura, Szmul
Cudzynowski, Mordka Josek
Cukierman, Aron, Abram Jakób
Cukierman, Dawid, Henia
Cukierman, Izrael
Cukierman, Jakób, Chaja, Josek, Witla, Chana
Cukierman, Kalman, wife Mala, and children
Cukierman, Zajdel
Cukierwar, Marjem
Cycowski, Juda Lejbuś, Frymeta, Sura, Rywka, Estera Bajla, Dwojra, Zerach, Mendel, Frajda, Henia
Czarkowski, Manela and wife Estera Laja
Czarnocha, Berl, Małka, and family
Czarnocha, Beryl and wife Małka
Czarnocha, Chaja, and three children
Czarnocha, Sender and family
Czarny, Szmul, Ruchla, Laja, Ajdla
Czeska, Dwosia (b. Ptaśnik), Henia, Abram, Sura, Chana, Tauba
Czeska, Sura, children Abram, Chana
Czosnek, Jakób, Chana, Bluma Marjem, Moszek
Czosnek, Jakób, Zelda, Zvi [Hersz], Frania, Cyla, Moszek
Czosnek, Lejzor, Laja, Majer, Bluma, Szmul
Czosnek [see also Hesznik]
- D -
Dąbrowska, Tauba, Cypora, Bajla, Benjamin, Chaim Majer, Motel
Dąbrowski, Szlama; Dąbrowska, Ita; Dąbrowski, Benjamin
Dafner, Dawid and family
Dafner, Laja
Drobiarz, Chana Perla, and children Rajzla, Abram Icek, Zvi [Hersz]
Drobiarz, Estera and family
Drobiarz, Gitla, and family Hinda, Estera, Abram Icek, Bluma
Drobiarz, Majer, wife Sura (b. Prasa), and daughters Bluma and Rajzla
Drobiarz, Mordka and family
Dula, Abram, wife Frajdla-Nisza, children Bajla, Chana, Szmul, and Aron
Dula, Chawa [see Bursztyn]
Dula, Cypora (Fajgla)
Dula, Jonatan
Dula, Juda, wife Estera, children Bajla, Wolf, Kalman, Frymeta, and Fela
Dula, Kalman and Chawa
Dula, Lejbuś and Rywka
Dula, Marjem, and daughters
Dula, Mendel and Perla
Dula, Mordka
Dula, Ze'ev [Wolf], wife Mala, and daughter
Dziewięcka, Chawa, and two children
Dziewięcka, Gitla [see Arkusz]
Dziewięcki, Chaim Josek, Nacha, Chendla
Dziewięcki, Efroim, wife, and son
Dziewięcki, Herszel
Dziewięcki, Jekutiel
Dziewięcki, Szlama, wife Sura, and son
- E -
Edelist, Chuna, wife Zysla, and children Lejbcia and Mindla
Edelist, Gabriel; Edelist, Estera; Edelist, Dina
Edelist, Jekiel and family, Dwosia, and Sima
Elwing, Jakób and family, zts”l [righteous of blessed memory], head of the Skalbmierz Jewish community, president of the local Beit Din [Jewish court]
Epsztajn, Alta, Estera Pajcia
Epsztajn, Eliejzor the Levite, the grand rabbi, direct descendant of the grand rabbi from Neustadt, fifth generation from the author of the Maor Vashemesh
Epsztajn, Frymeta, the righteous and renowned wife of the grand rabbi. She was famous for righteous acts. She was the daughter of the grand rabbi, the wondrous teacher, Rabbi Jakób Moszek Safrin from Komarno, fourth generation from the grand rabbi, Ajzykl, the great kabalist of Komarno; son Josek Dawid, grand rabbi of Sokołów, Galicia
Epsztajn, Jonatan
Epsztajn, Rabbi Icek Ajzyk and family from łód
Epsztajn, Rabbi Izrael and family, grand rabbi in łód
Erlich, Zvi [Hersz] Mordka, Cyna, Rywen, Estera, Gita
- F -
Fajgenblat, Itka
Fajner, Josek Kalman Chaim, and sister
Fajner, Necha [see Rajzfeld]
Federman, Jetla
Federman, Wolf and family
Ferenc, Herzl
Fink, Jakób
Fiszler, Dawid, Bajla, Moszek, Chanan, Lejzor
