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In hiding in the forest around Drohitchin

A brief list from Jews surviving in Drohitchin, near Pinsk and nearby towns who are now in Drohitchin. They can be written to at the following address: USSR, Pinsk Oblast, City of Drohitchin, USSR. The note was received from Mr. David Kravitz, 504 Grand St., New York, NY.

        Adler, Avraham from Drohitchin
        Adler, Zissel from Drohitchin
        Adrezhinsky, Yaakov from a village
        Gerstenhaus, Moshe from Drohitchin
        Goldberg, Nachum from Yanova
        Zalinka, Chaya from Silna
        Her child from Silna
        Vanansky, Sheina from Drohitchin
        Zaretsky, Shepsel from Drohitchin
        Zaretsky, Sarah from Drohitchin
        Zaretsky, Va** from Drohitchin
        Lehrman, Shalom from Drohitchin
        Spevak, Sarah from Drohitchin
        Eppelbaum, Yenta from a village
        Pakultsik, Moshe from Libeshei
        Feldman, Chava from Drohitchin
        Feldman, Yosef from Pohost
        Kravetz, Rachel from Drohitchin
        Rutsky, Itsik from Morly
        Rutsky's brother from Morly
        Schuster, Aharon from Adrizhna
        Shinder, Chaya from Pinsk

        Children from Drohitchin who are alive and serving in the Red Army:

        Arlansky, Zalman
        Arlansky, Yankel
        Berg, Shimon, Lev, Berl
        Lev, Shimon
        Lechevitsky, Leibel
        Rubinstein, Itsel
        Rubinstein, Yosef
        Eppelbaum, Shmuel and others.

        (In the Red Army there are also: Yirmiyahu Grossman [was in Russia], Izza Pisetsky, Reuven Goldberg, Mordechai Goldman, Yehoshua Kapelushnik, Baruch Baranstock, Binyamin Baum, Berl Gottlieb, Yossel Levin, Godel Shereshevsky, and others. The last two died in action.)

        Meshel Averbuch, Chaya Frieda Warshavsky, Chana Gingold, Sender Vinovker died in Russia. See pp. 208, 211, 306, 356.

[photo:] A group of survivors from Drohitchin and Khomsk. They were sent to Russia by the Bolsheviks in 1941. They were photographed in Liefheim, Germany on July 28, 1947. First row, from left: ----- Gendler, Shmuel Eppelbaum, Zvi Weingarten, and others. Second row from left: Elka Lev, Shlomo Zelig and Rachel Goldman, Moshe and Leah Gingold, Yenta Weingarten, Shepsel and Chaytsha Warshavsky. Seated below: M. Goldman and others. See pp. 233, 333, 334, 335.

[photo:] Alter Kuperman (behind), may G-d avenge his blood! and Goldberg.

[box:] An eternal memorial to our dear sister
        Rachel Karzsh and family
        Rivka and family
        Alter Kuperman and family
        All perished, may G-d avenge their blood!
        The children of Michel Kuperman: B. Eisenberg (New York) and others.

< a name="meir"> [photo:] Meir Mordechai Hausman as a Polish soldier. He died in action in 1939.

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