Book of Dabrowica
(Dubrovitsa, Ukraine)

51°34' / 20°15'

Translation of
Sefer Dombrovitsa

Editor: L. Losh

Published in Tel Aviv 1964



This is a translation of: Sefer Dombrovitsa (Book of Dabrowica),
Editors: L. Losh, Association of Former Residents of Dabrowica in Israel, Tel Aviv 1964 (H, Y 928 pages)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Dombrovitza

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Translated by Yocheved Klausner

Part One: From the Near and Distant Past 19-250
On the path of bygone days Shmuel Salzman 21-61
Ten episodes from life A. D. Ben-Dor (Binder) 62-84
Three generations that do not exist any more Arie Salzman 85-106
A blood libel 25 years ago Yafa Eisenberg 107
“Shabat-Shira” in the days of Petliura Sara Hurwitz-Kominkovski 108
Memories from the years 1917-1919 Dr. I. Yardeni (Berman) 109-112
The first chalutzim (pioneers) on their way to Eretz Israel Zvi Yardeni (Bitchik) 113-120
The 20 years before the Holocaust Yitzhak Avner (Weiner) 120-124
The month that changed the course of my life Shoshana Yesod (Bilinka) 125-127
In the old days and today Moshe Gottlieb 127-130
Pages from the past Yitzhak Feigelstein 131-192
Chapters from the First World War Rav Aharon Petchenik 192-225
In memory of the home of my youth Mira Ben-Dor (Petchenik) 226-229
The emigration to America Yudel Petchenik 230-231
My memories from home Yitzhak Salomon (Hoichrach) 232-236
Photographs of teachers and pupils of the Hebrew School "Tarbut" 237-249
Part Two: Human Figures and Way-of-Life 251-426
Woe for the loss Shmuel Salzman 253-274
The spring from which I have drawn living water Rav Aharon Petchenik 275-282
The religious personnel in the community Yakov Chaim Pialkov, ritual slaughterer 283-285
The cantor R'Pinchas Shalita Israel Shalita 285-290
Images and figures engraved in my memory Yehuda Avizan 291-301
Joy and sadness in one place Yosef Levy 302-304
From the individual to the community Michael Oved (Shemesh) 304-309
Generous and compassionate people everywhere Manes Burstein 309-311
Batya Salzman - a woman from our town A. Avatikhi-Hadari 312
A symbol of good deeds Sara Zerem 313
From the drawer of personal memories Mira Ben-Dor (Petchenik) 314-325
“The Revisionist Zionists” and BEITAR Yakov Pialkov 326-330
My grandfather R'Gedaliahu Ethelis Simcha Petchenik 330-331
The teacher R'Moshe Pomernitz Yakov Shalita 331
The teacher Pesach-Aharon Friedman Devora Golovshka (Plishon) 332-333
Congregation and individual in the town of my birth Yosef Potroch 333-334
In memory of a family in the village Kadish Zerem (Strom) 335-337
There once was a shtetl Yitzhak Feigelstein 338-384
Zalman Musher Zlatke Musher (Landau) 385-386
Charity and orphan-care Yosef-Chaim Chofshi (Beigel) 387-390
The home of my father-and-mother Reizl Rozhanski 391-396
The Hashomer Hatzair in town Avraham Frenkel 396-400
The Chalutz (pioneers) training kibbutz Zlate Fleskon 401-402
Memories of a trainee Mordechai Rubin 402-404
A few notes about my Shtete'le Motl Charpak 405
Village-Jews in the surrounding villages Sender Dober (Feigelstein) 406-412
Poems about Dumbrovitza Manes Burstein 413-415
My dear and beloved Shtetl Israel Michel Scheinman 415
Photographs of Zionist organizations in town 416-426
Part Three: A Register of Holocaust and Vengeance 427-676
You Shall Remember ! * * * 429-434
“And there came the one that had escaped…” [see Genesis 14:13] Yakov Weiner 435-436
Chapters from the saga of suffering Pinchas Genzel 436-446
Avengers of the Jewish blood Pinchas Neuman 446-451
The last day in the ghetto Yehuda Tchatchkes 452-455
One testimony about the Holocaust period Dobroshka Kobazlo 456-458
From my own life experience Yitzhak Feigelstein 459-535
My memories from the ghetto and from the hiding place Chaim Hochman 536-546
In the forest among the partisans Leibel Perlstein 546-552
A saved mother and her three children…. Sheine Rosenberg 553-561
Like a mouse that is looking for a hole to hide Devora Byaler (Levine) 562-566
Through Dombrovitza - Berezhnitz to the Sarna pits Simka Sussel 566-572
The heroic death of a Jewish girl Shmuel Kligon 572-579
A miracle with a Dombrovitza partisan Eng. Misha Gindelman 580-582
Partisans' tales * * * 583-667
Photographs of partisans from Dumbrovitza 668-676
Part Four: The Stories of the Survivors 677-834
Two years under Soviet rule (1939-1941) Simcha Rosenberg 679-684
A night of fear and murder in September 1939 Shabtai Vrona 685
Two-times farewell from my town of birth Yehuda Avizan 686-694
Bereaved and alone from the age of twelve S. Gruber 695
A visit in town after the Holocaust 696-698
On the eve of the storm Manes Burstein 698-700
The holy debt: to remember Miriam Bodenik 700-701
If we could escape… Sender Valkon 702
Two heroic deeds Betzalel Holzman 703-704
With the wandering stick over Russia Benzion Borman 704-709
In the deadly fire at the quiet Don Sender Schwarztuch 709-711
The Jewish polkovnik (colonel) and the Jewish general Ozer Landau 712-713
“The four types of death” in Maydanek Betzalel Berger 713-714
Front-line fighting against the Germans Yosef Dober (Feigelstein) 715-718
The nightmare that will hunt me forever I. Ch. F - N 718-719
I am leaving my town for ever Shmuel Katchke 719-722
Over lonely houses and deserted streets Yitzhak Feigelstein 723-774
Additions to the First Four Parts 775-834
Part Five: For the Independence of Israel 835-854
Part Six: List and Photographs of the Holocaust Martyrs 855-928
List of the Martyrs   856-868


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