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Rubinstein, 3 children

Rubinstein, Yitzchak

Rimland, Lieba (Mother)
Rimland, Yankel
Rimland, Chamka
Rimland, Yospa
Rimland, Itsel
Rimland, Yisrael

Resnick, Aryeh
Resnick, Rachel
Resnick, Moshe
Resnick, another 2 children

Resnick, Berl
Resnick, wife
Resnick, 3 children
Resnick, Beila, mother

Shapiro, Sender
Shapiro, Michlia
Shapiro, Rachel
Shapiro, Shmuel
Shapiro, Shasha
Shapiro, Chaim
Shapiro, wife
Shapiro, children
Shapiro, Chana and her husband

Schub, Yosef-David, ritual slaughterer
Schub, wife
Schub, Binyamin Moshe
Schub, a girl
Schub, Nechama, husband and children

Schwartz, Moshe
Schwartz, wife
Schwartz, Avraham
Schwartz, wife
Schwartz, Rachel
Schwartz, Rivka
Schwartz, Shmuel
Schwartz, Tsippa, wife
Schwartz, Baruch
Schwartz, wife
Schwartz, children

Schwartz, a child
Schwartz, Chana

Schwartz, Itka, husband Yudel Neiditz, children Noyna, Zonya
Schwartz, Esther, husband Shlomo Engel

Schwartz, Rachel Leizers
Schwartz, Menachem
Schwartz, Itsha

Schwartz, Alter

Schwartzledder, Elka
Schwartzledder, Gresha
Schwartzledder, Yeshayahu
Schwartzledder, Hershel
Schwartzledder, Bracha, mother

Schwartzberg, Asher
Schwartzberg, Basha
Schwartzberg, Yitzchak
Schwartzberg, Shalom
Schwartzberg, Shifra
Schwartzberg, 2 children

Shuchman, Yehuda
Shuchman, Mina
Shuchman, Yitzchak
Shuchman, Avraham
Shuchman, Rosa
Shuchman, Sonia

Shulman, Chaim
Shulman, Reichel
Shulman, 5 children
Shulman, mother

Shuster, Yaakov, Rabbi
Shuster, wife
Shuster, children
Shuster, Hershel, Rabbi
Shuster, wife
Shuster, children

Shushanov, David
Shushanov, Reizel
Shushanov, Esther
Shushanov, Rachel
Shushanov, Miriam
Shushanov, a child
Shushanov, Chaya-Beila

Steinberg, Moshe
Steinberg, Bodya
Steinberg, Esther
Steinberg, Khlavna

Shinder, Chaya Leah
Shinder, Moshe son
Shinder, Mendel
Shinder, Mirel
Shinder, a son
Shinder, Nachum
Shinder, Perl
Shinder, 3 children, wife's mother
Shinder, Asna, husband Moshe and 3 children

Shinder, Alter

Shlackman, Eliyahu
Shlackman, Devorah
Shlackman, Shepsel
Shlackman, another 2 children

Schmid, Zechariah
Schmid, Yudel
Schmid, Elka
Schmid, Hershel
Schmid, wife
Schmid, Chana and husband

Schmid, Yisrael
Schmid, Breindel
Schmid, Chana

[Page 379]

Schmid, Melech
Schmid, Rachel
Schmid, 2 girls

Schmid, Yudel, Yankel's
Schmid, Bobtsha
Schmid, Sarah
Schmid, Yaakov

Schmid, wife, Moshe's
Schmid, children

Schmid, Yisrael
Schmid, Tsippa
Schmid, Shimshon

Schechter, Henrik, Doctor
Schechter, wife
Schechter, 2 children

Shereshevsky, Shmuel
Shereshevsky, Elka
Shereshevsky, Breina
Shereshevsky, Tema
Shereshevsky, Leiba
Shereshevsky, Godel

Shklyar, Yosef
Shklyar, Feigel

Shklyar, Shlomo
Shklyar, Shaina
Shklyar, Leiba
Shklyar, Aharon

Moshe the Pious

Local Preacher and his family

Kreina Dobes

Alter the builder from Lyubish, wife 3 children
daughter, husband Berl and 6 children

Chaim Sherer, wife, 2 children

Itsa Mecher, wife and 3 children

Mindel, Davidgrudnik

Tsadok from Yolitsh? [sic]


Lana and brother Avraham

Kleinman, Asher
Kleinman, Rivka
Kleinman, Baruch
Kleinman, Pesach
Kleinman, Zalman
Kleinman, Itka, husband and children

Kleinman, widow and children

Levinson, Moshe
Levinson, Feiga-Zissel
Levinson, Chana
Levinson, Yisrael
Levinson, Avraham
Levinson, Gershon, lost
Levinson, Tzvia, husband Feivel Gurvitz and children, Natan and Yaakov

Levinson, Malka
Levinson, Feigel, husband Yisrael Bregman and sons Avraham and Lipman
Levinson, Shaina, husband Yossel Kaplan and children Avraham and Breina

Levinson, Chaim
Levinson, Beila

Feldman, Chana
Feldman, Breina
Feldman, Malka
Feldman, Yenta
Feldman, Michael
Feldman, Avraham
Feldman, Chaytsha and husband

Roitkopf, Yisrael
Roitkopf, wife
Roitkopf, children

Loffman, Alter Yosef
Loffman, wife

Lev, Shimon
Lev, Chana
Lev, Meir Lipman
Lev, Pesha, husband and child

Lev, Zlata, husband Pesach Zaretsky, children Berl, Gitel and 3 others

Lev, Perl, husband Alter Wartsevitsky, children: Feivel 21, Gittel 19

Yudelevsky, Zelig
Yudelevsky, wife
Yudelevsky, 2 children
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