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Eisenstein, a child Bobel Kleinman, mother

Altwarg, Chaim Ber
Altwarg, wife
Altwarg, Basha, husband Leibe Eppand, children

Altwarg, Rabbi Eliyahu Ze'ev
Altwarg, his wife
Altwarg, 2 children
Altwarg, a girl
Altwarg, Moshe
Altwarg, wife
Altwarg, children

Amstibovsky, Feivel
Amstibovsky, Esther
Amstibovsky, Reizel
Amstibovsky, Nisha
Amstibovsky, Friedka
Amstibovsky, Moshe

Andrinovsky, Freidel
Andrinovsky, Masha

Akushevitz, Matya (Yakhna's)
Akushevitz, Feigel
Akushevitz, children

Axenhorn, David
Axenhorn, Chayka
Axenhorn, 3 children

Axenhorn, Pinchas
Axenhorn, wife
Axenhorn, children

Arliansky, Yudel
Arliansky, children
Arliansky, Yenta, husband and children

Barenbaum, Wolfka
Barenbaum, wife
Barenbaum, Yossel
Barenbaum, Tsila
Barenbaum, Avraham
Barenbaum, Berel
Barenbaum, wife
Barenbaum, children
Barenbaum, daughter and family

Buder, Mordechai
Buder, Sarah
Buder, a girl

Buder, Moshe
Buder, Mendel
Buder, Shaina
Buder, Freida
Buder, Esther
Buder, Leibe

Baum, Yaakov Shimon
Baum, Avraham, son
Baum, Gittel
Baum, Zelda
Baum, Shashka

Baum, Meir
Baum, wife

Baum, Chava, Vartsevich
Baum, a girl

Baum, Toiba Hershel's
Baum, daughter
Baum, Chaim
Baum, wife
Baum, Yossel
Baum, wife
Baum, child

Baum, Shlomo
Baum, wife
Baum, 3 children

Baum, Meir
Baum, Sirka
Baum, Moshe
Baum, Massel
Baum, a girl
Baum, Motya
Baum, Rivka, sister
Baum, Esther, husband, children

Baum, Rafael
Baum, wife
Baum, a child

Buff, Hertska
Buff, Sarah
Buff, Shimon
Buff, Hinda

Burstein, Yosef, Yospes
Burstein, Rivka

Beita, Reuven
Beita, Basha

Beich, Shlomo
Beich, Lana
Beich, Meir
Beich, Yankel
Beich, Leizer
Beich, Nachum
Beich, a girl

Blankledder, Yitzchak
Blankledder, Yenta
Blankledder, Chaim
Blankledder Yossel
Blankledder, a girl

Bliach, Yudel
Bliach, wife
Bliach, Feivel

Begun, Aharon
Begun, wife
Begun, Moshe
Begun, other children
Begun, Meir
Begun, wife

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Begun, children

Bezdzhezesky, Yozep
Bezdzhezesky, Pessel
Bezdzhezesky, Benzion
Bezdzhezesky, Nechama
Bezdzhezesky, Reizel

Bezdzhezesky, Moshe
Bezdzhezesky, Chana
Bezdzhezesky, Yitzchak
Bezdzhezesky, Nechama

Becher, Yitzchak
Becher, Ethel
Becher, Avraham
Becher, Reizel
Becher, Malka
Becher, Feigel
Becher, Rachel

Berg, Binyamin
Berg, Bobtsa
Berg, Moshe Aharon
Berg, Tsippa
Berg, Malka

Berg, David
Berg, Fanya
Berg, 4 children

Berg, Motya
Berg, wife
Berg, children

Berg, Khonya
Berg, wife
Berg, children

Berg, Chaytsha

Berg, Moshe Gedaliah's
Berg, wife
Berg, children

Berezovsky, Sarah Rivka
Berezovsky, Bashka
Berezovsky, Baruch

Braverman, Leah (mother)
Braverman, Teibel
Braverman, Itsha
Braverman, Chana (wife)
Braverman, two children

Broffman, Bracha
Broffman, 3 children

Breindel, Shmuel
Breindel, Necha
Breindel, Beila
Breindel, 2 children
Breindel, Itsha, son
Breindel, Beila
Breindel, children

Breier, family

Gavrushin, Nechama

Gottlieb, Meir Leib
Gottlieb, Dovka
Gottlieb, Chaya Ita
Gottlieb, Tzvia
Gottlieb, Shepsel
Gottlieb, 2 girls
Gottlieb, a boy

Goldberg, Alter Socher
Goldberg, Esther, husband, Dr. Landau
Goldberg, Chaytsha, husband, Dr. Herring

Goldberg, Ovadiah
Goldberg, wife
Goldberg, children

Goldberg, Reizel Moshe's
Goldberg, Rivka
Goldberg, Bodya

Goldberg, Alter
Goldberg, Yehudis
Goldberg, 3 chidlren

Goldberg, Binyamin
Goldberg, Sarah
Goldberg, 2 children
Goldberg, mother

Goldberg, Berl
Goldberg, Sarah
Goldberg, a child

Goldberg, Baruch
Goldberg, Chana
Goldberg, Breina
Goldberg, Masha
Goldberg, Nassel

Goldberg, Hershel, Blinder [the Blind?]
Goldberg, wife
Goldberg, son-in-law Ezriel, his wife and two children

Goldberg, Velvel
Goldberg, Sheva
Goldberg, Teibel
Goldberg, Sarah
Goldberg, Yaakov

Goldberg, Zeidel
Goldberg, Fradel
Goldberg, 2 children

Goldberg, Zelig
Goldberg, wife
Goldberg, children

Goldberg, Yonah
Goldberg, Rachel
Goldberg, Moshel
Goldberg, Elka
Goldberg, Eliyahu
Goldberg, Milka

Goldberg, Yisrael
Goldberg, wife
Goldberg, a child

Goldberg, Meir Freidem
Goldberg, Shlomo

Goldberg, Avraham Yaakov
Goldberg, Sarah (wife)
Goldberg, Eliyahu

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