Fiszler, Josek Juda, wife Frajdla Estera, and Szmul
Fiszler, Josek, Frajdla, Mendel Dawid, Perla, Juda, Pinkus
Fiszler, Kalman Szymon, Telcia, Bluma
Fiszler, Pinkus, Bracha, Bajla, Mendel, Szabsia
Flaum, Josek, wife Chaja, daughters Chana and Dina
Florenc, Marjem [see Zyngier]
Frajman, Chaja, Nechama, Izrael
Frajman, Chawa (daughter of Icek Zvi), and children Róża, Chaja, Ruchla, Sura, Ita, Frajda Małka, Nuchim, Chaskiel, Kalonymos Kalman
Frajman, Estera, Chana
Frajman, Menachem, Chana, Szlama
Frajman, Mendel, wife Zysla, sons Chaim and Szymon
Frajman, Pinkus, wife, and children Dawid, Lejbl, Abram
Frajman, Purna [Pojra?], and children Abram, Icek, and Szymon
Frajn, Moszek and family
Frajn, Nusyn and family
Frajnd, Alter (ritual slaughterer), Cyrka, Jekiel, Chawa, and daughter Golda
Frenkel, Chaim, wife Rywka (b. Lewkowicz), children Jakób, Majer
Frenkel, Josek Chaim, wife Gitla (b. Jutrzenka), Dawid, Witla, Mala, and Bajla
Frydberg, Icek Majer (ritual slaughterer), wife, and daughter
Frydman, Jonas and family
Frydman, Naftali, Eli, Frajda, Chaim
Frydman, Symcha, Bajla, Chana Brajndla, Rywka, Ruchla, Mirla
Frydrych, Dawid, wife Zlota (b. łataś), Jenta
Fuks, Icze, wife Chawa (b. Szliwińska), and children
- G -
Garbarz, Arysz, wife Bluma, and children Fajgla, Henia, Pesla, Binem, and Hinda
Garfinkiel, Dawid, wife Ruchla (b. Grycman), children Jakób, Anszel, Fania
Garfinkiel, Majer, wife, and children Dwojra and Estera, and son Jechiel
Gdańska, Brajndla, husband, and children Izrael and Dawid
Gdański, Rachmiel, wife Zysla (b. Brojgies), children Sura, Jechiel, Dawid
Gelbart, Nuchim, wife Sura, daughters Frymeta and Rywka
Gelibter, Bajla
Gelibter, Icek and family
Gerszonowicz, Lejb, Izrael, Chana, Henia, Bajla, Moszek, Aron, Dwosia, Jakób, Fajgla
Gersztenfeld, Chaja [see Arkusz]
Gertler, Salomea, and children Leopold, Eugenia, and Jonas
Glajt, Balcia
Glajt, Hersz Lejb, wife Fajgla, and children Laja and Racla
Glajt, Izrael and wife Balcia
Glajt, Pejsach and Golda
Glajt, Szlama, wife Chana, and child Moszek
Glazman, Juda, wife Sura, and daughter Chana
Głodna, Marjem Laja
Goldfrajnd, Frajda
Goldkorn, Herszel and Chawa
Goldkorn, Szmul and wife, and children Szlama Berysz and Ruchla
Goldkorn, Zysla [see Wdowiński]
Gotfryd, Aba, Małka, Josek, Perec
Granetman, Abysz, wife Fajgela (b. Szwimer), children Bajla, Rajza, and Szulim
Grosfeld, Chaja
Groswald, Juda Lejb, wife Ruchla, and children Dawid, Jakób, Nuchim, and Szabsia
Groswald, Pesela [see Balderman]
Grycman, Małka
Grycman, Ruchla [see Garfinkiel]
Gryner, Berl
Gryner, Lejzor, and child Berl
Gryner, Szlama, and children Berl and Chana
Grześ, Laja [see Miller]
Gutenberg, Moszek and Zysla
- H -
Halpern, Abram, Chaja Mania, Estera, Perla, Szyja Heszel, Nuchim Majer, Szajndla
Herc, Cyrla [see Rodał]
Hercberg, Pejsach, Genia
Herszlowicz, Abram
Herszlowicz, Abram, Chana, and Hercke
Herszlowicz, Hercke, Fajgla, and sister
Heshnik [Czosnek?], Lejbuś
Honigsberg, Michał, Szlama, Jentla, Kalman, Estera
