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List of illustrations (cont.)

Moishe Lubianiker provided these scanned images and they are published courtesy
of the Irgun Yotzei Boryslaw-Drohobycz and the Surroundings in Israel

[See the enlarged pictures by clicking on the thumbnails]

Plate XIX

[following plate XVIII]

Front of the Drohobycz Synagogue of the Admor of Drohobycz (drawing)
The Painter, Admor Reb A. I. Shapira
The Admor of Drohobycz, Rabbi Chaim Shapira and Rabbi Ytzkhak Mordechai from Gvozhdziyets (Gvozdets)
The poet, Shin Shalom
Plate XX

[following plate XIX]

In Memory of the Souls of the Martyrs (drawing)
Plate XXI

[facing page 144]

The Judenrath, 1941. Dr. Pechtman in the center
Plate XXII

[following plate XXI]

The Meldekarte (identity card) of Yozef Metzis

[following plate XX]

After the third Aktion in Boryslaw (Tustanowice, August, 1942)
Plate XXIV

[following plate XIII]

Memorial to the Martyrs of Drohobycz, Boryslaw and Surroundings in 1956
Memorial to the Martyrs in 1953: Speaker. Dr. Simcha Margalit
“Yizkor” The speaker is Professor Herschman.
Plate XXV

[facing page 160]

The Map of the Oil Wells of Boryslaw
Plate XXVI

[following plate XXV]

Oil Well in Boryslaw
Oil Refineries in Drohobycz
Oil Well in Boryslaw

[following plate XXVI]

The First Committee of the Hatikva Organization in Schodnica, Jan. 25, 1925
The Farewell Party for the Haluza (pioneer) Bracha Kitaigrodsky

[facing page 176]

Three generations of Schodnicers in Israel
A group of Schodnica halutsim who made aliya in 1924
Rabbi Rafael Kitaigrodsky, Head of of the Drohobycz-Boryslaw Yeshiva
Plate XXIX

[facing page 192]

The National Assembly of Landsmen from Drohobycz, Boryslaw and Surroundings in Israel
Plate XXX

[following plate XXIX]

The Commitee of the Organization of Landsmen from Drohobycz, Boryslaw and Surroundings in Israel
Plate XXXI

[facing page 208]

Reception of ex-Drohobycz residents visiting Israel
Plate XXXII A reception to Mr. Hellman from Brasil
The reception of ex-Drohobycz residents visiting Israel in spring, 5717 (1957)


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