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and the cavalry was to be used for that purpose. Security measures were considered very important when some 150 Jews tried to escape. The guards captured all of them.

        “According to our orders, the cleanup of the ghetto was to begin at 6 am, but because of the darkness, it was delayed by half an hour. When the Jews of Pinsk heard about what was going to happen to them, large groups of Jews gathered out in the streets, and we were able to take several thousand Jews to the transport location during the first hour of the cleanup.

        “When the remaining Jews realized what was happening, they voluntarily joined the Jews marching in columns, so the police, who were protecting the transport location, were unable to count the large number of Jews.

        “We brought out 1,000 to 2,000 Jews on the first day. However, the result exceeded all expectations. The first cleanup action ended after 5 pm without incident. Some 10,000 Jews were killed on the first day.

        “On October 30, 1942, there was a second cleanup of the ghetto, and a third on October 31. The fourth took place on November 1, 1942. Approximately 15,000 Jews were rounded up at the assembly location. Sick Jews and small children, who did not leave their homes, were killed in the ghetto itself. With only one exception there were no incidents. (And another 15,000 Jews perished. –W.)

        “ In connection with that fact that Jews who gave up their gold were spared, (A German swindle – W.) one Jew reported that he had hidden a lot of gold. One of our commanders accompanied the Jew to get the gold. The Jew lagged behind along the way, and he finally wanted the commander to climb up with him into an attic room. The commander took the Jew back to the assembly location. The Jew did not want to remain seated quietly like everyone else, and he suddenly gave a push at a cavalryman, grabbed his gun, and started beating him. A soldier from the company struck the Jew over the head, killing him.

        “On November 1, at 5 am, the company was ordered to set up an outside cordon. There was no particular incident at that time. On November 2, 1942 at 8 am the company was released from Pinsk and sent to its posts. The company arrived in Kobrin at 1 pm, and over 17 hours it reassumed its position.”


1. Axes and similar tools are to be used by groups involved in cleaning out and checking ghettos to open locked doors etc.

2. Even when there is no ladder or sign of stairs leading to the attic, we have to assume that there are Jews in hiding there, and all attics have to be checked carefully.

3. Even where there are no cellars, it has to be assumed that large numbers of Jews
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[photo:] This is an authentic horrific document from the German death factories, a photo from the crematoria of Treblinka, Maidanec, Auschwitz, Birkenau, Stutoff, Dachau, Bergen-Belsen and others. In Auschwitz alone, where there were also six gas chambers besides the crematoria, the Germans would daily burn 24,000 Jews! The London Star of April 1, 1946 reported that in Auschwitz (headed by the executioner Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Hess) the Germans burned three million Jews! This type of death factory was also in Brona-Gora and Bereza. D. W.

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are in hiding in holes under the floor. These places have to be broken down, or else police dogs must be used. In Pinsk the dog Asta performed very good work in this area. Another idea is to throw grenades into suspected hiding places, where the Jews hiding there will be killed anyway, or be brought out of hiding.

4. The ground around the houses has to be inspected thoroughly and checked using strong iron bars because many Jews were hiding out in pits.

5. It is recommended that young Jewish children be offered to spare their lives in order to indicate where Jews are hiding.”

This is the end of the Document about the Pinsk Massacre.

        The “captain of the Police Guard-SS Troops and Commander SAUER signed this horrific document of German murder and cold-blooded killing! He was later the commander and chief butcher in Treblinka!

        These are the Murderers!

        In the same year, 1942, the same German police regiments (11th and 15th) massacred hundreds of thousands of Jews in one killing field on the Pinsk-Brisk train line because Polish Jews, who were temporarily held in Russian-occupied areas until the summer of 1941 must be taken into consideration.

        The old Jewish communities of Pinsk, Motele, Drohitchin, Yanova, Khomsk, Antopolia, Horodetz, Zhabinka, Kobrin, Brisk, etc. were wiped off the face of the earth. The horrific murders of Jewish men, women and children cannot be described.

        Many tens of thousands of Jews, young and old, were thrown alive into coal pits, in the coal ovens of Brona-Gora, and died with great suffering.

        Here is the picture: The so-called small fish and their devoured victims. Here they are, the so-called small fish, who evade their punishment!

[Photo:] Germans bully their victims before they killed them. This is what they did to our families. See p. 156.

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