Horowicz, Gerszon, Małka Laja, Jentla, Frymeta, Chana
Horowicz, Rajzla
- I -
Ickowicz, Wolf and family
Iserowski, Moszek Fiszel and Chaja
Izraelowicz, Eliasz, Mindla, Tuwia
- J -
Jakubowicz, Kopel, Estera, Jakób
Jakubowicz, Mordka Lejb and family
Jakubowicz, Zyskind, wife, and children
Jasny, Aron, Frymeta, Hinda, Sura, Bajla, Ita, Chaim, Bronia, Mejlech
Jasny, Zvi [Hersz], Sura, Nuchim, Chawa, Hela
Jura, Szmaja and family
Jurysta, Aron and family
Jurysta, Chanandel
Jurysta, Icek, Estera, Mordka, Jakób
Jurysta, Judel and family
Jurysta, Sandel and family
Jurysta, Symcha, wife Szajndla, children Chaim Dawid, Dwojra, Abram Aba, Perla, and Szmul
Jutrzenka, Abram, Mirla, and children
Jutrzenka, Chaim Chaskiel, Naomi, Izrael, Cyrla, Lejbl and family
Jutrzenka, Gitla [see Frankel]
Jutrzenka, Icek, Chana, Pincia, Szulim, Ita
Jutrzenka, Jekiel, wife Cwetela (b. Skrzypek)
Jutrzenka, Michał, wife Rajzla, Naomi and sisters
Jutrzenka, Szmul, Fajgla, Witla, Estera, Moszek
- K -
Kac, Kalman
Kac, Moszek
Kac, Paltjel, Mendel, Cypora
Kac, Rywka
Kaczka, Gabriel, wife Laja, children Szlama and Chaim
Kajzer, Chaim, Chawa
Kajzer, Mordka, Cyrla, Berysz, Chana, Chaja, Chawa, Herszel
Kamelgart, Josek, wife Szoszana, children Izrael, Jakób, Moszek, Chana, Michał
Kamrat, Kajla [see Rafałowicz]
Kamierska, Sura (b. Binsztok)
Kamierski, Abram Aba, wife Gelcia, children Rojza, Cypora, Izrael, Perec, and Jakób
Kamierski, Godal, Jekiel
Kamierski, Lejzer and family
Kamierski, Szlama, Laja
Kińryś, Kalman and Szajndla
Kińryś, Szlama and Estera
Kirszenbaum, Jehudit
Klajner, Szmul, Szyfra
Klajnman, Izrael and family
Klajnman, Jonatan (ritual slaughterer) and family
Klajnman, Mejlech and family
Kminkowski, Moszek and Sura
Kohn, Abram and Rywka
Kołatacz, Ajdla, Jenta, Mania, Sejwa, Dolek
Kołatacz, Cypora [see Wdowiński]
Kołatacz, Icek
Kopeć, Icek, Mania, Josek, Rywka, Kalman
Kopeć, Kalman son of Aba
Kopeć, Nusyn; Kopeć, Bluma; Kopeć, Chawa; Kopeć, Josek; Kopeć, Szyja; Kopeć, Sura
Kopeć, Szewa and children
Kopeć, Szoszana [see Krelman]
Kopeć, Zvi [Hersz]
Koma, Anszel, wife Mechla (b. Lis), and children Fajgla, Icek, Josek, Joel Berl, Itka, Estera, and Bluma
Koma, Chaim, and sister Chana Cyrla and their families
Koma, Icek and family
Koma, Rabbi Abram Dayan, zts”l [righteous of blessed memory], and wife Chaja, and children
Krajcer, Jakób, Tyla, Hadassa, Frymeta, Chana, Izrael, Moszek, Anna, Laja
Krelman, Bluma [see Zalcman]
Krelman, Jachwet [see Ryba]
Krelman, Jakób Zvi [Hersz]; Krelman, Szoszana (b. Kopeć)
Krzesiwo, Henoch, wife Estera, children Gitla, Aron, Jechiel, Hersz, Itla
Krzykacz [see Skrzykacz]
Kulimek, Herszel, Hinda, and children
Kulimek, Mejlech, wife Rywka, and eight children
Kurland, Moryc, Rajza, Lasia, Heniek
Kwalwaser, Mordka, wife Bajla, Rywen, Abram, Josek, Mindzia
- L -
Langer, Ajzyk, Wolf
Łataś, Abram, Bluma, Jenta Brajndla
Łataś, Masza, Jenta Serca
Łataś, Szajndla [see Cudzynowska]
Łataś, Złata [see Frydrych]
Łaniarz, Gitla Tauba
Łaznowska, Małka, Hela and siblings
