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        [The handwritten report is the Report of the Medical Aid Organization and Hospice for the Poor for 1931. It includes income (right column) and expenses (left column). The sources of income include membership fees, charity boxes, other contributions. The total income is 3,185, and is matched by the same amount in expenses. The expenses include medical assistant for the infirm, supplies, financial aid, office expenses and equipment.]

        Medical Aid Organization and Hospice for the Poor in the latter years

To all émigrés from Drohitchin in the United States:

        The charitable institution, Medical Aid Organization and Hospice for the Poor, have existed for some nine years now, and has sought to provide tangible assistance for the needs of the poor infirm population.

        Since it has existed, the organization has increased in popularity in Drohitchin both among the poor infirm as well as among its supporters and members, such that today it is the finest and most important organization in town.

        Those involved with the organization work quietly and modestly. They always face the difficulties in order to provide the poor of Drohitchin with as much help as possible. The organization has a rich history of service, and everyone can appreciate how such a Jewish aid organization must struggle in such stormy years of crisis so that it can earn the respect of the town.

        With tremendous effort and dedication the organization works and stands ready to provide assistance wherever help is required. We can most certainly take pride in our work, since more than once has someone been saved from death because of our assistance.

        The economic situation in Drohitchin has become very difficult, and many of our members who financially supported our work now have no bread at home. Instead of providers, they are now themselves recipients. Therefore, it is no wonder that under such tragic circumstances, and in such a short a period, our account has become empty. Each month our income has fallen, and expenses have become much greater than before.

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We have no solution to offer from the tiny sums of money we collect here in Drohitchin.

        Therefore, we have decided to appeal to you, former residents of Drohitchin in the United States, to assist us in carrying the burden of the many poor infirm, and thereby encourage the activists in their important work. There are three times as many of you, sisters and brothers, in the United States than there are of us in Drohitchin, and together we can save many suffering people. Our organization helps the unfortunate in their struggle, and saves many of them in cases of illness and need. By responding to the request of an unfortunate poor person who comes crying for help and frightens everyone, one feels that a stone has been lifted from one's heart.

        We mention this to you, dear brothers and sisters, because of the approaching holidays when each of you is thinking about your hometown and relatives left behind there. Therefore, we appeal to you at this time to assure that our holy organization is able to continue to exist and save people.

        Please send your contributions to the Medical Aid Organization and Hospice for the Poor to the Drohitchin Fraternal Organization in New York, to the Drohitchin Aid Association in Chicago, or directly to the Hospice for the Poor in Drohitchin. We wish a good year to all our brethren from Drohitchin and their families wherever they may be.

[ink stamp of Hospice]

Management: Chairman, Yosef David Schub; Treasurer, D. Warshavsky.
Additional information about the Hospice for the Poor is on pp. 42 and 50. [Editor]

Savings and Lending or Cooperative People's Bank established in Drohitchin in 1911.

[photo:] Seated, from left: Asher Siderov, Moshe Prager (ritual slaughterer), Zechariah Schmid, Lipman Feldman, Moshe Gingold and Pinya Buder. Standing from right to left: Avraham Kravetz, Yonah Goldberg, Yirmiyahu Grossman, Feigel Epstein, Shepsel Warshavsky, Moshe Hochman and Yaakov Beich. For additional information about the bank, see p. 50.

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