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Heska Match

Heska Match, a daughter of R. Meir Yudel and Chana Feiga Feldman, was born in Drohitchin. He studied under private tutors in Drohitchin and at the Smolnik Estate, where she spent part of her youth. She was an active member of Zionist youth organizations and helped in building up Palestine.

        In 1922 Heska moved to the United States and married Shmuel Match in 1930 in Chicago, where she became involved in Zionist activity in various organizations and associations. Shmuel Match, a son of Ezra and Miriam Match, and husband of Eska, was born in the village of Aziat, near Dvin. He lived in Chicago since 1921, and was a successful businessman in the home real estate business.

        The Matches have three children: Sarah Leah, Yisrael Ezra and Morry. Sarah Leah was married in 1954 to Rabbi Avraham-Mordechai (Milton) Kantor. Rabbi Kantor, who was born in Chicago in 1929 is a graduate of the Beth Midrash La-Torah and has a master's degree from the University of Chicago. Since 1956 Rabbi Kantor has served as rabbi at a synagogue in Skokie, Illinois. (See pp. 67, 223, 306. W.).

Esther Beila Friedman
[photo:] Esther Beila Friedman

Esther Beila Friedman, a daughter of R. Meir-Yudel and Chaya-Feiga Feldman, was born in Drohitchin in 1889. In 1907 she married David Friedman, and moved to the United States with her family. Esther-Beila died in St. Joseph, Missouri on 27 Elul [25 September] 1954. Her husband David lives in St. Joseph. Their children are: Yaakov, Helen (Denver, Colorado), Leah, Pesha and Yosef, a physician (in St. Joseph).

[Photo:] This photo was taken at the home of Sarah and Willy Feldman at the wedding of their daughter Esther in St. Joseph. In the photo are Abe Feldman, his wife and daughter; Heska and Sam Match and children; Abe and Willy Stone; Sarah and Benny Forman and family; David Friedman and family; Harry Baskov and family, Rivka Wolinsky and daughter Yetta Wolinsky-Kalman, and others.

[Photo:] Pesha Kaminetsky, wife of Yaakov-Hirsh, died on September 29, 1915. Her children were: Chaya-Feiga Feldman, Rivka Volinsky, Leah-Beila Mishovsky and Avraham Stone.

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Avraham Mordechai Feldman
[photo:] Avraham Mordechai Feldman

        Avraham Mordechai Feldman, a son of Meir-Yudel and Chaya-Feiga Feldman, was born in Drohitchin in 1883. In 1904 he arrived in the United States, and died in Denver on April 2, 1956. Avraham Mordechai's wife Roza (née Baskov) lives there. The Feldmans had 3 children: Margaret Kotler (California), Lucille Rinsky (Cincinnati, OH), and a son who is a lawyer in Denver.

[photo:] Avraham-Yehuda Stone (seated), his son Willy, and Willy's daughter Helene S. Lane and her son Richard, and the grandmother Pesha. See p. 410 – five generations.

Rivka Volinsky
[photo:] Aryeh Leib and Rivka Volinsky, and daughter Y. Kalman

Rivka Volinsky, a daughter of R. Yaakov Hersh and Pesha Kaminetsky, was born in 1879 in Drohitchin, and received a religious upbringing. In 1894 she married Aryeh-Leib Volinetz (Volinsky) from Selishch, near Drohitchin.

        In 1896 Rivka and her husband arrived in the United States and settled in St. Joseph, Missouri, where they went into business. Rivka became the chairwoman in St. Joseph of the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Sha'arei Shalom synagogue from 1925-1940; she was the vice-chairman of the Talmud Torah school from 1928-1930; former chairwoman of the Jewish National Fund from 1930 to 1940; board member of Hadassah from 1930-1945; a member of the board and administrator of the Aid Committee that undertook to assist the Jewish needy in town. She was also one of eight women nominated by the mayor to lead the public school bond drive in St. Joseph.

        In 1944 Rivka was awarded the title of Outstanding Woman of the Year for her outstanding community service in St. Joseph. Rivka died at the age of 72 on 22 Tevet [14 January], 1947. Aryeh-Leib, son of R. Yeshayahu and Devorah Volinetz was born in 1878 in Selishch. For a while he was a trustee of the Sha'arei Shalom synagogue in St. Joseph. Aryeh-Leib Volinsky died on Purim [March 8], 1936. The Volinskys had two daughters: Helen Mayerson (Council Bluff, Iowa) and Yetta Kalman (D.W.). Yetta, her husband Eliezer (Louis) and son Shraga-Aryeh (Lorne) live in Chicago. They [are] active in community affairs.

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