Lejzorowicz, Benjamin, Jakób, Ze'ev [Wolf], Gita, Fryma
Lejzorowicz, Rywka, Ruchla
Lejzorowicz, Zvi [Hersz]
Leszman, Jakób, wife Mania (b. Ptaśnik), children Dov [Ber], Rojza, Dawid, Gitla, Izrael, Ita
Leszman, Juda, and son Izrael
Lewit, Moszek, Benjamin and family
Lewkowicz, Abram, Chana
Lewkowicz, Aron, wife Chaja Sprynca, children Mindla, Fajgla, Rajzla, Josek, Kalman
Lewkowicz, Dwojra
Lewkowicz, Kajla, and children
Lewkowicz, Rachmiel, Dawid
Lewkowicz, Rywka [see Frenkel]
Lewkowicz, Szmul Jakób, Sura Rajzla, Rojza, Chanandel, Moszek, Herszel, Małka, Bluma, and Dawid
Lewkowicz, Zalman, wife, and five children
Lichtig, Estera [see Pryzant]
Lichtig, Szlama
Lida, Arje Lejbuś, Szoszana, Bluma, Małka
Lida, Chaim Zvi [Hersz], Chaja Sura, Juda Arje, Ze'ev [Wolf], Herzl, Lewi, Dwojra, Menachem Mendel, Izrael
Lida, Chana and family
Lida, Laja and family
Lipman, Mordka, Aszer Lejzor Eli Iser Henoch Aba, Szymon Icek Zelig
Lipman, Mordka, Zelig, Aba, Szymszel, Icek, Eliasz Iser
Lis, Jakób, Fajgla
Lis, Mechla [see Koma]
Lokaj, Abram and family
Lokaj, Herszel, wife Ruchla, children Izrael, Abram, Rafał, Szajndla
Lokaj, Taubele [see Prasa]
Lublin, Lejb, Sura, Lejzor
- M -
Majerczyk, Abram
Majerczyk, Chana and family
Majerczyk, Fajgla [see Spiro]
Majerczyk, Gela
Majerczyk, Marjemcia?
Majerczyk, Moszek Aron, Cyrka, Rywka, Henia, Ruchla
Majerczyk, Naftali, Rywka, Fajgla, Gitla
Majerczyk, Rywka, Gitla
Majtek, Chaim, Szyfra
Majtek, Jakób, Moszek Fiszel
Majtek, Michał, wife Bajla (b. Natansohn), and children
Malc, Chana and family
Malc, Herszel, Rywka, Ruchla, Dawid
Mandelbaum, Dawid and Sonia
Mandelbaum, Jakób, wife Szajndla, and son Herszel
Mandelbaum, Josek Juda, wife Fajgla, and daughter Bajla
Mendlowicz, Estera [see Cudzynowski)
Miller, Herszel, wife Laja (b. Grześ), Bajla, Doba, Szmul, Dwojra, Gitla, Jakób
Minc, Szmerl, Bajla, Hersz Lejb, Fajgla, Chaja
Miodownik, Josek Baruch, Kajla, Izrael, Jechiel, Kalmisz, and Motel
Moher, Herszel, Małka, Bluma, Rajzla, Lejbl, Szlama, Chancia
Moneta, Jakób, wife Zysla (b. Zmyślana), and two children
Morowicki, Izrael, Ruchla, Hinda, Lipa, Benjamin, Rojza, Abram, Bajla, Dawid, Laja
Moszenberg, Aszer, Ruchla, Lejzor, Chaim, Chana
Moszkowicz, Hendel, Gela
Mur, Mania
- N -
Nagelblat, Chaim Majer, Genendel, Sura Laja, Gitla, Chana, Frajda, Rywka
Nagelblat, Szmul, Bronia, Icek, Jakób, Gitla
Najman, Brajndla
Natansohn, Abram, Fela, Bajla, Szmul
Natansohn, Bajla [see Majtek]
Natansohn, Judel, Mindla, Balcia, Wolf
Natansohn, Kalman, wife, and daughter
Natansohn, Moszek Fiszel, Mordka, Wolf, Majer
Natansohn, Sura, Mindla, and Bajla
Niemowa, Icek, wife Rywka, children Marjem, Sima, Lejb, Wolf
Nifkier, Wita, Bronia (b. Sztajer), Josek, Nadzia (b. Rajzfeld)
Nożycer, Hercke, wife Sura, and sons Herszel and Max
Nożycer, Lejbuś, Sura, Zysel, Zysma, Judel
Nusbaum, Lejb, Ela, Estera, Sura Brajndla (b. Brener)
Nusbaum, Moszek
- O -
Obarzańska, Golda and family
Opozdower, Lejbl, Rywka (b. Warszawiak), and children
Ostry, Chaskiel, wife Chaja (b. Prasa), and children Bracha and Izrael Lejb
Ostry, Mordka, wife Cypora, and children Małka, Abram, Bluma, Ruchla, Estera, and Nusyn
Ostry, Mordka, wife Estera Frymeta, and children Efroim Zalman, Chaja Sura, Laja Chana, and Frajdla
Owsiany, Chaim, Gitla, and Szymon
Owsiany, Majer, Rywka, and children
Owsiany, Zalman
- P -
Pałasznicka, Dora and family
Pałasznicka, Frania
Pałasznicka, Sura and family
Pałasznicki, Dawid, wife Fajgla (b. Tajtelbaum), and daughter Rojza
Paserman, Hinda
Pasternak, Sala and family
Piekarz, Juda and Sura
Piekarz, Juda, Ruchla
Piekarz, Szmul Joel, Estera, Chana, Juda
Piekarz, Szmul, Rochma, Batszewa, and families
Pilc, Szulim and family
Pińczowski, Benjamin and family
Płatkiewicz, Izrael, Rojza
Płatkiewicz, Jentla
Płatkiewicz, Jeta and family
Polska, Chana [see żydowąs]
Półtora, Estera [see Rafałowicz]
Pomeranc, Abram and family
Pomeranc, Gitla, Lejbl Arje, Mala
Pomeranc, Izrael
Pomeranc, Moszek Dawid
Potok, Aron, Mala, Abram, Sima
Prajs, Dawid and wife Gita
Prajs, Szmerl, wife Bluma, sons Icek Hersz
Prasa, Chaja [see Ostry]
Prasa, Luba [see Chałupowicz]
Prasa, Sura [see Drobiarz]
Prasa, Szmul Johanan, wife Alta (b. Rafałowicz), children Chaim Symcha, Mordka, Bluma, Sura
Prasa, Taubele (b. Lokaj), daughter Rajzela
Profesorska, Dwojra
Profesorski, Alter and family
Pryzant, Jakób, Estera (b. Lichtig), Alte Jechiel
Przędza, Josek, wife Marjem (b. Zmyślana)
Przewonik, Josek and Mina
Ptaśnik, Abram and Ita
Ptaśnik, Benjamin, Adela, Chana, Abram Dawid, Estera, Mordka
Ptaśnik, Chana [see Retman]
Ptaśnik, Dwosia [see Czeska]
Ptaśnik, Izrael Szaja, wife Ruchla, son Zysza, daughter Frymcia and daughter
Ptaśnik, Jechiel and Rela
Ptaśnik, Lejbuś and wife
Ptaśnik, Mania [see Leszman]
Ptaśnik, Mordka
Ptaśnik, Mordka, Frymcia, Zvi Herszele
Ptaśnik, Sura [see Bejski]
Ptaśnik, Szmul, and children Róża and Dov [Ber]
Pułka, Moszek, Ruchla
Pułka, Sandel, Gela, Chana
- R -
Rafałowicz, Abram; Rafałowicz, Jakób
Rafałowicz, Alta [see Prasa]
Rafałowicz, Chaim, Dawid, Rojza, Gela, and children Tuwia, Szmul Hersz, Alte, Estera
Rafałowicz, Estera (Półtora)
Rafałowicz, Hoiwisz, wife Chanka, children Majer, Abram Zajda
Rafałowicz, Izrael Gabriel, Mordka, Frajda, Dov [Ber], and Sura
Rafałowicz, Jakób, wife Sura
Rafałowicz, Josek, Perec, Abram, Szajndla, Wolf, Rajzla and husband
Rafałowicz, Kajla (Kamrat)
Rafałowicz, Krajndla (Spokojny)
Rafałowicz, Moszek, Chanka, Majer, Zeidel
Rafałowicz, Szmul and Brajna, sons Jechiel and Ze'ev [Wolf]
Rafałowicz, Zalman, wife Chana, children Nuta, Moszek, and Nuchim
Rafałowicz, Zvi [Hersz] and Bajla, children Jechiel and Ze'ev [Wolf]
Rajzfeld, Abram, Moszek, Nachman, Sima, Chaim, Kalman, Luba
Rajzfeld, Beni
Rajzfeld, Chawa; Rajzfeld, Fela; Rajzfeld, Moszek
Rajzfeld, Dov Zvi [Ber Hersz], Necha (b. Fajner), Sura Szajndla, Ninka
Rajzfeld, Icek, Sura, sons Mordka and Szaja
Rajzfeld, Jonas and Ruchla, daughters Necha and Hela
Rajzfeld, Mordka, Perla, and children Szmul and Juda Lejb
Rajzfeld, Moszek, son of Herszel
Rajzfeld, Nadzia [see Nifkier]
Rajzfeld, Necha (daughter of Dawid Gustaw)
Rajzfeld, Ruchla (Rotenberg)
Rajzfeld, Sima (married name Zylberberg), children Necha and Szmul
Rajzfeld, Szyfra, and children Necha, Kalman, Ze'ev [Wolf]
Rajzman, Dov [Ber], Czarna, Zvi [Hersz]
Rakowski, Josek, Chana, Chaim, Jakób Kopel, Frajda, Rajza, Frymeta, Szmul Hersz
Rakowski, Moszek Dawid, Perla, Henia, Cyrla, Jechiel, Josek, Zelda, Frymeta, Izrael
Retman, Chaim, wife Chana (b. Ptaśnik), and child Marjem and children Złata, Gitla, Abram
Retman, Josek
Rodał, Izrael Jakób, Moszek, Icek Juda, Cyrla (b. Herc)
Rolnicki, Eliasz, Ruchla, Chawa, Mira, Frajda, Icek, Marian, Mania
Rolnicki, Ludwik, Julek
Rolnicki, Nusyn, Chaim Aron, Fajgla, Aba
Rotenberg, Ruchla [see Rajzfeld]
Rotner, Chana Sura, Estera, Gerszon, Laja, Chaim Różany, Josek, wife Marjem, and children Frania, Dawid, Regina, Fela, Wolf
Rozdział, Abram, Bajla, Zysla, Rywka, Zelda, Chana, Szyfra, Dawid, Chaja, Sura, Izrael
Rozdział, Szlama, Ruchla, Berl, Alter, Bluma, Jakób, Mendel
Rozenblum, Joel, wife Mirla, children Abram, Ira, Kalman Icek, Lejbuś Wolf, Szymon, Ezriel, Szabsia
Rożenek, Cypora
Rożenek, Dawid, Chana, Jechiel Motel
Rożenek, Estera and children
Rożenek, Fajwel, Mala, Abram, Motel, Szmul
Rożenek, Fajwel, Szraga, wife Rywka (b. Blat), and children Mejlech, Zysla, Marjem, Golda
Rożenek, Marjem
Rożenek, Mordka
Rożenek, Moszek, Kalcia, Mania, Sura, Róża
Rożenek, Szmul, Jeta, Sura, Motel, Frymeta
Rożenek, Wolf, Fajga, Frymcia, Sura, Laja, Mordka
Rozenfrucht, Moszek Hersz and family
Różycki, Pejsach, Machla
Rubin, Estera
Ryba, Chaim Lejb, Chawa
Ryba, Fajwisz
Ryba, Hersz and wife
Ryba, Izrael and family
Ryba, Sender and Jachwet (b. Krelman), Dobcia, Ruchla, Cypora
Ryba, Szmul
Ryba, Zelig, wife Małka, and children Krajndla and Kopel
Ryndhorn, Dawid, Rywka Sura (from Kazimierz)
Ryndhorn, Menasze, Róża, Dawid Kalman (from Kazimierz)
- S -
Salomon, Jechiel Dawid, Tauba, Ruchla, Laja, Majer, Josek Lejb, Szmul
Salomon, Jechiel, Tauba, Szmul, Ruchla
Secemska, Tauba (b. Brojgies)
Secemski, Aron Josek and Sura
Secemski, Mendel, Sura, Dawid, Witla, Chana
Skop, Alter and family
Skop, Lejzor and Sura
Skop, Nusyn and family

Skop, Szaja and family

Skop, Wolf and wife, son Jakób and sisters
Skóra, Wolf
Skórecki, Jakób, Hinda, Aron, Marjem, Szmul, Frania, Batia, Helena, Moszek
Skórecki, Josek, Binem, Moszek, Marjem, Chana
Skrzykacz [Krzykacz?], Mendel, Krajndla, Izrael Zysel
Skrzypek, Cwetela [see Jutrzenka]
Słabecka, Mira
Smakolek? [Smuklerz?], Hercel
Smolarczyk, Lejb and family
Śpiewak, Chana and family
Śpiewak, Moszek; śpiewak, Abram
Spiro family from Dziekanowice
Spiro, Dodek
Spiro, Fajgla (b. Majerczyk); Spiro, Wowek [Wolf]
Spiro, Lolek
Spiro, Moniek
Spokojna, Hinda, Sura, Jakób, Izrael, Fajgla, Wolf, Rywka, Rochcia
Spokojna, Krajndla [see Rafałowicz]
Spokojny, Alter, Sura, and children
Spokojny, Dawid, wife Rywka (b. Cudzynowska)
Spokojny, Josek Lejb, Sima, Abram, Chaim
Spokojny, Mordka, Estera, Dawid, Moszek, Jankiel, Chawa
Staszewski, Moszek
Staszewski, Moszek Jechiel, the rabbinic judge, and family
Staszewski, Rabbi Icek, the Levite, and wife
Staszewski, Symcha
Sternberg, Pejsach and family
Strisower/Strzyżower, Krajndla
Szajnfeld, Lejbuś; Szajnfeld, Ruchla
Szajnker, Frajda
Szaniecki, Abram; Szaniecki, Icek
Szenkier, Abram Moszek, wife Henia, and children Ruchla, Dawid, Pesla, Szymon, Chaja, Sura
Szenkier, Jehudit
Szenkier, Tauba
Szental, Abram Josek and family
Szental, Aron and family
Szental, Henoch and family
Szental, Mendel and Broncia
Szklarczyk, Jakób, wife, and children Kalman, Dawid
Szlamowicz, Chawa and family
Szliwińska, Chawa [see Fuks]
Szliwiński, Ajzyk, wife Chancia, and children Nusyn, Chawa, Szmul, Krysa
Szliwiński, Jakób and family
Szliwiński, Nusyn, wife Zysla, and children Sura, Chaja, Jakób, Szaja
Szlomowicz, Abram, wife Ajdla, and children Frajdla Itka, Chaim Dawid, Marjem Fajga, Golda
Szlomowicz, Josek and family
Szlomowicz, Lejbuś and family
Szmulowicz, Pinia, and children Berl and Itka
Sznal, Fajgla, Gela
Szor, Icek and family
Szor, Jakób and family
Sztajer, Brona [see Nifkier]
Sztajer, Fela Bronia, Adzia
Sztajn, Dawid, Chaja, and children
Sztajn, Jachwet
Sztajn, Mordka Wolf, wife Hinda, and children
Sztajner, Szlama and Laja
Sztajnfeld, Majer
Sztern, Doba
Szternfinkiel, Moszek, wife Ruchla, and daughters Frania and Sura
Szulimowicz, Chawa and family
Szulimowicz, Josek, wife Taubcia (b. Wajnbaum)
Szulimowicz, Majer, wife Chawa, son Szlama
Szulman, Sura
Szwajcer, Anszel and family
Szwajcer, Bluma
Szwajcer, Dawid
Szwajcer, Fajgla and family
Szwajcer, Icek
Szwajcer, Laja and family
Szwajcer, Ruchla and family
Szwajcer, Szajndla and family
Szwajcer, Zvi [Hersz] Dawid and Zysla
Szwimer, Abram, Bajla, Izrael, Jakób, Bluma, Moszek
Szwimer, Fajgela [see Granatman]
Szwimer, Juda, Fajga, Dov [Ber]
Szwimer, Majer, Henia
Szwimer, Zvi [Hersz], Juda, Ita, Chana
Szydłowska, Temera
Szydłowski, Icek, wife Chana, and children Frajdla and Naftali Chaim
Szydłowski, Jonas
Szydłowski, Nuchim Silman, wife Frajdlela, and daughters Sura and Bracha
- T -
Tajchtajl, Josek
Tajtelbaum, Fajgla [see Pałasznicki]
Tajtelbaum, Josek, wife Dwosia, and children Dawid, Genia, and Abram
Targownik, Dawid, and Moszek
Targownik, Josek and wife
Tauber, Chawa; Tauber, Jonas; Tauber, Szulim
Tenenbaum, Joew, Henia
Tenenbaum, Zysman, Gryna, Chaja, Rajzela, Eli, Ester
Tintpulver, Szlama, Dwojra, Berysz, Sala, Abram, Chana, Wolf
Topf, Alter, Chana, Sura
- W -
Waga, Hindela [see Brandys]
Waga, Icek Majer and family
Waga, Moszek, wife, and children Abram, Motel, Zalman, and sisters
Waga, Ruchla, and children Zajdel, Chaja, Chaim, Gita, Lejbcia
Wajnbaum, Taubcia [see Szulimowicz]
Wajnbaum, Zale, Tauba, Kalcia
Wajner, Abram; Wajner, Ezryel; Wajner, Moszek
Wajnryb, Bajla (b. Aspis)
Wajnsztok, Izrael, Rajzla, Estera, Sura, Szulim, Ruchla, Majer
Wakszlag, Jakób, wife Cyrka, children Chana, Icek, Menachem Mendel, Naftali, Cyrla Laja
Warszawiak, Abram, Chana, Jakób, Fajgla
Warszawiak, Nuchim, Izrael, Pesela, Jakób, Fajwel, Lejbl, Fajga, Pincia
Warszawiak, Rywka [see Opozdower]
Warszawiak, Symcha Binem, Golda Gelcia
Wdowińska, Chaja, and children Mindla, Mancia, Fajgla, Berl, Gitla, Bluma
Wdowińska, Jentla
Wdowiński, Dawid and wife Gita
Wdowiński, Dawid, wife Hindla, daughters Sala, Bronia, and Mindzia
Wdowiński, Icek, wife Zysla (b. Goldkorn), and sons Dawid and Berysz
Wdowiński, Josek, wife Cypora (b. Kołatacz), and children Dawid, Icek, and Aron
Wdowiński, Szraga, wife Małka, and sons Jakób and Icek

Włoska, Chaja, Ze'ev [Wolf], Nuchim, Jakób, Tauba, Jonas Abram, Laja

Włoski, Ze'ev, Chawa, Nuchim, Jakób, Mnucha, Jonas, Tauba, Abram, Itka, Marjem, Henia, Ber
Włowski, Jakób, Nacha, Jehudit, Marjem, Henia, Joel, Mote, Zelda, Małka, Nuchim
Wolberg, Alter Majer, wife, and children Aron, Fisze, and sisters
Wolfowicz, Herman, Małka, Chana, Lejb
Wolgelernter, Chaim, Majer
Zając, Abram Icek, Fajgla, Chendla, Gela
- Z -
Zalcberg, Symcha, wife Złota, children Alter Wolf
Zalcman, Benjamin, wife Frymeta, and son Alter Michał
Zalcman, Berl
Zalcman, Bluma (b. Krelman)
Zalcman, Juda, Bajla, and Jakób
Zalcman, Mendel Menachem, Szprynca, Michał Jechiel, Chawa, Zvi [Hersz], Estera, Mordka
Zalmanowicz, Alter Jakób, wife Gitla, children Chaja Sura and Szajndla
Złotnik, Frymeta, and children Ajdla, Frajda
Złotnik, Jakób, Chana, Berl, Porja, and children Abram and Icek
Złotnik, Mordka, Josek, Pesla, Moszek, Rajzla, Frymeta, Herszel, Ajdla
Złotnik, Moszek, Frymeta, Abram, Mordka Josek
Złotnik, Rywka, and four children
Zmyślana, Hinda, and son Wolf and family
Zmyślana, Marjem [see Przędza]
Zmyślana, Zysla [see Moneto]
Zmyślany, Moszek and Rywka
Zonenfeld, Mendel, wife Bajla, daughters Szajndla Chanka and Laja
Żychliński, Eli and family
Żydowąs, Herszel, wife Chana (b. Polska), and daughters Estera, Chawa, Masza, Pesia, and Szulamit
Żydowąs, Icek and family
Żydowąs, Kajla
Żydowąs, Michał and family
Żydowąs, Wolf and family
Zylber, Abram, Sura, Lejbl and sisters
Zylber, Chaja and family
Zylber, Mendel, wife Sura, and children Dov [Ber], Frajdla, Krajndla, Jakób
Zylber, Zysma and family
Zylberberg, Chaja [sic], wife Sura, and children Rywka, Nusyn, Henia
Zylberberg, Pesla; Zylberberg, Jakób
Zylberberg, Sima [see Rajzfeld]
Zylberberg, Wolf, Frania, Bajla, Arje, Szmul
Zyngier, Anszel and wife Chana
Zyngier, Berl and family
Zyngier, Dawid and Estera
Zyngier, Dawid, wife Chana, and children Olek [Aleksander], Estera
Zyngier, Marjem (b. Florenc) and family
Zyngier, Menasze and family
Zyngier, Moszek, Eliasz, Chana, Rywka, Chaskiel, Sura Laja, Aron, Marjem, Cyla
Zyngier, Nacha


  1. “:Hi”d” is an abbreviation for ”May the Lord avenge their blood.” Return
  2. This paragraph was translated from the Hebrew by David Goldman. Return
  3. If a woman's maiden name was included in the listing in the original Yizkor book, she has been listed here also under her maiden name, with a reference to the married name under which she had been originally listed-e.g., [see Wajnryb], Return

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